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  1. Which is depressing because AoS is a far more interesting setting than TOW ever was, but I guess in this age of ruthless capitalism derivative generic fantasy is going to be a safer stockholder investment than any attempts at originality. 😢
  2. I just can’t get used to the Slaves to Darkness acronym, it sounds nasty. The name itself is fine, it’s the acronym that bothers me.
  3. A truly balanced game would be like chess - both players using the exact same armies with the exact same terrain and starting points. Considering all the armies and playstyles, true balance would be next to impossible. And as previous posters said, new armies are released taking the older ones into account, so in general armies with newer rules are overpowered in comparison.
  4. There’s also the weird case of the pastiche supplanting the original. Old Warhammer FB was translated more or less 1:1 into space to become 40k, then 40k ended up far more popular than its parent. You could read articles about, say, “Warhammer” lore and it would be entirely about 40k. A lot of people (myself included...) knew of 40k’s emperor but didn’t know it was a parody of the old empire. So we have AoS trying to make itself its own thing and taking an opposite tack to its predecessors. This isn’t an opinion for or against the fantasy level, just a bit of context.
  5. Nagash’s latest faction: the Nagashizzar Ratcatchers. Their goal: building a better mousetrap.
  6. As someone who jumped in during AoS and not WFB... honestly the old Warhammer, like 40k, had little that appealed to me. As far as I could tell (from what little cultural osmosis there was - usually if someone was talking about Warhammer it was 40k, 40k, always 40k) it was another Tolkien ripoff with some elements copy-pasted from history and some cool things like lizardmen and ratmen. (And before you correct me, I said that’s what it *seemed* like to me). Conversely there isn’t a single faction in AoS that I don’t feel attracted to collect in some way or another. It’s just more interesting in every which way. And it doesn’t have the weird casual racism that the old ‘hammer had (casual racism in a fantasy game? Well I never). And I’m sure all those statements just made me a horrible person in the eyes of real Warhammer fans, but whatever.
  7. That’s not skin, it’s just a skintight outfit! The head is the only exposed skin on this thrall. I figured coral reef idoneth would a) be exposed to lots of sunlight and thus pale skin would be harmful, and b) the presence of so many stinging polyps would require more extensive protective clothing.
  8. That’s it, taking the plunge (har har). Chose Motlynians as my enclave and hoping to run a semi-coherent color/theme for my Order armies and their flesh-eater allies. Absolutely everything we know about the Motlynians: 1) they live in a coral reef on Ghyran 2) they have garish, gaudy outfits 3) they fight alongside Alarielle’s armies, so they will fit fluffwise with my Sylvaneth That’s it. That’s all. My original idea was to properly put the motley in Motlynian and make them the equivalent of 40k harlequins, but that went out the window when I tried doing harlequin checks and failed miserably. After being more or less demoralized by that attempt I tried a quick and dirty test model. Is this a good color scheme? I want it to be garish and reminiscent of coral reefs somehow.
  9. Fair enough. Gristlegore lists sound fun though. Also to be honest that just about sums up the problem with swarm armies. And painting them adds to the frustration....
  10. Would love to see that! I don’t know if I trust myself with chopping up the spikes.... :s
  11. What was it about the playstyle that was so distasteful, out of curiosity?
  12. Still looking for an answer, and another question... Any idea how they removed the saddle on the zombie dragon?
  13. I already have a royal terrorgheist and an AGK (separate so it can be fielded as mounted or not). If I get another big monster, should I make it a zombie dragon or a second terrorgheist? Is there any reason to ever need a zombie dragon/AGK on zombie dragon?
  14. Where was that tip?? Now I want to write something up! Also, check those out. My body is ready.
  15. Same, can’t stand the Space Marines (my username notwithstanding) but strangely I ended up liking the Stormcast way more after getting into their lore. *shrug*
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