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  1. Huemahns that field troops Mahnkin and wield Hue blades and live in the city of Mahntropolis
  2. KHHaunts

    The Rumour Thread

    Likely an angler fish inspired theme
  3. KHHaunts

    Units in the grave as battleline?

    With the new rules allowing you to put aside units in the grave. Can you count those units as battleline. I presume you could since you now have to specify the unit.type.and size so its just like other non summoning abilities in the game like the stormcasts have. Can people confirm this?
  4. Its not that im not happy he is around but there is a trade off. As great as Nagash is he will never be as awesome as when he first re enteted the setting properly in end times as non of us knew just what he was capable of especially after becoming an incarnate also. But it feels like the "moment" was used up. There are a finite number of characters like that and once they are introduced in a real way. thats it. Imagine if in some great unveiling khourne entered the setting fully manifested it would be a moment of pure epicness (whether something you would want to see or not) but once we get used to him being around and not something we just feel the prescence of its gone. and when you think about how long WHFB has been around it will take a long time to develop new legends to replace them. Just dont want to run out of those moments i guess.
  5. This guy gets it.
  6. Obviously not a myth from OUR point of view but of course he was as far as the setting went. Most of the people in the setting of WHFB had only ever heard of him in stories he wasent this active being that was definatly around. His background left alot to the imagination which in many ways to me was far better than his actual self. Dont get me wrong i was SO excited when he appeared in the end times because a legend was coming to life. But that legend cant come to life again any time soon. As for his model i think saying he went out of production for a "while" is something of an understatement. So yeah he was a myth and legend at one point. Its not like everyone in the old world new for a fact that he existed just like how in 40k many of the genral populous dont know that Chaos exists.
  7. I understand what you mean. This will seem like an odd comparison but vare with me. Its like Nagash. I love Nagash his model and his back story. But nothing for me will compare to when he was a myth. When he was just a name from a time long gone that made people tremble when they heard it. When he finally came into the current lore i loved seeing the legend come alive but then the thrill was gone. I love seeing all the god models and their stories but i miss there being these unseen figures behind the scenes who presence is always felt but never seen.
  8. Dark elves may have been bad guys but they would still have been classed as "Order" as They were not chaos worshiping and Malekiths ultimate goal was to rule over ulthuan. He wated to extablish "Order" albeit under is own tyranical view. I wont mention any real life people for political reasons but if you think of some well known "Evil" people from history many of them still did what they did for the sake of "order" Chaos on the other hand does what it does because it does it. They are not typical villains that belive them selves to be fighting for the greater good by doing something distasteful they, to quote the joker from the dark knight who cited himself as an "agent of chaos" - "I just do" Once you accept that the grand alliances have always existed even in WHFB however with alot less emphasis and that they are just loose affiliations and motivations not political or physical alliances its very easy to understand who belongs where. P.S i quoted you Aaron to agree with you for the most part not disagree
  9. KHHaunts

    Bretonnia vs store manager's decission

    You say they that they have told someone that they have to use another army but they did everything within reason to soften the blow. Chief among them the fact that they didnt just wipe.the army completely rules and all. It you want to start an army its reasonable to assume that you should use one of theirs. GW are in the right im afraid. Btw im saying this as a bretonnian fan. I have an army and wish that they would come back. Im extremely grateful to gw for letting me use a discontinued army at all.
  10. KHHaunts

    Custom Hero Template

    Here is the original first draft. Want to se whay people think while i finish the proper version.
  11. A while back i created a unfinished version of a Hero template (Which is still in the downloads section) I have since picked the project back up and am determined to finish it properly and start tweaking it where required. The basic idea is that its a process for creating custom heroes by follwoing a stage by stage method that allows you many options to come up with a fully functioning hero (Including point cost) The method is fairly simple and has been done with some (As much as i can do by myself) trial and error as well as some basic calculations. Mainly by disecting existing heroes, their weapons mounts and abilities and spreading the point costs for those elements as best i can. The Heroes are also capped (to a degree) and are intentionally over costed at this stage until i can get more feedback. While im in the process of creating a finished first draft i wanted to open things up to the community to get their impressions and feedback as well as anyone that may be interested in helping. my hope is to create a tool that we can all use for homebrew games that will allow us to take unique heroes but be comfortable with doing so because we will all be "singing off the same hymn sheet" Please let let me know what you guys think.
  12. KHHaunts

    The Rumour Thread

    Sure its been said a million times but for me it makes perfect sense for the daughters to be part of order as order has always been a shade of grey. It is important to ackowledge that "good" and "order" are vastly different concepts. Order is nothing more or less than the creation of a ordered society, kingdom, empire etc regardless of morals or ambition. Whfb dark elves are a primary example of this (without the slannash influence). There will always be overlaps (i can think of death showing alot of order traits) but ultimately if we step away from order as a single unified concept then its easier to except. Simply put if you dont want to avoid becoming the living dead. Being smashed into a pulp and/or eaten or having your body and soul transformed into some mutated sludge for the amusement of trans dimensional gods. Then order is your best fit. Also the dnd reference above is a good one.
  13. KHHaunts

    New and improved Forest dragon

    Never thought about it that way. What an incredibly stupid way to write the rules. Oh Well it wont stop me in my open and narrative games. Thanks! its getting there
  14. KHHaunts

    New and improved Forest dragon

    Well on quite a few matched play games i still use the wanderer key word as its still on the app. But since its changed i plan to take it as an ally and use the old warscroll or the sisters of the thorn for matched play games. The legs are from the high dragon wizard legs
  15. KHHaunts

    Black Coach

    Nice . Very Nice Wanted to add a black coach to my nighthaunt forces but thought the old model was bland. This has given me some great ideas for my own. Im really liking the rusty tail ends of the ghosts. What combination did you use for the ghosts themselves?