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  1. Im not sure quite what the significance of that question is? The rules for summoning are the same in all versions. Its just the rules on how those units are "paid for" that differs. So its a general rule. All wizards that fulfill the criteria (Death wizards) technically know all the spells for summining all the death units all the time. However obvisouly you need the model and reinforcement points in order to use it.
  2. page 5. right hand side. 2nd from the top
  3. 1. Unless your refering to a specific skill/ability that daemons have (Inwhich case you need to be more specfic) then no. There are 3 rules of 1 and that isent one of them. If you lose enough models in combat you can always lose more in battleshock regardless the role (Abilities aside). 2. Rokapoke's answer 3. When you say he gets points do you mean as part of a victory condition? wouldnt that depend on the scenario and the wording of the VC. But i imagine you would otherwise your opponent can load up on battleions to create "Untouchable points" 4.Rokapokes answer
  4. Theres a finger print on it . . . . .
  5. Very playable army if you go for mixed death IMO and i have managed to fend off the "new" armies that have their own alliance abilities and more battleions etc so its quite competitive. I run a mixture of deathrattle and nighthaunt with spatterings of other subfactions when i need to. Works for me and i would consider myself a decent player but by no means a tactical guru like some people ive played. I think the complaints about death are more to do with a combination of lack of new releases, Tomb kings going and the fact that unlike other factions yet to recieve love such as Aelfs. Death is an entire Alliance that feels a little like just a large faction. However thats just down to patience. I find my death army alot easier to use than my wanderers.
  6. Thats an interesting one. Confusingly a units Move and saying "If this unit does not move" seems to imply different things. The latter such aas the Eternal Guards Fortress of Boughs ability says that if they dont Move the get their bonus however this apparently extends to all forms of movement including charge and pile ins so they have to stand stock still in a shield wallspears out (End of 300 movide style) which makes sense fluff wise and accounts for such a good buff. That would seem to imply that its applies to the physical act of moving the model. However there are always exceptions. If there was an ability that said i can use at the start of the shooting phase however this unit immediately counts as having shot (As in cannot shoot its normal weapons) and then another ability affected all units that shot in the shooting phase i would include that one to. So while i think anyone who maybe assumes the opposite isent entirely wrong and i dont think it is as definitive as it could be . . . . I am certainly leaning towards the idea that a "Move" is the same as actually moving
  7. I think the mortal wounds are a key part of the game for the reasons already mentioned. And i think for the most part their advantages are made up for. However i will admit that their are some instances where it seems like the balance needs to be tightened up a bit with regards to mortal wounds. What do people think of Spirit hosts? I use them alot and find that the "Mortal wound or go home" element to their attacks is very balanced and interesting. The one thing that really makes them deadly is having ethreal on top of that. Do people think they are "balanced". Sometimes if feel like they are but some players do despair when up against them. I suppose Spirit hosts and mortal wounds in general are alot harder to counter in matched play as your playing with a set list and mortal wound protection is a very specific skill set. Perhaps a standard spell next to Arcane bolt at Mystic shield that helps ward Mortal wounds (Perhaps a 5/6 roll stops them) would help soften the blow? It would still make MW a heavy element to the game as you wont be able to employ the spell everywhere but at the same time it give the victim SOME tactical control over that particular game element.
  8. at the end of the day based on everything that has been said. No one likes to be beaten/overwhelmed in this game and creating and overcoming powerful combinations is part of the game and without it we may as well all go and play risk. However based on what you have said it dosent sound like your being a bad loser but instead sounds like your opponent was quite happy to steamroll through you with powerful buff combinations without giving you much of an indication why or how. Which IMO is not on. As mentioned by others. The art of a good strategy in this game is one that you can show to your opponent and will still be very tricky to counter OR they can counter it only to spring another trap or fulfill a purpose. You dont have to reveal your every intention behind each move or your grand master plan. But stating the mechanics of what you are currently doing or being prepared answer about it if asked is common courtesy to me So in conclusion if this player of yours dosent say, ask and if he/she is funny about that and only cares about exploiting what the rules DONT say to win . . . . .Find yourself a better opponent.
  9. Exactly. Hence my backup plan. One game i played my Skelies were such a threat that they couldnt be ignored while the rest of my army consists of self suffcient units (Hexwraiths, Morghasts etc) which usually means that they spend so much time halting my skellies rampage that even if they do succeed the rest of my army usually takes the objective (Whatever that may be) While i am by no means a fan of powergaming i think that threads like this are important as what i dont want is for people to confuse powergaming with "good strategy" and their in ability to counter it. Every strength should have a fairly realative weakness or cost if it has that its fair game IMO. Not saying that Veteran Noob is complaining about nothing though. As i would agree that you should obviously need to know how its done. I was just about to say! I always (And most people i know) just get into the habit of narrating what they do even if its just a quick summized mutter. Not only does it allow the enemy to understand what your process but it stops me making mistakes and forgetting rules. and if all else fails i would expect them to ask. I even go as far as to give my opponent a brief rundown of my army. E.g. i played someone who hasent played in a while so i made sure that i mentioned the ethreal ability of my spirits and wraiths. To me not saying it is the equivilant of saying you going to cast a spell rolling some dice and saying that a unit is dead without declaring the spell. How is your opponent supposed to decide if they want to unbind or even if they are allowed if they dont know what it is your doing. There is lots of strategy in the game but IMO not being forthcoming about your armies abilites isent one of them. One guy actually refused to tell me who his general of even though i had a post setup ability that effected generals!!
  10. As said. I dont know of any hero that can reach such a buffed state without outside help. Therefore the weakness lies in the lords "sources of power". Its the same as taking on empowerd undead. Ive rampaged round the board with a squad of 30+ skelies who had: +2 attacks for unit size, +1 to wound rolls for hero proximity, +1 attack for wight kings command ability, 2 pileins because of my necromancer using Vanhels and a mystic shield from Arkhan. Oh and deathless minions + ruler of the night traits allowing for save after saves. So i have 30 skelies that have 4 attacks each and can pile in twice (so eight each per turn) 2" range. Improved save with a "Ward" save after. On the face of it that seems fairly beardy however im sure many people will agree that a single necromancer, Wightking, Arkhan the black and 30 Skelies (and the rest of the army) isent a powergaming force. All those skelies relied on outside help and buffs. I played against one player who took them head on and got munched and grumbled because of it. and another who avoided the horde picked off the skelies from range. and took out my lords one by one. once he had he wiped my super skelies out with ease. It turned into a really close battle as while my power horde failed they had distracted him. He ending up taking the win which came down to a lord vs my remaining Morghast and him slaying it with 1 wound each respectivly. We both shook hands and admitted that it was one of the most enjoyable games so far. So not trying to imply your being a bad loser of anything like that as it can be unfair to "overdo" it against people that are new or casual but its hard to ask someone not to play compeitivly in a game where the aim is to win. perhaps you should try more narrative based games??
  11. Ah
  12. No problem. should have added that its an awesome set of information.
  13. If its a game play thing your worried about i very much doubt anyone would care (Or not anyone you would proberbly want to play) Its actually quite common for the "command" units to have different or even no weapons (Ironbreaker drummer isent holding an axe at all. But hes still gonna use one in combat!) and squad leaders almost always have different weapons. If its aesthetics i think the simple answer IMO is no it dosent look weird as its far more "realistic" as itwould be impractical for someone to hold a banner in one hand to have a spear in the other. Perhaps put a blade on the top of the banner??
  14. Hexwraiths arent compendium if thats what you meant. As for the original post. Yeah its a shame as the formation from the Malignants box set is awesome.
  15. Not official ones however i have been working on a supplement that is nearly finished if you would like whats there so far?