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  1. Winning the deployment through less drops and extra powerful artifacts. That now costs more and is still worth it.
  2. I had a balewind, didn't use it. Opted for more summoning. I used the Gaunt Summoner's spell through Kairos. He used the rune to dispel it first turn rather than lose 15 Bloodletters, which allowed me to summon a unit of Pink Horrors near his lines that cast Bolt on his Blood Secrator (now Runeless) and have the potential to use Kairos to change the die to 5+ and kill him first turn... but I rolled the 5. (I had the choice and took first turn after his Murderhost move, I wanted to kill as many as possible, summon up screening units, and go for his Secrator before he planted the banner). IMO, yes... on the Host D cost.
  3. I played a leaked points game yesterday with Changehost plus Kairos vs Murderhost (60 letters / 6 Crushers) plus Thirster plus Gore Pilgrims. I won with chaff, movement, and lots of magic and shooting but was a very challenging match up. I think we are one army that can answer what I believe will be on of the more powerful armies for the next year. 90 Bloodletters will be popular.
  4. Tom, you have talked about how powerful the list could be.
  5. I played it at Adepticon, it's awesome.
  6. You have seen who some of the playtesters are, right? There are some pretty strong power gamers on that list.
  7. I can see why they would want it in an official print document coming from GW, rather than a pdf online that, honestly, only a portion of players really pay attention to (FAQs).
  8. I've specifically stayed away lately because of the mood around here lately. Looking forward to a change of pace.
  9. I agree, they should have just not released any new army books.
  10. If I'm looking to write an Aetherstrike list I use 2 Judicator, 1 Liberator... Judicators for formation, Liberator for the cheaper 3rd battleline to fit the formation and the Stardrake.