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  1. I am hoping this is temporary and they are just waiting for the warhammer app to start giving them out freely again. I made a close group of regulars by playing matches at a local store with a friend. People were interested in the models so we scrolled through the warscrolls alongside what they found cool and they basically started their list building and purchasing through that. Without an easy way to guide the new players in their decision making our group would have likely never taken off as people would have made poor purchases and left out of frustration (think on how you would react if your first purchase was a few hundred dollars of Slaangors). Even WITH the scrolls available there has still been some losses due to the loose rules and poor warscrolls of some units not living up to their tabletop miniatures appearance (RIP our Beasts of Chaos player). Frankly I will just acquire the rules elsewhere and this cools any enthusiasm I have for new releases/purchases/supporting GW directly for the time being. My current project Soul blight army will remain unfinished for the time being.
  2. Multiple castings of arcane bolt is specific to Nagash and Arkhans warscroll. It used to be the case that they could also cast multiple mystic shields but that has since been removed as the function of mystic shield has changed.
  3. Bump recovery healing to 1d6 wounds and once per battle per hero and it would be a bit nicer feeling. Every single hero phase seems dirty even for my Sons.
  4. Amazing work. Hedonites really do seem to be way over-costed for no particular reason, except as a reaction to their previous tome. The sentiment seems to be pretty widespread.
  5. Snagged one not long ago. Didn't realize he was fully out of production now. They wasted the time updating part of his scroll though which is baffling.
  6. Yes I would definitely like some clarification on this
  7. Kind of surprising to see bonesplitterz outcompeting ironjawz ev en if the number of games played could make this an anomaly. Beasts of Chaos is just abysmal they got hurt by the new edition badly and they weren't really taking top tables before it. Sons near the top tracks with my experiences so far.
  8. In most of my armies I do not even bother bringing wizards. They are a complete waste of points against Kroak, double casting boosted grey seers, teclis, nagash, arkhan, tzeentch in general etc. I play a lot of single caster - no bonus to cast/unbind - rather weak buff armies (BoC). Or its not worth the enhancement to become one (SoB) The extra points bringing more bodies to soak up the extra mortals flying around seemed to work better. Just make enough threats that they cannot debuff/kill them all.
  9. Warmaster states they can make full use of the armies allegiance abilities even if it is not listed as directly part of the faction (which counteracts the Disciples of Tzeentch requirement as far as I can read). On a note related to the topic I am kind of shocked that there was no SoB representation with how hyped they were with the buffs from the new edition + how high they have been rated on many tier lists so far. Very interesting. It is as you say a small sample size overall though.
  10. Any chance you could DM me someone reputable? I know posting about casting can be a bit touchy around here but I'd love to know of where I could get a good detail alternative.
  11. Just curious did you use redeploy on the same unit that had unleash hell applied on it (in a single turn)? If so that can't be done. Redeploy stops all further shooting for the turn (unleash hell is defined as shooting). If you did your buddy still has a right to be upset...
  12. I wish I could have ever afforded Chorfs. Dream army but I can't afford to take an extra loan out to buy just the battleline.
  13. Also works for Alarielles talon of dwindling and the Khorne Lords Reality Splitting axe
  14. I am just burnt out on new models at this point and just cannot justify another force (I do think Kruelboyz are very neat and certainly worthy of picking up.... at some point in the future). There is just a lot of uncertainty on how my current factions will perform (some more obvious than others) and I mostly want to play around with and develop what I have, rather than jump into something completely new when there could potentially be so many "half complete" armies left in the wake of 3.0 changes. As a counterpoint to others I was more than ready for a 3.0 shakeup of my local meta. Many players of weaker factions were dropping out of attendance (ex: sylvaneth players) and very dominant army archetypes (shooting or magic-centric) were taking over and being played ad nauseum. Even at just a few games a week this was becoming obvious and was leaking over from the tournament contenders to the casual crowd (just to compete). I cannot wait for the new rules and learning a new system. But it does inject a LOT of uncertainty on faction construction and whether purchases will need to be made to adapt to that system.
  15. I would definitely say it doesn't work. As it still stipulates that a command ability cannot be used more than once in a phase which is different keywording than "issued"/received. If they meant issued/received they would have said it that way. This looks pretty airtight to me in that the same command ability just cannot be used in any way twice in the same phase (ergo it can be issued/received but cannot actually be "used" by the receiving unit meaning its effect fizzles).
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