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  1. I dont think they will come back. But i think we will see elements of them crossed with the Aesthetic we saw in Nagash and the deathlords.
  2. whats wrong with synergy??
  3. GW may want to go forward but uber strong fan desire + a really diverse aesthetic totap + some amazing pas model designs (Necrosphinx etc) = GW making use of all that in some way shape or form. GW seem to have a habit (Quite rightly) being unmoving in the face of people complaining and begging for stuff waiting until the hype drops and then finally giving what we want. In fact it reminds me alot of good parenting. AKA waiting until the child has stopped having a tantrum and calmed down. before letting them have something
  4. In my head i kind of have a mix of "lesser" Arkhans and something like the Liches from WOW. aka skeleies in armor plates with ghosty bits
  5. I would agree with you 100% on the TK combined with VC and gothic. Which is why i think we will see an extension to the deathlords faction burrowing from the aesthtic of things like the morghasts which when i first swa them gave me a very "high fantasy" vibe even back in WHFB. also looking at the above artwork you can also see the clear High fantasy look. In the oldworld the undead lived in gothic style castles and while spooky with gargoyles and other Sylvania motifs but inhenrtly still "Realistic buildings" that have been usurped for a darker purpose. whic is the same impression you got off the undead themselves. Ramshackles and tatty units with weapons and armor that harken from many aesthetics from the history of the old world. The new building however have that "High fantasy pupose build death" vibe. This fortress was built for a lord of death. it has always been owned by death and it will always be a place of death with the obvious bones bones and more bones look. I would say that the deathlords model fit in with this quite well and even though the Morghasts are given a Nehekaran back story (Guardians of the underworld etc) they are very custom made for the job. This is why i can see death having a core of horde units like zombies and skelies (The latter of which i think will get a new aesthetic but with the same general skeleton model) and then a extended deathlords faction (Just like ironjaws and arcanites etc) with . . . . . well anything.and thats the point. I think they will be very unique high fansty bone and spirit contructs (Perhaps some heavly armored wight king like models as new battle line) I also would expect the black pyramid hint to appear as a new behemoth centre piece in a similar scale to the necron obelisks. Lots of traditional things like liches and wraiths but clad in a more baroque gothic look.
  6. You have made me sad because now i want an army that is difficult to get hold of and that this fluff isent offcial because it fits beautifuly. However (After a little testing) I can say that i would happily put this foward as an "official" battle tomb for my hobby group to use.
  7. Take a look at the new shadspire video and you will clearly see a female stormcast is part of the set.
  8. Very Tomb King esk. The plot thickens. Im still gonna say that the new death faction will be deathlord crossed with tomb kings. considering how GW likes to frustrate us to no end and when weve all but lost hope, blow our mind-holes it wouldnt surprise me if TK aesthetic was the core of the new design. Remember black pyramids from lord of undeath novel.
  9. I would guess it will apply more to the ones that we know are coming (Death, Shadowkin etc) than the "Azyr refugees"
  10. So cant see any new death models in shadspire. but . . . . A female stormcast. Honestly didnt expect that.
  11. I havent even got passed the poem at the beginning and im impressed.
  12. Again. comes down to people confusing "order" with "good"
  13. Yeah possibly. As but at the end of the day atleast its not all about them. If it was an arena battle featuring stormcasts vs bloodbound in the stormy azyr surrounded by storms and storm clouds while being circled by storm birds or in a bloody arena sourrounded by rivers of blood while the losers are fed to blood hounds by a bloodthrister. THEN i would rolemy eyes and say pass. But its not. its in a death like realm and if they dont offer atleast something that actually relates to that realm then its gonna be a hell of a random setting for those two combatents.
  14. There will likely be a narrative inside that explains. but i belive the realm of death was being assailed by Khorne in particular last i checked. So their presence seems justified. I would imagine that there will be an"Excuse" for all 4 factions to be involved. As for the SC vs BB cover . . . . . .GW and there poster boys.
  15. No eyes because its from the realm of shadow?? It may be just a 1 off but since Kharadron overlords are the "other half" of the dwarven aethetic I dont imagine they will do a third/redo the dispossed in the near future and since the KO seems to be released as completely its own thing without absorbing any (or many) units or retconing lore from the old faction (Just like Ironjaws. They nabbed one unit from the old models and exist in the realms but so far so do the regular orruks). For this reason i would imagine that the new Aelf releases may or may not incorporate models from the existing factions. But i honestly think they will be entirely seperate from the other Aelfs. Therefore GW could put the "Shadowkin" in any alliance they want. Also it comes back to this "definition of order" thing again.