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  1. I got in here to ask the same question re: Aleguzzler, hah. What are Skragrott’s main uses in a trogg army?
  2. Thank goodness, maybe I could give my poor wallet a break.
  3. Not sure what you mean by “normal people” in the fluff. The books have plenty of average joes alongside the warriors, even the Varanspire has a mini-ecosystem of Chaos mortals living in its shadow (cf. Scourge of Fate). Or did you mean you wanted Civilian units to add to armies? They do nothing besides die when attacked (and at 1 wound and a - save, they die very quickly). On topic - the (inaccurate) stereotype of Egyptians being obsessed with death and mummies and deserts is something I’m personally sick of, and they’ll have to do something different for it to work. As for Bretonnians... you can get better models to reenact your romanticized Arthurian medieval period battles. It was a boring faction before and it still is.
  4. Are you really saying HH and 40k is not as “way too out there” as AoS? I’ve got bad news for you...
  5. It’s going to be like Warcraft III - there will be a unique Tavern terrain piece placed in the center of the map, and your heroes can stop by and spend command points to recruit heroes. (That wasn’t serious) But seriously, I’d imagine the more mercantile/unscrupulous/dimwitted species will be options. Can’t see Stormcasts or Khornates selling out like that, but ogors, grots, duardin, and maybe even skaven (?!) might be bought for a price, and you don’t recruit a troggoth or gargant as much as point it at the enemy and hope for the best.
  6. Alright, who saw this coming? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/04/26/first-look-warhammer-underworlds-online/
  7. Sylvaneth also are running off outdated “chapter tactics”. The old version forces you into a specific battalion, the new ones give you the keywords and abilities no matter what you’re running. In that aspect at least sylvaneth needed an update (Kharadrons, for example, already use the new system).
  8. Tzaangors are 40k-legal though, it wouldn’t be that difficult.
  9. Anyone know what this (circled) is? I feel like I’m missing something, this wasn’t revealed as an endless spell was it?
  10. IIRC in The Gates of Azyr the Stormcasts don’t even return to the heavens on a bolt of lightning, they just... die. It’s extremely primitive lore-wise. Sigmarchaeologists in the future will probably have a lot to say about it.
  11. Is that a Bleeding Tooth fungus troggboss?
  12. I was hoping to see Slaangors, but considering they dropped the ball on making new Pestigors I guess Tzaangors were an exception and not heralds of things to come. What would redesigned Slaangors look like anyway - antelope-headed creatures?
  13. This was a good read, but the whole time I was thinking that Arkas and his Celestial Vindicators should really have been Astral Templars. Everything about their personality screams Astral Templars.
  14. Jeez, that sounds awful. Is that what dedicated control warbands are like? What's the best thing to do in such a situation (besides smacking them upside the head with a Warlord Battle Titan)?
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