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  1. AlphaKennyThing

    What are your pet peeves at the gaming table?

    1. People who I can smell across the table. This is sadly a common occurrence in the wargaming world. 2. People who agree to a narrative game with fluffy armies, then turn up with a list specifically designed to murder yours on turn 1 after you chatted about what you'd bring. 3. People playing with the same grey plastic army week after week, without any attempt whatsoever to paint it. 4. People who proxy almost every model in the army. I once played a game against round wooden counters with the type of model written on it, and a squeeky toy proxying one of the giant beastmen things. I nearly flipped the table over. The list goes on, but those are my top four!
  2. AlphaKennyThing

    Starting a young player with Nighthaunt

    They're a good army, only trouble is they rely very heavily on synergy between all the different character models and units. Without them they can be a bit flimsy. In contrast, an army like Stormcast Eternals or Ironjawz have units that are pretty effective by themselves without help from other models. You'd be best off picking up Soul Wars or the smaller boxed set, and going from there. Chainrasps, Grimghast Reapers and the Glaivewraith Stalkers and Lord Executioner at first, and then introduce some of the other heroes to get used to how they interact with other units to make them better. It's not too complicated, but if you use them all at once you can lose track of who does what.
  3. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Balance and GW's Next Big Decision

    Oh right. Well, we all have our likes and dislikes! I never found AoS to be granular enough to make it a list building kind of game. Stuff on paper should in theory trump the world, and yet the dice can let you down and all of a sudden your Nagash list has lost to a mixed Greenskin Destruction list.
  4. AlphaKennyThing

    Tournament Balance and GW's Next Big Decision

    That seems very odd, as in every other thread you've been vehemently against anything that skews the playing field in favour of one side or the other. A chronic imbalance between armies before the game even begins is one of those, surely?
  5. AlphaKennyThing

    Picking an army helpppp

    That is a pretty vague set of criteria. My advice is to go and pick something you really want to paint, come back and stick up a picture of it. Then we can build an army around it.
  6. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    Thanks very much for the response! Also a very common theme for picking Sylvaneth, I've noticed - I'd not even thought about painting them with the variation of seasons. I bet some of those come out great. Do you think that as AoS is quite a commitment to jump into (needing 1k to 2k points for example) that GW would do well to look at the success of Kill Team and perhaps push a similar game for AoS? Obviously we have Shadespire, but that is a different game entirely. Would a fully supported game requiring a box of models with similar rules to AoS be a good idea for getting more women interested? We have Skirmish already, but I'd argue that's not particularly supported.
  7. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    Thanks taking the time to sign up and respond! I have to say I am greatly heartened that your experience so far has been a positive one. Gamers who are less than agreeable are thankfully few and far between, which is cool. Out of interest, what sort of thing drew you in? Do you think - beyond making it clear via product lines and advertising including women - that there is something GW could do to bring more women in? @Enoby may have some interesting responses too. I only ask this question in particular because if we take Warcraft and other MMOs as an example (as someone alluded to above), an overwhelming majority of women choose to play Elves or Humans, or generally feminine characters. Is there any substance behind the idea that if GW were to introduce an army that contained strong male and female lead characters that are alive (i.e. not dead, rotting, blind or armed with tentacles), practically dressed and not oversexualised that it could serve as a good 'gateway' army to trying out other stuff? My wife feels it would - she'd only play WoW because of Blood Elves and Humans ? Obviously she is one voice amongst many, though.
  8. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    You may well find there is a marked difference between banter around women who attend the club (when that hopefully starts to happen more) and banter around your partner. I think it doesn't take much at all for people to admit that they are slightly different around their partners (male and female) than around their friends. My wife is different around her friends without me, and vice versa. Of course there may be some topics that you may avoid in the interest of keeping everyone involved, but I highly doubt I'm going to find myself talking about how attractive I find Jennifer Lawrence whilst playing Age of Sigmar. I would place a substantial bet that if you ended up playing games against @Enoby or another player, you'd have just as much of a laugh as if you played 'one of the lads' for a lack of a better term. There's just not a huge amount of exposure to it right now as it's been the hobby of blokes for such a long time. But hopefully we can chisel out some bullet-point ideas to change that as the discussion progresses and more ladies join the fray to throw in their two cents.
  9. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    What put her off? Did she say?
  10. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    An interesting point towards the end, and whilst I certainly don't think you hold any disdain for women, what behaviour do you feel you need to regulate around women? For example, everyone regulates their behaviour around new people when they first meet them. When a new bloke comes to the club and I offered to show them the ropes, I certainly don't dive in with my finest toilet humour, as hilarious as I am. When you work out what kind of sense of humour each person has, you both open up a bit and start having a laugh. It is exactly the same process with women I've served alongside, and there are very few who ruined the atmosphere with their presence. Plenty have told some jokes that pushed even my boundaries. Totally legitimate wanting a male space, so to speak, as it is important to get some bonding in, same for women doing some activities together. I just feel that you get best of both worlds at a gaming club. Playing my first game against an opponent I've known for years and relentlessly making fun of eachother and then switching to a game of Blood Bowl with a new girl at the club having a laugh about something totally different just isn't going to detract from my fun - quite the opposite.
  11. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    Thread title amended so @Melcavuk 's partner doesn't cave my head in with a cricket bat ?
  12. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    That is a second common trend I've noticed - all female forces aren't desirable, certainly not for my wife, your daughters and a couple of other posters. At the same time, if the lore dictates an army is all female, great - same for an all male force.
  13. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    That last bit is not the first time that's been mentioned now, so thanks for the response Enoby! What do you think can be done to fix that? I've noticed that a general trend amongst wargamers (of course not all) is that they can be, at times, slightly on the socially awkward side. It might only be one or two in a shop of twenty people, but that's sometimes all it takes. Even I've found myself the recipient of a full debrief on the dire situation of XYZ faction that has left me with raised eyebrows when I didn't initiate any kind of conversation. Some people in the hobby can be quite... intense.
  14. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    This was a very interesting response. Particularly so because I've never seen gaming clubs as particularly... masculine. It may be perhaps because I'm in the military, where things can be over-masculine at times, that in comparison the gaming club I went to was just a bunch of guys (and one or two girls) having a laugh playing some games. I've noticed that in the times my wife accompanied me briefly to the club before going elsewhere there was an air of awkwardness in the room, like "ooooo a girl - can I poke it?". Certainly no-one was hostile, but I can immediately see how that alone would be off-putting. Did your other half have any opinion at all on what sort of thing might get her more interested in AoS? What sort of products she'd like to see, or indeed what sort of games (boxed sets like Silver Tower etc)?
  15. AlphaKennyThing

    Calling All Women!

    The female part of the question was dictated by Mrs AlphaKennyThing, this messenger shalt not be shot! Apparently the word woman carries far too much responsibility for her, though she's a mother of three! She absolutely agreed with all your OH's points though, especially on the narrative/story side of things which is interesting. And the 'here's a box of women, you must like them' comment got a big 'absolutely' and sad face.