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  1. Death is dead. Move on buy a new faction
  2. Depends on the need. Normal one is fast and mobile gorebeast is more punch
  3. You can do, I ran a unit of 14 blight kings and 28 chaos warriors with 10 marauders as battleline, it' at 2k. But far better at 2.5k onwards These are definitely battalions where points were not considered when making them
  4. Could make difference in theory
  5. Less of a house rule more of a ease of play
  6. You're meant to pick up all saves and reroll then again, but why bother when you're just rerolling the same dice for the same result. So just roll once and take that result.
  7. Pretty much. It's much faster to just roll your dice once, Doing it the correct method is redundant if you then have to reroll them again as the first result is pointless. So just roll once, 2+ save
  8. Yeah you only reroll once, but you still pick up all successful saves and all unsuccessful saves and reroll them. So you roll all your saves, then you reroll all your saves. And that's the result
  9. I've not the book yet, are chariots a option?
  10. I thought you done both, so say 6 saves. You make 4 and not 2 Reroll everything, looking for 2+ off the rerolls
  11. With the release of skirmish today it seems many people will be picking this up, myself included. I dunno if there is going to be a skirmish section, so dunno where to post. For those who have the book, What warband have you got in mind ? I was planning on going slaves to darkness to start, knights , chariots etc. Durable mounted units with respectable damage.
  12. Yeah, sorry I forgot about that 9 part even though I just read you say it lol
  13. I'm not adding rukes I'm saying they aren't clear. And that Lore wise allowing multiple spell options fits that . It makes more sense than saying he's a mighty wizard but knows as much as any random pleb whose picked up his first spell tome
  14. Ignore me. Misquote
  15. Except it isn't obvious and that it's only seen that way as a few influential people say it is... Clear is. "Each wizard knows an additional spell from their chosen lore" given the fact that they clearly explain what lore you can choose from depending on keywords, thus making it perfectly clear. Not what is currently written which allows interpreting. Gaunt summoner are incredibly powerful wizards, it makes sense to grant then more options, they can't cast more spells just have more to choose from. This strengthens magic and makes it more interesting, allowing greater variance of spells and opens more tactics up, limiting it just means people will pick the strongest spell unless they're speicifcally aiming for something. Boring.