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  1. SirPergrin

    Gotrek's Alive!

    I agree, i think it is a great idea for him to have all three duardin keywords and give different buffs to each army. After all, Gotrek is a dawi first and foremost. Realmslayer spoilers follow
  2. Yeah, nothing for the main games but it was to be expected. UK Expo is for board games mostly so these announcements make sense i think. But, we still know nothing about WarCry's gameplay and if the release is in July, they have to start giving some more information about the game.
  3. As weird as it sounds, it is not impossible. In the last realmgate wars novel, Lord of Undeath if i remember correctly, a stormcast anvils chamber was hosted by a flesh eater court. The abhorrent ruler saw the stormcast as foreign dignitaries and treated them well. Of course that was back when Nagash was viewed as a potential ally but still.
  4. I find it interesting that so many voted against the double turn. I think it is a key aspect of the game and a possible removal to the old igougo will be a step backwards imo. I voted for more death warbands in WU like Fec and Soulblight and more campaign books in the vein of the Realmgate Wars. Those books were great!
  5. I believe that we will be able to choose weapons for the warcry warbands. Look at this. The left iron golem warrior holds a hammer in his right hand, but if you go to the newest trailer at the 15 seconds mark, he holds a chain. The pose is the same but it's still something i guess. Very exciting preview overall!
  6. Hi! Necromancer's Danse Macabre only works on units that have the summonable keyword. I think it changed when Legions of Nagash came out.
  7. Woke up earlier to see the preview before i go to work. I was not dissapointed. Yes, we didn't get a lot of actual reveals like new models(except the new WU warband which is amazingly cool) or a new set, but that was to be expected as the event was mostly about the new Black Legion. I think that everyone who said we should temper our expectations for this event, were right. But even so, cool and exciting stuff were teased and i really can't wait to see more of Warcry and the new stormcast thingy - continuation of Soul Wars. About Warcry, it is obviously the Call of Archaon in game format. The strongest chaos champions travel to Varanspire, Archaon's fortress in the Allpoints to battle and prove who is the strongest and join the Lord of Apocslypse. I cant wait to find more and i hope it is not so Chaos centric as iy sounds. It will have some Darkoath barbarians in it so yeah. About the Forbidden Power(the stormcast lock thing), in FB the warcom team replied to people who were angry at more SCE that they didn't announce a new chamber but something else. We will see i guess.
  8. I watched the trailer 6 times already. The voice acting is so good! The set is great and you can easily find someone to trade the other half if it comes to that. Full of valuable units for both armies.
  9. One of my hopes for the new year is very close to be realised. An expansion to Flesh Eaters is almost upon us! I would be very happy with just a plastic vargulf and an update battletome, but this promises so much more! New kits and endless spells are a given i think, but wouldnt a FEC Lair- style terrain be also a good idea? Subterrenean caves and charnel houses, or even ruined castles. Think of the possibilities.
  10. Even though these changes don't affect me a lot in the short term, i don't like the consequences of such desicions, especially with the more expensive SC sets. I believe that the success of "new" GW is measured at how open and inviting is to new players first and foremost, with great, non intimidating rule sets such as AoS and Kill Team. This is how myself and many others from my community entered wargaming recently. This, of course, would not be possible in many cases, if there weren't the fantastic deals of the new box sets like Soul Wars and most importantly the awesome start collecting sets of both AoS and 40k. Now, these price hikes may not be unreasonable in some cases like the Seraphon SC set and some others, and they still provide a fantastic value all things considered, especially if you can order from a retailer who offers 20% discount. But to me, this signifies a trend that if goes unchecked, it might spiral into a self fulfilling prophecy of a niche company who caters to a small specific audience. And because of that, they think that they need to be very conservative and keep focusing on their most loyal customers who will buy the product anyway. I know that the prices go upwards and this is not something new, it is happening for decades now with gw products. But it is different to have an expensive kit for an army a hobbyist or a collector or an avid gamer will buy sometime down the road, and entirely different for someone wanting to enter the hobby for the first time. These sets are the perfect gateway to a most fantastic hobby and i dearly hope they so remain. I don't understand how this will happen with 70 or 80 euro sets but i really hope i am wrong on this one.
  11. Ah, i see now, thanks @xking. I think i prefer the dramas then. I listened to the first part again today and i caught details I've missed the first time. Truly a great effort, i can't wait for more of that stuff.
  12. I just finished Realmslayer and i think it was glorious. It felt like an action packed blockbuster movie with top notch performances and great sound effects. Are all recent BL audio books like this? I was blown away by this one.
  13. That's a great interview. I really like that the author acknowledges the old world fans who are on a fence about the new setting and Gotrek now as a character, kinda represents this feeling. I always wanted a book that functions as a sort of a "bridge" between the lore of WFB and AoS. My brother in law for example, is an avid reader of old warhammer novels but he isnt interested about AoS fiction yet. We'll see if this might get him on board.
  14. Oh my god, this disc art is phenomenal! Even though it was expensive, i am happy i preordered. Now the wait for the eventual Gotrek mini begins.
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