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  1. Hey, I am having trouble interpreting the Mortek Shield-Corps battalion. It reads: "Vokmortian, 1 Mortisan Boneshaper, 1 Mortisan Soulreaper or 1 Mortisan Soulmason". What does the "or"-part refer to? I am reading it as Vokmortian and 1 Boneshaper are mandatory, and then you get to chose between Soulreaper and Soulmason, but I am hearing other people interpreting it differently.
  2. I use the GW dice rolling app for all dice rolls over 30 dice. I always ask my opponent if they feel okay with it before the game. In 15 tournament games no one has said no. That saves a lot of time.
  3. Continuing my tradition of reporting my tournament adventures in this thread. I went to Swedens largest tournament this weekend (40 players) with this list: Nagash (Transference, Pinions, Dread), Necro (Fading vigour, Diadem), 40 Skeletons (spears), 40 Skeletons (swords), 2x5 wolves, 9 spirits, Geminids. I finished in second place on four major wins and a minor loss. I won major wins against Seraphon Temple guard, Stormcast Cavalry, Khorne MSU and Mixed order with Alarielle and Phoenix. Took a minor loss on Duality against Tzeench. The nine spirit hosts were supposed to be Grimghasts, but I didn't get time to paint them. They were pretty okay and actually won me the game against 2+ ignore rend Saurus guards. I will replace them later on though. I liked the list, but I was missing portal. Geminids is absurdly good however, and now I think I will have to try to fit them both in. / JOB
  4. Hey @ianob! Really liked the show you did about the list. It was fun hearing about it after you teased it on the Twitters! I was wondering, what do you think about using a Coven Throne as your general? Do you think it could be survivable enough?
  5. I finished 3-2 at BOBO this weekend with Nagash using this list: Nagash (Dread,pinions,transference), Necro(fading vigor,diadem), 40 skellies, 40 skellies, 10 skellies, 2 harbingers, portal, First Cohort. I lost to a Dragonhost and a really cool DoK-list with an ally Eidolon. Won against BCR, DoK and Maggotkin blight cyst. The list felt decent but would have been better without First Cohort. I managed one Portal Hand over five games, and that was in the last turn of the last game against a GUO. Thinking of dropping the portal and going Geminids instead. / JOB
  6. Thanks to some running, and a little bit of luck I am now on the train to Nottingham and onward to Lincoln! Thank you anyway!
  7. Hey everyone! My flight from Sweden got delayed five hours, and rerouted to Luton, and now it looks like I will have trouble making the last train to Lincoln today. Is anyone driving from the Luton area tomorrow with room for a Swede?
  8. Hey! Does anyone know if Skyborne Slayers has changed? It’s not in the app, but it has points in GHB. The fact that it has dropped to 190 makes me think that it will lose its deepstrike ability.
  9. Comparing Evocators to Protectors makes Protectors look pretty weak. Evocators are +1M, +1 Bravery, +1 Attack, same MW output, and they are wizards. They don't have the -1 shooting effect but I think they are a much stronger choice than Protectors.
  10. Thanks! If the battalion still gives army wide battleshock immunity, it is still 'okay' in that scenario I think. Not good of course, but okay. I'm a really slow builder and painter and I just finished building and priming my Skyborne. I really hope they are still a good choice.
  11. Does anyone know if the Skyborne Slayers has changed?
  12. jobume

    AoS 2e previews

    Nagash really takes a hit from the new Mystic Shield. It's harder to justify a 800 point investment if you can't properly protect it. But on the other hand, Nagash is pretty happy with the 30" unbind. Maybe it will even out.
  13. Hi! Both lists look really cool. You can never go wrong with skeletons. They are great tarpits, and can even be a hammer against lightly armoured foes if they get to attack with full numbers. Gravesites and invocations also make them surprisingly mobile, since you can string out your revived skeletons to go grab objectives or just bog down your enemies and control the board. Skeletons are the best!
  14. I ended up playing the First Cohort in the tournament. It was a 38-man tournament, and it used a special 20-0 scoring system similar to the old ETC system. Major win on the scenario gave 15-5 and from there you could score additional points (and taking them from your opponent) for killing more units than you lost. I ended up going 7-13, 19-1,12-8,19-1,17-3 which was enough for 3rd place. My list was Nagash, Necro, Morghast, 40 skellies, 10 skellies, 10 skellies, 6 spirits. I liked the list, but I will probably try to play Nagash without the Cohort going forward.
  15. Hey! What are everyones thoughts on The First Cohort? I am 1-2 with my First Cohort list now and going into a 30-man tourney next weekend. I'm starting to think that The Cohort is a trap. The ability to transfer wounds has never come up in any of my three games. Reducing drops is nice, but I think 160p is too much. When taking Nagash you are already hard pressed for bodies, and The Cohort reduces your wound count even more. If you face an army with enough ranged damage output to take down Nagash, he will probably die anyway. What are your thoughts?
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