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  1. bsharitt

    Next Round of Start Collecting/Battleforce Sets

    I'm going to work under the assumption that GW is going to do new battle force boxes for Christmas this year(though did the last year ones stay around a lot longer than 2016?). We got a Khardron battle force the Christmas following their release, so I could see an Idoneth battle force this year. Since they're in the starter I would be slightly surprised to see Nighthaunt get a battle force, but not too much. and not surprised at all if there is a Stormcast battle force that leans heavily into Sacrosanct(maybe all sacrosanct). If Moonclan comes out this year, I think it'll be too late, so Destruction may get skipped again. Actually, I think a Moonclan battle force is more likely if we don't see new Moonclan. A darkhorse candidate for Destruction could be bonesplitters. We've had khorne, we've and Tzeentch, so I think there's a pretty good chance that Nurgle could be the chaos representative this year. Daughters of khaine are probably another good pick for a battle force box. My guesses for battle force boxes from most to least likely are: Idoneth Deepkin Maggotkin of Nurgle(maybe mortal, maybe mixed, maybe daemons) Stormcast Sacrosanct Dadughters of Khaine Nighthaunt Other death(Zombie based?) Slaves to Darkness Moonclan Random Destruction grab bag Bonesplitterz Slaanesh That's battle forces for this year. If we see new Start Collecting I think they'll be next year and I think we'll see Idoneth Deepkin, Stormcast Sacrosanct, and maybe Nighthaunt. We never saw a mortal tzeentch starter, so I'm not sure what the odds of one for mortal Nurgle is. Given the prices of the allies box and that DoK don't have a cheaper center piece model for a Start Collecting, I don't know if we'll see on from them. The big problem is they don't have a small cheap hero. If they did, I could see witchelves, the flying ladies and cheap hero. Maybe winged ladies with cauldron of blood, but even that seems like a long shot. I'm a little iffy on the Nighthaunt because they'll still be pretty new and there is the Start Collecting malignants, even if it is an imperfect starter. While could see it going away due to being an imperfect start for Nighthaunt, it's still a workable starter for Legions of Nagash.
  2. bsharitt

    Destruction Base Sizes inquiry

    The giants do indeed come with 90mmx52mm. That must be one that not enough people complained about when they went back and fixed them the first time.
  3. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah, while I don't like the dire wolves models, regular wolves look too.. regular. I ended up going with wild wargs from their Middle Earth stuff, and while they don't look dead, they do look just weird enough that they don't look like plain old wolves.
  4. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I wonder how hard it is for GW to setup a made to order run of plastic vs resin/meta(I think the two batches we had for Warhammer Legends so far have been resin or metal, but I could be wrong). If there's not a manufacturing hurdle, I would be more surprised if they didn't comeback as a limited made to order run. Agreed that at this point they'd do a new release rather that full scale manufacturing for a full release and at this point I don't see them narratively slotting the Tomb Kings back in.
  5. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    The reason I think they'll keep the mangler squigs is because its a "modern" Finecast kit as opposed to a recast of the metal stuff(thanks for the history lesson in the other thread btw) and still fits the more modern aesthetic of late fantasy and AoS and they've kept to good finecast kits in factions that where otherwise heavily overhauled(Khorne and Nurgle).
  6. bsharitt

    Fimir Are Now Battleline!

    I wonder how they could weasel their way into that. Since the GW books never acknowledge FW stuff, it'll never be in the GHB. I guess they could give the hag as special rule on her warscroll that decrees when she is taken as general, troggoths gain battleline.
  7. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I think a Nighthaunt warband was almost a given, it's nice to have some details on what direction GW might go with it. I've been expecting a squad of Cairnwraith looking guys, but she sounds like should be more interesting.
  8. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I don't think a Moonclan release will be pulling in the Gitmobs, spider fang or any other goblins. I'm expecting them to lean into squigs, mushrooms, and the cave dwelling aspect. If @LLV's information is right, plastic squigs and I would guess plastic squig riders to bring them in line with any new squigs might be a good guess, especially if they overhaul the general squig design. All the current plastic will probably remain unchanged. Of the fine cast stuff, I expect the the Mangler Squigs to stick around, and maybe the squig herders, though that they come with the current find cast squigs does complicate that. New warboss options wouldn't surprise me, at least for the mounted version and maybe a replacement for the metal on foot guy. The metal stuff seems like it would be a prime candidate to replace, but I don't know if I could see them replacing the metal shamans with yet another shaman with the fungoid cave shaman being around. Maybe the current shaman warscroll goes away and the cave shaman warscroll be comes THE shaman warscroll for old and new alike, but that seems messy. For brand new stuff, that's a tough one. There's all kinds of ways they could do "specialist" goblin squads, and I wouldn't be suprised to see one or two different kinds. Even though I don't think they'll bring in gitmobs, I could see them borrowing ideas from them and doing maybe some kind of sneak assassin squad thing, but not in a hide in a unit way like the nasty skulkers(we have fanatics already), but maybe like the the skaven gutter runners. While goblins aren't usually know for having elite troops, but something fun might be to have a squad that eats special mushrooms to give them super strength. Do something like the shamans where at the beginning of the combat phase you choose to have them eat a mushroom and roll a die and on a 2+ they get an superpowered(for a goblin) stat line, but on a one, they have normal goblin stats(they have these if they don't eat the mushroom) and can't be chosen to fight. There's tones of ways GW could do specialist squads and I hope they get really creative.
  9. bsharitt

    AoS 2 - Moonclan Discussion

    Question about the history of squigs. So I got in a pack of squigs(non-gnarly) and some squig hoppers and I noticed that the squigs and all the hoppers but one have copyright year of 2000 on their base slot inserts while the last hopper, who looks different from the rest, has 93 as the year. The squig of the 93 hopper looks like the gnarly squigs and I was wondering if they're that old too(I can't check my own gnarly squigs as they're assembled and painted). It's question of little relevance, but I was just curious.
  10. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I hope so and my hope is keeping me from going full squig army right now. I just got in one more pack of the current squigs to hold me over. I'm just hoping any new squigs fit in nicely with the current ones.
  11. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I have it from a reliable source* that there's a 37% chance Skaven will see an update before 2039. *Not reliable with rumors, just a guy I can count on
  12. bsharitt

    Warscroll Builder Update

    My edited to nothing post above was asking about that, then I noticed the change.
  13. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    40k Orks or Moonclan Grots, I just hope which ever it is, we get add on squigs in the quantity that Nurgle kits get Nurglings. That really needs to be a thing.
  14. bsharitt

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    So the rumor is that Chainrasps are $40 for a box of 10, and the price seems confirmed from a couple of sources and while there's some disagreement , but there's some does that affect anyone's future army construction? I wasn't going to go full maximum horde, but I was thinking of running two or three units of 20, but since I already have the spirit hosts and hexwraiths who are battleline, I might be keeping a more elite army. It's not a major issue and might be for the best since the command abilities that bring back models bring back whole models rather than just wounds worth of models and much more valuable on Hexwraiths and Spirit Hosts. What it does kill for me though is any idea of going back to a LoN army with chainrasps replacing all the zombies.
  15. bsharitt

    The Rumour Thread

    I think the odds of it being a squig or squig adjacent beast are good, but if if is, I'd say there's a 50/50 chance it's either Moonclan or 40k Ork(who are rumored to be getting new kits too).