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  1. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Awesome to see!!
  2. Most embarrassing / luckiest aos moments!

    Having both Grimwrath Berzerkers manage to get a second attack and then in death throes kill both Deathmaster Snitch and a Verminlord who set up behind me at a tournament game, allowing me an unexpected victory...especially considering my notorious unholy dice luck.
  3. http://traffic.libsyn.com/combatphase/Ep_218_-_Josh_Reynolds_pt_1__When_Your_Game_Co_is_Bought.mp3 Skip to 53:00 minutes in, I advise. Sorry for the late post. We chat news, lots o' news, hobby and games played then announce the winner of a copy of Plague Garden by Josh Reynolds! Speaking of Josh...after Robert hosts a segment on what to do when your game company/property is bought we are FINALLY, after over 3 years of trying, graced by the legend of Fantasy, Josh Reynolds himself. This is part 1 of a series of interviews with Josh. Part 2 will look at AoS & Fantasy. Until next week! Also, Robert apologizes for recording in a vast underground cave at times You can skip ahead if you like by the time stamp below. Part of a rushed recording that was unfortunately delayed. Time stamp When Game IP/companies are bought 21:01 - 53:00 Josh Reynolds Interview 53:00 - 1:43:00 @JMReynolds www.blacklibrary.com Ep 170 Tribute to Josh Reynolds AoS http://traffic.libsyn.com/combatphase/Ep_170_-_Tribute_to_AoS_fic_of_Josh_Reynolds.mp3
  4. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Never enough, I just finally used 4 last night!!
  5. The Rumour Thread

    what the heck, may as well join in - Sea Elfs (new faction) - 9/10 - Girl Power Elfs (new faction ) 4-5/10 - Hot air balloon goblin pirates (new faction) -not in 2018 - Spiderfang allegiance + new units in 2018 - 8-9/10
  6. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Gah, I really wished I could have been there Maybe next Fanatic. I had a blast last year and the scene there was great (even the "wild Finns" I was told about). Glad to hear you did well and we had some Fyreslayers representing! Looking forward to your report. If it's else where would you mind posting a link in reply here please? Thanks!
  7. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Are you in the US by any chance? If so I can mail you the missing warscrolls since they aren't in the box apparently. Guess I just got lucky
  8. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Yes, that's true If you take a young flamling or pappy on droth the other stands, and smiter is as you said, one single piece. Sorry, I guess wasn't making sense earlier. Love these longs days at work...
  9. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Unless you have different contents the magmadroth instructions in the box are detailed, color paint section, and 6 scrolls buildable from heroes, some on other sides of pages. Hopefully you got the correct instructions. The app is valid but a printed copy to cut to size (I have several!) is nice and GW customer service may mail you a correct instructions packet if need be. Hope it works out. And...welcome to the glory that is The Lodges!
  10. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    The box has magmadroth which builds any combo of dad, son or smiter one on beast and other two on foot, usable all 3 at once from the Kit.
  11. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Yup, as many Smiters on foot you can and they take a unit, which could be a hero, msgmsbomb or unit 👍
  12. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    mmmmmm...I'll just give my opinion here but HB with poleaxes are amazingly good, best at massive regiment discount and better w/LoL battalion. Every body is one more nerf axe you can throw/split fire at the enemy. Runemasters are situational but their board control psych element is incredible. Opponents just don't want to risk that dangerous terrain you strategically place in front of them, even as you hurl 1-wound infantry over it at them Plus in LoL you have the runemaster anyway. The battlesmith is amazing and line him (or get 2) on objectives, strategic points, if you bottleneck, etc. w/terrain to die where your army can then benefit from reroll hit & wounds but don't require a move anymore beyond pile-in. Grimwraths also, great to tunnel up when you have 2-3 smiters and your opponent doesn't leave you footprint for several massive units to tunnel up. Just some thoughts. Good luck and do enjoy!
  13. GW Quality Control

    Yeah, GW customer service is grade A. You'll likely get a whole new complete model.
  14. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    oh, sorry, didn't see it above. Runesmiter on Magmabomb it is then?
  15. The Rumour Thread

    Well, no reason they could not just do pestigors with the AoS Nurgle. Tome, but I take your meaning and agree I'd expected some. Cultists and poxwalkers are both in the Codex.