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  1. Rhellion

    Welcome Shadespire's deckbuilder app.

    Just found this, that tool is amazing.
  2. Rhellion

    Who Likes Initiative rolls?

    Love it. Integral part of the game and part of why I enjoy the game.
  3. Rhellion

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    That's exactly what adepticon has.
  4. Rhellion

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    I think the "top 10%" isn't necessarily based on raw score wither. They had 160 players so the TO chose 16 armies to make the "finals". Not 100% sure on that one.
  5. Rhellion

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    Painting is currently out of 27 points... but is capped at 25 and then doubled for your 50 point paint score.
  6. Rhellion

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    Also, we actually had a local run some numbers on the "weight" of the soft scores.
  7. Rhellion

    My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    Regarding the LoC on the Balewind... it wasn't allowed at Adepticon, so much as just not actually ruled on. Alex was asked in passing while he was trying to set up tables on either the Thursday Friday night (I don't know which day just what happened, because he had to set up extra tables both nights for the TT and Champs before he could go eat). Alex responded "what do the rules say" because the Balewind FAQ was literally written due to the LoC, and then he walked away because he was setting up tables. So he didn't make a ruling on it at the time. During the game in question, his opponent didn't call for a judge, so during the game no ruling was made by a judge. This non-ruling combined with the wording for changehost, morathi allowed on the balewind, and Joe's decision to do so and his opponent not questioning it is why we are talking about it. And Joe getting Best Chaos.
  8. Rhellion

    Adepticon AOS Results?

    There are multiple reasons they choose not to use it. I'm sure the least of their worries are people not even attending their event getting to see the lists present.
  9. Rhellion

    Adepticon AOS Results?

    Could you post a few more shots of your Marauder conversions?
  10. Rhellion

    Adepticon AOS Results?

    Thank you for posting them up. And thanks to Alex for providing them.
  11. Rhellion

    Adepticon AOS Results?

    Alex is working on getting lists. He just spent a week running the largest warhammer tournament in the world and babysitting 200 man children. Give him some time.
  12. Rhellion

    Adepticon AOS Results?

    They didn't call a TO over during the game. I know both players, and discussed it with the TO. The above is false.
  13. I play is if I am going to get it to take advantage. I try to have an "out" to recover if I don't get it, but not at the expense of not taking advantage of I do get it. Usually others play conservatively so I can do this. I feel like this has won me more games than it has lost me by a large amount.
  14. Rhellion

    Why Kharadron Overlords never win any major tournament?

    The point is it was a complete anomaly in the meta of the time.
  15. Rhellion

    Adepticon Judges FAQ

    Earthquake doesn't make sense. Expendable is how I have ruled it, how I interpreted it, and how I've played it.