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  1. Finally got around to actually reading the book and it looks like GW addressed just about every complaint/request I made in the survey about Kharadron Overlords(hopefully the do the same with my comments about bringing back Mordheim). I don't know if they'll be good since there were some big nerfs(I've got a couple of Aether-khemists that won't be seeing much use now), but that's not as important to me as actually feeling thematic with the lore and background, which this book seems to address. So I think I'll be happy with it once I get it on the table win or lose.
  2. Maybe GW could go in a direction it's never gone and keep Excelsis at a minute to midnight for the next 20 years where it's always underthreat in the lore, but nothing really changes.
  3. I think GW saw how far they could drag out the Kill Team releases and are seeing if they can do it even more with WarCry.
  4. I don't think Shadowspear is applicable here. The reason that Shadowspear is broken up into start collecting is that it's shared sprue starter set(but luckily there were no shared sprues between factions) and the only way to release those models together was in a start collecting. They did the first think with the original AoS starter being broken down into Start Collecting Goreblad warband and thunderstike brotherhood and there's probably a non-zero chance we'll see a similar start collecting death guard and a start collecting primaris when Dark Imperium is superceded if/when 9th ed 40k gets a new starter box and we may even see a start collecting Nighthaunt and sacrosanct once Soul Wars is replaced. That being said, these recent starter boxes, the new hereos have all been on their own sprues and packaged with existing retail models. The Blightwar and Wake the Dead boxes are much more like these AoS boxes we've seen this past year as they have existing units with new heroes and they did eventually see the heroes release, GW just doesn't seem to be in much of a rush. At this point I just can't guess at a motivation by GW to hold the models back. It would at least make sense if the box sets weren't limited and they were holding the models hostage to push box sales. Unless that's is ultimately what they're doing except in a more sinister way where they don't actually sell the boxes very long, and they're creating this uncertainly about when or if these heroes will ever be released so people will snap up boxes they don't want or need because they don't know if that model will ever be available as a way to guarantee their box sets sell out.
  5. More surprised at the Skaven and Nurgle stuff leaving than the random monsters that never got a clear faction keyword. I didn't notice when it changed, but it's also nice to see that the rogue idol got the bonesplitterz and ironjawz keywords. All the monsters going away is really unfortunate as they were some really nice models, but they just never really got put into the game itself very well.
  6. I've been wanting basically and "unnamed Brokk" since KO came out, but GW has pretty much exhausted any enthusiasm or good will from me for new stuff with all these new models basically locked up in large limited box sets, especially given the army size I'm getting this new KO hero will be about as linchpin to the army as the new ghoul hero was for Flesheaters, it which case I probably won't even bother with the book(especially since KO aren't and "you still have fun even when you lose all the time" army like goblins). And with no book, probably non of my planned expansion of my KO army of an ironclad and some more troops, so I guess I should thank GW for saving me a couple hundred bucks. If there was a short reasonable period of exclusivity for the box sets it would fine, but at this point when ever GW announces new heroes in these box sets it elicits an eyeroll from me more than excitement these days. It was already going to be GW-lite year for me and looks to be even more so unless they figure out how to sell individual heroes again. Maybe I can convert a Primaris Lieutenant into this new guy.
  7. Glad we're finally going to see a physical representation of the famous Foot of Mathlann spell.
  8. I think my biggest issue with Deepkin is that they too much in the middle between elf and fish. They're not elfy enough for me to want them as a true elf army, but they're not fishy enough to really interest me a a cool underwater army. I wish GW would have leaned heavier in one direction or the other(preferably fishy).
  9. I don't think Chaos warriors needed to be bigger, and certainly not as big as Stormcasts since they're just normal humans who happen to fight for Chaos. So this isn't a situation like the new Chaos Space marines being bigger where that was just a correction of their scale(why they couldn't just do that for regular space marines instead of going the Primaris route is a discussion for another board).
  10. The 2019 version of the GHB and Chapter Approved both had points in separate booklets. While the points changes were still bundled, it's still a measure of separation and I wonder if we could see that continue to the point where the GHB and Chapter approved aren't even tied to point changes any more.
  11. I don't know, I think you could get him look non-mechanicus enough to work as a Khardon Overlord. I just hate when the do this in store only non-sense. Especially if it's like the store anniversary models where they run out quickly and one trip to the store is wasted to just put in an order for in then you have to come back to pick it up later. I'm not sure that 3-4 hours of driving(depending on traffic) is worth one model.
  12. That seems about right. Hopefully people who were worried that being a specialist game means new models will be an all resin expensive line up like Horus Heresy, will look at the full list of games an notice that the rest of them are mostly done in plastic.
  13. Good to know he's got build options. That head option makes him looks a little less Blood Bowl.
  14. Almost want to give them credit since they did put their money where the mouth is with regards to the whole "we're a hobby company not a games company" thing, even though it didn't work out and they've been swinging back towards "game company" ever since.
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