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  1. I use the ship in two pieces, one placed defensively if possible, one used for area denial. If there's a lot of terrain on the board, you can use the shipwreck to very effectively shut down avenues of attack.
  2. The flavor text in the blog post makes me think the spears have an extra 1/battle activation ability, similar to the Morsarr Guard voltspears. The eels don't have to throw their spears away after using them, either.
  3. Base size is sometimes referred to as the "hidden stat" in AoS. The size of the base a model is on affects how many models in a unit can enter combat, how easy it is to surround a model, and how much area a unit can deny on the table. For instance, the Idoneth Deepkin infantry (Namarti Thralls) are on 32mm bases and have attacks with 1" reach. Since 32mm > 1", that means any models behind the first rank of a unit in combat cannot attack.
  4. My Idoneth are inspired by a mention of the legendary White Blade in the battletome, lost by a Dhom-Hain queen ages ago. They're an offshoot of the Dhom-Hain enclave, questing in Ghyran to look for the sword. Their coral shapers tend to work with abalone and mother of pearl to try to replicate the ancient forging techniques. (Which means I get to paint weapons and armor in awesome pearlescent colors.) Being originally from Ghur, they tend to look at the process of soul-harvesting as simply part of the food chain, and are fairly pragmatic in attitude.
  5. Looks great! I just finished my Leviadon this weekend, too!
  6. If you let them dry inside, it should be fine as long as they don't get rained on or anything.
  7. Not sure if this counts as "hobby chatter," but I won a game for the first time last night and had a great time! My opponent had excellent sportsmanship and we both had lots of fun. It really energized me after feeling a little demoralized about painting my gigantic Leviadon.
  8. I think the shooting unit would have to split the attacks, due to the rule specifying "missile weapons" instead of "unit." But I'm a noob and therefore could be incorrect.
  9. Is it okay to kill to survive? The Idoneth don't go raiding for the fun of it (except maybe the Fuethan). Their infants are born with a terminal disease. Wouldn't you do anything to save your child? The "light of reason" also drove many Idoneth exposed to it into madness. Teclis was not gentle with his investigation. It's Warhammer, grimdark gonna grimdark.
  10. Even without the soul-stealing aspect, the Idoneth and Lumineth are set up for conflict based around the whole "sky daddy doesn't love me" vs "perfect golden child" themes.
  11. Don't we already have the "noble warriors slowly losing emotions" thing with Stormcast?
  12. If the entire community is fickle enough to jump to whatever has the most OP rules without considering if they like the models, then maybe goofy looking models are what they deserve. However, I'm sure the aesthetics are what draw people to the game or a particular army in the first place. That was certainly the case with me. All the advice out there for getting into AoS is "pick whatever army you like the most." A powergamer looking for nothing more than to win at a strategy game has much more accessible options than this game with so much time, money, and lore dedication. I'd guess that most players care at least a little about how their army looks. Perhaps people just warmed to the OBR after spending time with the models? We've only seen a few glimpses of Teclis from limited angles so far - maybe he'll be better once we get our hands on him.
  13. I was tempted by the same idea, but ultimately decided not to go with it due to my love for the Akhelian King model and a desire to avoid painting dozens of infantry models. I think you could make it work, even though it's not a top tier competitive list. I would probably throw in an Aspect of the Sea and Lotann to pump up the Namarti some more.
  14. 9pm PST Thursday/5am GMT Friday, according to the banner on Warhammer Community.
  15. Why would anyone want to block Icegoat? They're an endless source of free entertainment.
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