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  1. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    The Great Maw is going to be an Idoneth endless spell. You're heard it here first, folks.
  2. bsharitt

    Red Elephant in the room

    Yeah, that's what I thought. Though they veil does seem to be thinning. The last big AoS FAQ added all the FW base sizes to the designers commentary. Maybe one day we'll actually see FW stuff in an AoS or 40k book. They already put the Forgeworld stuff for MESBG in the books, and I think the newer Necromunda books had rules for the FW only bounty hunters.
  3. bsharitt

    Red Elephant in the room

    They're not. Mourngul isn't in Nighthaunt either.
  4. bsharitt

    Powercreep - Fact Or Fiction

    If you have a big problem with power creep, you're not only playing the wrong game, but probably dealing with the wrong company. While power creep has been a mainstay of GW games basically since they've been putting out separate army books, for about 80% of books, it's a fairly gentle upward slope and shouldn't be a huge issue outside of tournaments. Occasionally there's spikes where a book comes that just have quite a jump and sometimes they make try to avoid creep and end up with a book that might be a bit of a dip in that slope. Power creep isn't a huge issue for armies that creep together, I think biggest issue is when an army gets left behind for an edition or two(or in the case of AoS haven't even gotten a book yet). It doesn't matter how gentle the slope is is you're sitting still while everyone moves forward.
  5. For me, the as the size of the game goes up, I like my games more streamlined, but I like crunchier games at smaller scales(crunch doesn't necessarily mean complexity). I consider Age of Sigmar to be a fairly streamlined game and I think it's level of stream line really hits its stride at 2000 points and works decently +/- 500 points. At around 1000 points I think it gets a little wonky, where some armies work and some don't(that's not to say it can't work smaller for new players, but I think it gets better as games get bigger) and at the 1000 point and below game size I'm going to want to move from an army scale game to warband scale. I'm really liking the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game at that size. That's also why I'm not a big fan of AoS Skirmish, and there are too many better skirmish games out there, some of them GW used to make. The core AoS rules start to get tedious at 3000+, but I haven't looked at the AoS version of apocalypse rules, so I can't make a judgement there, though I don't think it'd take much more streamlining to make it work at bigger games. A ruleset I do like at bigger games that's even more streamlined than AoS is Kings of War(the fact that your all movement trays helps), and for that one, I find the wonkiness threshold starts when you get below 2000 points.
  6. bsharitt

    Red Elephant in the room

    Haven't they always been in the app? Which Battletome did they start putting FW stuff in?
  7. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    It's disappointing since the price hike to $160 is relativity recent for starter boxes compared to Start Collecting boxes. and a few of those were further softened by including hardcover rule books(Dark Imperium, Soul Wars, Pellenor Fields), so the non-starter sets at $160, or even the couple at $150 already felt like price hikes compared to where they were when the Start Collecting boxes dropped. I was already on the fence about the Shadowspear box at $160, and $175 is right out I think. I've already shied away from the two player boxes at the $160 price points as the value without a book is usually diluted by not really wanting both side. Some people with say something along the lines of "split a box" while not considering that's probably not a realistic option for most people ans suggestions to buy the whole box and flip the rest on ebay are even dumber. I think the biggest problem is that people often create and link between love for a product and blind loyalty to a company(and companies are aware of that and exploit it whenever possible) and think the companies goal of maximum profits has to be their goal too and thus have to be okay with price hikes. It's okay to like a company's products and still realize that the consumer/producer paradigm is essential an antagonistic one with consumer and producer on opposite side. When a company says "times are tough we're raising pricing" and "we just recorded yet another quarter of record profits" in the about the same breath, it's probably okay to question their motives. I know I've found my hobby budget dispersed in more non-GW directions lately. My Nighthaunt army while a decent size(thought half if it was pre-2.0, so lots of hexwraiths and spirit hosts) was meant to be bigger, but I was waiting for standalone chainrasps and when they dropped a 10-man snap fit kit for $45, that was a pretty abrupt record scratch stop to that army. Yeah I could have added more stuff without the chainrasps, but that kind of soured me on buy more for the army in general. Not getting the Shadowspear box means I probably won't buy a black legion army. I've got starter boxes for two other games that are cheaper and have more miniatures that are as good as GW, and in the case of the Dark Sword miniatures in the Song of Ice and Fire box, maybe better. They're certainly better sculpts than the awful out dated orc sculpts that were packaged into the Pelenor Fields box for $160. Maybe I'm just not a big enough fan boy to get warm and fuzzy feelings when GW keeps announcing record quarters. Unfortuntatly I'm a Warhammer fan, not a Games Workshop fan.
  8. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    The Nurgling comes with one of the Deathguard kits(plague marine champion I think), so he's nothing new. But I agree that the treasure has a much more fantasy look to it. I wouldn't be shocked if it's an Ogre.
  9. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    They're just out of stock, not "no longer available", so almost certainly nothing other than production issues. That's probably why we're seeing terrain pieces and endless spells pushed so hard with every battletome. Since those are contracted out to China for manufacturing, they don't impact miniature production.
  10. bsharitt

    Warscroll Cards....

    It's very disappoint that they've discontinued all the old warscroll cards and made the new cards limited release. I find the cards to be a huge boon to playing the game without having to flip thought the book. And don't mention the god d*mn app, I'd rather flip through a dozen books before I'm futzing with apps, tablets, and phones at the gaming table. I don't plan on really building out my Skaven army until much later this year or maybe next, but I had to go ahead and buy the cards now and store them away unopened until then.
  11. bsharitt

    Considering a second army

    I guess for the ones I actually have: Stormcasts: I really like the models that came out with the Sacrosanct release. Now they feel like superhuman heroes and warriors rather than the inhuman metal golems the 1.0 Stormcasts felt like. For game play, they're probably the best jack of all trades army, so if your play style preferences aren't set, you can do a lot of shifting around to have the army play completely different and you can build a pretty magical army if that's your aim. Nurgle: Probably one of my favorite armies. I love Nurgle, the models are great across the board. Their core play style is basically outlast a battle of attrition with your opponent, which some people find boring but I really like. There's more offensive ways to play too though. There is some magic, and it can be pretty important to the army, magic isn't what I would consider a lynchpin to the army like Tzeentch. Nighthaunt: Okay, this is probably tied with Nurgle as favorite. I liked all their models(minus the old Black Coach) before they even got their new release, but the new models(especially the new Black Coack) are fantastic. With their ignoring rend and deathless spirits, they can kind play the attrition game I like to do with my Nurgle, but can also be a fast killy army, especially if you roll those 10+ charges. I don't play them super magic heavy, but the potential is there.
  12. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I'm a fan of basically playing open play and layering on matched play rules as needed, so basically requiring the selection of an allegiance(at least a grand alliance) or at least have a very good thematic reason to not(like Chaos orcs) and using point for basic balancing, but not for any of the force org.
  13. bsharitt

    Are battletomes needed?

    Even if you're not playing competitive or even matched play, I think allegiance abilities add a bit of flavor to an army.
  14. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    Interesting, that was one of the "probably slaanesh" rumor engines.
  15. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    Rumblings are that the 40k Chaos releases are going to be pretty big. The Shadowspear box is also going the have the Space marine vanguard chamber, so there's a possibility of some trailing releases with that. So March could be pretty busy, just not for AoS.