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  1. Alright, I’ve finally got my grave guard in my hands after a couple months of them floating around with USPS. I ended up with 40 unbuilt. So based on the games y’all have played and the new rules, what is everyone thinking for how I should build them? 20 Great weapon and 20 sword and board? 30 GW and only 10 S&B for a small holding unit? The Great weapon rules look better overall, but it might be nice to have a 4+ that mixed with All out defense is immune to rend -1. Plus the shields look cooler.
  2. Hey, maybe I missed this but can a unit count towards two battalions? I’m assuming no, but I’m not seeing it called out anywhere.
  3. If only all the Bullgors looked like the Myrmidon. Grumble grumble, Myrmidons and Kragnos being Beasts but not Beasts of Chaos.
  4. I do wonder if they very subtly answered the question about if AOS will get the 40k second rank engagement rules in this article. They talk about the 2inch reach of the Symbaresh being useful because more of them can attack. If we were getting the 40k rules, I’m not sure it would matter. probably reading too much into it.
  5. So what you are saying is…Slaangor Fiendbloods are the new meta. 😈😈😈 Im on board.
  6. Pretty pictures right before they all die. They are out of coherency with the new rules. 😈
  7. Chaos Runeshield stock is rising. But not enough to overtake 25mm Marauders with the new coherency rules. Chaos Warriors, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
  8. If the 25mm model is on the end in a chain it’s still within 1 inch of two models. An inch is roughly 25.4 mm and so the 1 inch range covers the model directly next to it and the one on the opposite side.
  9. I’m thinking MSU everything. And for most armies, not just Beasts. The Age of MSU begins.
  10. I’m hoping they can all be played together easier then the current Big Waagh
  11. Unless something has changed in 3.0 with timing of Battleshock tests, right now Roar doesn’t stop inspiring presence. Roar only stops Command abilities in the combat phase.
  12. Both of the starter set armies have what looks like the equivalent of an Oldhammer BSB. Aside from Khorne and Seraphon do any other armies have something like this? Wonder if this is a trend that will continue.
  13. That sucks man. I’ve been in your spot, phones seem to die at the worst possible times.
  14. So I’ve got ten black knights I never built when I was looking to jump into Nighthaunt a while back. What does everyone think about building them as Hexwraiths and allying them in now that we have seen the Black Knight warscroll. I’ve also got a Black Coach (because it’s gorgeous) and am having trouble deciding between using it as a Black Coach ally or doing some conversion work with the new Vampire Lord and turning it into a Coven Throne. Opinions?
  15. Can someone pm the link to the Imgur? I was just watching Heywoah for the leaks.
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