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  1. Since Cities of Sigmar got one SC! box for dwarves and one for elves (or Greywater Fastness and Avilgard) it wouldn't surprise me if humans got a battleforce instead, possibly marked Hammerhal. They might even throw in some stormcast so they can get the golden boys in without having to give them another dedicated battleforce.
  2. Oh my sweet summer child (said the 26 year old with only hazy memories of the actual aftermath of Storm of Chaos). I'd say they handled it a wee bit better in End Times but that's probaby because everything didn't ostensibly hinge on the results of a worldwide online campaign.
  3. Gah I knew I missed something (also, maybe too many eggs in one basket, eh?)... can she still be given the spells from the lore though? Never had to worry about stuff like this while playing free peeps But it is rather exciting to have so many new thing to keep track of.
  4. I'm also looking forward to trying out Drycha in a LC army, and of course I'll convert her to look like a life mage wearing a tree mech suit beacuse how cool wouldn't that be? I might even make her the general and give her the "knows all spells from the lore"-trait, or is that a bit much considering she can still only cast one spell per turn?
  5. Did Lumpin Croop's fighting ****** get caught in the swear filter? EDIT: oh my giddy aunt it did, hilarious!
  6. Do you mean the old versions of those units? 'Cause all of those kits are still in production. As for me, it'd be the old empire engineers (even the mechanical steed one) or the old bright mage, I mean just look at this madman!
  7. I'd say artillery support belongs in every city.
  8. Fantastic, real nice and cohesive terrain! I might steal that idea for incorporating a realmgate into the azyrite ruins.
  9. So with the imminent arrival of the Cities of Sigmar battletome my motivation has yet again been invigorated, and the other day I wrote up some fluff and started sketching on a map to flesh out my little area of the Mortal Realms: Model-wise I've built a small unit of stormcast using a mix of vanguard kits to make a counts-as Steelheart's Champions:
  10. I for one am relieved CoS didn't get faction specific scenery or endless spells, none of the faction scenery kits released so far have made any sense to me (these dwarves brought a what to the battlefield?!) and none of the spells have been necessary in the least after the initial ones released. They've just felt like GW were releasing models for the new books solely to have something to release. And to this I would like to answer that maybe new hobbyists like that the models that aready existed now actually have a book connected to them and maybe some new uses for old models they might not have considered before. It's borderline insulting to imply that a new hobbyist can only pick up a new army if it comes with new models. I don't see this book as "pandering to the grogs", more of a bridging the gap between the old and new. Do I wish they could have done it better? Of course! Would I have liked some new models to replace the ones we lost? Sure, but on the other hand I can now play humans with magical and artillery support without being restricted by how many allies I can take.
  11. @CrashQuest I say go for it! And paint him however the hell you want, a cohesive army look is more important than clumsily justifying your counts-as, if it's obvious you're not playing him as a freeguild griffon or black dragon then that's good enough in my book (of course, as pointed out earlier the ones you should ask are the poeple you play with since our opinions don't count for jack if your opponents disagree).
  12. The new battlemage spells are quite interesting, though I'm not crazy about the change to wildform (I'm gonna miss turning my horde of swordsmen into unstoppable killing machines). I like that spears have a buff too, might mean they'll some more play.
  13. Depending on if they release more city/race specific SC! sets for Cities I could definitely see a battleforce with just human units.
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