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  1. If there were to be an update, Guard and Gunners/ Crossbows would definitely get it. Alongside a new General on foot sculpt and some hero on Demigryph I reckon. Probably not much more than that though.
  2. While Gunners, Guard and Crossbowmen look their age, they do hold up when looking at them ranked up in large units from above, particularly if they have a striking colourscheme. Individually though they are a bit on the derpy side. I think Freeguild look really good collectively, but those aforementioned models do stand out if on their own. If you really wanted to spend the cash you could take Greatswords and give them guns/ guard weapons.
  3. The guy who pointed Slaanesh was using Internet Explorer
  4. I've told my Slaanesh friend he can use the old points, since they were clearly already pointed for AoS 3.0. No point letting GW get away with everything. It's use old points or shelve them.
  5. My regular opponent always runs at least one chariot as a pinning piece; it's pretty decent at that. If one's army only stayed the same then they're buffed by proxy, as most other armies have gone up.
  6. Warriors with easy access to 3+ rerollable saves with a 5+ MW ward when we're seeing a general toning down of lethality due to coherency and general points increases is no joke. I know they can't kill anything but they don't need to when they won't budge.
  7. My Freeguild army had any points increases absorbed by the loss of the battalions. Knights and Griffon down is great when compared to the rest of the game they could have gone up. Overall I'm very happy, my Freeguild are dancing over here, unscathed. I used guard to MSU screen so I'm not bothered by their change. Although, again, everyone else suffered the same. Still rocking my greatswords since as I said before, increases got ate by the loss of battalions.
  8. Yndrasta specifically interacts with CoS, so I doubt they'd get rebranded. If anything I expect Dawnbringer Crusade to be a supplement to CoS, like Stormkeeps were.
  9. Iirc one of the reviewers for Dominion said they received it 2 days before, and it's now 2 days before.
  10. I use Greatswords as my back-up hammer and third threat, in case my demigryphs are compromised. They only got better in 3.0. They do need another workhorse on the field to draw heat away from them though. I Always take a unit of 30 to sure up my midfield.
  11. I think what we'll see is Ward be used for when they want to negate both, and whatever unique rules currently exist for MW only wards. I doubt the latter is going away, or if it is it'll take an extremely long time to phase them out and rebalance.
  12. Do both CAs activate in the charge phase? If so one unit can't receive a command twice. Or do you mean 2 different units can be shooting?
  13. They're both wards, but the Amulet is against both MWs and Wounds while Hide is just MWs. I highly highly doubt they'd faq all wards to be the same, or StoD stonks are going to hit the stratosphere.
  14. While Troggoths came out the best out of the Gitz, I'm likely going to wait to see if we're getting a 3.0 book in the not too distant future, which I suspect we will. The loss of Megamob makes be reconsider taking the subfaction. A lot of 3.0 changes interfere with how Gitz as a whole plays, so I'm just going to wait and see before committing to them again. Rockguts hitting on 2s is great though, but I'm not sure if that's enough to carry the game. My Freeguild of Hammerhal army is absolutely loving 3.0. I'm losing Hammerhalian Lancers, but any potential points increases should get absorb
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