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  1. As @Sleboda said, this would be an incredible announcement if it was on a different scale. But on 28mm it will heavily compete with AoS on the detriment of both systems. And the system will not be the only one get canniballised. The lore, the stories and the novels of AoS will suffer as well. I am all for new Old World content, but the Mortal Realms need some attention on that front. They are not yet fleshed out properly and there is not much going there lorewise. Apart from Gardus and Hamilcar, how many AoS original characters can you name? There are Gotrek' sidekicks i guess... Well, i am excited to see how this goes, but i really hope AoS doesn't end up as just an interval or a vehicle to sell pretty models, and the campaign books and the lore progression is going elsewhere.
  2. This! 100% this! I am in a similar situation. I really, really love the Old World. I 've never played WFB but i always had a soft spot for the lore, the novels and the dark fantasy feel of the warhammer world. How could i not? I grew up with Hero Quest after all! I am currently running a campaign of WFRP 4th edition and me, and my players who are mostly new to warhammer, are loving it. But this announcement, it is one of the few that i feel, excludes me as a consumer. My main games are AoS and 40k, but i also collect Underworlds, play warcry and i also started a small ork squadron for aeronautica. A lot of stuff and no time to properly play and enjoy everything unfortunately. And well, i can only speak from my area but there are many fellow gamers in the same situation, where for each new game GW puts out, there is one that gets dropped in order for the new one to get played. I know that most would say that AoS is well established and is not in danger etc and i really hope you are correct but allow me to think otherwise. Here, in Greece where i am located, the vast majority of AoS players are WFB veterans who are, from the comments i saw today, already preparing to jump ship. I am not going to reiterate RexHavoc's excellent analysis for the possible negatives of this development. Allow me to mention something that i noticed in last weeks Black Library Event. How many new AoS titles got announced? I think only two, one anthology with a story by Bill King(Yeah!) and a Lady Olynder novel. Nothing else... And the great Josh Reynolds has said in this forum that he hasn't written something for Age of Sigmar for a while. For someone who is invested in the lore of the realms, this was a huge dissapointment. Sometimes i think that AoS is a playground for the model designers, some where they can unleash their creativity unbound by the limits of the Old World. But the writers, the novelists, the loremasters, the creators of great maps, unforgetable characters and gripping storylines, were and still are in the Empire and in the Chaos Wastes and in Khemri and all the other places we know so much better that everything in AoS until now, even though so much time of development has passed. But, hey everybody wins i guess.
  3. The new warriors and knights are unbelievably gorgeous. And look! The first proper horses in Age of Sigmar!
  4. Best warband yet! So full of character and lots of cool details. Now, i want modern horrors and flayers please GW!
  5. Yes, it's in. When one of the MC was about to charge a unit of Kurnoth hunters, the distance was 3" and they said that the charge could not fail.
  6. If there was no double turn, the purpose would be to deal the first crippling blow to the enemy, where in a true IGOUGO system the opponent would be very hard pressed to strike back. The alpha strike armies would reign supreme without fearing a possible retaliation for two turns, as we have now with the priority roll. In my opinion, AoS would become more of a list building game, closer to 40k, than the one we have now with most updated factions be equal in the hands of experienced players. Having to account for the possibility of being hit twice demands different tactics than if you always know you will be in the head of a turn. Personally, if i am going second in the first round i rarely take the double turn even if i won the priority roll for the second. If i am not well positioned for example, taking it would mean i am offering the possibility to the opponent to punish me in a later, more crucial stage of the battle. Of course, the system is not perfect and i want to add my voice to all those who wish an alternate activation system for warhammer. But in comparison to a strict IGOUGO, the one we have now is a million times better, at least for me.
  7. I believe that the priority roll is Age of Sigmar's most unique feature and if that went away, we would have a terribly bland game in our hands, at least tactically.
  8. SirPergrin

    Gotrek's Alive!

    I agree, i think it is a great idea for him to have all three duardin keywords and give different buffs to each army. After all, Gotrek is a dawi first and foremost. Realmslayer spoilers follow
  9. Yeah, nothing for the main games but it was to be expected. UK Expo is for board games mostly so these announcements make sense i think. But, we still know nothing about WarCry's gameplay and if the release is in July, they have to start giving some more information about the game.
  10. As weird as it sounds, it is not impossible. In the last realmgate wars novel, Lord of Undeath if i remember correctly, a stormcast anvils chamber was hosted by a flesh eater court. The abhorrent ruler saw the stormcast as foreign dignitaries and treated them well. Of course that was back when Nagash was viewed as a potential ally but still.
  11. I find it interesting that so many voted against the double turn. I think it is a key aspect of the game and a possible removal to the old igougo will be a step backwards imo. I voted for more death warbands in WU like Fec and Soulblight and more campaign books in the vein of the Realmgate Wars. Those books were great!
  12. I believe that we will be able to choose weapons for the warcry warbands. Look at this. The left iron golem warrior holds a hammer in his right hand, but if you go to the newest trailer at the 15 seconds mark, he holds a chain. The pose is the same but it's still something i guess. Very exciting preview overall!
  13. Hi! Necromancer's Danse Macabre only works on units that have the summonable keyword. I think it changed when Legions of Nagash came out.
  14. Woke up earlier to see the preview before i go to work. I was not dissapointed. Yes, we didn't get a lot of actual reveals like new models(except the new WU warband which is amazingly cool) or a new set, but that was to be expected as the event was mostly about the new Black Legion. I think that everyone who said we should temper our expectations for this event, were right. But even so, cool and exciting stuff were teased and i really can't wait to see more of Warcry and the new stormcast thingy - continuation of Soul Wars. About Warcry, it is obviously the Call of Archaon in game format. The strongest chaos champions travel to Varanspire, Archaon's fortress in the Allpoints to battle and prove who is the strongest and join the Lord of Apocslypse. I cant wait to find more and i hope it is not so Chaos centric as iy sounds. It will have some Darkoath barbarians in it so yeah. About the Forbidden Power(the stormcast lock thing), in FB the warcom team replied to people who were angry at more SCE that they didn't announce a new chamber but something else. We will see i guess.
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