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  1. @chord I own most of the realmgate wars books and i haven't find any differences in the lore between them and the new core book. The main difference for me, is that those were in essence campaign books following a developing story and the new core book is a campaign setting. Were the former mainly showed us the struggles and the battles that forged the narrative, the latter gives us a bird's eye view of the most important realm and its inhabitants. The focus changed, not the lore.
  2. SirPergrin

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I played a game with the new rules against wanderers this week, and the new command ability Forward to Victory really helped put those charges in. Teleporting paladins with a hero close to them, makes them more viable than before i think. Also kinda off topic, but a lot of old WHFB players are taking the jump in AoS in my area. Exciting times ahead!
  3. SirPergrin

    Malign Portents

    Not yet... I really, really like Manfred! He is so hard to predict and this was exactly the reason i loved so much the last two realmgate novels. That relationship between him and the Stormcasts, betrayal and then, i dare say regret? He tried to help Tarsus at the end in the Hunt for Nagash if i recall correctly. That's why, i think he is going to help the Stormcasts defeat Nagash eventually. An eternity being a slave to the most powerful God in the Realms, doesn't quite fit this rebelious vampire.
  4. SirPergrin

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Do we know if Scions of the Storm stays the same? I really want to like it but a 3+ has betrayed me so many times. 😅 The biggest news from the GHB18 for me was the absense of the different Stormhost's Warrior Chamber battalions, signaling that we will get them for free in the same manner as ID and DoK. I really hope the Hallowed Knights retain their 5+ unit ignoring enemy spells. With all that magic inbound, this will be gold!
  5. SirPergrin

    Malign Portents

    I liked the subtle references, such as the storm sabre indicating that she is a Vanguard Hunter, and also the black plate, a clear sign of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer. A great story as usual! I know that the current narrative is focused on Soul Wars and the struggle of Sigmar against Nagash, but going forward i'd like to see the other factions playing a more active role as well. Especially the Chaos gods who have a lot to lose if Nagash triumphs.
  6. SirPergrin

    Malign Portents

    @KakoThat's certainly true but we don't the organisation of the Sacrosanct chamber yet. Is the Lord Arcanum the equivalent of the Lord Celestant of a Strike chamber in the same way a Lord Acquilor is the leader of a Vanguard chamber? Lets not forget the Stormcast leader atop the winged mount we saw at the new trailer. I think he might be the leader of our new chamber.
  7. SirPergrin

    Malign Portents

    So, is this the prequel to Soul Wars? Is Kavastus the new Vandus? And while the Sacrosanct are away, searching for the reason for the reforging "glitch", something might go terribly wrong in Azyr ushering the next step of Nagash's plan after the necroquake. Exciting times ahead.
  8. SirPergrin

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    There are no words to describe how excited i am. From my point of view, everything they showed is perfect and i want it all. We have an estimated price for the starter but what of the malign sorcery? I need to know how much i have to save. And then are the objectives, the dice, the push fits... Oh, my God, it's going to be expensive. But most of all, i can't wait for the core book. The presentation of the lore of the realms in such a manner is something of a dream come true. I truly believe that AoS has tremendous potential for worldbuilding to rival, perhaps, even 40k in time. Also, really glad they include an excerpt from the new Josh Reynolds book, Soul Wars. An equally anticipated product for me at least.
  9. SirPergrin

    Do you like the lore?

    I love the lore of the Age of Sigmar. I think it was a love at first sight from the moment I first saw the cover of Silver Tower. Aestheticaly it is a direct continuation from Hero Quest, at least in my eyes. Less traditional fantasy with more epic stuff but the similarities are clearly there. My main hobby is reading fantasy books and over the years, I was blessed to read fabulous literature from masters such as Vance, Moorcock, Le Guin, Martin, Erickson and many others. As far as I can remember, the world in each setting is described very loosely, at least in the beginning. Very seldom we have a top down view of the world that explains everything. Even in the case that the authors provide maps, those are few and only describe one or two regions and certainly not the entire world. On the other hand, on some of the best novels, the setting is being described slowly from the point of view of the characters and even some important aspects, like how magic works, are left obscure. I know that many people judge the lore as a setting of a wargame and not as a series of novels. They want a solid grasp on the world in order to create their factions and to personalise their armies. They want more information on how the Mortal Realms work and this is justifiable because it relates to the game mechanics. But, to dismiss the lore based on insufficient knowledge and a lack of reading the novels or even when comparing it to a setting 30 years in the making, is really really unfair. I get that the high fantasy of AoS will not appeal to everyone and that's OK. But please stop saying that because of the scale nothing matters. Gardus, Hamilcar and the Warbeast matter. Tarsus and what happened to him and the redeemed Tornus matter greatly. Even the fallen champions of chaos in Call of Archaon matter to me. They were such fascinating characters! In my opinion, the strength of a setting isn't defined by how well it's explained but by its characters and the AoS novels have an abundance of them.
  10. SirPergrin

    Who Likes Initiative rolls?

    I see it as an integral aspect of Age of Sigmar. To me, it signifies the momentum of battle that can even destroy the best laid out plans. I love it!
  11. SirPergrin

    The Rumour Thread

    The double turn and the alternate activation of the combat phase are what define AoS for me personally, and i think it will be a mistake to see them go, even if it is a matched play only change. Otherwise i am hyped from LLV's rumours and as a SCE and a Death player, i can't wait for Summer!
  12. SirPergrin

    The Rumour Thread

    Just saw the email from GW with the new pre-orders (next wave of Nurgle), and I noticed the new Malign Portents Video called "The Visitor". I think the female Voice it's Morathi, and the description underneath point towards Dark Elves. "From the shadows, a new foe emerges. An ancient nemesis is returning to the world of warhammer, and the mystery of the Malign Portents deepens. Watch the epilogue and prepare for the reign of shadow..."
  13. SirPergrin

    The Rumour Thread

    As someone who collects and plays primarily Stormcast Eternals, I am very happy with this release. I thinks it is a great sculpt and especially the face is one of the best I've seen from GW recently. I know it's not a popular opinion, but ever since the new SCE battletome dropped last year, I keep fantasizing of the unopened Chambers like the ruination etc. This doesn't mean of course that other armies don't deserve new releases. I am dying for new death and light/shadow elves as much as anyone and the ongoing progression of the narrative/lore. On that front, I think it's logical for the order herald to be a Stormcast. We need someone from the main faction representing Sigmar to be on the dark and trying to decipher the portents just as we saw on this video. This also points to the involvement of the other heralds and I believe that each one represents a new faction or expansion of a current one like Lord Ordinator here. I am sure that new armies to everyone's taste will come eventually, but right now I am most anxious to see how Malign Portents will evolve AoS and how much will this affect for good or for worse the protagonists of the story and the main reason I entered the hobby. Shocking, I know.
  14. Hi all! Long time lurker here. I am an avid rpg player and an all-things fantasy enthusiast. I was always fascinated with the Old World, but I could never fathom the rank and file nature of WFB. Even though I loved the setting, the fluff and the models, it was not until AoS came that I entered in this great hobby! Actually, my interest in Warhammer rekindled when I got the Warhammer Quest adventure card game from FFG. Next came the real offering (Silver Tower) and then, there was no turning back. After Hammerhal, the lore of the Mortal Realms is also starting to get really interesting and I can't wait to see the future developments!