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  1. Add Gors to that list. Great, characterful models. No place for them at their points in an army where Ungors and Bestigors Are options.
  2. How does The Megaboss on Mawkrusha’s Strength through Victory rule work? It starts with 15 wounds. Say It takes five wounds in a combat, but in that same combat it slays a model. How many wounds does it have left? I think 11. Is that right? i ask because last time we played my opponent insisted that it would still have only 10 ledt because the rule does not heal wounds taken, it only increases the wounds characteristic. So the benefit is that if you’ve got a healing spell/ability you can build it back up to more than ot started with. Thanks.
  3. How do you get 40 attacks out of 10 Bloodletters? +1 from Wrathmongers, +1 from Bloodsecrator takes you to 3. Where does the 4th attack come from? Thanks.
  4. What are the Grand Alliance Books? Thought those were superseded by battletomes?
  5. My salt comes from the guy I was responding to telling me my statement that the Seqs need a point adjustment was just the complaint of a bad player. My problem with Brutes is that they don't really leverage the Waagh that well because they're usually smaller units. They only have a better hit value if you take two brute choppas, but in that case you're often missing out on getting a model or two in because they've got large bases.
  6. I'm not saying it goes off every time. But it's got a 1/3 chance to. I'd happily spend a CP for a 1/3 chance to get another unit of 10 Sequitors. Most would As for the offensive capability, up to 3 in 5 Sequitors can have the Greatmace that's 2 damage, -1 Rend. That makes up for the larger base.
  7. Lol, Ardboyz with big choppas have rend -1. Same rend as Brutes. Sequitors with a 5+ re-rollable save, a 6+ FNP save, and a 1/3 chance to return when destroyed, plus the option to act offensively when needed, all for 240 points for 10 is not properly costed. And if you’re such a great player you’d come out from behind your Stormcast crutch and win with an army that doesn’t have all the advantages
  8. Rend is undoubtedly helpful against the Stormcast, but the Sequitors are very difficult to kill. When properly equipped the Sequitors reroll all failed saves, thye have two wounds each, and when within 9” of the Lord Arcanum thye have a 6+ feel no pain save. I played them this weekend and attacked them with a unit of 20 Ardboyz throwing out 6 attacks each after the Waaagh. Took me 2.5 combat phases to wipe them out. Then the entire unit came right back when he rolled a 5 after they were destroyed. The Chamber he took has that ability when Redeemer unit is destroyed it comes back o
  9. I'm just a guy who watches battle reports. To me it's very important that the commentators explain what's going on and that the action on the table be shown. Don't do it the way they do it on Warhammer TV. I'm not interested in hearing the commentators chat about things unrelated to the game. They do a poor job.
  10. The head doesn’t seem go fit right. There’s a gap between head and neck and the bumps on n the head assembly don’t fit well into the guide holes for them. anyone else have this issue and a solution? Thanks.
  11. Warchanters won’t help if you can’t get where you need to be in time.
  12. Beasts of Chaos have the new style Warscroll Cards as well. But just try finding them.
  13. This. I have a bunch of them from my old WFB army. They never looked good (remind me of hamsters) and they look even worse by comparison with the more up to date boars and the Gore Gruntas boars.
  14. If buffing is more important to you than having an offensive hero, take the Warboss. He's got a better Waagh, can carry the banner to give you re-roll wound rolls of 1, and you can put him on a boar for a 9" move at no additional cost. If you want a Hero who's primarily there to fight, take the Megaboss. IMHO it's more valuable to get the Waaagh off to buff my other units than it is to have a single model that can fight a bit better. I would always take the Warboss if I can fit it.
  15. The Greenskinz SC box was/is just a repackaging of long available models. I still don't see how any one would be mislead by the mere existence of a SC box for them.
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