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  1. They can. They meet the requirements, and the Bad Moon affects units differently than most allegiance abilities because it also directly affects enemy units under the same conditions.
  2. I don't understand the want to change Freeguild. Just make a new human faction. Freeguild are a specific military order, and are only prevalent because there isn't anything else to fill that niche at the moment. Furthermore, very few people play/ collect Freeguild specifically (not just as stuff in CoS) yet many seem to have an opinion on how they should be changed to fit their view. I don't want my Freeguild to change by people without a vested interest.
  3. I just wanna run Galen Ven Denst 😢
  4. Specific army centerpieces such as high leader units should be limited to 1 per army depending on context. It makes no sense that my army can field 2+ Freeguild GENERALS, Frostlords, Megabosses, Abhorrent Ghoul KINGS etc etc. That's not how power structures work in a functional army. It would also curb spamming. At least give sub-commander options like the Drakesworn Templar to his Lord Celestant on Stardrake. I know this is a high fantasy game but please let's just have some reality to bring it together... GW letting us build armies of all dragons is a mistake and only encourages spam. How many times have we seen a new army drop and the article tell you you can build a whole army of (insert efficient monster/ elite unit here)? The game is better when most army composition actually looks like an 'army' and not 3 Frostlords and the extras tacked on. Armies composed of a couple powerful monsters is infantile and lazy, making it look like I'm smashing my Transformers into your plastic soldiers. I know we're playing a game with models but there is nuance here. Sons of Behemat get a pass. Let's not pretend these armies are the thematic force of a steam tank company and their support, they're pick 3+ of the smashiest monster and throw it at your opponents face overarm. And this isn't even a 3.0 problem. GW's insistence on complete flexibility and freedom is detrimental to the game as it's open to abuse. Sorry not sorry.
  5. I wanted to change the rider to a grot and maybe replace the head. As for the Sloggoth i snipped off the weird spiky growths on it, as they make no sense to me. As for the spears I made, I just took some Stabbas' spears and cut the blade off at the wrap and glued it to the catcher-poles to make long pikes.
  6. Good job. I got my Mirebrute and Troggwagon today and wanted to convert the brute but alas I didn't have the materials. Made the Troggwagon a bit more gitzy and turned the catcher poles into spears.
  7. As an artist myself, I think the appealing thing about GW miniatures, is that they are technically impressive and detailed, while also being manageable from a hobby perspective. There's plenty of models that have overwhelming, impressive detail that GW doesn't do, and in a vacuum makes GW seem like childsplay, but in this context that's not the point. GW is a perfect balance of form and function, which is why I would say they are the best toy soldiers company.
  8. If we see less mega-monsters with 3+ saves then save-stacking is okay. Hopefully the new Mawkrusha scroll is a precedent for things to come. I don't care about the 6 wound hero on a 3+, but Archaon is an issue with a 3+.
  9. Yes you can take a mega-merc, I believe the details for it are in the SoB book. They can't take artifacts as they are mercenary/ ally units. They're essentially pseudo-named characters for that reason. I actually use Grunnock with my Troggoth army and he's pretty good.
  10. Correct. Since I only have one cast in this build it's either Mystic Shield or Pha's Protection, depending on which is better for the situation.
  11. I only use Freeguild Guard in 10s as screens and objective holders. I run 30 Greatswords protected by a Luminark as my main infantry unit. Really good as a mid-field objective holder and will annihilate almost everything that engages them. Much easier to protect now thanks to easy +1 saves and Rally. Ideally they'll be at -1 to hit, +1 save and 6+ ward, since they don't need +1 to hit thanks to a General being nearby.
  12. I had my first game of 3.0 yesterday. It took about 4 hours to get to grips with it. Troggoths (not Gloggs Megamob) vs Legion of the First Prince on the new Shifting Objectives. Straight off the bat the game was back and forth thanks to Battle Tactics, which is a great addition. The smaller table meant things happened faster, and I had no issue maneuvering my Troggs across the battlefield. All Out Defense helped keep everyone's models on the table for longer which is just a positive, although my Troggs have no issue breaking armor in general. Loads of CP on both sides and reactionary abilities made the game so much more engaging for both players. The game went surprisingly well for a first game and I won 25-24, which is remarkably close all things considered. When I first read about them I thought battle tactics were a bit meh, but having played them they're both easy enough to achieve and not intrusive to your playstyle that they're a welcome addition, and definitely lets an army that can't keep up on objectives to catch up, which in this case was Legion of the First Prince because Troggoths hitting on 2+ tear through everything. Grand Strategies are probably too easy to score and so cancel themselves out, although I nearly managed to stop my opponent's Prized Sorceries after assassinating a Gaunt Summoner with a teleporting Hag vomit and nearly killing Be'lakor, who escaped thanks to Heroic Recovery (which is another great addition to keep your Heroes in the thick of it, since everyone wants their toys staying on the table). Be'lakor can really put in work this edition and nearly took out my Hag immediately with +1 to hit and wound, although she just survived. For any Gloomspite players reading, I feel like Troggoths are the way to go this edition, if you don't already.
  13. He whiffed with All out Attack and/ or Finest Hour? Those are what makes him Battleboss again. Edit: I just read you run a different boss
  14. Just played my first game of 3.0 with my Troggs vs Legion of the First Prince. I played the new Shifting Objectives to start off simple. Game ended 25-24 in my favor; the new Battle Tactics is a great addition and made the game really interesting. Despite smashing a lot of his army, by being able to achieve Battle Tactics his hold and control playstyle was able to keep up despite losses. Battleboss defeated a Bloodthirster in mostly single combat (a lone rockgut contributed nothing); the thirster had reroll saves too. The ability to react to your enemy on their turn is an amazing addition. Despite being a slow game, since it was our first, I think 3.0 is going to be excellent. Be'lakor is the biggest ****** to kill and I nearly did, but Heroic Recovery kept him in it.
  15. It's either Monstrous Arcanum, OR, as per how point publications specify, the most recent iteration of those points. I imagine that'd be GHB 2020. Most points are the same between the two, I think it was just the Idol that is different.
  16. As Ganigumo said, she is currently legal under the Monstrous Arcanum document. I do expect to see it updated but if she was going to go away she'd have been removed from the webstore a while ago. 3.0 is now officially here so I highly doubt we'll see any FW models be dropped.
  17. My first Gitz list for 3.0. Warscroll builder didn't seem to want to export to pdf so a screenshot will do. I'm feeling pretty hopeful about this one. I'm not taking Glogg's anymore as the main appeal is gone and the Loonshrine buff is separate. I'd rather have a Troggboss that can get stuck in than +1 to regen and a spell save. Heroic Recovery can makeup for the regen loss. Smash-Boss is back! And actually better since he's not relying on Ghyrstrike to get +1 to hit and wound. Normally I take Fellwaters in 3s, but a 6 man can utilize Unleash Hell way better and is a pretty big charge deterrent. One thing I did notice is that Alpha Trogg might be a decent pick as it improves Heroic Recovery while buffing bravery, and with IP being once per turn it's useful. Initially I was going to shelve my Gitz for the time being as the changes in 3.0 seemed a bit radical for Gitz but on second thoughts I think this list might end up being stronger than before. Troggs hitting on 2s with All out Attack is scary.
  18. If there were to be an update, Guard and Gunners/ Crossbows would definitely get it. Alongside a new General on foot sculpt and some hero on Demigryph I reckon. Probably not much more than that though.
  19. While Gunners, Guard and Crossbowmen look their age, they do hold up when looking at them ranked up in large units from above, particularly if they have a striking colourscheme. Individually though they are a bit on the derpy side. I think Freeguild look really good collectively, but those aforementioned models do stand out if on their own. If you really wanted to spend the cash you could take Greatswords and give them guns/ guard weapons.
  20. The guy who pointed Slaanesh was using Internet Explorer
  21. I've told my Slaanesh friend he can use the old points, since they were clearly already pointed for AoS 3.0. No point letting GW get away with everything. It's use old points or shelve them.
  22. My regular opponent always runs at least one chariot as a pinning piece; it's pretty decent at that. If one's army only stayed the same then they're buffed by proxy, as most other armies have gone up.
  23. Warriors with easy access to 3+ rerollable saves with a 5+ MW ward when we're seeing a general toning down of lethality due to coherency and general points increases is no joke. I know they can't kill anything but they don't need to when they won't budge.
  24. My Freeguild army had any points increases absorbed by the loss of the battalions. Knights and Griffon down is great when compared to the rest of the game they could have gone up. Overall I'm very happy, my Freeguild are dancing over here, unscathed. I used guard to MSU screen so I'm not bothered by their change. Although, again, everyone else suffered the same. Still rocking my greatswords since as I said before, increases got ate by the loss of battalions.
  25. Yndrasta specifically interacts with CoS, so I doubt they'd get rebranded. If anything I expect Dawnbringer Crusade to be a supplement to CoS, like Stormkeeps were.
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