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  1. Personally I think you need an extra Ironblaster to capitalise on the Trophy Rack and Underguts ability. I’d drop the Gnoblars to save 100 points and switch from Goremand to Gutguard to trim the extra 20 points and get a third cannon in.
  2. It’s pretty clear to be honest. The allegiance abilities say all BCR priests “know and may chant one Everwinter prayer” (or words to that effect). The Huskard on TT warscroll then says “knows and may chant one of the following prayers“ and then lists Winters Endurance and Winters Strength. So you can chant one everwinter (which are in the allegiance abilities) and one warscroll prayer. To be clear, you couldn’t chant both the warscroll prayers (for example)
  3. English FAQ. Final page is pitched battle profiles and has asterisks prior to the Thundertusk entries. For reference they are now 270/300/350 for Riders, Huskards, Frostlord respectively.
  4. FAQs are up and basically as per the rumours. Only change for us Ogors is some (imo not enough) reductions for the three thundertusk units. So I think it’s basically no changes.
  5. Does anybody know what the ETA is for the update for the post-Cities factions who weren’t expressly updated in GHB2020?
  6. Yeah the command group still count as having the weapon option. They just don’t look like it from how their built (you can’t give the standard bearer miniature either an iron fist or the second weapon because he’s holding the pole). So in a unit of 12 you only have 5 which look like they have a second weapon / iron fist. The whole squad of 12 counts as if they have them though. Of course, you can just optionally build less standard bearers and musicians. Which is more flexible (as easier to then field them in units of 3) but slightly worse when you run them as a 12
  7. You either want to run the gluttons as 4x3 or 1x12. The big block of twelve gets the horde discount so is only 400 points it also gets mortal wounds on a 4+. The four units of three allows more flexibility and chances to proc the charge mortal wounds In terms of loadout it’s all one or the other. Generally speaking iron fists in smaller units and double weapons in larger units. That said you don’t end up building many of either in certain blocks. In a 12 man unit you can run 4 standard bears, 2 musicians and a leader. So there’s only 5 of the 12 man unit with the weapon load out
  8. First time on the contract. I pledge to finish the Mawtribes half of a Feast of Blood - Tyrant, 6 Gluttons, 2 Leadies and an Ironblaster.
  9. Trying to work out if this list is insanity of genius. Certainly different! I suspect the answer is that there are other factions who simply do this better and if I want to do this I should be playing not Ogors.
  10. It absolutely is worth it outside of Boulderhead. It’s the single best unit in the book. And not even close. Running full gutbusters is a mistake if you’re list optimising. If you’re shooting for fluff then, sure, go just with the fatboys. But for an optimised list you definitely need a FLoSH in there.
  11. I mean, if we’re talking about having already spent 400 points on a set of Gluttons and have another 400 points to spend elsewhere then it should be on a FLoSH instead of either of these two choices anyway so the discussion is fairly moot...
  12. Plus consider a unit which is camping on an objective. If the unit is Gluttons, then likelihood is it does absolutely nothing while camping the objective. The Leadbelchers unit is more likely to do something in that scenario. Granted I’m not sure I’d want a unit of 10/12 for camping in either scenario. But generally a small unit for camping objectives, I’d rather it was leadies than gluttons.
  13. Plus, if they’re allies, you couldn’t take them in a 2,000 point list if they’re more than 400 points right (unless their specific rules say otherwise that is)?
  14. Why is the Butcher holding the Splatter cleaver and the general? I would expect that you want the SM to be closer to your line (due to Spinemarrow and the Butcher hanging back on the Vortex. So by that logic isn’t the SM the better general / SC wielder as he is more likely to be up close to the action?
  15. A lot of this makes sense. The inherent problem at the moment is that factionless is simply worse for almost all armies than picking a sub faction and being in that more limited option space from a strength perspective. The solution is simply to make factionless more appealing. Either by reducing artefacts for picking a sub faction or by adding a faction wide rule which is lost if you go into a specific sub faction.
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