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  1. Drop the Tzaangors, be a real man and go full Beastmen.
  2. Dolomedes


    Looking great!
  3. Amazing work. It's nice to see Morghur has re emerged as he always does to spread yet more corruption.
  4. I hear you on the Beastlord on Chariot, it is a bit underwhelming having a lowly Beastlord (who isn't as good as a GBS imo), as your commander, having a kick ass guy charging around on a Tuskgor Chariot scalping heads (or even a RAZORGOR chariot if you want a blast from 8th ) is far more appealing for army aesthetic. I guess it depends on your opponent, it most likely wouldn't fly in a tournament, but if your FLGS doesn't mind you making the chariot Brayherd then go nuts. For gaming in a GW store, tournament or a pick up game it's probably better to have an alternative ready. My Gorthor at the moment is the unit leader of my 4 tuskgor chariots, he's still smashing heads. With regards to using a doombull or a shaggoth as a general, I think it opens up some really cool options from Mierce miniatures that fit a brayherd army well. Pics below. A sweet model that could be used instead of the Shaggoth. Another Shaggoth looking model with a bit of a Jabberslyth twist. Would look sweet on the table when ran with 2 Jabbers (Which is exactly 400 points ) If you want to go mad doombull, here's a few sweet options that you could undoubtedly use in other Chaos armies. This guy is probably a bit excessive for a Doombull, but I doubt anyone would object. Maybe use as a bloodthirster. But dam it's a sweet model, and could definitely lead a Beastman army. All are really nice centrepiece models, but you obviously wouldn't be able to take them into a GW event or tournament. The other big downside would be their prices, these guys don't come cheap. Still, the allies has opened up some sweet options for modelling massive Beastman generals.
  5. Personally I wouldn't allow the Beastlord on Chariot into my force and still keep brayherd allegiance. The keyword was removed for a reason, we're supposed to move on from Gorthor, even in 8th edition he had been dead for 2000 years If you want a cool general, look at the dragon ogor shaggoth. 10 wounds, 4up save, can be taken as an ally part of your allegiance and the summon lightning healing ability he has synergises well with a herdstone/vortex combo. True you lose a command trait and command ability, but realistically with Brayherd you're going to just be putting inspiring presence on everything anyway. The command traits arn't that great either with Brayherd. You could even summon him in if you want to. The same applies for a doombull as your general, a bit less survivable than the Shaggoth but still superior to the beastlord, especially in terms of damage output. *Edit. I personally havn't play tested this yet, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work well.
  6. Another hand in for Morghur. I'm fortunate enough to own the original mini, he regularly gets use as a way cooler looking bray shaman these days. His fluff would be easy to rewrite, and the ability to turn crappy ungors into chaos spawn was hilarious and highly effective if done properly Just look at the ungor in the base, mid mutation! It's a joy to paint There would be an issue with Chaos Spawn however, as it appears that they can no longer be allied to the Brayherd, which is a shame. I'd love for Forgeworld to do a Preyton re run. Giant ambushing mutant poison stag is as cool as it sounds. And being a man from the Fens of East Anglia, the fen beast has always had a special place in my heart.
  7. It can take ungors or ungor raiders. Unfortunately, no Tzaangors allowed. Ungors arn't all bad, you would be surprised how many kills a 40 man spearman unit can get. Good table control, lots of attacks, you can get them behind gors for extra damage, and like all beastmen they are rapid. Opponents rarely bother with them, which is what makes them rather good. Ungor Raiders can fill the ungor spot, at 100 points for 10 though it's hard to justify, especially in a battalion that already has alot of requirements that drain your points. 40 Ungor Raiders in a unit is terrifying Personally the lists I've ran lately havn't used the battalion, it's just too expensive and means I can rarely take cool monsters in a 2k or less game. I must convince my new gaming circle to step up from 1500 to 3000 and play some proper Warhammer!
  8. Ungor raiders are usually my biggest killers, but you have to know what you are doing. We used to have a max at 30, but now it's 40, which works well with the new herdstone mechanic. You can take D3 mortal wounds on the unit to give them +1 to hit, and if there are more than 30 they reroll 1s and 2s. You can also use the Brayblast trumpet to give an ambushing unit +1 to hit if you want to alpha strike from a board edge. Put them in a compromised position and it's an auto lose, they need to be shooting things all game. Bestigors are your obvious heavy hitter, mystic shield them and watch them go nuts and kill whatever they go at. Gors with shields can provide a pretty effective punch too, and now with us losing the crown of command they will likely get alot more play. Honestly you aren't going to be offensive at 1k using just brayherd. Get a Jabberslyth if you want to suicide bomb things off the table. The army's strength becomes more apparent at bigger points values, 2500 points of Brayherd is my sweet spot, entirely in the Wildstalker Brayherd formation for one single drop at the beginning. The punch for brayherd will now rely in the summoning pool, the monsters of chaos allies provide some sweet options for table edge ambushing monsters, but you can summon anything with the monster keyword. A really good option is the GUO or exalted GUO, as a successful summon can put it where needed without worrying about it's sub par movement, and it can cast plague wind in the same hero phase. If you get the double turn, you can get two casts of it's plague wind spell as well as the shooting attack before you engage in melee. Another good option is the Chimera, a D6 mortal wound breath attack and +2 to charge means it's a pretty good threat on a board edge on the turn it's summoned. The Glottkin gets an honourable mention now with it's reduced point cost, and it's spell can be great on one of your 40 man units. Though it's range attack isn't quite as reliable as the GUO or Chimera, it's still worth mentioning. 2D6 damage is alot. It can cast two spells, so it's a good candidate for arcane bolt as well as the support. All of it's attacks are a 2'range, so don't be shy about sticking a line of troops in front of it to maximise damage output in a single area. I've not tried this last idea yet, but Thanquol and Boneripper could also be an amazing summon for more table edge shenanigans.
  9. 2500 points is the sweet spot for me and my associates, 2k is a friendly if we are low on time. A good 3k is nice every now and again, I find any less than 2k is ok, but more points means more cool painted miniatures, and a bit more character to the games. My friends and myself all run horde armies of one sort or another, so placing 200 miniatures on the table is what makes us happy.
  10. One more thing to add, (apologies to anyone who is sick of all of this text now, but I really do love talking about Beastmen), is try to take double heroes if you are running the brayherd formations. Double Beastlord is probably a good idea for armies that are 1k points, if your Brayherd leader goes down and he is your general, then you have probably lost the game. It's only 5 wounds with a 4+ save, if you arn't careful they will get sniped. In larger games it's worth considering a doombull as your general, because it can take a bit more of a pasting with it's 8 wounds, and is likely to divert attention away from your beastlord. There are alot of tactics with the Beastmen, you really do have to work hard for your victories, but if you play alot of games with them it soon becomes clear what works and what doesn't. One thing that surprised me is just how wrong my conceptions were about the war scrolls themselves, just reading the scrolls is nowhere near enough, although alot of people do love writing lists, especially on this forum, but just looking at the scrolls and coming up with something is next to useless if you arn't putting solid time in on the table. Going balls deep with Bestigors might seem like a great idea at first, especially on paper, but it's how you play with your gors and ungors that makes the difference.
  11. Fair enough, I for one have a similar attitude towards models, it's rubbish when you are overwhelmed with projects. Do you find that the more you have to do, the less you get done? And then you just start buying kits for the sake of it and end up broke... There's a bit more strategy to Brayherd than meats the eye, and a good place for both shieldigors and wieldigors. Raiders are especially useful, in large units they can smash monsters off the board, but the small 10 man units getting the fast run and shoot in work brilliantly as a screening tactic. Goad the charge with 10 man ungor raider units, get some shots in on whatever it is you are luring and then charge your wieldigors in with a +1 to hit and mop up the unit. This also works really well with chaos warhounds, as the warhounds model is small enough for the raiders to shoot over, and fast enough to keep up with the raiders, you can screen your screen, and still keep the powerful units (minotaurs) in your army intact if you are unlucky and get double turned. Shieldigors I find are effective ambushers, with their slightly higher save they can operate independently from the rest of the army, and make good objective takers. Take 20 with a mystic shield and they can make a tarpit for a turn or two, while something more killy can come in and save the day. Never underestimate how much damage gors can kick out as well, if you get the 3 attacks on the go and a good setup, they can bring down some pretty formidable prey. I find a big downside of Beastmen is the lack of rend, true Bestigors and chariots can rend, but if you are up against a death army or something that has lots of armour you're going to have a tough time. This is why I like the strength in numbers strategy, just pack enough guys that you just swarm objectives and it won't matter. They can't kill everyone, right? Minotaurs are probably the best answer for this, but they are difficult to play, their 5+ save makes them fairly squishy, and anyone with any sense can work out quite quickly that a hulking wall of beef carrying an axe twice the size of a man is probably going to do alot of damage. They become a high priority target. If you can pull it off and get them into combat intact though, the minotaurs are one of the hardest hitting things I've come across in the game, especially if you take a doombull too. When you get round to making ungors, do spears. Ungor spearmen at the back of a gor or bestigor unit can give just enough power to finish something off, and make for a really solid defence. Your opponent won't pay them much attention as they are so weak, but in my year and a half of playing Beastmen since the release of AOS, they have been without a doubt my star units. By turn 4 or 5, everything else might be dead, but having an ungor unit at full strength left on the board can win you games. They can finish off that big nasty monster, go claim an objective, or just hold the one you have. Never underestimate your ungors, your opponent will, but they probably won't pay attention to their damage over the course of the game.
  12. I'm a long time Beastman player, it is still my only army in the Warhammer world, as it is by far the coolest Get bodies, this army gets better the larger the games you play. Most of the things to consider with these guys have been mentioned, aside from minotaurs. A tough unit to use, a real glass hammer, but well worth considering if you get good at screening. Ungor raiders in 30 man units are awesome, I take 60 with me. They will win you games. Would you consider going over 1000 points? I'm on a 3k game tomorrow with my friend, and I can attest that this army is built for mega games, it gets stupidly fun if you break out of the 2k mind block and push higher. Multiple 30 man goat death stars are the way to go. Gors get crazy good in 30 man units if you inspiring presence them. Bestigors in 30 man units are ridiculous. If your local clubs allow it, get a BSB and Gorthor if you want to be competitive, these two models will guarantee you victories. It's a bit cheesy though, you will probably get a bit sick of winning with them after a while, and Gorthor can be pretty tough to get a hold of. Beastmen have the coolest monsters in the game, get a Jabberslyth and screw with someone who doesn't know it's rules. Or a Warherd contingent to back your glorious goats, because who doesn't like Ghorgons and Cygors? Nobody who doesn't want to get eaten by one.
  13. I play the wildstalker brayherd on a weekly basis and have done since it's inception, it's an awesome army that has some pretty solid answers to some major threats in the competitive scene. However, there is one major drawback to them competitively, time. My 2k games take a ridiculously long time, because there are just so many models to move. Awesome if you have the time on your side, but if you have a timer on your tournament rounds, say 2 hours for examples sake, you're rarely going to finish any games, and probably really annoy your opponent. I play a list that is fairly similar to the one above, with fewer gors and more raiders, but still a massive model count. The first movement phase takes the best part of 20 minutes, and that's with just shoving them, not sticking to tight measuring that would be expected in a tournament setting. Then your charge phase also takes a ridiculous amount of time, and with the 4 inch pile ins it gets horrendously messy very quickly. Granted, if you can stack the buffs properly on the gors they will rip apart most things that arn't high armour, (3 attacks each, 2s to hit, rerolling 1s, 2s to wound rerolling ones is achievable), but you're never going to get a full game in, harming your point scoring in a tournament. Movement trays could be a solution, but then you are massively restricting the best bit of the brayherd, it's movement, and the deployment of your individual models which is all to often the key to victory in AOS. I do intend on taking my beloved goats to a tournament this year now I've finally got all 250 of them actually painted, but I doubt it would be that competitive because of time restrictions.
  14. I doubt it. It would make sense, they only consist of 3 parts, but it's probably one of the worst selling kits at that price.
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