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  1. Slaves to Darkness and Stormcast are meaningless without the regular human. Regular humans are what define them. Having a world where all the humans are either roided chaos warriors or roided angels is not healthy for the story. Freeguild aren't going anywhere.
  2. I paint my Troggoths by subspecies, and usually somewhat close to the classic looks. Rockguts grey-blue, Fellwaters green and Dankholds purple.
  3. I'm glad you performed well. StoD have been slowly gaining traction in the competitive scene, although this is likely due to less opportunities to play right now rather than anything else. It's a secret competitor which I think gets overlooked too often.
  4. What if these are Vampirates who use dragon wings as sails?
  5. Have you considered not buying the CP to get a Triumph?
  6. The Dankhold has odd numbered toes as well, it's intentional.
  7. The skin for the Dankboss and Rockgut is just a basecoat with a lot of time spent drybrushing and stippling, avoiding the recesses. I was lighting it with my work lamp so it was all pretty bright. The Hag was done with contrast, and thanks to her wrinkles and rolls, it was a single coat and done. I then varnished them with whatever GW's current product is; the closer you varnish the more satin it is, so with the Hag I achieved a wetter look, while the others I held it farther away. I'm going to be using contrast for my Mega Gargant.
  8. I ended up having a quick doodle of the Gobbletrogg and added flavor to his warscroll.
  9. So I was thinking about Mega Gargants after having built my Warstomper, and remembered in the Gitz tome it mentions that Dankholds can grow to fit the space they're sleeping in, and that the tallest are nigh as tall as Gargants, and that makes me wonder if that also refers to Mega-Gargants, given both excerpts. So, I threw together some rules for what I'd expect the biggest, dumbest Dankhold to be. I might even draw it as a design. I picture it as a bloated, slobbering toad of a Troggoth who's so fat its legs barely work and it drags itself with its arms. I'd expect it to be in the 550-600 point range.
  10. It says in the Gitz tome that Dankholds can grow to fill the cavern they're sleeping in, and that the tallest are nigh as tall as Gargants. Makes me wonder if that was referring to the biggest Gargants, i.e Mega Gargants, because a colossal Dankhold would be amazing.
  11. Grunnock as a merc seems pretty decent in some armies. I can see him having worth in StoD and Beasts of Chaos as an independent Hero who can do their own thing. At least, in my experience, StoD don't have a Hero outside of Archaon that can operate without an entourage following them everywhere they go, so having a big melee Hero like him is quite valuable. When you consider you can get Grunnock and 40 Marauders for the price of Archaon he actually looks pretty good. Also, StoD struggle with consistent rend -2. His earthquake is also absolutely huge, which can be used to protect your Marauders. The -1 CP isn't even that big a deal when you consider most StoD buffs aren't command abilities.
  12. Here's a few comparison pics with the Dankboss himself; the Duke of Mork, and some other Troggs
  13. The difference between mancrushers and megas are about Β£45 I think, so that's a win.
  14. The Ossiarch player was removing their command models?
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