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  1. yes. not to say that HH and 40k have their cringe moments, but overall 40k/HH fluff > AoS fluff
  2. From a gaming standpoint, more factions make for a better variety of match ups and a better game in general (provided the normal things like faction balance and unique faction gameplay) I'm not a fan of AoS fluff though. It's way too out there for me. I guess I have HH and 40k for that
  3. Were there any other changes to base sizes with Skaven? Just making sure I didn't miss anything
  4. Can't recommend Bolter and Chainsword enough. Especially since they allowed non-power armor factions to be included
  5. that link is super handy. I have some of the old Skaven sculpts, either from trades or I bought to use for BloodBowl
  6. Hey. I'm trying to re-organize my PackMasters and I have a few with the Shock Prods. Should they be Rusty Blades or Thing-Catchers?
  7. You kinda get a few from various kits (kinda like Ripperswarms from 40k Tyranids). If I remember right, you get a few from: Doomwheel Plague Monks Rat Ogors Screaming Bell/ Plague Censor?
  8. Has any of the base sizes changed at all? (And have Pack Masters always been on 25mm based? I but mine on 32's for some reason...)
  9. Love the Warpseer. Scyre orb is great protection, Galewind is a great spell, and the command ability is awesome
  10. I don't see anything new coming for Skaven soon. But at the same time, they could always sneak in something in a White Dwarf or even the Generals Handbook. Maybe some of the old models could make a comeback (looking at you, Mortar Team)
  11. Can we talk about the StormFiends load out? If I'm reading it right, we can mix weapons as long as it's not more than 1/3 of the unit. So we could mix melee centric models with shooty models (which I dont think we could have done via the Chaos book). In extreme, I could have a 6 man unit with 1 of each loadout, correct?
  12. Got my 1st game with the new tome. Dreaded Warpgale from the Warpseer + the Vermintide endless spell = a unit that can't escape mortal wounds. Fun-fun
  13. Skaven. So many play styles between the clans...or play mixed. Lots of possibilities in one book
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