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  1. Waaaghpaca Results

    Both top Stormcast armies were combat armies, NOT back board edge objective armies.
  2. Waaaghpaca Results

    Hey guys, just wanted to post up results from Waaaghpaca's Grand Clash. We had 32 players for 3 games, with a 4th final between the top two players. 1st: Marv Simms - Stormcast 2nd: Ryan Nicol - Stormcast 3rd: John Wenger - Ironjawz 4th: Davy Calkins - Reavers I submitted all of my results including top 4 deck lists and pictures of the best painted armies. If they don't post up an article in the next week or so I will post the decklists, but they seemed excited to get them and I am hopeful they will do an article soon.
  3. ITC AOS (USA)

    Thanks for the insights James and congrats on number 1
  4. Sportsmanship and AOS

    I try to play this with everything, honestly. Especially when it is close. The pre-discussion and clarity always helps. "Your range is 18? OK I am moving just outside of 18... let's say 18.5" "What is your max charge range? OK I will be 1" more than that"
  5. Sportsmanship and AOS

    Good post. 6 and 7 are a bit subjective but the tone is right to me.
  6. Let's chat Fyreslayers

  7. ITC AOS (USA)

    Thank you for tagging me, I'm not around here too often any more.
  8. ITC AOS (USA)

    On the other hand it IS a tournament. There are narrative events out there you can go to.
  9. ITC AOS (USA)

    They are bringing back the two day Age of Sigmar GT as the main event next year for "Waaagh!paca X: The Waaaghpacolypse"
  10. ITC AOS (USA)

    *after discussing this comment with Zach, the person who said this to him has never actually met me, and I have spoken to them ONCE on facebook messenger. So I think they might be a crazy person.
  11. LVO Top 10 Army Lists

    I'm gonna get Russ hammered and leave him at the strip club.
  12. ITC AOS (USA)

    This is untrue. Flat out. I've been in discussion groups with Frankie, Reese, Domus, and Alex and they were respectful, cordial, and ideas were presented from both sides. Because someone doesn't like the way they run things and wants to do their own thing, trying to say they won't because they dislike the other persons is wrong. Start your own and run it with ITC. I'll come. I went to the Michigan GT which was ITC, even though I thought the scoring and pairings were poor with Best Coast Pairings. The TO also had his own separate spreadsheet for final results which aren't reflected in the App.
  13. ITC AOS (USA)

    If you think this would not happen in the future, with all due respect I think that is delusional.
  14. ITC AOS (USA)

    I think rankings hurt tournament attendance as much as it helps, as it drives casuals away as people try to slaughter each other on mid and bottom tables end games for rankings points, when it means nothing in the scheme of things at the event and can lead to poor games. I speak with experience. It happened in 8th edition. I like rankings and winning as much as the next powergamer, but not at the expense of my wife's enjoyment of the hobby as a mid to lower table player at the end of the event. It has happened when rankings were here in 8th. I also vehemently disagree with cash prizes as this year's LVO was a prime example of terrible sportsmanship in a cash prize event and a rankings system with cash prizes (40k). This year wasn't there also a 40k TO that falsified tournament results to increase his own rankings? I also disagree with their scoring systems being based on wins. Not battle points. They also don't include soft scores in their app? Or they recently added them, about the same time I got an email about the apps subscription service? Another reason I say no thank you. I think everything they do is under the banner of their business, and whatever is in the best interest of their profits will have an effect on their decisions. I don't fault them for this, they are a business and they have done great work in the community. If anything it is motivation for them to want everything to succeed. Some of the things they have accomplished are amazing. I just personally disagree with it.
  15. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    1. Do at least 3 new armies this year. Started number one today. 2. Win some new hardware for the trophy case. At least one trophy, plaque, or Adepticon medal. 3. Better organize the hobby floor, be able to run multiple games at home (3?) at once. 4. Do a community project of SOME kind. Either run a tournament, podcast, youtube channel, twitch channel, something.