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  1. Some how in this brave new Age of Streamline the core rules in the new edition of MESBG have remained relatively intact. I hope the new edition of Bloodbowl coming out next year is a fortunate.
  2. I know I wanted to get into LotR back around 2012 or when ever the hobbit stuff started coming out, and talked to one of the guys at my local shop and he said he'd never actually seen the game played there. They sold a decent amount of the stuff, but as far as he was aware, none of them really played it and just collected the models. It's a shame, but cause years later when I did finally find people who were into the game and got into it, it turns out that it's probably my favorite GW rule set.
  3. I think I've figured out the real reason GW is bringing back the Old World. Paints. Look at how many of these old paints are named after WHFB stuff. They wanted to make sure their paint names were aligned with current IP, but there are just too many to rename and would have thrown the entire hobby into disarray and invalidated all their painting guides and tutorials in print and on YouTube. So in the end, it was easier to just bring back the game where many of those paints get their names.
  4. It's a three year wait, so there's got to be some kind of new models, probably an entire army(or more than one) basically getting the Sister's Battle treatment and getting completely redone. Other that I expect it to look a lot like the relaunch of Lord of the Rings where some old kits are brought back in to production, new sculpts for heroes and characters (the ones that aren't in a wholly redone army) and a healthy dose of made to order. Either way, I'm not super worried about new models since I've got a Dwarf army of mostly circa-3rd and 4th edition models that I need to get repainted.
  5. Maybe we'll finally see the rest of Death get filled out with books and new models and Legions of Nagash gets deconstructed and the Mortis engine will fall into Nighthaunt.
  6. Though I guess I don't really need to wait for GW to make a Mantic sized giant since Mantic's stuff has been pretty good recently.
  7. I'd love to see a new giant that's closer to the size of the Mantic giant(which itself probably closer to a Bonegrinder in size).
  8. I'm guessing it'll end up similar to how they've done MESBG at this point. With an at time messy rotation of models coming back and disappearing, though they did say something recently on the lines of they're going fix that mess for MESBG and have a more fixed line. So maybe it won't be that bad. There may be some models come back, probably a few waves of made to order too.
  9. Even though I'm totally stoked for a return of WHFB, I do have to say that of all the guesses in the 24 hours between the first tease and the announcement, I really liked the theory of an AoS version of Epic set in the Age of Myth but instead of getting reasonably sized Titans, we'd be getting god beasts instead(leaving room for toddler size models for regular AoS from FW in the future).
  10. I wonder if all the Warhammer Chronicles and Omnibuses they've been releasing lately have been selling well and that played a part in the decision to do this. It seems like this might be a perfect storm of rank-n-flank games like KoW, ASOIAF, etc doing well and the old lore gaining a whole new audience thanks to TotalWarhammer(which I sure is driving sales of those Warhammer Chronicles books to a decent degree) and GW is going to try to capitalize.
  11. Actually looking for that post I found https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/20/the-warhammer-age-of-sigmar-open-day-2019-live-bloggw-homepage-post-1/ which does say later this year for CoS discontinued models. There's still later this year to be had. Either way, I don't think Legends is going away any time soon.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/29/breaking-news-sisters-psykers-and-skeletonsgw-homepage-post-4/ That's for points. I'm just speculating that Empire, Dwarfs, and High Elves are waiting until then too.
  13. They did say that points for Legends would be rolled out in the new year, so I'd assume any Empire, Dwarfs or High Elf Legends would wait until then as well.
  14. If this does end up being more of a specialist game, meaning they can make it a bit more complex, I wonder of they're going to treat it how many historical games cover large periods of history, but some units are only available to armies of specific time period(i.e. late roman armies vs early or mid might have a different unit selection with some shared) and designed to have armies of certain time periods fight. Obviously it's GW, so there'd be some kind of open play for so anybody can fight any body, but I'd love to see it approached as a historical with lots of campaign books.
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