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  1. ok cheers atleast that narrows it down some.
  2. Hmm i cant remember that part. Ill go and read it later but could you expand on what was said a little. He was reforged and then fought and banished Skarbrand as far as i remember. Im not sure if he needs a new model as i feel that his model is already more unique than the generic celestant on dracoth model. Perhaps he will finally be made into a proper special character and just given his own warscroll.
  3. You say that. However its one thing to assimilate or remove an army like the brets or TK as it would take little effort. However removing one of the one of the 4 most prominent beings in the Warhammer multiverse without giving it its dues would have ended very badly i think. I dont think they will ever "Destroy" Slaanash for the same reason that GW dont openly deny the existence of Malice (Malal) it would be stupid to take a fully functioning potential army just waiting to have new life breathed into it and get rid of it when you can just leave it on the shelf for a rainy day.
  4. Id have to assume much the same. Particularly if one of the Aelf factions is next (After the Duaradin that is) that will proberbly be a summer release. As a result of knowing more about Malerion and/or Tyrion i feel that we would need to be given a little more info of what they have being doing to Slaanesh. Looking round alot of people seem afraid that Slaanesh is on borrowed time. However im certain that you can tweak Slaanesh to play down the "less appealing" aspects as far as the public is concerned. The champion from the Lord of undeath book is proberbly agood example of this. Should i open up a thread for this? as i dont want to dilute the rumor thread with to much speculation or wish listing. Or is this on track enough for people?
  5. Hmm Maybe perhaps the 40k lore will just give Slaanesh a good slapping and knock him/her out of commision long enough for GW to finalize how they would go about bringing Slannesh back as well as it allowing for it to possibly coincide with an AOS release. Didnt he just tell Malerion and Tyrion where to find him?? In AOS/WHFB i dont think N'kari as been around at all since the End Times
  6. I love the Cairn Wraith. Especially painted with an ethreal vibe.
  7. That avatar of Ynnead would make a great AOS Daemon prince. Well this is just a wild speculation/question. Has it been confirmed that Slaanesh is staying around. If not i could imagine that Slannesh being "Beaten" (In some shape or form) in the 40k campaign could be the series "Big thing that happens" and would eliminate the rpoblem of having he/she in 40k but not AOS ...... Dont shoot me slaanesh lovers just popped into my brain . ...
  8. Well fluff wise it makes much more sense. Ive always had it that Bloodreavers have a - for their save due to a combination of no armor but most importantly lack of self preservation. However to me as far as fluff goes anyway it would make alot more sense to have 7+ saves. Since even units with no self preservation can be protected by magic
  9. For 1500 points At a glance. Based on whats there and trying to incorporate a mixed theme i would go for: Heroes: 1 x Empire general - General - Your battlelines will what need buffing so id take the one guy that will do that 1 x Celestial hurricanum - Good MW output and its buffs effect order as a whole. Plus another mage. 1 x Excelsior Warpriest - Cheap. Synergizes with order as a whole. Dispossable 1 x He Mage - Does have any synergized spells which hopefully means its point cost is accounted for without help. A second wizard is always good. Battleline: You dont really have any say in this as these are your only standard battleline units currently. But hopefully with the help of the general and the order synergy above they should shape up just fine. 10 x Empire handgunners 10 x Empire Halberdiers 10 x Empire Halberdiers Non role: Ive made this choice based on versatility, costing and no need for synergy but really you could swap this bit round with the other Elites you have 20 x Dwarf Ironbreakers - These guys are an island they are durable, Independent and dont need fielded on mass (So perhaps consider fielding 2 units depending on the secnario) and they dont hit to badly either. 10x HE Reavers - Give you some speed and perhaps when the time is right use them to rush the enemy and pin them at range for your volley gun. Warmachine: Hellblaster volley gun - So have quite a varied mix. I feel that with the ironbreakers defending, the Reavers pinning and the humies plugging the gaps this thing should be able just to sit and do what it does best. There you go. This comes in at 1480 Obviously you could always make improvements with other models. But all in all i would be quite interested to play against that combo.
  10. It tends to be a theme that the army Elites tend to have more self sufficient abilities Phoenix gaurd:"Ward" save, Iron Breakers: Gromril armor, Wyldwood rangers: D3 damage to monsters to name a few. While basic units require alot of synergy to get them up to a decent level alot of the time. perhaps stormcast judicators and liberators as they function well enough in small units and do sdont require massed unit bonus's? So i would pick the best order battleline unit you can and satisfy that requirement. After that i would take your pick of elite units along with any heros that effect Order as a general (Celestial Hurricanum, E Warpriest) And/or pick a general with non synergized abilites and then gain a little synergy back with the order alliance abilities and artifacts.
  11. The faction of Order isent to be confused with "good". If you look at the 40k universe Order is the direct opposite to Chaos. Neither are inherently evil however from our point of view. Structure, Law, and generally obeying the laws of physics is seen to us as a good thing therefore order is naturally the preferable option for the "good guys". However not all the races of order in the 40k universe are all that good as many of their acts would appear evil. The main distinction is Order seeks to eliminate chaos by bringing law and stability through kingdoms and cities and all the other things that we try to do in real life to make the world work. A good example would be some of the worlds most "Evil" dictators (Wont go into specifics as i dont want to get told off for politics). These dictators arent what we would call "Good" to say the least. But the simple fact is that (For one reason or another) they were trying to impose Order they were not causing wars for the sake of it. Chaos on the other hand does what it does because it does. Going from real life to fiction. Heath ledgers Joker quote from dark knight about being an "Agent of Chaos" where he talked about that fact that "hes a dog chasing cars" and that he "Just does". So linking this to the exiles. No they wearnt all slannash worshippers that was just a series of cults that Malekith chose to ignore for political reasons(It was morathi who was the servent of slannash so the jurys still out on her) The Dark elves of the old setting wanted to build and conquor and create order. even if it isent a very nice one. They had no desire to see the world or mortal realms be consumed by chaos. Necrons from 40 k are order. But i wouldnt really consider them good. However despite everything ive just said i will admit that they do feel a little off but perhaps its is due to the fact that we dont yet know the state of mind of Malerion. and also 40k and the old world didnt place nearly as much emphasis on the different alliances. You alway knew that they were there but it wasent a significant "thing". Ultimately i think the exiles need their own order subfaction keyword (Some fancy word for evil like Maleficent or Baneful) but at the end of the day they are exiles . . . .
  12. Exactly. Important distinction. If somehow it had a save of 7+ then that would be a whole different matter
  13. Yeah i think there are a couple of examples of this. one that really springs to mind is the Bloodthirster of unfettered fury. He uses his whip in a "drawn in for the kill" ability: its only works on a hero or monster though. If you hit an enemy with the whip you rolla dice and move the unit that many inches towards the blood thirster. Sure it could be modified without to much difficulty.
  14. As above terrain can do all sorts of things if you roll for the rules or use the relevant warscroll. It can be difficult for infantry ill grant you depending on the scenary type. But something shaped like the Wyldwoods would be fairly easy to get your unit into due to the flat base of the model but its certainly not impossible for other if your careful with your placement. One thing i do that isent officially stated is i sometimes use a top down view directly above the scenary piece to judge when a unit is "in" the terrain feature. I use this for thingls like ruins that dont have a base (So like 4 walls but a hollow interior we often say that if all units are within the boundaries of the model not always on the model then they get the bonus. The warscrolls i most commonly use are the ones that allow garrisoning. So you occupy the building and gain bonus's but the building becomes your units model until you leave it. The other one i use as mentioned above is the walls and fences. this allows units on the same side of a wall (within 3") to gain a cover save against attacks where the wall intersects.
  15. Have put together the cover letter for a trial campaign. Which i will post in advance to give people chance to spread the word and get involved. Before i do so however it would be great to gather together some moderators for the campaign. I hope that if it takes off the TGA admins may be able to help on this front but until then it would be great to gather some people who want to healp with the campaign setup. I dont think this would pose any restrictions on those involved as we would need to submit results like everyone else and anythink that requires voting can just be done in a way that means you cant vote for your self (Or community votes which may be better) Have had some great feedback from people and am keen to turn this into a real thing so it dosent just fizzle away.