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  1. Matched play rules wouldn't change anything about the power of the mourngul at 280 points...
  2. 1. So what if he does? 2. They aren't and you're wrong with made up numbers. 3. They aren't because tournament players convert their models for both modeling / paint points, and so they don't have to buy multiple boxes for one pose. Maybe he missed your point because it is poorly thought out and articulated, and just as insulting as a competitive player talking down to a "story stinker" fluffy player.
  3. There have always been overcosted and undercosted units in every game system with points. The fact that they are addressing and trying to rebalance with a new version of the GHB says it is a successful idea, not a failure. Because they are listening and willing to adjust.
  4. This is exactly what I mean. It's easy for someone here to say "that looks terrible, he had time to paint it better". There are different skill levels for different aspects of the hobby. Your gaming skills helped you win the event. Their painting skills didn't help them win the event, now did it?
  5. I know from experience they will still be there.
  6. If it meets the minimum paint standards it is fine. That army met the standards. If you want to raise the bar on what the minimum is... that is up to the event organizer.
  7. One side is reading the correct wording and the other is trying to bend it to their benefit. Also maybe he posted it here because there is no progress being made in that circular thread.
  8. 25mm is less than 1" .98425" ---just realized this is an old necro post
  9. Going to look into the possibility of driving down Friday and home Sunday. Do you have an estimated time of completion on Sunday?
  10. Also note if you choose the trait Ravager, the extra +2" to your Destruction Move is only in an aura from your general. Not all heroes. Re: the FAQ for Death 5+ save.
  11. To me, there is no 'spirit of the rules', either it is, or it isn't a rule. There should not be guessing in what a rule is or isn't.