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  1. AlphaKennyThing

    Advice/help in keeping to an army!

    I force myself not to buy anything until the project I'm working on is finished. It's really difficult, but unless it's a limited run boxed set or something, I won't buy anything new. I picked up Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery last, and then Kill Team came out, and I really want it. I'm denying myself the luxury until I've painted all my Stormcast, and the 1,500pts of Legions of Nagash I still have to finish.
  2. I played a 3-game narrative campaign that was fiercely competitive. The narrative element was that it was an attack on a Free Peoples territory by a Slaves to Darkness warband. The armies were balanced, but I was allowed to use a second batch of Marauder Horsemen and Marauders set up on my table edge if they were all killed. The defender had a load of town buildings available as cover. There was also a tower in the middle of the board in which he could stick a single unit as lookouts. The tower was an objective, and then 3 objectives in the town, with each granting whoever controlled them overall control of that third of the town. Any of my models within 1" of a building in my hero phase could also set it ablaze. We decided to go with victory points for various things to determine the winner at the end, though the state of the battlefield at the end would be the best way to work it out. So straight away we had a story, two 1500pt armies with a balanced addition for each, and the board looked great - town outskirts one side, tower in the middle, trees and rocks on my side. Once the game was on that was it - full on Slaves to Darkness Warlord. I was going to burn that town down if it was the last thing I did! What followed was 5 turns of carnage. Marauders running into disciplined ranks of handgunners and dispossesed artillery, Knights charging in and destroying everything. The story actually made the game more competitive, it felt like there was something to lose. You don't have to have total imbalance in Narrative Play. All you're doing is telling a story, giving meaning to the objectives and motivation for your armies to be doing what they're doing beyond wanting to win because it's a game - it doesn't necessarily detract from the competitive aspect of it. In Narrative Campaigns that are giant territorial battles between the Grand Alliances, things can be fiercely competitive - you want to win your battle to increase the power of your allegience through a series of battles for different areas. In some of those, you might be at a disadvantage, but you have a go anyway!
  3. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    Aye that's great, but is that including randomly generating realm rules, or chinning them off?
  4. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    That would be a tough tournament! No running, next game 6" range, next game 3 monsters eating your heroes. Mental.
  5. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    That is an option. In this hypothetical scenario, you have to use the realm rules. We're trying to come up with interesting ways to determine them, or which combination to use them over five or six games.
  6. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    That's a pretty decent idea actually. Certainly one way of doing it!
  7. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    All received and understood, there's some points I agree with in there and others I don't. My overall counter would be that realm rules were just used in a tournament and it didn't really break the game. Assuming you had to use them, though, and you had to pick 6 realms to cover 6 games at a tournament, which realms and which realm effects would you pick? As you are what appears to be a highly competitively focused player, I'm genuinely interested to hear how you'd set things up. That was largely the purpose of this thread. It doesn't have to be a lottery, you can pick your realm effects and other limitations. Pull up a sandbag, educate us all!
  8. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    Absolutely! Which is the original idea of this thread, taking us nicely back on topic, good sir! Which realm rules from each realm would you pick? The original thread post contains my ideas, but I'm interested to know what others would pick for a well rounded tournament with varied games.
  9. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    I definitely get what you mean, I'd personally feel terrible at a tournament if I found myself against Kharadron Overlords in a game and we rolled 6" range for attacks. I know for certain I'd offer them a re-roll if it was at all possible. The trouble with AoS is though, to use your own analogy, some armies in particular excel when there is nothing added. It'd be like Jigglypuff (if shes even still in Smash Bros) constantly winning everything on a level terrain. The same armies over and over occupy the top spots in AoS. By adding something in, you give other armies a chance. Of course GW could do more to balance the armies, which would solve the problem too.
  10. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    Some armies just need an update. My own included. Assuming you're talking about your Beastclaw, there are no more realm rules nerfing you than there are any other army. You're telling me if you rocked up to a tournament and your first match is against a magic heavy army and the realm roll reduces magic range to 6" that you're not suddenly at quite an advantage? Or a double combat phase in Ghur?
  11. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    But it'll shift every event, as the realm rules are random, so the 'meta' will never be constant enough to warrant buying new models all the time. If anything, it'd lead to the best armies being the most versatile.
  12. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    Surely that is a massively good thing, though? In the last edition, it was simply a case of whoever had the top 3 best Battletomes won pretty much everything. There were a few other random armies appearing in the Top 10, but otherwise it was just spam. If the 'meta' shifts with every event, and an army's ability to make it to the top table changes every event, then that provides even more incentive to go - you actually have a chance with the army you've collected. You never know who's going to win. The only people I can see being sad about this are people who have invested heavily in what they think is the best Death Star Lazerpewpew list they can, safe in the knowledge that it'll smash face until GW nerf it, and then rinse and repeat with whatever army is top of the pile next. Those with underpowered armies go to events knowing they're very unlikely to make the top tables purely because of an old Battletome. Giving everyone the opportunity seems good to me.
  13. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    For me personally, I'd happily rock up and just roll for the lot! In the interest of keeping things consistent for each game, I envisioned all the tables set up for each realm, with a pre-determined realm effect. The idea being that players don't play each realm in a specific order, they find out before each match. There'd be a laminated sheet in a stand laying out the realm effect in use with reminders for rolls etc, and a list of the spells available for that realm. This means no-one will need to look at any books other than their army books. Hopefully each different table would provide a different experience, with different pros and cons for different armies. It's the choosing which effects in which combination for each table that I find interesting! I think in the information sent out to players beforehand, it'd be case of advising them to take a diverse list.
  14. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Realm Rules

    Hi all! There were a few people who I think were of similar thinking to me in terms of getting the realm rules used at tournaments in such a way that it encourages diversity in list building. I've had a good peruse through them, and thought I'd create a thread specifically discussing what rules could be used in what combinations (spells included) to create a diverse set of battlefields to fight upon. In order to stimulate some discussion, I've come up with a mini tournament pack up for the realm rules that I think work well to force people to have a think about what they bring to a Matched Play bonanza. I personally think rolling for each game would be fairly difficult to keep track of, and equally I think that having it set completely in stone which realm you'll be fighting in at which point in the tournament also sort of defeats the object of having them at all. Instead, I've tried to find a happy medium. This thread is not designed to be an argument about whether or not they should be used. In this hypothetical scenario, they are going to be used, but I think it'd be cool to work out the best and most fun combinations possible. EXAMPLE TOURNAMENT RULES PACK Realms of Battle rules will be in effect. Players will play 6 games, and will play in 6 out of 7 realms listed below. Players will not know which tables and in what order they will be playing until the day, so it is highly advised that army lists are created to be effective in as many different realms as possible. REALM OF BATTLE: SHYISH All realm spells are in use for this realm. Realmscape Feature is Haunted Realm (All Terrain is Sinister in addition to any other terrain effects). The idea behind this is to hamper Bravery when near any terrain, in addition to their normal features. It will affect some armies more than others, obviously. REALM OF BATTLE: AQSHY All realm spells are in use for this realm. Realmscape Feature is Flaming Missiles (Additional -1 Rend to shooting over 12"). In this realm, ranged units will be getting a boost. The table, however, will have a higher terrain density, allowing use of Realm Command Ability to set terrain ablaze and make it LoS blocking. It'll likely become a game of manoeuvre. REALM OF BATTLE: CHAMON All realm spells are in use for this realm. Realmscape Feature is Rust Plague (In your hero phase, roll a dice. On a 6+, pick an enemy unit and subtract 1 from save rolls made for it for the rest of the battle). A fairly 'vanilla' match up, with the added perk of being able to degrade particularly tough units if you roll well enough. REALM OF BATTLE: GHUR All realm spells are in use for this realm. There will be no Monsters added to the battlefield. Realmscape Feature is Primal Violence (At the end of the combat phase, roll a dice - on a 6+, carry out the combat phase again). No monsters, as it's a pain in the rear. Arguably detracts from the flavour of the realm, but the chance of double combat phases should make the game particularly brutal for melee armies. REALM OF BATTLE: GHYRAN All realm spells are in use for this realm. Realmscape Feature is Fecund Quagmire (Models cannot run unless they can fly) AND Seeds of Hope (unmodified battleshock rolls of 1 mean no models will flee, and all wounds allocated to the unit are healed). This realm should be a bit of a war of attrition. The lack of mobility will be taxing for slower armies, but the potential to heal up wounds soaked should be helpful. Armies will need to take some flying units, or at the very least an element of cavalry, to ensure they can make it to last minute objectives. REALM OF BATTLE: HYSH All realm spells are in use for this realm, however BANISHMENT may only be successfully cast once per army for the duration of the game. Realmscape Feature is Speed of Light (At the start of your movement phase, roll a dice - on a 6+, pick a unit and set it up anywhere on the battlefield more than 9" from enemy units). The potential to teleport units around the battlefield should make things interesting. Banishment has been reduced to a single cast per game per army, meaning you can use it at the crucial moment, but it won't just be spammed all game. Use it wisely. REALM OF BATTLE: ULGU All realm spells are in use for this realm. Realmscape Feature is Perpetual Dusk (Range of attacks and spells reduced to 12"). This is a deliberate hampering of shooting and magic. The command ability allowing the redeployment of units will be crucial to getting the right guns or magic into range. Anyone got any interesting combinations they can think of? Another limitation I thought perhaps might work was that any army that has their own Spell Lores or tables in the Battletome should be forced to make a choice each game between using the spells for that realm or the spells from their Battletome. I didn't know if this was perhaps a little restrictive.
  15. It's not so much redirecting the conversation, there's plenty of people chatting here as usual and working out the niff, naff and trivia of the realm rules. You'll notice there are also a few who are not up for debating anything, and have decided that XYZ elements are broken and that the game is made infinitely worse by using such rules, that some armies may as well not even turn up to tournaments because reasons. That's great, but my previous post applies fully here. I'm personally all for a chat about what rules are going to be interesting to encounter, what ways you can mitigate or play to its effects, and what ones might be really entertaining. The back and forth of 'they've ruined the game' vs 'I think they'll be decent' is getting a bit tedious though. When I have my core book to hand I shall attempt to pick a realm we can dig out for pros and cons, perhaps we can collectively start to develop a list for what works well in each realm.