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  1. Axing the archers, eh? I guess that's one way to make me shift to buying Perry plastics when expanding my freeguild/CoS army. The one thing worrying me rules-wise is with the dragon blades gone there might not be a way to field "knights with lances riding horses" in the new 'tome.
  2. I'd be bloody delighted, the Perry minis are fantastic!
  3. ACKTCHEEHOALLEY it's Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave
  4. However they did show a flagellant with the other Free City models so the Devoted are likely in the book.
  5. I assume you meant switch out the swordmasters for greatswords since those are basically one for one - great weapon, heavy armour and 2 attacks a piece.
  6. Could it be... Back from the great beyond? I dare scarcely speak the name Tomb Kings, but in my heart of hearts my hope lives on.
  7. The only kit I will be real upset if it gets discontinued is the freeguild archers and I haven't seen them in any pictures from the event yet which concerns me
  8. He seems to be in the rules team yes, but so far nothing about what we've heard about Warcry makes it seem anything like hinterlands beyond being an AoS skirmish game.
  9. I'm really looking forward to trying out meeting engagement on my 3x3' board I have at home, probably gonna mix it with the new cityfight rules for good measure since the terrain I have doesn't have to be spread out over a full 6x4' (obviously not gonna use the silly terrain placement rules)
  10. Sure looks like it. Maybe that means there's a battletome in the not-too-distant future (highly unlikely, I now I know, but one can dream).
  11. I'm looking forward to mixing the meeting engagement and cityfight rules to play on my FLGS' dense Mordheim terrain.
  12. Since every competitive FP army seems to revolve around exactly that I'd guess fairly well.
  13. I guess some armies could do this but for the majority I think the 500pt hero would mostly be a huge point sink for not that much tactical advantage. This isn't based on any deeper analysis but mostly gut feeling and I might be wrong of course.
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