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  1. I got really confused for a second there, thinking i completely missed your post.😂
  2. Anyone got an idea of what the prices are going to be for the next wave.
  3. Did anyone hear anything of note in the battle report?
  4. I mean sometimes the chit chatter can be fun
  5. The Troggboss is the dankhold troggoth, its a single model
  6. So the small squigs are probably the sniffer squigs
  7. Hi i was wondering what which of the maggoth lords is the best as i'm looking for a centerpiecy-y model for my maggotkin and the great unclean one is abit outside my budget
  8. Also some of their abilities only effect hammers of sigmar units
  9. I'm guessing there'll be a way to dispel it rather thank kill it with conventional means
  10. I don't know if anyone's said this yet but the rose rumour engine is on the base of the executioner ghost
  11. This leaked on faeit, any ideas what it may be?
  12. does anyone know what idoneth deepkin thing was accidentally leaked on warhammer tv
  13. We already know that the eidelon is two seperate scrolls and i have a feeling the eels will be as well as from the fluff we got off them from the white dwarf they seem to have substantially different abilities.
  14. The site has the shark riders and shark chariot as two different units
  15. Where in the video was the shark chariot?
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