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  1. Howdy so currently I'm building a lob/soulblight list however I also have a bunch of seraphon models. Now with these models I want to build a nice and easy 1000 point list that I could let friends play to help them get into AoS. Now I know nothing about Seraphon rules wise in AoS so that's why I was looking for help list building here. The models I own are 1 Old blood on Carnosaur 1 Slaan 2 Skink Priests 1 Scar-Vet on Cold One 1 Oldblood on foot 30 Saurus Warriors w/ clubs 5 Saurus Knights w/ spear 10 Skinks w/ blowpipes and shields I also have some compendium models these include 1 Skink Chief 2 Celestial Swarms So yeah nay help appreciated. Cheers!
  2. little update on my part, got my first models in the form of 5 Blood Knights, Vampire Lord (The Vlad model), a squad of zambies, and an old blood dragon on a horse to act as a more thematic lord. My question what spells, traits and relics have been looking good for death?
  3. @Honk Dear lord honk your list that's a nice go big or go home list and hope the knights aren't tar pitted lol. Also I think Blood Knights if priced the same as the other elite cav would be a little underpriced 200 seems like the appropriate price to me at least, then again their biggest strength is that on the charge they can tear most things asunder where as the others are hellah durable and can deal good damage. @discoking I as the same honk What's the 4 CPs for I imagine they are to help with charge rolls? and also that list looks pretty sweet.
  4. @Honk Fair enough. If only they wer 40ish points less I think they would properly priced. I mean If I remove the dragon I would Imagine something like Lords Vampire Lord 140 Battleline 2 x 5 doggos 120 2 x 20 Skeles 320 5 Pointy Teeth Knights 240 Which would leave 180 points for something Maybe another lord or perhaps Vargeists or Black Knights? Would probably make it a bit smoother. That is keeping in spooky nights of course XD which I wanna try because I'm a sucker for their aesthetics >.> There is a time in every man's life where they must choose how much does the rule of cool mean to them and for me well I'll see XD
  5. @CaptainSoup I can see where you're coming from however I would prefer not to drop them if at all possible I was possibly contemplating however removing the second lord and one wolf pack to add in either necro+skeles/ double skeletons/ or a blob of 30 zambies to try and help against the hordes. @HonkGlad you like it I admit like captainsoup said though if the Lord flops the damage could be lacking. However I can see them sweet sweet blood knight charges if they are protected XD
  6. How does this look for a starting 1000 LoB ilst Lords VloZD 440 Vampire Lord 140 Troops 3 x 5 Dire Wolves 180 1 x 5 Blood Knights 240 Cheers!
  7. What are the best Lords currently for both armies? I heard VloZD were quite good And In LoB what would be better 2x 5 man Blood Knight Squads or a single 10 man squad? Cheers!
  8. Howdy there folks so recently I decided to pick up Death as I'm a big fan of blood knights and the old vampires in general. Now because of that I've been looking to either build up a Legion of Blood or Soulblight force, so my question is, in general how would one describe the gameplay of both? And along with that what are some other good death units? Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks for the advice I do admit I was looking into the the darkling coven and wanderers however I get what your saying about choosing a force with a bbattletome. so far I did take a look at what battletomes were out and the only ones to really peak my interest was the ogre one just because they were also an army I wanted to try back in the day. How do they play now? Also how do chaos dwarves play in age of sigmar also?
  10. So I used to play fantasy with lizardmen and then quit a while and was looking to get back in. I wanted to start up again with a fresh army and have always wanted to try an Elven faction or Chaos dwarves. I'm not looking to be super mega-competitive, just a fun army to durdle around with at my local shop. So my questions are how are the three main elf factions playing right now? And also I noticed they split up a lot of the elf faction into many subfactions, are we allowed to use units from multiple subfactions as long as they hold the same allegiance? Thanks for the help!
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