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  1. So I was right about the time of year for the new elves, guess I was just incorrect on the year lol. Oops sorry everyone!
  2. I mean my post even made it to bell of lost souls so ya kinda lol.
  3. Wow didn't think you guys would be talking about my post on Facebook. Don't know if I should feel flattered it made its way here or under pressure lol.
  4. My biggest problem is that honestly I am not a fan of the painting aspect simply due to the fact of my models not coming out as nice as I want them to. I am inexperienced as a painter and it horrifies me to mess up a model and having to strip it to redo it. I don't have the time or patience to redo what is done. But as said before, playing with unpainted miniatures sucks.
  5. I'm sorry but as I read through this thread all I can think is is that this argument has become very childish. Most of you guys are using extremes that are ridiculous. Either come to a civil agreement as adults with your opponent or don't play with them. If a person is modeling or basing to advantage then they will not get many games and be weeded out as "that" guy or gal. I won't put my preference on here as I will not add support to one side but my stance in general is that I prefer one but if my opponent wants to do the other then that is fine. Be civil and have fun. Its a game, not life.
  6. I would be down for this as well. My Ironjawz are ready for a fight!
  7. Had a blast playing with you guys! First time at that shop and was well received by my fellow players. That game was crazy. Honestly I thought I was gonna just get smoked and crumble once my megaboss was killed. Death is scary! So much debuff on me I was kinda scared and with no shaman it made it hard but its not something I take at 1000 points honestly. Still, I was honestly more surprised I won that then any of you I think. I imagine the only reason is because I killed the 1 thing that came to attack me and the other would either miscast or just chose someone else to attack. By the time I got up there so much was dead or was the kind of thing I kill best that I just steam rolled in. Except for the blasted Lord of Plagues who was making all of his saves lol. Again, very fun game and will have to do it again some time.
  8. Hey James and welcome to the Waaagh! As previously stated, 10+ brutes should have gore-hackas, 5 brutes should have choppas, gore-gruntas should have choppas, and ard boyz can vary a bit. Some people like to do 4-6 shields and the rest 2 handed choppas. Yes ard boyz can take a mix of weapons unlike other units! They like to be prepared lol. To answer your question on the extra movements, yes they stack. Orruk movement being only 4" is a lie. Honestly, I think that list looks pretty good. Remember to keep your forces together when you can. Your units get so much better when they work together with their synergies. The 10 brutes work best with the Megaboss with them and the warchanter buffing them, and if you want then add mysic shield to them for a 3+ save!
  9. Honestly I haven't seen anyone else do this. I say go for it and add more conversion! Mine was just the head so while it looks cool it still isn't much.
  10. In my opinion I think the orruk helmet from the banner in the Ard boyz kit would be great. Its what I did for the regular boss awhile back, though i should of used some greenstuff.
  11. I can agree with @Dez here. Get the start collecting Ironjawz box as it will get what you need which is the warchanter and the gore-gruntas as well as the 10 ard boyz. Gore-gruntas are great for quickly moving up and taking objectives or tying up enemy units due to having 5 wounds a model and a good 4+ save. I also agree, and highly recommend, the megaboss on foot and at least 1 more box of brutes to make them into 10 brutes with hackas. remember, hackas for 10+, choppas for 5. The extra range is huge to get all of them to be able to attack. Run the brutes with the Megaboss and the Warchanter and they will just cut down anything they see. I would run the Ironfist formation as it will help you with your lack of speed. It also stacks with the Destruction battle trait which when used properly and together will give most of your units and extra 2d6 movement in the hero phase plus your regular movement and then charge. You won't need ranged attacks with that kind of movement. My 1000 point list is usually something like this: Megaboss Warchanter 10 brutes- boss w/ smasha and claw, 2 gore-choppas, 7 hackas 5 brutes- boss w/ smasha and claw, 1 gore-choppa, 3 choppas 5 brutes- boss w/ smasha and claw, 1 gore-choppa, 3 choppas Ironfist formation I sometimes switch out one of the units of 5 brutes for gore-gruntas with choppas when necessary. Welcome to the Waagh! good sir and I hope you have plenty of fun with your new force.
  12. While Inspiring Presence is great the waagh ability does very well early game. If you get that off and attack with 10 man units of brutes you will weaken them before they can attack back. Even if you lose 1 or 2 you still have 8 left and only have 16.7%-33% chance of losing more guys.
  13. For me I mob them with my brutes in melee. I run 10 guys in a unit and i usually see them running 5 in one. attack first and weaken them before they attack back. with brutes being 3 wounds a guy even if they get 1 or 2 mortal wounds not not a dead brute. if they do manage to kill a brute or two then hopefully the battleshock roll isn't high as i personally would use the waagh command ability over inspiring presence. +1 attack on weapons is great and when there is a warchanter to give +1 to hit and a megaboss nearby to re-roll 1s, well lets just say things die quickly due to 41-52 attacks from one 10 man unit.
  14. My opponents list vary usually but the armies I go against are usually Bloodbound, Khorne Daemons, Nurgle Daemons, Stormcast Eternal, Skaven, and a mix of Everchosen and Warriors of Chaos. I did finally just get to fight against Seraphon and won very quickly. Though my dice rolls were stupidly good and his were ice cold. There is also a Free Peoples player and a general Death player at my store that I sadly haven't had the chance to play against though. They seem to be a lot of fun. I'd love to fight some Sylvaneth as well but nobody here has them. Though with the increased interest at my store, I hope that changes. The battle plans are random usually. We were doing ones out of the Battletomes and Realmgate books and now we are using the handbook to try it out. Though honestly it seems that Ironjawz care more for killing than doing the objectives. Sometimes I forego the objectives and wipe my opponent off the field... and sadly it works. I find that the fact that I can move my forces very quickly and get into melee on turn 1 usually being the deciding factor. If i get up in my opponents face I can easily kill units and that weakens them greatly. Though, as I'm sure you know, picking targets and who to go with first is key.
  15. So I have been playing my Ironjawz since I bought and built them at their release. Haven't lost a single game besides to skaven and that was when there wasn't the handbook. I run simple lists as that seems to be the best for them. Generally I stick to 1000 points but i have played my share of 2000 and 2500. 1000: Megaboss 140 Warchanter 80 x5 Brutes w/ 4 gore-hackas, 1 gore-choppa, 1 smasha and klaw 180 x5 Brutes w/ 4 gore-hackas, 1 gore-choppa, 1 smasha and klaw 180 x10 brutes w/ 7 gore-hackas, 2 gore-choppas, 1 smasha and klaw 360 Ironfist 60 I generally keep all my guys together so they get the benefit from the mega-boss and always let my opponent go first if I can help it. I do that so that I can try to get the double turn and avoid them from getting it even if I don't and I also do it so that they get closer to me usually. By the time it is my turn I can usually get a turn 1 charge in and start destroying some of their forces piece by piece. what helps in this case as well is getting the waagh command trait off. With all of my brutes having 2" range weapons besides the boss they all generally get to attack with +1 attack and one of them gets +1 to hit with all of them re-rolling 1's to hit. Stuff usually dies very quickly. Especially if they are fighting heroes or monsters due to them typically having 4 or more wounds on their wound profiles. Killing the enemy piece by piece weakens them greatly over time and with my forces together they usually kill whatever they need to first. With the extra movement from the Ironfist and Allegiance trait I can move where I need to and get into combat when I need to. I do know that the 5 man squads of brutes would be better with choppas but I gave them hackas due to them being in a 10 man squad in bigger games.
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