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  1. Yeah, I'm expecting more chaos warbands. I'm guessing a Necromunda-like think where there will be new chaos warbands and models, but non-chaos factions will be wither White Dwarf or Warhammer Community rules rules for existing models.
  2. Hmm, so now all the initial Warcry warbands are revealed. Curious to see what the starter box warbands will be. The only one I'm even remotely interested in is the Iron Golems because they appear to have a chaos dwarf. I'd be all over a Nurgle warband too. The barbarian warband is okay too, but in general I'm not a huge fan of fantasy/AoS chaos humans outside of Nurgle(though I do like me some 40k chaos space marines, and general mortal chaos). I'm curious to see how the non-chaos factions look. Some comments around here seem to be expecting new models a la Shadespire for non-chaos warbands, but has there been any solid info on that? Right now I'm assuming it's going to be like Genestealer cults or Chaos cults in Necromunda where there will be lists made available to use existing models, but not a main focus based on the initial info from GW that other factions would be coming, but maybe I missed something. I guess we'll start seeing info on the actual game next week if it's the "next week's preorder", so I'm curious what it'll end up being. I like my skirmish crunch(generally I like crunch inversely proportional to game size, so AoS rules at 2k points is great, but at skirmish is terrible), but I'm guessing that we're past he point that we'll ever see WS vs WS in a GW game, but even if to hit is static, I'm hoping there's at least something less flat in to wound. At the very least, I'm hoping there's some options for weapons, wargear, etc, but I think my hope may be in vain. I haven't taken a close enough look at the released images to see if any of the models have had different wargear. I'm hoping it'll at least be closer to Necromunda or Kill Team in that respect. If it's fantasy Necromunda, I'll be happy enough.
  3. Looks like we know why compendium units made it into the GHB this year, now GHB and official errata are now the only official source of truth for pitched battle points and they even cleaned out a few old ones that snuck in. On one hand it does put a much more solid stamp of approval on compendium units that are now in the book, but at the same it's now more definitive about units that moved to Warhammer Legends now no longer being in pitched battle AoS anymore, though presumably even one they show up in Legends, they're still valid until the next years's GHB that removes them, unless they do like they've doing here and remove them via errata once their Legends rules come out. NOTE: When I say removing units after they show up in Legends, I'm referring to compendium units only, as several current models also show up in legends.
  4. Wasn't that already FAQ'd before? Was a first edition FAQ that didn't get fixed in the rules and just now getting reFAQ'd for 2nd?
  5. And to make endless spells actually relevant, I'm thinking of 50 free points for endless spells. You can spend more, but anything over 50 will eat into army points.
  6. So I'm looking at putting together a campaign that growth and rewards element of Path to Glory, but being a bit more balanced. I'm looking at combining points, the new open war army generator, and regiments of renown. I'm still working out the details, but would like some feed back on my ideas for army advancement So for armies, it'll operate partially like a typical escalation league where it goes up by 250 points each game(just points, no matched play restrictions for battleline, etc), but the twist will be that for every 250 points you'll roll on the new unit draft generator in the 2019 GHB 3 times, You'll be able to use any of the unit rolls for whatever you have the points for. If you have one unit that used all the points, you can use one unit roll and bank the rest. Between games you'll also be able to reorg your army based on the unit rolls and the points you have. Once you use a unit type for a specific unit it's locked in, but until then you can decide later what it'll be. Basically the units you have are what's available, but you have to fit them in to points you have, which I guess is sort of like your supply available. When you win a battle, you'll get two things. One will be an extra roll on the unit type table(i.e. 4 instead of 3 so you have more army composition options) and you'll get to pick a unit to roll on the regiments of renown table(I've considered additional artifacts and additional spells as options too). A twist will be that if a unit is destroyed in a battle, afterwards you'll have to roll for it and on a 1 (or maybe 1 or 2), that unit is destroyed along with any upgrades, so that would be a reason to maybe save your army composition resources since you won't lose the points for that unit just the unit type. That's really just the army composition part. It's going to be a map based campaign overall. Some territories will be have a set type of battle such a fortress present will mean the a siege scenario with the owner being the defender(or a roll off if it's not owned by either) and some will be preset for realm rules. For instance it'll be set in the realm of Ghur, so one territory at least is going to be the roaming beasts option(or what ever it's called) but it'll be specifically two giants since it's an area with lots of giants. Others will be basic areas where we'll roll for scenario and the realm rules table. Also the the possible artifacts as rewards will probably be rolling on the realm of Ghur artifacts only. I might also restrict the Ghur spells as rewards only rather than every wizard in the realm knows them. I think that'll keep the balance of artifacts and spells in check a bit rather than faction spells and artifacts. Thoughts?
  7. Having flat to hit and to wound numbers is certainly on the more abstract end of the scale, but I'm generally okay with it for mass battle games where that abstraction lets the game move a little more quickly, though I don't find that similar sized AoS games are that much faster than 40k. I do feel that the more abstract rules start to break down as games get smaller and don't feel as good thematically and fixed hit and wounds are just garbage at skirmish scale. I keep trying it, but AoS skirmish is just to simplified to be interesting to me for long. That's my biggest worry about War Cry, that SvT seems to be a 40k only concept these days and I'm worried we'll end up a too streamline skirmish game. Actually biggest fear with War Cry is that they're going to keep all mechanical crunch out of the core mechanics to the point where they're toddler friendly, and instead move any complexity to a card based deck building system.
  8. For my Nurgle, Nighthaunt/Death,(now) Gloomspite, and KO armies, (along the random models I don't have armies for) they were picked purely because I really like the models. Game play didn't really come into it getting them initially, it does have some effect on my current feelings towards a particular army, though it's less about being the best and more about being the most fun to play. Even though I've always been a huge Dwarf fan, I have to say the KO are far from the top of my liked list and are practically a display only army at this point. I probably have the most fun playing my Gloomspite Gitz army even they they may not be my best army on the table top, but when I lose with them it's always very thematic and generally, which is more than I can say for the KO(Dwarfs with bad leadership and bristling with guns they can't shoot reliably).
  9. I'm very interested to see how that works out. I like 1000 point games in theory, but in practice that point level seems to have much larger swings in army power level and game over all seems to be better balanced at 2000 points.
  10. Did they actually explain the separate Pitched Battle Profiles 2019 book anywhere? Looking at the picture, it looks like it's a much smaller book with a saddle stitch binding they used for cheap books(Path to Glory and Skirmish) and box set books. Hopefully it's a cheap thing where you can buy the points only, but they'll still be in the GHB. If not, I'd probably still skip it and use Warscroll builder exclusively for points.
  11. I know some people where underwhelmed by the the Fyreslayers release, but I think it did at least make them play a little more thematic to their, which is a direction I like over every battletome being powercreep. I hope KO at least get that treatment. Right now on the table they're fragile little guys who can't shoot.
  12. Yeah, initial teaser was pretty wide open, but the "contrast" one narrows it down a lot. A new line of washes and/or technical paints does seem like the safest best now. If that is the case, I wonder if they'll be designed to all go over a white/light grey base and the color is in the wash/technical paint, or if they'll be designed to go over different base colors and simply provide more contrast than current washes when over a base color.
  13. A new hero and endless spells coming from Sylvaneth, have I missed the announcement of a new Sylvaneth battle tome, or is that just a super safe bet?
  14. Even though I have a goblin army and no tree people, I think I like the Syvaneth guy a lot more than the new warboss. I'm not a huge fan of the overly dynamic posing of GW models of late or of the "off the ground, but sort of touchings something (at least there's no modeled smoke, water or "magic" those are especially bad). I'd definitely take the new warboss over the old fine cast version, but I think I still prefer the ForgeWorld version.
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