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  1. You sir are the best! Thanks for putting this together for my Chaos Dwarfs to be in Skirmish!
  2. Can't forget about the chaos dwarfs! Those guys are extremely advanced by Chaos standards. In the old world, one of em engineered a mechanical kraken monster in the game Dreadfleet. I'd say they are one of the most advanced in the game but KO have probably got them beat now
  3. Updated picture with better lighting, these guys are taking me forever!
  4. I reaaaaaaally hope this is the case!
  5. Thank you so much! Here's an update photo now that I have a light box
  6. Hi there, I thought I'd post my progress on my Chaos Dwarfs here, with lore and painting both! I've got a light box in the mail, but here's a picture with decent enough lighting to get an idea!
  7. Ah, sadly that isn't me! I noticed it when I googled the topic Zharr Goroth, and this was one of the pages that came up! It's from last year, but at least we know something is planned!
  8. I'm extremely slow but I just now realized that all the war scrolls have Zharr Goroth in them and that Zharr Goroth is mentioned in the Skaarac lore and then also I saw this posted on their Facebook So now I'm curious, and thinking that there WILL be a Battletome, but as you said, it'll definitely be a while. I'm just wanting to know more about Zharr Goroth now ahaha
  9. Man I would love if FW made a Battletome for LoA updating them with new battalions and lore for AoS. All the models are there, and it'd be nice to see what exactly our favorite little evil Dwarfs are doing
  10. Thank you so much! I plan on painting more this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to post some more progress on em!
  11. Thank you! Yeah I wanted to integrate green to hammer in the greed factor of my particular chaos dwarfs, and the shields were quite time consuming and tricky but I do quite love how they turned out!
  12. Contributing to this thread with my current progress on my Chaos Dwarfs! I'm slow as heck when it comes to painting but hopefully I'll have more progress to show you all soon!