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  1. taking one small line of a reply and quoting it and replying as an entirety to that line is a bit misleading... if the army is grey, what ever, no weapons on the arms what ever work in progress what ever i dont care, a game is a game it doesnt break my immersion to be honest. but i you say in your back story for instance... "this is my army, they've never trained in large scale open warfare specifically as they are a gorilla force designed to go in to enemy territory and disrupt communication, mislead troops, blow up weapon caches basically be spies and saboteurs etc etc, thats all they've known they're the elite of the elite; relying on fear instilled on the enemy from talk of them being unkillable ghosts who leave nothing but destruction and death in their wake to demoralise the enemy, using their blood red armour and skull helmets to terrify any survivors " then go ahead and line them up rank and file as suddenly Games-workshop released a shiny new battalion. or "this huge army is the bulk head of a massive force using sheer weight of numbers and armour rather than skill to grind down and obliterate any and all enemies standing in their way, slaughtering all that stand before them, none can hope to survive against this mighty force of...... etc etc " then split them up into smaller units designed to hit and run or avoid combat rather than take them on head on as of that new more powerful rule sorry but that is massively meta gaming. the point of narrative gaming is to build a story up so use it, want to use that new battalion? then get the general from that battalion and create a story behind it, he was captured and you freed him returned him to your base to prepare for a large scale fight in a different location etc etc rather than " this is bob, bob felt like leading today so my entire army will change how they fight and will follow him "
  2. Jesus this thread is hostile...hope my post doesn't come across that way. If you are a narrative gamer you know what to expect from the narrative game, painting a army one colour and then using rules from another legion/race/faction simply for a certain rule is meta gaming. Sure, if you're running your own narrative campaign and your army is a splinter force of so an so as of blah blah and they are looking to do what ever then sure. if you wanna just do that you'll need 2 things, a dam good story as to why, and a general painted to the related army on the field to lead the troops. But if you rock up to a match saying that you're playing your own special thing and create all this back story for them etc then go " oh I'll be using the rules for this completely different unrelated force just so you know " That's meta gaming . Not really a narrative thing to do, it's about building a story not stomping faces. In my view,
  3. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    probably more complex than it seems. unit costs battalion costs etc etc, its like a complete rewrite of the game it is. its house rules. Like how base to base is house rules. The reason it hasn't become the " standard " is because obviously the majority of people do not want it.
  4. does this stuff even actually work? often seeing people go on about math hammer and using the most efficient points for damage. then surely everyone would be using the same army if you wanted to win.... yet squiggs won the last heat didnt they & Seraphon almost won the one before. almost as if 2>1 therefore 2= better doesnt quite work.
  5. Is the Warhammer Twitch Channel Dead?

    I felt Rob made the channel, he was excatly the type of person they needed. Good on camera, good jokes, fun personality, genuinely amazed by things in interviews etc. And just as excitable and hyper active about things as we are. Perfect for YouTube if he ever went into it seriously. He was a great face to the company, part of the new gw "fun " again gw. Literally sold me the ghb17 with the video he done for that. As good as the other people are on twitch I don't think they are on the same level for crowd engagement, maybe braken? How ever you spell his name. After this break I will seriously be considering my twitch sub based on the weeks shows afterwards.
  6. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    it costs 100 points..it used to be free, those 100 points can be alot to some armies, even in ones who leave points for summoning they are often used for summoning a unit to capture the objective instead of the balewind. exploit a melee only who failed to bring a list to deal with a variety of threats ? well yes you could. is that down to poor list design or the warscroll? if i take nothing to deal with ranged threats behind a meatwall should all ranged threats then be banned? deal damage on the first turn.. what like catapults, skyfires, most long range shooting things, summoning could do if they make the charge, frost tusks, cannons, sayl, alpha strike lists.... seems like a large part of the game that. the balewind is strong in a tzeentch army, as that army is kinda designed around spells. but spells are once per turn, like shooting, but in your hero phase,. unlike shooting you have to be within range first and cant move forward So most of the time the enemy army has already positioned themselves how they want to be, if you arent within range turn 1, and get doubled turned that'll be 4 combat phases 4! before that squishy wizard can do anything. which they could fail, have dispelled or only do like 1 mortal wound. at least with shooting you can move then shoot before being doubled turned. and the enemy cant stop that,
  7. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    balewind vortex has been nerfed...repeatedly ... may as well make it Tzeentch only as thats the only faction that uses it anymore ( kroak excluded )... what more do you want?? any further nerfs and they may as well delete the warscroll completely.
  8. Talking Fatesworn....Tzeench

    Yeah that works. Also Lord on demonic mount is strong with it. As are wizards on balewinds, 6+ rerolling success. Then +3 at least means you pass most
  9. Let's chat : Nurgle

    We've had this discussion a few times. It works the same as a gaunt summoner. There is nothing stopping you from taking items on it.
  10. Citadel Painting Guide.

    Good news, the app is up and running. So far for the models they've uploaded. The guides are great, click a feature and it shows you the steps and colours. Real easy real smooth. App is great
  11. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Do you know what they run ? Massive variance in stormies
  12. Let's chat : Khorne!

    It depends. Some battalions are worthwhile, even better now (bloodmarked warband ) due to others not being so good and the fact some people don't even bother with battalions now allows us to decide who goes first. Some, the units compromising them got cheaper so if you max it out you actually save points (brass stampede) Others went up quite significantly, due to unit make up and battalion cost increase. (skulltake) But I don't necessarily think the ones which went up are now worthless, they just haven't found the list requred. If say, you ran skulltake. You'd max out khorgoraths as they are a bargain but maybe not the skullreapers. Even though I feel they might do even better in the new meta than the previous one, as there is loads of poor quality units for them to build their buff up on. I think people are still unsure on lists, we've gone from ultra elite armies to horde meta over night, take a while to change your mind set.
  13. Let's chat : Nurgle

    Thought horti was 280 ?
  14. GW Quality Control

    Keep it. Rare defect. Collectors item lol
  15. The dreaded double turn

    depending on the circumstances, you could call sayls alteration a buff.. some armies particularly khorne would massively benefit from getting a boost towards double turn for loosing units. "hey you killed that cheap rubbish squishy unit i sent at you to die, GREAT! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.. also, thanks for pretty much ensuring i get the double turn now with my ultra killy units. more BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD." The armies likely to get boosts to defence against double turns will be those already incredibly strong in shooting, precisely due to their nature... do we really need to boost shooting? some games are pretty much won or lost by turn 3.. i feel that also to try help towards combating peoples fear of the double turn a decent battlefield can mitigate some concerns playing on barren landscapes as often seen in tournaments speeds games up, makes shooting more powerful and allows those deathstars to really crush. adding a proper landscape in will massively change peoples plans games workshop recommends about 12 pieces of terrain on a 4x6 Of those 12 pieces i think 4 should be LoS blocking, (not on the ouside of the terrain... as is often done) 4, something like trees or garrison-able buildings, and the remaining 4 just stuff to get in the way and mix up the terrain, height, path blocking etc looking at various tournament pics of table tops... its so barren, so flat so open so boring... people fear the double turn, but set the entire battlefield up for it before the game starts then complain when it happens.