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  1. I'm very interested to see how that works out. I like 1000 point games in theory, but in practice that point level seems to have much larger swings in army power level and game over all seems to be better balanced at 2000 points.
  2. Did they actually explain the separate Pitched Battle Profiles 2019 book anywhere? Looking at the picture, it looks like it's a much smaller book with a saddle stitch binding they used for cheap books(Path to Glory and Skirmish) and box set books. Hopefully it's a cheap thing where you can buy the points only, but they'll still be in the GHB. If not, I'd probably still skip it and use Warscroll builder exclusively for points.
  3. I know some people where underwhelmed by the the Fyreslayers release, but I think it did at least make them play a little more thematic to their, which is a direction I like over every battletome being powercreep. I hope KO at least get that treatment. Right now on the table they're fragile little guys who can't shoot.
  4. Yeah, initial teaser was pretty wide open, but the "contrast" one narrows it down a lot. A new line of washes and/or technical paints does seem like the safest best now. If that is the case, I wonder if they'll be designed to all go over a white/light grey base and the color is in the wash/technical paint, or if they'll be designed to go over different base colors and simply provide more contrast than current washes when over a base color.
  5. A new hero and endless spells coming from Sylvaneth, have I missed the announcement of a new Sylvaneth battle tome, or is that just a super safe bet?
  6. Even though I have a goblin army and no tree people, I think I like the Syvaneth guy a lot more than the new warboss. I'm not a huge fan of the overly dynamic posing of GW models of late or of the "off the ground, but sort of touchings something (at least there's no modeled smoke, water or "magic" those are especially bad). I'd definitely take the new warboss over the old fine cast version, but I think I still prefer the ForgeWorld version.
  7. The Lord on Daemonic mount was shown in new art work, so I'd have hard time believing it's gone. It probably is just repackaging with bases. Hopefully they at least go as far as they did with the skaven and ship everything with round bases and keep doing that going forward. I don't think we've had an army that still had square bases come out since skaven, so it's hard to say if that's going to be something that always happens.
  8. Unless they're just going to really blueball this Slaanesh release, May 11th seems pretty late to be showing new models.Even if Slaanesh comes out in May, models, it seems like model reveals at events don't come out right away. In the past two years, we've gotten a spring reveal of a brand new army, and while we're a little later this year, I wouldn't say it's implausible for another new army to be headed this way. There's also a possibility that some army gets the Gloomspite/Nighthaunt/Daughters of Khaine treatment and gets a lot of new models to really flesh out the faction along with a new book that really brings them into Age of Sigmar. The factions I see this fitting most are non-Beastclaw Ogres and Soulblight. Bonesplitterz I could kind of see, but also not really since despite the lack of actual kits, they have a number of unit types around the size of most of the newer AoS armies outside of Stormcast. I don't really see Dispossessed or any of the classic Elves getting that treatment since it seems like the way they want to go with Dwarfs and Elves is new factions(though we did get Daughters of Khaine). I think Free Peoples could also have a chance here, but they seem like a more likely candidate for being combined all together and getting a tome+terrain+spells. Of course the miniatures they're showing off could just be an endless spells and terrain snoozefest and that means it could be any army without those thing. Or it could be Tomb Kings.
  9. So they listed Ironweld arsenal along side Dispossessed. *puts on gromril foil hat* This clearly means the the Dispossessed battle tome is imminent and it's bring back the Dwarf war machines too.
  10. I voted for updates when the edition changes, once a year is already too much and used one of the text boxes to do points and constant rebalancing as a tournament packet.
  11. I was so busy using all the text boxes to ask for Mordheim to comeback, I forgot to tell them to never bring back Tomb Kings. Oh well, there's always next year.
  12. Oh yeah, the easier transport is a bonus I didn't think about either. That about settles it and that the way I'll got. If anything thing, I've got a bunch of rickety boards that might be useful for any scratch built terrain. Might spruce up the Goblin Town scenery from the Hobbit.
  13. Has anybody been keeping the scaffolding off the gnaw holes and just filling in the post holes with green stuff? I don't think it looks all that great, not to mention it's obnoxious and fiddly to build, so I'm thinking my gnaw holes will just be gnaw holes with out any additional construction.
  14. So it looks like the Lord Slaanesh on damonic mount is now no longer available on the US store(i.e. not just temporarily out of stock). I suppose it's possible that he's just going to get rebased, but it's an old metal model that really looks outdated. Maybe the previewed Slaanesh releases weren't all they planned.
  15. Yeah, I find the current model pretty terrible, but then I didn't like it even before it was outdated, that's why I've got the Forgeworld version.
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