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  1. Love me a real grimy knight-questor, good job!
  2. Hey y'all, I'm just here to breathe some life into this thread by informing you that I have updated and finished (for now) the map of my Cities and surrounding area.
  3. I appreciate all the input, it's given me some things to think about. I suppose they could be used as tanky objective holders in an all cav army, or possibly a fast-moving (if maybe a bit expensive) tar pit, especially with Tempest's Eye giving them 2+ save in the first battle round.
  4. I assume it'd have space to put in the stuff that gets added when you play champion mode, i.e injuries and territories. It's not like there isn't room to do it on the regular sheet, I'd just like not to have to write in the margins, rather keep it neat.
  5. Quick question: It says in the Tome of Champions 2019 that there is a warband roster specifically for champion mode to be downloaded on the Warcry website, but I can't find it, nor does it seem to be in the downloads section on the community page. Anyone know if/where this roster can be found?
  6. They're fine as-is, huh? Well I guess there was less of a consensus than I thought.
  7. So I've been itching to make a cavalry heavy Cities list that doesn't revolve around demigryphs and I really want to put some drakespawns in there (probably using historical cavalry minis) but as we all know by now they are for some reason absolutely atrocious. My question is, does anyone else feel like this is just a weird mistake that GW just haven't bothered correcting? I mean, as far as I know they're literally the only heavy cavalry unit in the game where the riders only have one attack each. And would giving them an extra attack be what they need to bring them in line or do they need something more?
  8. They definitely haven't been replaced, Anvilgard and all the other cities in the CoS battletome are still playable. Furthermore I find it unlikely they will put more rules for the Cities in coming broken realms books, campaign books rarely (never?) focus on the same faction more than once in the series.
  9. Since Cities of Sigmar got one SC! box for dwarves and one for elves (or Greywater Fastness and Avilgard) it wouldn't surprise me if humans got a battleforce instead, possibly marked Hammerhal. They might even throw in some stormcast so they can get the golden boys in without having to give them another dedicated battleforce.
  10. Oh my sweet summer child (said the 26 year old with only hazy memories of the actual aftermath of Storm of Chaos). I'd say they handled it a wee bit better in End Times but that's probaby because everything didn't ostensibly hinge on the results of a worldwide online campaign.
  11. Gah I knew I missed something (also, maybe too many eggs in one basket, eh?)... can she still be given the spells from the lore though? Never had to worry about stuff like this while playing free peeps But it is rather exciting to have so many new thing to keep track of.
  12. I'm also looking forward to trying out Drycha in a LC army, and of course I'll convert her to look like a life mage wearing a tree mech suit beacuse how cool wouldn't that be? I might even make her the general and give her the "knows all spells from the lore"-trait, or is that a bit much considering she can still only cast one spell per turn?
  13. Did Lumpin Croop's fighting ****** get caught in the swear filter? EDIT: oh my giddy aunt it did, hilarious!
  14. Do you mean the old versions of those units? 'Cause all of those kits are still in production. As for me, it'd be the old empire engineers (even the mechanical steed one) or the old bright mage, I mean just look at this madman!
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