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  1. You wouldn't be able to run it as tzeentch as the varanguard can't be marked outside of a battle, and they require archaon to do so
  2. agreed, give it a mark maybe the destiny dice will be great, you can equip your lord on daemonic mount with some nice items which allows him to hit majorly hard once per game. 4 damage on his weapon and 3 damage from his mount, really surprise your opponent, makes him tankier also as he rerolls all failed save rolls,
  3. any of the following. Give them an extra point in armour & Give them a retaliation thing for armour saves, make the mounts do like d3 damage on the charge or something, with to hit rolls of a 6 doing mortals make the hand weapon rend 1 and 2 extra attacks, with the glaive rend 2 on the charge doing 3 damage on a 3+3+ they're great hulking things of metal, and they hit like a wet tissue. saying that. tbh at 160 points they arent that bad, just a decent % of their points never see use. as currently magic is a joke, so khorne is wasting alot of point value, most people just cast defensive spells rather than offensive ones as the impact is greater hopefully they try an fix magic so taking units such as the crushers who have a spell shield becomes more viable. if they add one of the three things id say 180 points is fair
  4. No, you misunderstand. They are battleline if the entire army is Brayherd, but as they have chaos and Brayherd and keywords you can pick them as battleline and then take the chaos allegiance Just like I can run chaos knights as battleline and still pick chaos traits an such.
  5. Showing your age I've only been in the hobby for like 5 years or so now.
  6. Anyone in the UK got a easy paint removal products? Preferable a quick one which isn't too invasive, I've used dettol previously, which stank and took a while to work, wasn't the nicest to handle tbh so I'm looking for another method.
  7. I brought a brown spray from army painter on the hope it would save me time, ended up ruining alot of the details and unlike gw sprays I couldn't just ask for some replacement models. I've had 2 instances of spray cans from gw not work correctly but they were nice enough to replace both the can and the models.
  8. This looks like it's a book, do you know which one ?
  9. Got a tl:Dr of what this is ?
  10. I'm agreeing with you both lol. But what @Goodwin said was You can still be chaos and take them as battleline.
  11. Cheers guys !
  12. What are the other colours then ? The red the Blue, gold etc aren't they primers?
  13. Found it. Mentions it here. You can build a list taking only using units from one small faction and still have the alliance abilities.
  14. Im fairly certain in saying this. You can still pick the chaos allegiance, as you meet both the chaos and the Brayherd keywords. So if you run exclusively Brayherd you can still pick chaos abilities and items. But yes if you add tzeentch units into it you have to pick chaos. As you can run varanguard as battleline by taking the everchosen battalions , and all the units in that battalion gain the everchosen keyword