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  1. dam right. im running brass stampede over the weekend and im looking forward to this allies thing so i can add 400 points of gorebeast chariots, chariots, chaos knights and not have to fill it with basic battleline. going to look awesome,
  2. You keep using this term "free " Pretty sure you're paying points for it Reduced points as there is obviously negatives to taking such large units, counter acted by making it cheaper. Not "free" Hordes units gain bonuses for being larger, you pay for larger units, they gain addtional buffs for being larger, just how elite units gain bonuses when they attack an stuff. There's alot of negativity coming for this with no real solid footing as you haven't played it or seen the whole picture so it's a bit silly
  3. Well obviously large hordes do suffer. How many do you see ? Outside of kunnin ruk. There is inbuilt disadvantages to large hordes as well as advantages, having too larger unit will often be worse for the owner than the opposition. Horde units are consistently worse so they die fast, reducing their unit benefit really fast so what you saw was people not even bothering. having a option in a game which no one ever uses as its "garbage " or making it so its viable every now an then..sounds like the 1st option is worse game design than the 2nd
  4. @Auticus Sometimes I wonder why you even play dude, posts are always bashing aos in some way, if you really dislike it why not quit ? Not meant in a mean way, just something I've noticed. Anyway. I like it, it's a great to see variance otherwise the game stagnates, hordes have their place as much as ultra elite armies, and more options make a better game. Besides, on a more personal view. This guy will be great
  5. So, this allies thing. Looks mandatory . 400 points for a 2k game
  6. who are bloodtoofs and ironzuns
  7. id be pretty confident in saying that major races such as nurgle or aelf not having allegiance abilities mean confirmed releases
  9. expanded battleline units that have requirements. confirmed
  10. if they havent i feel maybe they should consider it.. theyll never get around to doing all.. what 100? factions
  11. i am absolutely heartbroken i didn't invest in games-workshop when they announced age of sigmar.... would have tripled in value
  12. terrible moulds though, look epic in pics but the plastic is garbage and very bland. cant stand AoW stuff i feel they massively over sell it in the advertisement picture compare to actual models
  13. Just charge, everything, all the time. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE
  14. Anyone used nurglings much ?
  15. No idea what is in list ?