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  1. No. There isn't. It is your subjective opinion. It is impossible to quantify this element as an objective truth, so you are just trying to assert your opinion as one to reinforce how valid you feel your opinion is.
  2. They fit my evocators just fine. However, there was a little modelling required to get the look just right. There is no "Neck" segment so I had to improvise with a bit of spru and some GS.
  3. Goodness....every time I check in on your progress I am always impressed. You inspire me to be a better hobbyist.
  4. I've had success with these from Fireforge Games. https://fireforge-games.com/military-orders/9-teutonic-knights.html I also used some from maxmini but I had to trim and file down the future bits. https://maxmini.eu/conversion-bits/head-swaps/steam-knights-heads-bits I found that Puppetswar.eu heads are a little small for me, but these aren't too bad since they have a hood. (The non-hooded just don't look like they fit) https://puppetswar.eu/hooded-crusader-helmets.html Demigryph knight heads work, as well as trimmed down empire knights heads. Goodluck!
  5. I LOVE your Demon prince. The head and face give it so much character.
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