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  1. The Rumour Thread

    deathguard has been getting releases since what? August ?
  2. Tzaangor Horror Combo

    No, doesn't work like that. Other wise each unit of horrors would be minimum 10 wizards.. And, as quite clearly stated on their warscroll this is not the case
  3. unmotivated

    man i am so down lately about painting models.. i just sit an stare at them willing them to be finished...considering selling them just so i dont have to look at unpainted models... the lack of " stuff" for aos, and by that i mean purely aos not shadespire, not silver tower etc has had a surprising affect upon driving me forward to finish my collection. i dont think its burn out, but lack of ignition... Are many other people having this problem? had this problem? how'd you get over it ?
  4. Chaos lord of tzeentch

  5. i posted my example onto the facebook page. they gave the typical " this is a really good idea " response, so i dont expect anything to change. that is, unless many people post similar things showing that there is a demand for it.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    What is with this obsession with cthulu elves ? I dont get it
  7. "Assigning a keyword"

    if you want to play a lore based game play narrative, play what you want matched play is for competitive games. not story driven ones.
  8. "Assigning a keyword"

    i mean.... thats just a terrible statement as its not true. you can do it, you can take deathlords as allies.any of them
  9. Easy to do if faqs aren't a thing. There's nothing stopping both, digital copies and paper form for those who want to print them out. I like a book to hold an read, but when I'm playing away from home I'd rather have the option to speed up the whole process.
  10. But why? Why scroll through 5 pages of faq to find one passage of text when you can simply download the warscroll with the relevant faq on it. Far more elegant, efficient and allows a smoother flow of game play instead of disrupting everything to go and check a faq and putting each other off their game Considering we've the tools to do it in 2017 and aos, why not do it? It's not excatly like they FAQ warscrolls all the time , Being forced to scroll through various faqs to try find the relevant passage is so outdated and screams WHFB.
  11. clicking a button for a 2 second download is nothing. scrolling through a FAQ every time a question is asked is a much larger ballache. at least then everyone is playing off of the same rulesheet.
  12. it would certainly be handy to have the FAQ's on the warscroll. For instance. its not like on 90% of the warscrolls there isn't enough space
  13. id do it for free for a discount on purchases.... #justsaying
  14. What would you give Slaanesh?

    I kinda like the idea of archers, mass archers, mounted archers, blocks of troops who are skilled in archery to comiment the chaos warriors. Elite units competent in combat and archery.
  15. The grand final break down

    Think it needs an edit. Last I checked 64.04>63.95