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  1. I took out some gloomspite and Daughters of Khaine too, but I can already hear about how knowing no other factors the DoK player must have been ****** and the gitz are the only other BT worse than ours... I think both of those are true in this case, but thats not my point. I feel like we are moving the goalposts. The question was if we have been getting any wins. I say yes, not it only because the army I played is worse than ours. If I beat a good army, then I'm sure the player is bad. If I beat a good player I'm sure that the player's luck was off or they were playing a bad comp. I'm sure if I beat a good player with a good comp then it was a bad mission for that army. All I can say is that I'm doing well with them. I'm sure we can keep moving the goalposts and no matter how many top finishes the army gets in big tournaments it won't be top enough, or the tourny wouildn't be big enough. I'm enjoying the army and the level of my local players is such that I can have a good game with BoK mortals.
  2. I have to agree that this is a strong book. I've been doing well in my games and I was pretty down when the new book came out. I'm not sure we will get point drops simply because what I have been using has been doing well... Almost better than well. Ive generally been ahead most games, then towards the end drop 10 flesh hounds. Its nice. I dismantled a nighthaunt player last weekend. It was better part of valor and I just shut the door on him. My skullreapers and blood warriors swept from the right edge and gobbled up units to the left side of the table. I recorded the game and I'm trying to figure out how to edit it so I can upload the game. I'll try to take photos next time and do a written report. If you are feeling flat about mortals try fielding a blood stoker. They throw our units over the top. Blood warriors are a force to be reckoned with when they re-roll wounds. Slaugterborn and bronzed flesh make stuff super tanky too. I love it.
  3. I might as well throw my hat in the ring. So the prayers and blessings... PLEASE stop getting these confused. All the priests with a battletome get both a prayer and a blessing. They can cast one of each. For our part we can cast killing frenzy and blood boil, but not also blood bind. The Fyrslayer FAQ just means they get the they know 2 BLESSINGS along with the prayer on their warscroll, but can only cast one of each still. So a runesmiter with the command trait knows one prayer and 2 blessings, but can only cast the one prayer and one of the two blessings known. If you cannot grasp that then just voluntarily stop casting your prayer and blessing on the same turn. You will sleep easier at night. As far as points I believe the points will change. We saw Legion of Nagash changes an they came out right before the GHB. I would like to see Skullcrushers go down. They feel too expensive right now. Maybe a six man squad rocks socks, but a 3 man squad doesn't seem worth it. I doubt Blood warriors will go down. I've been getting good value from them this BT. I think like others said the heroes may see adjustment, but I feel pretty good otherwise.
  4. I can only think chaff will help. Try chaffing up their melee heroes with marauders or blood reavers. Maybe a brinzed flesh warshrine. It should take some time to eat through 40 men with 4+6++. Or layer the chaff. Multiple lines of reavers. Don't charge him. They can't fly, so try to trap them. They can probably kill a 10 man in a round, but it buys time. Then eat the rest of the army and hold objectives, but that's the only way I see it working.
  5. It's an unmodified save roll, so I don't think things like the ward from the warshrine trigger it. If you can you might want to squeeze in a blood stoker, those reroll wounds make the blood warriors pretty hot.
  6. 60 point reavers would be nice. I'd also like to take 10 man marauder squads again. I wonder if that ten points would really make a big difference though.
  7. I think it was a choice not to let us summon multiple units. We could from the generals handbook summoning. It's possible that little wording change saved us from worse point hikes.
  8. I'm glad khorne has poor summoning. Look at what happened to slaanesh. I think summoning armies have a worse army on the table because they have the points to account for units you can bring in later. Look what happened to pink horrors for example. They are insanely expensive.
  9. I have an exalted db for fearless, but for body blocking I either go 40 marauders or 10 warhounds. I feel like reavers are just used to unlock battalions right now. I could be wrong...
  10. So an update on my bloodreavers. They blow. They can do ok damage, so that went as planned, BUT I found in every game that I wished I had buffed other units. Games seem to move too fast to waste a round of buffs on blood reavers. Plus the reavers are still spotty despite the good stats. So I'm going to forget about em. I also tried out the godsworn hunt to use enfeeble to help out with survivability. I hadn't seen much use from them. Since it is an enemy debuff it has been hard to get in range and get the spell off. Not worth the points to me. Slaughterborn battalion still rocks, reapers still blow me away, Blood warriors have been doing work in 10 man squads. Just got to keep playing I guess.
  11. I think that's more than $800 of minis lol. I think that you need a very empty table to maneuver all those big models. I'm not sure of your aos experience, but (as dumb as this sounds) try cutting out all your based in paper and try shuffling them around a wargame table keeping "1 coherency in the units. Try putting up some other "enemy" units to charge. If you feel like you have room to maneuver and get good charges in then go for it. I'm worried you have too much mass though.
  12. edit for length and less feeling I agree reavers are bad and cannot hold. However I think the math has changed with refill wounds. You can get 30-40 3+ 4+ reroll -1 rend attacks for 70 points on a throw away unit. If you charge with them on your turn they should put out more than 70 points of damage. More then the used to do. The idea is to use them for something. All the buffs you use on them can be used on your slow skullreapers later. edit 2: I am Not suggesting dark feast, I am suggesting that there may be a way to get use out of reavers. Right now they are useless. I use chaos warhounds to screen, they cover way more board space for only a few more points.
  13. The base size is their biggest weakness. However I do like that they all have -1 rend. I guess you could try to pull something off with bloodletters if you want the rending. I've used reavers in the past and had little luck with them for over investing and expecting them to fight for 2 rounds. I'm going to toy with them and see where it goes. I think the nice thing is the whips, bloodsecrator and killing frenzy are units that will survive after the readers are gone and buff the second wave.
  14. You're absolutely right, I missed that they would be out of range of the blood stoker for the battalion buff. It at least makes the batallion or the command ability useless. You would have to do one or the other. I still think there is potential to amp up the meatripper axes, but I'm sorry that you can't take advantage of the speed too.
  15. The idea would be to suicide them, so they only need one turn of buffs. Buff them in the mass of your army, the send them out with the command ability. They move 15" if whipped and have a minimum 5" charge. That is a minimum of 20" I feel like it might be work as units of 10 or 20. They would roll out and cause trouble while the bulk of your slower force gets into position. However if the damage they deal is nothing special then it would be a bit of a waste. I've got a pile of things to try out this weekend, so I might as well try this out too.
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