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  1. It's not an argument mate, it's throwing your toys out the pram based off a preview and no other knowledge. What constructive discussion is supposed to come out of that? If the full rules are released and your faction has been nerfed to bits, slightly more understandable, but still not much room for discussion after a comment like that!
  2. I think it's a comment that is deployed - quite rightfully - when people take the negativity a little too far to the point that you're reading their comment with a seriously confused face on. I'll give you an example of what I think TGA aims for: "Gah, not sure I like the new Look Out Sir rule. I've been thinking of a few scenarios in my head that it might not work, and I can't help but think in XYZ situation ABC unit could become quite powerful. Anyone reckon GW have considered this, and if so, how?" We can tell the poster isn't particularly happy about Look Out Sir, and has identified a scenario which may very well result in something becoming really powerful. The way it is phrased is constructive, and allows for some on-topic discussion afterwards, which may alleviate said person's fears. On the other hand: "Games Failshop have f***ed it. They never, ever get the rules right, and it's been like 30 years, you'd think they'd LISTEN to people. I don't understand how they can just write off a faction with a s*** rule designed to just make idiots with more money than sense buy a new army. Seriously I'm out, this has ended my army in Matched Play. Just keep buffing Tzeentch, GW, ggwp" The above is an example where I'd be reading it thinking the poster probably needs to go and have a calm down. It's not useful, you can't really have much of a discussion about it, as there's not really been anything said other than ranting. Someone will immediately take offence to that, and before you know it the villagers will be out with pitchforks and torches and it'll descend into a tavern brawl. That's when you have to remind people that they are, in fact, miniature soldiers that we push around a table whilst rolling dice. Usually that is enough to nip it in the bud. People who are consistently negative in a totally non-constructive way, not open for discussion, just nay-saying for the sake of it, can very quickly become toxic. Everyone is guilty on forums of writing something that was supposed to be a bit tongue-in-cheek to have it totally backfire and derail a thread, we're using text to communicate and without intonation, expression and body language things can be taken at face value. Hell, I thought I was being the funniest man in NATO the other day, returned to the forum that night and discovered I'd pulled the pin on a metaphorical grenade and rolled it right into the thread. I do get where you're coming from, sometimes it can be a bit ****** to be told a hobby you're passionate about is 'playing with toys', but no matter what hobby you have, it can be easily made infantile. Football; "guys, it's just a game kicking a ball in a net, chill out". Snooker; "mate, calm down, you're tapping multicoloured balls around a table". Obviously to the person passionate about such things, it's a lot more than that. Just think: it's likely the comment wasn't aimed at you.
  3. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    That is a fair amount of restrictions in terms of what you're able/unable to do. I shall perhaps re-phrase: find one or two people you've played against and can tolerate or whose company you find satisfactory or enjoyable. Ask them if they'd like to play a couple of non-competitive games outside the gaming store, seeing as your local one seems to be run by Donald Trump. Use a kitchen table, or a floor, or maybe they'll have their own table, and get some games in. You'll be surprised how much you get to know your opponent, and before you know it you'll have a gaming pal, even if you do only communicate when it's warhammer related. Small victories and all that! If your local gaming community plays nothing but Matched Play and you can't approach anyone else about a game when you may have to wait out for 2.0 and the new General's Handbook. You'll likely find the points decreases in the latter. Good luck!
  4. AlphaKennyThing

    Retributor Gold spray

    I can confirm Retributor Armour comes out very very nicely straight onto the model. You're right that historically coloured sprays from GW were temperamental, but they're pretty darn good now, metallic ones in particular.
  5. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Mate for your own sanity I'd try and organise a small narrative campaign or something. It sounds like you're having an absolutely ****** time with Beastclaw Raiders at the moment, and sometimes playing in a non-competitive setting for a while can re-kindle the ol' flame. Last time I played BCR I used my Slaves to Darkness and the Open War cards, we drew the card that was +1 attack across the board as a Twist. We came up with a scenario where I had to defend a Chaos-held town against a BCR pillaging raid, and it was absolutely brutal - but fantastic fun! AoS is at its very best by a country mile when you play it that way. BCR performed really well, eventually winning a minor victory after a stunning Mournfang charge into my Bloodreavers. If you're hoping to play competitively, BCR aren't going to cut the mustard as the game stands, however, don't dwell too much on previews. Pros off the top of my head based on the previews: a) You can now shut down enemy ranged units with your Mournfang, or Frost Sabres, diverting lethal fire away from your big dudes whilst they stomp across the battlefield. b) Highly likely a points decrease will be inbound, as Ironjawz got one and they're fairly similar to BCR, meaning you'll be able to take more in your army. c) You can shield your own heroes, too. Granted only the one on foot, but it's still perfectly possible. d) Enemy heroes are only protected from shooting if they stay close to other units. This means enemy units are likely to stay back in defence of vital heroes, meaning you're able to play the objectives a little more than before. If they do decide to advance the heroes with the infantry, it means they're moving closer to you, and therefore you'll be able to punch them in the face harder. Alternatively, focus fire the unit protecting a hero, then shoot the hero to death. Either way -1 to hit doesn't make shooting unusable. Last of all, remember that armies fluctuate as they are balanced and fixed and all that good stuff. BCR will be brought back up.
  6. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    48" on a seeker? That's horrendous! 😧 Some serious screening needed contain that.
  7. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Well, colour me thoroughly educated! Had no idea where it came from. I thought it was a new word people were just banding around like confetti and it made me sad. Every day is a school day. Have a like for your efforts, sah!
  8. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    For some reason, the word 'meta' when used to describe wargaming makes me really sad. Absolutely not a reflection on your post, Infeston - I happen to whole heartedly agree with you - it'd be good to mix things up in Matched Play for sure!
  9. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    'Ere we bloody go! Generally, players from said demographic deserve a firm karate chop right in the forehead for such nonsense. They already said battalions give you an extra CP, they're hardly going to mean that you can see how many times you can squeeze 50 into the cost of all your battalions and award yourself that many extra CPs. I know Games Workshop could word stuff better at times, but at what point do we, as gamers, need to engage a bit of common sense, too?
  10. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Once you've actually charged something, even if you use the charging unit first, it's seldom that the combat is over in the first phase. Unless of course it is a serious mismatch. I think charging units fighting first will end up tremendously underwhelming compared to the nightmare people believe it will be. Shooting out of combat is obviously the paramount of ****** cinematics in AoS, yeah, but for me, units charging in and then just... well, nothing, really, is up there too. It's just a bit flatline.
  11. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    In my opinion, it would make it more tactical. Right now, apart from being able to cover a bit of extra distance on 2d6", there is no benefits to charging for 90% of units. It is probably the least cinematic aspect of the game. Three units of Knights smashing into a unit of infantry and... nothing, really. Right now there's not a lot of tactics in it beyond what you charge into. It should matter, but right now there is no consequence for letting your entire army get charged in one go, because you know half of them will be fighting before the chargers do. That isn't right in my books. If you see a bunch of cavalry wheeling across the board to ruin your day, you may suddenly change priorities if you think they're going to be charging you en masse. You could charge first with your own units to prevent excessive damage, or at least hold them up. Sure, you can do that now, but you don't need to. If a load of Khorne warriors have just footslogged across the board getting shot to bits by muskets, I think when they do get their charge off, they should go first, as opposed to getting prodded with peasant swords beforehand. It'd force people to think carefully about sitting idly whilst multiple units are within charge range. It would be a substantial change to the game, but one that is easy to mitigate by changing the way you deploy and how aggressive you are with your own units.
  12. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I have adjusted the first page to reflect what we know for sure right now, with no speculation added. Many of you will notice that it amounts to the square root of absolutely jack poop. I urge people whole-heartedly to remind themselves of how little we know before sounding the doom bells and pulling the eject lever from the hobby. To throw in another opinion on the Command Points front, I really don't think it's going to be that big a deal. If you play casually, and enjoy narrative games just using Matched Play guides to get some balance, I think the impact of Command Points is going to be negligible. It'll make things a bit more interesting, but it's not going to invalidate your army because you have no battalions, or your battalions are ******. Many people have said so already, and are correct - most people play one battalion, two at most. It's not going to be that big a deal. Even less so if they introduce some generic battalions for each faction made up of keywords you can slot units into. On the Matched Play front, it's going to be a bit tasty. If there is indeed a shift to chargers fight first (which I think there needs to be, personally) then the whole way armies are constructed is going to change. Couple that with no shooting out of combat, you're going to have to screen your ranged units. Bummer, that sounds awfully akin to actual warfare, time to burn all my GW products!
  13. AlphaKennyThing

    London GT hype

    You'll have the chance to win some beautifully painted Chaos Warriors and a Sorcerer Lord produced by yours truly if you enter the raffle! Keep an eye out for them in the Commissioned Painting display. 😛
  14. AlphaKennyThing

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Totally depends what you fancy mate! I'm going to go so far as to suggest the new one will be £95 and will contain a weighty book like 40k with fuqloads of lore, in addition to the new rules and stuff. And cool models, obviously!
  15. AlphaKennyThing

    Namarti Thrall Icon Bearers

    Aha I find it fascinating how people jump all over it in the first place. I've just bought my box of Narmarti Thralls, the box shows 1 icon bearer, GW displays show 1, every other army can take 1, and I have the parts for 1 with two options. I can use a bit of common sense here and see that it was most likely a rules oversight that will be quickly patched, seeing as tournaments have already banned it. Or... CLEARLY IT WAS INTENDED THAT I SHOULD MAKE THEM ALL ICON BEARERS. HAND ME SOME CARDBOARD AND SOME GREEN STUFF. Not sure how people land on the second option. But there you go. 😛 I'd love to see someone who has actually fashioned 10 icon bearers just because they were adamant they'd get +1 attack for every model.