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  1. Oh yeah, I also play Nighthaunt for this reason but it still saddens me that we don't have a real "Big bad scary unit" which many armies bring to the table. What I mean by that is we are a bit restricted in being forced to outmanouvre the enemy since many units can go toe toe with our best units.
  2. To be honest, I can't agree completly. We have a lot of tactics at our disposal but only through the Dreadblade Harrow and teleporting units on the field. The issue I see is most of our abilities (like attacking if we charge 10" or more are random and usually we can only reduce enemy bravery by 1 and can only combine it with a few abilities). It's still a hard and tactical army for sure but I don't see it as the nighthaunt per se but more about how the game is played. With this I mean the issue is more about the top armies is they have 1 or 2 playstyles which puts them above the rest which means they don't really need to learn it ecc. (like Idoneth or FeC). I think Nighthaunt are a wasted potential because we are fairly limited (in my opinion) on what we can actually do. Most of the time we need to rely on lucky rolls more than anything
  3. I for one think it looks great 😁
  4. To be honest, a lot of Battletomes look overcosted if you confront the points to the more recent Battletomes (Nighthaunt, Idoneth, Nurgle with high prices and Fec and Slaven with low points. I get the feeling we will see point reductions across the board.
  5. it could look a bit orkish, but if you higlight it well I think it could look great
  6. Is the "Alliance of wood and sea" playable in non-competitive games? Or does it ouright suck?
  7. I also see Slaanesh being really strong against elite armies but I think putting a lot of bodies on the field could be hard to handle for a slaaneshi player
  8. It's a bit sad to see that Idoneth are such a stale faction (stale for a fairly new faction) that there is little to no discussion because there is essentially only 1 competitive lost. I really hope that the GH2019 mixes things up a bit, I also have a little hope that they get 1 or 2 more units in 2020 even though seeing fireslayers it's really doubtful
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