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  1. Some of the new universal cards. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/19/warhammer-underworlds-the-top-10-new-universal-cardsgw-homepage-post-4/
  2. That’s pretty much what I expect Slaanesh mortals to look like - armies of Cenobites in bondage gear. Just when you thought DoK were the most awkward faction to field in public...
  3. Alright, I did and I gave up at the part where they're torching villages. It's entirely my fault honestly. It's definitely well-written and enjoyed reading what I did read, but I can't enjoy killing random villagers to send a message. With skaven and greenskinz and even Nurglites, the evil things they do are balanced by their sense of humor, but here it's just... I don't know, really serious and efficient killing machines going around doing just that. Maybe it has to do with my upbringing in a third world country that's been razed to the ground multiple times. I just feel like a bad person now.
  4. I’m trying to make a marine/pirate-themed Flesh-Eater Court, with blue-green skin, fire-coral red hair/claws, and sandy bases. We’ll see how well it works. I also wanted to make stone Sylvaneth (as in fossil plants), but the test model I painted didn’t look how I thought it would and kind of demoralized me, so I’m back to square one in that regard.
  5. I thought the Underworlds characters worked best as alternate sculpts for heroes and unit leaders. The upcoming aether-khemist looks great (you can never have enough aether-khemists), you can use Zarbag as a madcap shaman, Skritch makes a nice skaven clawlord, etc.
  6. I fear that a KO release will be only a 2.0 tome, endless “spells”, and a terrain piece. Unless they really buff the skyvessels I’d rather wait for a bigger release later on. Right now the likeliest big release (besides Hedonites, which is confirmed) is Seraphon. The dinosaurs are one of GW’s hottest IPs (citation needed) and a huge update would sell like hot lizards. The entire KO range is new so it’s less likely.
  7. Which I’m not looking forward to. I actually like a lot of the Stormcasts and I don’t want AoS to slip into gratuitous grimdarkitude. Then again they could always have separate good and bad SC factions. And the circle is complete - 40k was once a 1:1 copy of WHFB, then AoS will become a 1:1 copy of 40k.
  8. Heck, I’d settle for a giant floating long-range turret as a terrain piece. But holding out for “Big Daddy” Terminator suits.
  9. Sylvaneth and Kharadron warbands next week! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/14/pre-order-preview-warbands-and-warlords-titans/
  10. Edited the post to add sylvaneth. Considering the title had pollen in it, that was stupid... Stormcast being denied long-lasting romantic relationships sounds like a possible plot hook (although if this leads to Vandus becoming Anakin I quit).
  11. I had one of those shower-thought moments where I started thinking about how the races of the Mortal Realms reproduce. I mean, someone's got to do it considering how many die on the regular. Which in turn led me to thinking about whether or not the separate genders are represented in the miniatures themselves. In this essay I will attempt to address these questions. I'll try to keep it G-rated and I'll try not to resort to magic to explain everything (although in a world where geology is shaped by giant magnetic griffins, using scientific reasoning is already a lost cause. Unless you hire me to fix your science, GW, I'm right here!). Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. Sources are in (). Humans: if you don't know now you never will. That said, can they reproduce with non-human races? Humans and aelves at least can have romantic liaisons (The Silver Shard) but they may not be procreative. Do Stormcasts reproduce? They're certainly capable of getting together (The Lightning Golem) but I haven't seen any sources about whether or not they're sterile. What happens to an unborn embryo if its parent is sent back to Azyr in a flash of lightning? These are the sort of questions that keep me awake at night. Aelves: Both male and female models exist, presumably they do it like they do on the Discovery Channel humans. Duardin: This one's interesting. Are duardin sexually dimorphic? Fyreslayers are all naked and bearded so I'm guessing they're all male, but considering that Kharadrons go around in diving suits and masks, for all we know half of them might be female behind those scowling bearded masks. We do know that female duardin exist, both in a domestic role (The Volturung Road, Overlords of the Iron Dragon) and as warriors/heroes (Battletome:Kharadron Overlords - Barak-Thryng panorama), and probably lack beards (ibid) so contrary to popular belief they do not pop out of holes in the ground. Personally I'd love to see female Kharadrons but that's probably not happening considering how much everyone likes their dwarfs "traditional". Sigh. Sylvaneth: Come in various flavors, but they might not necessarily be male and female in the way we understand it (plant reproduction is fascinating). They also have a sort of pseudo-resurrection in the form of lamentiri. Seraphon: From what we've seen so far they get conjured out of thin air by the Slann (Battletome:Seraphon) and so are the Order equivalent of daemons. But! There have been hints of skinks and saurus existing independently, and even suggestions of breeding pools (Dying Star), so there may yet be Seraphon colonies in the realms in the future. If the latter is true they probably reproduce asexually via breeding pool and have a strict caste system. Chaos Mortals: Ain't no time for raising a family when you're out killin' and corruptin'. Someone on the AoS subreddit actually made a convincing argument that Khorne Bloodbound live much like the Spartans did, leaving the heavy labor and reproductive duties to a dedicated slave class. Nurgle Maggotkin presumably are capable of loving (if disgusting) familial relationships considering the importance of acceptance and growth in their belief system. Tzeentch Arcanites probably don't have time for reproducing if it doesn't fit within their plans, and I doubt Slaanesh Hedonites can make long-term plans enough to include families. Chaos Daemons: The raw stuff of the Chaos Gods doesn't need to reproduce, but they apparently can do so (cf. Orghotts Daemonspew, yuck). Beasts of Chaos: No female models exist (at least, unless males and females look exactly alike). But there are multiple hypotheses for the asexual creation of these creatures (Battletome:Beasts of Chaos). Skaven: There have been no female Skaven models, sadly. I'm still holding out for that possibility, but the nature and existence of female skaven has been completely overlooked (Battletome:Skaven) with the exception of a fyreslayer raid into a skaven nest (The Volturung Road) in which the females are the same bloated breeding machines they were in WHFB. Re-sigh. Death (all races): Ghosts and skeletons can't reproduce (the latter can certainly bone though, haw haw). Vampires transmit the soulblight curse, but can they still reproduce after that? The only living Death factions are the Flesh-Eaters, and I can only assume that they think they're high-born families raising beautiful heirs to their kingdom. Greenskins (Orruks and Grots): No female greenskins, no idea. In 40K Orkz are sentient fungus that reproduce via spores, but there's been no sign of that in the AoS universe. Honestly I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't addressed in any of the battletomes so far. Squigs are indeed mobile fungus though, and they've been described as spawning from areas they died in (Battletome:Gloomspite Gitz). Ogors: Primarily male, but female ogors exist. There's I think just one maneater model that's female, and there's at least one memorable female ogor in the fiction (The Sea Taketh). Troggoths: That's right, female troggoths exist, and from the limited information we have (that being a single Fellwater Troggoth Hag), it would appear that troggoths are strongly sexually dimorphic, with females being larger, stronger, and smarter than the males. Plenty of opportunities for exploration in the fiction if you ask me. Gargants: Only one model (two if you go FW), it's male, no clue. Did I miss anything? Disagree with me? Let me know! E: edited to add Sylvaneth, embarrassingly.
  12. Someone's salty about not having giant steampunk airships and prosperous cities in the clouds.
  13. Is it any fun to read? I ask for a very stupid subjective reason, I’m finding that I have difficulty reading bad-guy-POV stories because I end up involuntarily empathizing with the people they’re killing/torturing/manipulating. I couldn’t finish Mortarch of Blood for that reason. Are the bad guys at least good and the good guys bad in their own ways?
  14. How do pure Moulder armies look? Obviously not competitive, mind, but the thought of a non-horde Skaven army full of Frankensteined monsters has a certain appeal. I’m considering babby’s first Skaven army, and playing Nurgle my first thought was Pestilens, but I’m not thrilled about preparing hundreds of plague monks.
  15. Surely the big red boi will unlock khorgoraths as battleline!
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