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  1. The combat from the soul grinder. Is great, then doing it again. Good chance you'll get 6 mortal wounds off it
  2. So this has been a issue for me some quite some years now, I personally feel the vortex beast should be marked tzeentch, or be tzeentch aligned. I've considered for some time the rule changes required to make this guy viable and if there was to be a tzeentch aligned one what perks he could gain. I've yet to play test this so I've no idea of how much stronger it makes him. Similar to the slaughterbrute, he requires a wizard or hero of Tzeentch bound to him or it goes a feral. Binding a unit to it grants it the following bonus. (Unsure on this a bit) Conduit of Arcane power. Spells cast by a wizard bound to this monster can use the binding to cast spells through the vortex of chaos energy on his back. Aura of control. You can reroll the aura of mutation roll. Master of chaos. Instead of rolling a d6 for the aura of mutation, roll a d3 and consult the chart to see what happens. 1-2 heal a additional d3 wounds on either the vortex beast of the unit bound to it 3-4 until your next hero phase any wounds the unit bound to it suffers on a 4+ you can transfer to the vortex beast. 5-6 grants the vortex beast a 5+ ward until your next hero phase. It's that or grant some bonuses towards the hero bound to it. Something like +2 to cast, or something like that. Wasn't to keen on that idea.
  3. Considering we know some gw staff look at this site, and we know that many other people who use this also have contact with various levels of gw. Maybe if we make our voice heard enough they'll consider adding it. I want to do a mock up of a vortex beast marked tzeentch, I'll start a new thread to keep this thread on topic.
  4. Tbh, I didn't realise that. It's more for fun than anything competitive as we're all free that day and 1 big game is easier than 3 2k games. An I try keep my lists God specific, rather than just pick an choose the bestest best units. I don't do "try hard" I try build fun lists to play, and play against. This is more of a narrative thing i have, as i disagree with the lists that just have anything, khorne troops lead by a Lord of change with nurgle blah blah blah, they'd rather see each other fail than that God succeed so I like to build my lists accordingly.
  5. They mentioned it on twitch stream.
  6. He's good in a tzeentch army. But when he's just the only wizard guy, his ability to know all spells is a bit wasted, the dice altering thing is handy, but now it's not for turn rolls it's less valuable as it's only once. But I've not used the new guy or spells so I could be wrong.
  7. With archaon in the last you need to stack heroes with command abilities, and that only goes so far without multiples of the same lord, while good I didn't think I had the space tbh. Orghotts, meh, with epi I'm rerolling 1 to hit and 1 to wound army wide on the first turn with luck it'll only gain me a additional 16% chance, I chose morbidex for his reps awning Nurglings, and bloab for his spell and -1 to hit chance. Glottkin will be a target, and when he dies the rest of my army will still function well enough, if archaon was there and I built my list around him, once he died it's pretty much game over. Festus is in there for the d3 heal on glottkin, hes going to be hidden behind him and just allow a potential d6 heal per turn
  8. laaaame. i was hoping for rule changes with existing warscrolls
  9. has anyone seen what the slaves to darkness are getting out of the disciples of tzeentch book ?? so desperate for news on this
  10. I have one, manticore sorcerer lord on a chaos knight. Works well
  11. I'd drop the two skullcannons, 1 shot is too unreliable, pick up a soul grinder, more likely to hit and due to this a similar damage output, hes better in combat and brutal if you combine him with the keeper of secrets. I'd drop karios also, hes not bring utilised too much due to lack of wizards small such.
  12. oh, as tzeentch not really. i suspect the battletome will provide a lot of help towards that, an apparently they're redoing some slaves to darkness rules to suit in better with this release
  13. Oh everywhere, it's the whole idea
  14. Collector edition ones. It makes the entire collect look so much nicer with a good quality image behind it
  15. Battalions from the everchosen