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  1. I am not very far into the competitive scene, but you pay points for one of the selections, so it seems like it should be one drop, IMO. I really hope they make the battalions keywords as well - it would make Grashrak much better
  2. Thanks all. I do realize there are errors once in a while, just wanted to make sure all the info I've heard is correct.
  3. Hey everyone, I have a question about Grashrak, keywords, and unit names. I thought I had it down but it appears I don't. I want to use Grashrak because his spell is just great, and he seems clearly better than regular Great Bray Shamans. I usually play Gavespawn. From what I've read, I can still use him in Gavespawn even though he has the Allherd keyword, he just doesn't get any Gavespawn abilities / benefits. That's fine. I also want to use Desolating Beastherd battalion. It requires this: He has this keyword: He doesn't have the unit name "Great Bray Shaman". From reading the core rulebook, it appears he doesn't fulfill the battalion requirement. Since the battalion requirement is not a KEYWORD, he doesn't fulfill that. Ok, I can live with it, I probably won't bring him. The one inconsistency I've found is this - when I use bestigors in a list with a Great Bray Shaman or Beastlord, they're Battleline. This works in Azyr just fine. When I add Grashrak and make him my general, to me, Bestigors should not be battleline. That is a unit name above, not a keyword. But they do become battleline in Azyr when I make him my general. Is this just a bug, or an inconsistency in the rules, or am I going crazy? Last - if I take him as the general, and I use Gavespawn, he can't take the command trait - does that invalidate him as a general choice in Gavespawn? Sorry for all the questions, just confusing to me.
  4. Is it correct that now you can only get 1 extra CP to start from 50 points lower? So it'll probably change a bit, but i'm sure he can figure out what to use those points for.
  5. Is this the list you're talking about? I'm struggling to figure out what it really does - I'm just a casual AOS player and digging out my BOC from the whfb days.
  6. I've seen numerous mentions of Seraphon being really good right now - as a casual player, what makes them so good now?
  7. If you read the main proponents of the Marvel stuff you'll realize that people are hating what they changed things into. That's all it is. Comic books are most famous for retcons and new storylines etc. All of a sudden that is a major sticking point for a vocal minority in our current climate? I wonder why.
  8. I can empathize with a lot of things but I don't empathize with people throwing tantrums because the Ghostbusters are female or they made a female Jedi who is the main character. Not gonna do it.
  9. TBH, this smacks of concern trolling. 'Forced diversity' as ranted about previously in the thread is just diversity. Fans are still losing their minds over Warhammer Adventures, black female stormcast in the comics, and the ever-present specter of female space marines. GW might know that their fanbase is more easily upset about modern day representation but praising them for taking it slow to not upset the snowflakes seems... off. When people blast their diapers about Marvel or Star Wars or Ghostbusters or Oceans 11 or any of the other outrage building machines (Warhammer Adventures) they absolutely are doing it because of race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual affiliation. Giving them cover and excusing their behavior only serves to empower them.
  10. I wouldn't say feminism in 40k or whatever it is is problematic at all. It's a tiny group used by people on 4chan, comments sections, and Twitter to say "See! The hobby is under attack on a large scale!" and Ree about SJW conspiracies. Probably best for me to drop the whole comics thing because it doesn't relate to Age of Sigmar and there's a lot of bluster from people who don't even read comic books and want to be outraged. Regarding people agreeing with the conspiracy theories, I don't really see many people agreeing at all.
  11. Do you think maybe stuff posted to spikeybitz or 4chan(lol!) Has been cherrypicked at all? Do you think maybe it's even easier to find extremism in the form of people claiming sjw conspiracies here, and on BoLS where people are writing ten page rants about why Stormcast shouldn't be female? Why would something not be for someone anymore because a hero changed?
  12. Ahh the marvel comics conspiracy I suspect there is as much proof of that as there is the story about the space marines movie told on the previous page
  13. I'm just a casual player but it's surprising to see the points changes. I am really excited for 2.0 and furiously painting the rest of my Ironjawz to bump up to 2k points but I don't want to just be blown off the board every time. I don't want to be a whiner but hopefully they listen to someone.
  14. I really like Savage Orc Arrers as well. They're cheap, they can hold objectives, and they loose a ton of shots.
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