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  1. My FLGS still has several original starters on the shelf. I don't think any organized play ever started (and certainly not during the pandemic) so there hasn't been a ton of interest.
  2. I bought way too heavily into Warcry and have quite a bit (mostly still new in shrink) to get rid of. I don't have a long history on TGA (joined just for Warcry) so I have a link to my Geek Market listing where I do have a long history. Items of note being NiS terrain sets and all of the original card packs. https://boardgamegeek.com/geekmarket/product/2129183 Edit: All sold.
  3. Onslaught is just better than most doubles (and doesn't care about value) so is probably too good. It really comes from GW undervaluing attacks (crits are so important) and overvaluing toughness/strength. In fact, I'd still use it over most doubles if it only affected one activation instead of multiple.
  4. It seems too good. Just comparing it to the Ogor Breacher, it only costs a little more but is faster, tougher, has more health, and hits harder. I can't see very many games where you would even attempt to take him down unless it's required.
  5. I understand why now since each box just takes already made sprues from other boxes, it's just annoying as a casual non-AoS player that I can't get all units listed on the faction card from the Warcry specific boxes. I was fine with it when there weren't Warcry boxes for the AoS factions, but I really wanted the warband boxes to have at least one (depending on build choices) of each type of unit like the chaos warband boxes.
  6. From the image, it looks like the Stormcast box doesn't have a Gryphhound? That's disappointing, I feel like any Warcry specific faction box should at least be able to build 1 of each unit.
  7. While the FAQ answers the question for many abilities, there are some (like the above) that do not use the language "for each". I believe that means that it only applies once for the entire attack action as the FAQ specifically calls out "for each" which many abilities have, while this and some other abilities omit the "for each" language. This is either sloppy inconsistent writing or an intended difference. The above ability does indeed seem broken if it applied to each hit/crit (as does the Gitz Sneaky Stab) and I assume they deliberately left out the words "for each" to bring them in line.
  8. Exactly. I have to believe that the word "each" was specifically left off for this reason as it's well beyond anything that any other quad provides otherwise.
  9. The player with initiative does assign all dice first. The word any is there to make it clear that you don't have to assign all of them and can save them for a future round. On a related note, I've seen lots of errors made regarding initiative after wild dice. If there's a roll-off to determine initiative before wild dice, then the other player must end with MORE singles to take initiative. You never roll-off again. If one player started with fewer singles, but after wild dice is tied in singles, then you roll-off. The important point is that you will never roll-off for initiative more than once per round.
  10. I don't mind it as much if that's all the quad does. I have a serious issue with those that interpret the "Sneaky Stab" Gloomspite quad as adding to each hit/crit. Note that their ability does not include the word each, so I don't believe it is intended to add to each. It would be beyond broken if it did add to each as it already allows a bonus move and a bonus attack. Adding to each would effectively make it the equivalent of the universal quad combined with the other "add to each" quads. I would absolutely refuse to play with someone insisting on an "add to each" Sneaky Stab.
  11. This is the 3rd time I've posted this answer in this thread. ALL 3 core sets share some universal cards (i.e. Hold Objective 1-5 cards, Annihilation, Conquest, etc Objective Cards as well as Confusion, Great Strength, Great Fortitude, etc power cards. Since these cards appear in all sets, they WILL NOT cycle out and can be used with any warband. With those and the faction cards, you can make a legal deck for any faction you want for the life of the game without EVER buying another pack. Many people hope/think that GW will re-release packs for old factions that include updated abilities and a full 12 card faction objective deck (they originally only have 9 faction objectives) to match those in Beastgrave (all warbands going forward will have full faction playable power and objective decks).
  12. The only Shadespire factions that were re-released in Nightvault were the 2 Shadespire core set factions, Steelheart and Reavers. The Nightvault boxes for those have different universals than in the core set and those cards (as they are Nightvault cards) are not rotating out in Beastgrave. As others have said, faction cards will never rotate out. You can use any of the Shadespire factions, you just can't use Shadespire specific universals with them. You can use any Nightvault universals as well as any Shadespire universal that also exists in Nightvault or Beastgrave (like Hold Objective X, Great Strength, etc.). This means you can always make a legal deck for any warband by taking the faction cards and adding in some of the universals that aren't rotating out.
  13. If you bought the standalone Steelheart box (the Nightvault one), then those cards are still allowed. Only Universals from Shadespire boxes have rotated out and that box was a Nightvault season re-release. If you're playing casually (probably so if you only have 4 factions), then you can use whatever you like with whatever season rules you like. If you want to play competetively, then you'll need to buy the new stuff anyway. Note that only season 1 Universals (not faction cards) are rotating out, but only those that were not reprinted in season 2 or 3. Cards like Hold objective x, Great Strength, etc are still fine from Underworlds.
  14. The Untamed Beast's First Fang's Harpoon Snag allows you to "pull" an enemy toward you. The ability says that the target makes a jumping move toward the First Fang to do this. Since this is worded as a move, does it mean that you can't pull an engaged enemy away? Normally a fighter can't move away when engaged, they must disengage (or move but end closer or as close to an engaged enemy than they started). Does this rule apply to a "forced" type move as well?
  15. Onslaught is better than almost all faction doubles. Due to crits being so important, number of attacks will almost always be more valuable than strength. It's unfortunate that abilities and points weren't balanced a bit better (attacks being undervalued with strength/toughness overvalued pretty much across the board).
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