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  1. blue horros and brimstone horrors pretty much. high armour combat with mortal wounds from spells objective = horrors
  2. there was a little bit, ill find it tomorrow. i typically try and get it relevant to aos as of the site we're on
  3. agreed, there is buggy and there is direct changes to warscrolls. which have to be done manually. adding various keywords is definitely intentional. could we make a list of changes? ive not the grand alliance books so i cant help there tbh, anyone else noticed any changes?
  4. i enjoy these and everyone knows one and swears by it. for instance. horses always do more damage than their riders. when your stat line is 3+ rerolling 1's you roll nothing but 2's abilities which work on a 2+ never work. anyone have more?
  5. Hmm might build towards this for my first tzeentch army.
  6. i do worry about khorne armies tbh. with the increasing lean towards shooting and sniping and the lack of wounds khorne characters have. khorne really devalues fast without solid heroes to buff them up. kill a bloodsecrator near a unit of blood reavers and they loose 300%+ effectiveness from the lost attacks from the totem, from him and the battleshock immunity, hes only got what 5 wounds? 1 round of shooting if that from sniping units. a khannon doesnt come close to a unit of skyfires or kurnoth hunters, and if we wish to use these new traits unless we get a alpha strike capacity or something we're just sitting ducks.
  7. The apps list building is really starting to bug me. Chaos is a right mess. Isn't allowing the prerequisite battleline to be taken, for instance khorne lord on juggernaught, restrictions are mortal khorne, but app is restricting it to bloodbound only. Grimgor and black orcs are now also ironjawz, don't remember that being a thing. Are they doing a bunch of stealth changes ?
  8. I've done it, and explained it to my opponent and they drew alot of attention, 200 points worth was shot and charged before they could. good bait. Another game they ran in an crushed a unit, I plan on building a brass stampede to run alongside the ruinbringer warband for a double charge phase, any gorebeasts charging then have 2 chances to do mortal wounds and 2 chances for the long charge That combo allows everything in the army to do mortal wounds on the charge and most of the units do more damage on the charge. Getting bogged down means death though so it's not very competitive
  9. At a glance this months white dwarf, is mostly about some metal dwarves. The Kharadron overlords. It's pretty much all these guys, 40k and the usual things. There is some lovely pictures, a centre 4 page spread which folds out, a battle report, quick painting guide, bit of story. In short if you're interested in the new dwarves you should definitely grab this magazine. There's also a cool little (standard) card game using models, it for 40k , some great illustrations New tale of warlords but for 40k this time. Passing mention about the new khorne book. In short, buy if you want to know about new dwarves of have an interest in the imperium in 40k. If not. pass.
  10. Slight preview
  11. "making friends " Ha! i think a few people. i can count them on 1 hand would enjoy this type of filth. if games-workshop cover this army may as well change streams to one of those cam sites and uploaded it to a ****** site
  12. Yeah, all mortals will work fine
  13. Sure, I'm game.
  14. is it possible to add a live chat function? kinda like a chat room. for when you fancy a idle chat or some quick info maybe. access would have to be restricted maybe to entry of it