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  1. If you're ever playing D&D and use caltrops and your DM uses the Player's Guide value of 1 damage rather than 1d4 damage for caltrops, just get up and leave the table.
  2. I've not particularly cared about these new elves up until now, but I actually like these more cow aligned ones showntoday. If you get rid of all the arches and spears and go all in on cows and hammers, this would be a faction I could get behind.
  3. I've heard from a couple of unrelated people that there will be a new giant kit that's quite a bit bigger than the current one.
  4. I remember when when the the original AoS starter box was selling for as low as $50-$60 on Amazon with games stores trying to off load stock. My local shop didn't entirely drop AoS, but once the old fantasy stock was sold the AoS stock took up a small rack on what was a whole wall that WHFB had and now the rest of the space was taken up by a variety of other games. Of course after the GHB, the starter set prices went back up, and at my local shop AoS shelf space slowly expanded and has finally retaken the former WHFB wall.
  5. Probably more Stormcasts. Sigmar is going to open up the Chaos Chamber in a bid to "fight fire with fire" as it were.
  6. No, in fact I'm a little disappointed that Underworlds is where to much of GW's model making "energy" seems to be going. They could at least have the decency to use the in a skirmish game instead of a board game.
  7. Are there any units in the current Seraphon book that are out of production? Those would be prime candidates for cuts.
  8. My expectation is that we'll be getting different books for different eras with corresponding army lists with maybe some options for open ended pitched battle matched play that doesn't adhere to a theme. Now that there's not really a narrative to pursure MEBSG is probably the closest thing that GW is already doing since even though we know the end result of the Horus Heresy, it's still playing out chronologically for now.
  9. The Starn's Disciples box for 40k Kill Team came out a year ago and the Kellermorph in the box is just being made available again now coming out on its own.
  10. That's basically stance on non-FW resin models. If it was originally metal, I'm going to scour eBay and second hand sites to find it even if GW is selling the resin cast of it and only settle for the resin if it was my only option. I'm currently in the process of tracking down metal Maneaters.
  11. Not terribly surprising that GW isn't going to jump right back into a new battle tome cycle espcially since they're doing to same with Psychic awakening with 40k instead of new codexes(except new space marines, so maybe we'll see a new Stormcast battletome with stormhost supplements). Either way it's looks like my chances of actually getting this book are going up if it's going to be my nurgle supplement and bring a combined demon army(beyond GA Chaos).
  12. I don't think she's ever gone away completely. I know she's there since at least about a year ago(or at least was there a year ago when others were gone, whether she disappeared and came back I can't say).
  13. I guess I don't mind too much since I usually forget to use my artifacts and command traits any way. Of course I also forget to use my sub faction abilities too so it's kind of a wash unless it's an army building perk like different battleline, in which case I guess it's a win.
  14. I think I've figured out why the new Seraphon battletome cover doesn't match existing models exactly... it's not real. That's right, it's a fake battletome. In fact, Seraphon are get squatted and this is just an elaborate practical joke by GW to poke fun at lizard lovers one more time.
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