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  1. Great topic! This is something i both encounter with others and experienced myself. Often this feeling of discourage is in the keelwater of dissapointment. When one have ( like the brother of the store owner you described) limited opportunities to play you want to make the most of it. DurIng those games one wish to: - see oneselfs miniatures to live up to the potential thier rules promise -get engaged in the scenario -have some friendly discussions whith thier opponents. And if( according to my own thoughts ) 2 of these statements is not fullfilled, one can easely start to reflect if this hobby really is worth thier time. To get around this (which is easier said than done) you have to partly working with your own expectations and also before, during and after the game talk with your opponents what you and them want from this game. And one more thing is that, while i think AoS is an amazing game, it is poorly suited for multiplayer battles. While The idea to get more People to play the same battle is intriguing, it often ends up with sitting and waiting for your opponents doing thier turns where you have few options to affect whats happening. And worse is if they all decides to target your army leaving you with fewer things to do on your own turn. But why is I still playing? As I said, AoS is a fun game when I and my opponents have set our expectations on a realistic level, and help each other to immerse whats happening even when ones turn is over. Lastly is of course to have a positive attidute, even when you lose 9 out of ten models in a unit in one attack. I usually makes it my personal mission to keep that lone warrior alive or challanging demigod models like archon to duels. Its our game, we decides how to play it.
  2. The special weapons that the grund grundcorps are famous for costs a heafty price. Even due previous successfull jobs by the Rereksfjiord company, they can only afford to equip a small force with mortars, decksweepers and cannons, and as by the skyports tradition wearing ancient chain mail and shoulder pads for protection.
  3. Thanks Lord_Skrolk! These sky-duardin will head for where there is adventures and profits. With a sky fleet now ready, the painting blog post will diminish in favor for well taled battle reports.
  4. When the Nighthaunt legions rises from the graves to wage thier war of souls, the need of protection has risen as well. And where there's need the Kharadron overlords are fast to meet that demand, taking advantage of even these troubled times. To complement the arkanaut companies of Rereksfjiord, gunnery sergant Askgrem Boltbinder and his unit of thunderers has been hired together with a gunhauler.
  5. In a time where dark omens speaks of terrible fates and the dead rises to heed the call of the great Necromancer, one can not be too careful. Sky-custodian Harkin Demriksson has returned to his home port of Elgi-Bar, after a long employment for Barak-Urbaz sky-fleets. With the rest of his sky-wardens they act as one more defence to Elgi-Bars sky-fleets flagship Karak-Dahendra. But valour and steel alone can't ward off the destructive forces of magic. Branching out thier businiess, the Rereksfjiord company now offer the eldrich services of Fildredd Decken. Fildredd is a battlemage of gold who has studied the Kharadron's research on the properties of Aether-gold to bolster his own spells effectivness in manipulating the winds of Chamon. In battle Fildredd is a flexible asset, able to both strengthen and heal damaged skyvessels. Should the situation call for it, Fildredd joins the sky-artillery by adding his arcane bolts to batter Elgi-Bar's enemies from afar. A unit of sky wardens, led in the same fashion as the 2nd arkanaut company by Harkin who forsakes the protection of a beardguard to better feel the wind in his whiskers. Alchemist Fildredd on the other hand, has adopted the common costume to wear a mask into battle.
  6. As with most equipment on Elgi-Bar, it is from a time before the age of chaos, and nowhere is it more apparent than amongst this sky-ports aether-khemists. Being built from modified horn recorders and traditional mining equipment it stands out compared to the more refiended tools from Barak-Urbaz. The upside of this is however that the older versions of the God's lung relies on more mechanical techonlogy which make it easier to maintain and repair. The betolded Rereksfjiord company, which takes pride in using thier ancestors gear, has a few khemists employed, where Guhdáron Bronzekeeper is thier most skilled aether-gatherer. Being able to detect aether-gold veins from miles away even without her khemist-masks scent-enhancers, she is a key figure in many of Elgi-Bars claims of mining rights. The Rereksfjiord company is also keen to give her big shares, since her mastery of the elder aether-khemist gear enables her to bolster both newly imported weapons and the the of old. Having one last disposessed warrior body, I thought of going out big. Having an admiral, a navigator and soon an endrinmaster, it felt fitting to complete the standard hero collection with a khemist. And since my Kharadron army have many converted arkanauts, it felt right that the khemist would have the same style. Except fot the body, so was the head, horn recorder and right arm (one of the axe wielding ones) from the warrior set. The heads braids was filled with greenstuff to make them smooth as pipes, and more greens stuff was placed over the ends of teh beard to create the scent sensors. The back-mounted refinery is made from a 40k ork burna boy container flipped sideways with some skyrigger tools on the back. The smoke from the exhaust pipe is the skull cloud from the battle wizard box, where the skull face is also filled with green stuff. It was then painted in the green colors of my sky-port.
  7. While the veteran first company of the Rereksfjiord proudly bears thier ancient arkanaut armour, the second has embraced the newer uniforms and equipment commonly seen by the greater sky-ports arkanaut companies. While working for the same employer, the arkanauts of the Rereksfjiord company competes fiercly to outdo each other on missions. This is by the orders of thier captains, Toddrich of the first company and his younger brother Borvick of the second, whom are both sons to thier companys owner Geilda Rereksfjiord. The brothers both whishes to impress thier mother so one of them can become the companys next owner. After the kitbashed first arkanaut company the next was mainly built from GWs official kit. The only bit from another kit is the head of captain Borvick which is a spare from the gyrobomber.
  8. Yeah, it was a nice change from the usual blades and guns Thanks! It was one of the few that no other sky port had, which made it more personal.
  9. expecially like how the gold moustasche contrasts the metal beard.
  10. Clever with the nail in the stand (wish i had thought on that).
  11. Beutiful frigate! Intresting to see a dark, almost sinister paint scheme with the purpule and red. I am curious of how you came to choose this colors (and overall experience with the assembly of the ship).
  12. A wip picture of the gunner before he got his protecting shield.
  13. Another close up, this time on a hard working rigger busy with finishing the hulls paint job.
  14. Close up in a crew member in ancient arkanaut armor who is gazing after the legendary glimmer of aether-gold.
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