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  1. I like the distinction between infantry and cavalry; I don't have an opinion based on the fluff but it is really cool to have rules internally that allow each faction to be independent of a certain ratio in the formation - i.e. not having to get stacks and stacks of mammoths or whatever because your infantry don't carry enough weight in their merit, and likewise not having to have a big infantry line because your cav and monsters have some rules that support a fully beefed up army of ogre riders It really supports playing into your style which is cool, and I don't want a merger that makes a lot of infantry having the 'leadbelcher effect' or some of the super elite units becoming super pricey in points for BCR players because all of a sudden they are wayyyy up there in power scale compared to the line infantry I really suspect that is the way it will happen - No grievance with our mournfang riding cousins though
  2. Going to take a shot in the dark here as I didn't take the time to read everyone elses feed back before I posted so feel free to pull back my gutplate and let it snap back real hard if I say anything stupid! I would like to raise a point around strategy games, especially RTS games and how unit management, field strategy, terrain tactics, and formation (that is a big one!) strategy plays directly against your point here; • Primarily card games are not comparable here; a card can not move, and is not based around probability (i.e. 1 in 6 chance of getting a 2 on a 1d6 roll to make that sweet sweet play) as opposed to fixed numerical values and options being spontaneously thrown into your plays at hand - if this were the case then instead of making all of these different attacking, hitting, and saving throws it would run more similar to "put all of your army into a hat, each turn draw a random unit card. These are your options for this turn. this is how much damage they will cause based on what our statblock tells you. Your only way to improve your outcome is to select units with larger stat blocks and more obscene abilities and pray to RNGsus that you can pull it out before you die" • in strategy games there is usually a large feature of assymetrical balance; more or less that each party doesn't need to follow the same rules as long as they perform within the same fundamental core rules and have a similar level of potential and probability based on their design purpose; it's as simple or as complicated as it wants to be - Rock > scissors > paper , Cav > Infantry > Archers, etc - byrules, traits, triggers, and other abilities and functions outside of statistics can make this much much more sophisticated I can go on about this for a while but think about it like this; Balance; In that while all armies, factions, or player choices may not have the same execution or allow for an identical approach to the same exact situations (i.e. an army of gutbusters will have a much harder time engaging an enemy using a missile focused army than if they just charged forth and got stuck in) the choices, factions, and armies should in all scenarios have the same weight and when weighed against eachother as options should neither leverage for or against the opposing choice as a whole, but have more weight in different situations than in others, and have an equal amount of ability to force their opponent to play into their advantage, or be able to adapt by adopting a different approach to the same playoff - the more accessible these options are to each player, the fairer the game is by not weighing down on certain choices this is just my impression though, take it with a grain of salt
  3. I agree about the belchers, my first thought was on the guts though as they are just super iconic of the gutbusters marching line! The big drawback in my opinion is that for the same points cost having a 12 pack of bulls procs way more benefits than four sets of leadbelchers, and their ranged damage is too unreliable for my gut instinct to say "okay, I feel like replacing some bulls with belchers is a safe and allpurpose choice" because let's face it, even if you were filling out a basic infantry line, they can't fire and advance and when they finally do get in close you may as well have picked the bulls right? and similarly with the ironguts they just pack so much more punch for their point cost to get a 3 pack of guts over a 3 pack of bulls without taking away from your meatblock of bulls and inhibiting all of those benefits.. not to mention the 'down to the ironguts' and 'bull charge' benefits Perhaps a good filler for this to make them a safer bet would be something like Crushing Bombardment - if any leadbelchers unit targets a unit with more than 8 models then add +2 damage to successful attacks or Cannon Fodder - every time a model is slain from an enemy unit by your leadbelchers in melee combat, roll 1d6 - if you roll a 2 or a 6 restore +1 wound It would probably cause less anxiety about cost efficiency, especially when (realistically) to compete with a lot of armies you really need some sort of ranged unit so you don't get blown apart so hard that when you finally arrive at the melee portion of the game you haven't spent the first turn or two taking models off the board due to your enemy having run of the mill missile units These would all be pretty fun to play test anyhow, it's a shame it might be a while before I have anyone I can play against
  4. One of my projects which I'm struggling with is inspired by Man O' War; Corsair basically I want a rule system to play as a TTRPG adapting wfrp2e rules or something similar so each player can make a character sheet for their captain that fields statistics of their ship and crew, and allows each player to sail the great ocean of the old world; the twist is that I want each main faction to be playable anyway, so I concepted a trireme for ogres called a gut-ship that has 4 ogres heaving oars on the lower deck and a bruiser-captain beating on a cooking pot as a pacing drum - the ship itself framed using an upturned skeleton of a huge beast which the head and tusks serve as obscenely brutal ramming pikes. The thought was that ogres naturally are hungry for their next battle and eagerly row their small crew of 8 into the frey, breaking their victims in two and murdering any survivors for their next meal while looting anything of value. The gut-ships would be a like a single decked tri-reme that is extremely short and fat as the power to weight ratio means that they need a whole lot less ogres to row and thus less banks of oars; when they get to ramming speed and close the gap they stow the oars and everyone gets above deck to prepare for the gutting of the enemy vessel. I figured no one should be obstructed from playing their favourite faction, even if it isn't supported on the tabletop usually. My other project is currently buying correctly sized terrain bases for all of my troops and rebasing each of them so I can give them a bit more flavour than these black squares (and it will let me convert to rounds as well), and assembling the rest of my gutbusters; If I were to do a unique tribe or character I would make a set of Ogre pistoleers, think moustachioed ogre bulls with braces of ogre pistols and a pistol grafted to each hand to look like it is being held properly - I imagine they would look quite dashing and be pretty charismatic on the table as display pieces
  5. If we are suggesting ideas for Gutbuster battletome benefits maybe; • Hungry for glory - Your Ogors are as self-centered as they are ravenous; In a melee they will attempt to butcher and devour the most of their target in hopes of gaining recognition among their tribe! If a unit you charge outnumbers your attackers 2 to 1 in model count gain +1 to all hit rolls made against that target by any melee troops for the rest of the turn • Ferocious appetite - Select up to 3 ironguts during the hero phase - for every attack made against them until your next hero phase, they make an attack on the nearest enemy within fighting range after the enemy attack has been resolved; Any successful hits inflict 3 mortal wounds [can only be used once per battle] This could be ridiculously overpowered but I haven't really thought it through - yet I was aiming for a more 'high risk, high reward' sort of buffer that would boost your smaller contingents of ogres and make smaller lists much more viable as you are far more likely to be outnumbered; the Ferocious Appetite rule just sounded to me like the right mix of crazy, fun, and characterizing of the faction Let me know what you lads (and ladies) think!
  6. If you're like me you will also find you are ridiculously more proficient at painting a specific army as opposed to your first attempts - I discovered I was pretty good at painting my ogres up as opposed to my.. disappointing w40k minis. sigh of regret With a bit of practice and determination I'm sure you'll do fine though! Just remember it's about having fun! Enjoy your stay here!
  7. Excellent choice! I can't really suggest much as far as army choices go but be sure to not spend money on a roster you don't enjoy yourself! I suggest using the Azyr app to look at individual unit stats if you are interested in familiarizing yourself with your army selection - it's free and is usually up to date! Enjoy your time here!
  8. Welcome to the forums, I mostly stick around in the gutbusters thread and news update topics, but I look forward to seeing more manlings to crush of your posts! Enjoy yourself!
  9. Rat's ay? Well.. it's better than eating nothing I guess! Welcome, and enjoy yourself!
  10. "You must just need to put on a few pounds! Being that skinny is really effecting your health! Trust me..." - The Ogre physician
  11. I feel like due to the small roster, subdividing gutbusters and/or BCR would really cause a big problem in model count and formation variety due to splitting a small roster into an even smaller roster I like the idea for fluff reasons but I don't think it should force you to use the rules if you really can't afford that blow to your unit selection
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