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  1. New rumor from my friend who works in GW and has never been wrong before Beasts of chaos will be squatted
  2. Can a model whose base doesn't wholly fit in an area move into that area? For example lets say a big monster is charging a unit in a chokepoint between two terrain pieces, and the monster's base doesn't wholly fit in that space. Is this a legal move? Followup, same question but for partial areas on platforms. Lets say there's a raised platform 3" off the ground and the monster charges up it, but there isn't enough space to fit the entire base. Is this a legal move?
  3. Beastclaw are very, very simple. Just spam stonehorns and keep charging and wiping units until the game is over
  4. Is it just me or are they changing this game to be more "warmachine-y", lots of little tiny units running around and very complex missions and hero and monsters "actions". It doesn't seem like a fantasy mass battle game anymore, especially with the points hikes
  5. Games will be faster and more lethal, shooting will be much more powerful because there will be less places to outflank or teleport behind chaff
  6. How will we be in the same place if everything we don't have is getting buffed and everything we do have is getting nerfed?
  7. They just exacerbated the games main problems, dominance of heavy magic/shooting armies, while nerfing every other playstyle. Having more small units means its harder to buff you units against shooting AND your will be less effective in melee due to combat activations. Rally is so irrelevant that it will not improve survivability in a game full of tiny MSU units
  8. Lack of models isn't really a problem for us, we already have quite a lovely range. Our rules just suck and need overhauling
  9. Playing with the boys same as always, hoping the new rules aren't as bad as they seem
  10. Looks like we're going to suffer massively with this edition until we (hopefully) get a new book -Smaller boards means deepstrike is much harder to pull off -Reinforcement point system kills a majority of our units -No good monsters to benefit from monster buffs -Barely any good wizards -No priests
  11. What are you talking about? Were you even here for 1e? Or even compendiums?
  12. Melee massively nerfed Heros buffed Monsters buffed Shooting buffed Wizards and priests buffed Yeah this game is going to be so bad haha
  13. New leaks from a trusted source (has never been wrong before) - Generic command abilities completely reworked, think stratagems, no longer reliant on heroes - "Heroic actions" as mentioned in the teaser are random effects that can trigger on a dice roll. ie. on a roll of a 6 you can attack twice - Playing into the idea of the double turn, the triple turn is being implemented. With enough command points you can skip your opponent's turn. - New board size isn't the same as 40k's, they really want to play into the AoS is a melee game design ideology. 2k games will play on 3x4 boards
  14. The app (official compendium of up to date warscrolls) has them at 6+, looks like the battletome was an error
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