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  1. I think Wild Riders take the prize for me. If they ever get decent rules, I’ll have to buy them! So far I’ve settled for the sisters of the thorn, as they are remotely playable. I also think tree revs, sisters of the watch and the lord aquilor all look are really cool!
  2. I agree that they are much better with rerolls, and glad to hear that you make good use of them! I really like them as well. However, I think you might be playing the -1 wrong. Remember that rerolls happens before modifiers. I.e if re-rolling hexwraiths attack a unit with -1 to hit, you get to reroll 1-3’s but not the 4’s, as they would hit before the modifier. It’s a bit tricky, but I hope it makes sense.
  3. This is my newest project. The idea is an Ulgu based army with the Cauldron as centerpiece spilling out blood, that'll run through all the bases of the army. After assembling and painting the models I've realized I'll never get a witch elf based army finished, so the army will focus on hereos and snakes. Hopefully, I'll add my old childhood metal executioners to the army at some point! But I need to pin all their damn swords first. The scheme is Drow inspired and I pretty much copied a guy named Luke Torr on Twitter. He paints way better than me, and shares his work and methods liberally, so you should definitely follow him if you like this. So far, I've finished my first unit of witches and a hag. The Cauldron is coming along, hopefully soon!
  4. I started collecting this army as I heard about the Armies on Parade. While keeping the scheme somewhat the same, the early liberators were painted with edge highlighting (not the best at that), while on the newer I tried going for a more battleworn look, trying out different weathering techniques. I can't really decide which I prefer, but the latter is the fastest, so I'll probably stick to that. My idea was to use the wings of the prosecutors and prime to create a background, and place them in a blue lake to contrast the red in their clothes. I've used bloodletters as enemies on some of the models to make them more dynamic, and the scene was supposed to be the stormcast protecting a free city located near to a lake from an oncoming Khorne invasion. I'm not sure I ever get to make the whole scene, as don't really have a spot to either make or store it in my apartment, but if I get more space a some point I might still go for it. Until then I might redo the blue water bases on the prosecutors, as I don't think they came out too great This is the army I plan to take to tournaments and any feedback is appreciated! Back in 2017, as many others, I quickly discovered that Vanguard Wing was absolutely broken. I didn't want to go for a 30 lib unit, but in the old battletome, the Stormhosts each had mega battalions, and the one related to vanguard wing wasabsolutley bonkers. It gave you the option to make a charge move without having to finish within 1/2 " of an enemy model. The more you think about that, the more you realize how good it is. So I started the army almost 2 years ago, with that in mind, but had to change as the rules changed. Though the new Sacrosanct units are great, I've decided to stick with the basic idea, changing the tactics a little. The core of the army is still the Vanguard Wing, however it'll now focus on the dmg bonus on 6's on the judicators, with a 10 man unit, firing twice thanks to the Anvils' command ability. Any 6's add + 1 to dmg, which again synergizes with the shockbolt bows d6 hits. I don't think prosecutors are particularly good as chaff, but they do have some merits, and is one the only choiced not looking at allies. Their javelins are actually decent for hero sniping, and the 3d6 charge provides better reliability when they drop from the sky. I'll probably use them to tack big units on two sides, as that is something my list struggles to kill. So far I have the first 1300 pts locked in: 2x 5 libs 200 1x 10 Judi 320 3x prosecutors 300 1x Vanguard Wing battalion 140 1x Celestant Prime 340 That amounts to 1300 pts. The last 700 are up for grabs. So what do you think I need? Personally, I think I want to use a power unit and a wizard. I've been through different possibilities and might go with Stardrake + incantor+comet. Stardrake is great with the command ability, and debuffs enemy wizards + with ethereal amulet is pretty tanky. But this makes the army reaaaally elite, and probably lack some bodies. Another option is 10 evocators, as the'll blend anything if they get to double pile in with their mortal wounds. In that case I would probably add a heraldor and relictor to help with movement. I could see higher movement being more important, but I think 4 dracoths are too expensive, and 2 a little too soft. Dracolines or palladors might also be an option. Anyway, what do you think? Skink and Morsarr guard for Cheese? I think something that synergizes with the command ability is preferable.
  5. With the release of AoS 2.0 I wanted to get with the hype and buy some new models. As I didn't want to start my SCE army all over with the new Sacrosanct units, I decided the Malign Sorcery models were too much fun to miss out on. Got a few of them done in my summer vacation, not putting too much time into them, but enjoying painting them immensely. The scythe is probably my favorite (go check out WHTV Dan's twitter for ideas on how to use the model properly).
  6. So, I started making a wanderer army when you could still play War Dancers and eagles as allies. I really don't like painting the same model too many times, but I also wanted to get 30 glade guards done. Because of that I settled on a grey and purple scheme using almost only shades, and I think it came out ok. I managed to get down to 5 hours in total pr 10 models. It's definitely the fastest I've painted so far, but I'm also not 100% hooked on the scheme. The army is in a strange spot for me, as I like to challenge myself and try new things with painting, but don't want to take the time it takes to make the masses of infantry which Wanderers currently consist of. I still adore all the Wanderer models, and would love to paint Sisters of the Watch and Wild Riders, along with some Slyvaneth allies. But as for the army playwise, I really don't like the current rules, especially for those two particular units. I even don't think point decreases would do it for me in regards to the Wanderers. I don't want a mass infantery army of 4+ to hit elves with no rend, or pillow wielding Wild riders for 100 pts. I hope they get revamped at some point as I still believe deer cavalry is my favorite type in the game so far. Ps- the tiny spirit dragon, is a an old toy model i tried putting some paint on, and adding an old metal Wood Elf Lord. It was just a "for fun" project and has yet to see any play.
  7. Inspired by my yellow Stormcast hero from Silver Tower I started collecting a mixed order army, as I couldn't settle on a single army, but was attracted to a range of the different order units. Coming from MTG, I like synergies, comboes and list building a lot. Aesthetically I really like the Sisters of the Thorn, and playwise I thought their spell worked great with a phoenix. And so that became the start of the army. I prefer the fire phoenix aesthetically to the frost, but with the new points in GHB2018 I don't think it'll see much play in my armies for the time being. I really enjoy converting from time to time. The forest paladins came out great, but while I still like how I painted the flame phoenix (those feathers took forever), and the glaive is my first attempt at nmm effects, the cloak on the rider looks awkward when looking at it from the side. The banner on the Sisters is my first real dabble with free hand, and I think it came out ok. It's something I hope to try again, as I have a better idea of how to approach it now. The army isn't finished, but I have moved on to other projects. After looking at the models again, I've realised I still like the idea of the army and might return to the scheme eventually!
  8. (Sorry for the poor pics, I'll get a better setting eventually) These were not painted chronically, but are miniatures i keep returning to for practice or whenever I feel like it. The stormcast model is the very first model I painted, and the reason I started my autumn themed mixed order army. The two Skaven hereos were attempts to follow a guide made by Tyler Mengel on his website using a lot of shade paints. I came to like that style a lot, priming white, and then shading over. I later used it to quickly get through my Wanderers. The Ogroid Thaumaturge is one of the models I'm most proud of. It's one of my first attempts at blending colours, and I think it came out pretty well. I also like the tabbard and the small freehand Tzeentch logo. On the two Pink Horrors, I started dabbling into base making and tried pigments for the first time. I also used a bit of gloss paint, glue for saliva, and pushing contrasts more. All in all really fun experimental models The lesser horrors and grots are painted very quickly so I was able to use them in a narrative game to show the hobby to a couple of friends.
  9. Congratulations! Any new inventions from your list or play style?
  10. Really happy to hear a list like that performs! I have no intention of painting 70+ witches. Moreover I have some old metal executioners from my childhood (they’ve proven themselves in my ga order lists time and time again, oneshotting Skarbrand as their most impressive feat.) I can only imagine the cogs will serve them well! Its really a shame about the lack of command abilities with the Medusa general, but the new universal ones are also pretty great, and if you play with realms you get even more options. A shadespire expansion would be sooo cool. But I actually think that’s true for a lot of factions! Somehow they’ve avoided anything that turns me on so far.
  11. Sounds really cool with a non witch spam list. Do you mind sharing?:) glad to hear the warlocks performing!
  12. For once I didn't really look at others than what I've got. I have substantial force painted as Anvils of Heldenhammer and I absolutely love their ability. I'm farily certain ts going to be errataed so that you cant use the extra attack on the same unit more than once. But even with that in mind, double shooting from 10 judicators, a Celestant Prime(!) or a double pile in from palladins, big blob of sequitors or a star drake in combat just seems sooo good. Now I just need to figure out which battalion is worth taking in the new edition. Had built towards hammerstrike/vanguard wing, but those both seem nerfed to the ground.
  13. Haha, I’m so sad with the new nerfs, but kicked in the acorns made my day:)
  14. Luckily the ordinators don’t stack - “within any lord ordinators”
  15. He definitely played 5 evocators, and groups of three castigators. It does seem strange though. I dont know why they would make the starter set opposite. Also for 200 pts, 5 evocators make the other palladins quite redundant (depending on pts reductions on them ofc.) Sequitors are battleline IF general is guy on gryphcharger.
  16. It is 5 evocators. Otherwise, I think that you're spot on. (Just checked the stream and there are def. 5 models in the evocator unit)
  17. Yeah, he specifically said he "borrowed" one extra. Just as he had to supplement the evocators and sequitors with 2.
  18. Taken straight from the twitch game. Evocators are in groups of five, for 200 pts. Seems palladins are going down in points. These guys are way better than all the palladin options. Castigators are groups of 3 Sequitors are groups of 5 (battleline if new gryph guy is general) I'm a little annoyed that the new starter does not provide a full group of evocators or 2 sequitors. Bit of a ****** move. Hopefully they make a cheap supplement box. But it is quite annoying in terms of assembling and painting.
  19. Though we can only speculate now, and the rules will be revealed shortly. I want to speculate! Morathi seems incredibly strong. Though we don’t know the medusas’ shooting capabilities, doubling two units output seems really really strong. I hope they have at least 18” range. Perhaps they also have a shorter gaze range. Powerful shooting will also force a lot of armies forward which hopefully should play to our strength. At least to Morathi’s! Without knowing her full stats, those partially spoiled today will make her immensely strong, almost no matter what the * stands for. I concur that her survivability, magic, command ability and combat strength at a minimum should put her at 4-500 pts. From what we know so far, she looks stronger than Alarielle to me, so 600 wouldn’t be impossible.
  20. So, they clarified that artifacts only affect the bearer not the mount. What about vhodrai’s spell? It says the caster gets +1 to hit and wound. Does that affect his mount as well? I suppose it doesn’t but I’m not sure.
  21. So, to start another topic. Do you think the Shadow blades are going to be thrown into DoK? Their name alludes to them living in the shadow realm, and I think it’s one of those tiny factions that GW made to potentially expand later, but as the story has progressed seems unlikely to ever get their own tome. Maybe it’s just me dreaming of better Dark Rider warscrolls, but I don’t think it’s impossible that the DoK would have mercenary assassins and scouts. Also, I watched this Morathi spoiler yesterday and got incredibly psyched!
  22. Byron Orde was on Warhammer tv, so if you subsribe you can watch it there:) I imagine Chris Myhill used something similar to his Master's list found here: http://baddice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Masters-2017-Army-Lists.pdf I play mixed order myself, so really pleased to see some cool lists! I just hate how good skinks are. Really wish I could get cheap battleline elsewhere.
  23. I like everything about this post! And I think your ideas are both flavourful and relevant. The Wanderers seems to be very poorly thought out thematically, and I think your propositions adress almost every weak link in their current composition. I understand why GW would make the compendium scrolls unaccessible so they can focus on what they sell, And the allegiance abilities are in many ways spot on. Unfortunately the units just does not fit with current AoS. There are just no real choices, no real synergies, and no real feel to the army.
  24. It's wild rider legs and body with revenant head and weapon. EG shield and regular Phoenix cloak:) with the battalion you also get 1 extra artifact which I speculate perhaps should be the +1 to cast and unbind if I take the Phoenix.
  25. Hi there I am very excited for the new rules as well! I think the battalion basically is worth it for being able to choose who goes first. Letting your opponent go first gives you a 50/50 chance of a double turn which will allow you a stupid amount of shooting. I think allies should be used to shore up our weaknesses, and in this list I think there's a glaring lack of monsters. I can't believe the current points for the high elf dragon lord which hits incredibly hard, and would force the opponent to split their attention between our deepstriking main force and the charging dragon. Another option that I believe is very viable and a bit cheaper is one of the phoenixes. I'd probably go with fire since we are short on mortal wounds. But the Phoenix's attune to magic ability and shield of thorns is a fantastic combo that I think will wreck all the new hordes armies. At least in my experience it has been extremely durable with 2+/2+ then 4+ invuln. All from just a mystic shield and shield of thorns. It once survived 3 turns on an objective against 10 retributers with Celestant and bless weapon buff. I don't any other unit could have done that:) anyway, I look forward to hear about your experiences! Here's a pic of my birdie:)
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