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  1. Since Cities of Sigmar got one SC! box for dwarves and one for elves (or Greywater Fastness and Avilgard) it wouldn't surprise me if humans got a battleforce instead, possibly marked Hammerhal. They might even throw in some stormcast so they can get the golden boys in without having to give them another dedicated battleforce.
  2. Oh my sweet summer child (said the 26 year old with only hazy memories of the actual aftermath of Storm of Chaos). I'd say they handled it a wee bit better in End Times but that's probaby because everything didn't ostensibly hinge on the results of a worldwide online campaign.
  3. Did Lumpin Croop's fighting ****** get caught in the swear filter? EDIT: oh my giddy aunt it did, hilarious!
  4. Do you mean the old versions of those units? 'Cause all of those kits are still in production. As for me, it'd be the old empire engineers (even the mechanical steed one) or the old bright mage, I mean just look at this madman!
  5. Fantastic, real nice and cohesive terrain! I might steal that idea for incorporating a realmgate into the azyrite ruins.
  6. So with the imminent arrival of the Cities of Sigmar battletome my motivation has yet again been invigorated, and the other day I wrote up some fluff and started sketching on a map to flesh out my little area of the Mortal Realms: Model-wise I've built a small unit of stormcast using a mix of vanguard kits to make a counts-as Steelheart's Champions:
  7. Depending on if they release more city/race specific SC! sets for Cities I could definitely see a battleforce with just human units.
  8. This is what I was thinking of, any of y'all remember when it was released?
  9. I coulda sworn the flesheaters had one last year or the year before, didn't they?
  10. I'm hoping for plastic kroxigors but I wouldn't rule out a new maneater kit.
  11. Only thing I'm sceptical about is crits causing mortal wounds as I think MWs already have way too much of an impact in skirmish games. Besides that I love the streamined version of the wound and injury tables from games like mordheim etc. I'd probably use the hero injuries for every single member of the warband, just 'cause I ike the sense of importance it grants even the most unassuming of fighters. Do you have a plan to write up some kind of campaign progression rules too?
  12. That's all kitbashed, mostly from the Dominion temples.
  13. I'm getting the feeling that with the new Cities 'tome there will be other cavalry that'll fit better, rules-wise than the demigryphs.
  14. Anyone else getting the feeling the rules for these models might be used with the old TK models to give new life to at least some of those models. Like you could use tomb guard for the new infantry and ushabti for the big boys, there's even a skull catapult!
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