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  1. Specifically, it's Skroug's Menagerie and it's 1 Chaos Gargant and 0-3 Chaos Spawn, Warhounds, or Furies in any combination. The gargant can use the generic command abilities like a general, but only on the units in the battalion. Shame Skroug can't be part of a Troggherd and/or make use of its "Whipped Into a Frenzy" ability...
  2. Thanks to everyone helping out here! So looks like I'll be adding some namarti and a tidecaster in addition to both flavors of eels. One last thing - opinions on color schemes! I want to come up with something original (not one of the major enclaves) because it's challenging, because it allows more freedom to be creative, and (most selfishly) because I'll be able to say "oh, they're painted as X which have no rules right now, so I'm using [current hot enclave] rules with them". There are a few that stood out, and an added bonus would be able to color-sync them with my sylvaneth. Briomdar are thematic and nicely colored and my favorites among the major enclaves, but their rules aren't too exciting. - Motlynian Enclave (Barricadius Reef, Ghyran): I see what you did there with "Barricadius", GW. And the "motley" reference. Described as "bright and garish", and they deploy to aid Alarielle post-Necroquake, so a shared Sylvaneth color scheme would be thematic. Goal would be bright coral reef colors, sort of a 40K Harlequins-esque look. Sylvaneth as corals, simple enough. - Ilmeth Enclave (Bottom of the Lampleus Sea, Hysh): Hail from a place with luminescent waves, and thus they themselves "emit an eerie radiance". Fish painted in abyssal colors, and Nighthaunt-esque deepkin? The challenge would be doing all that bioluminescence, but they would end up looking cool. Downside is that it's harder to match the Sylvaneth to them, other than generic rocky/seaweedy colors. - Morladron Enclave (Ulgu): They're "black-handed". What does that mean? Are they literally black-handed, having black markings on their extremities? Do they ritually paint their hands black? Is that just a euphemism for murderous? Who even knows? I have no idea what they would look like but gloomy Ulgu deepkin sounds like an equally fun project to attempt. And spooky trees. Which should I go for? I promise I'll post pics. I'm sure I'll be done painting in at least a few decades.
  3. What *is* fliptide anyway? I’ve seen the term on here but not sure what it exactly is. Tidecaster general + namarti spam?
  4. I really enjoyed it, it had me engrossed from beginning to end. Some observations: - I really liked the characters and would love to see them again - The story is grimdark. Like really grimdark. I know I said that about The Tainted Heart but this one takes the cake. Not for the squeamish, that's for sure. - The story goes places I really didn't expect. As in I really did not predict the twists and fates that befell the characters. - The Gloomspite grots are really sinister. They've been pretty funny in most other representations but they're a lot scarier here, which I think helps balance them, making them more fairy-tale creatures/bogeys (which, as we all know, are funny as well as scary).
  5. Alright, so I should invest in Namarti as well. Fair enough! And in which case a Tidecaster makes the best general? Thralls look like they could blenderize a lot of units.
  6. How would an all-Akhelian army work out, and what enclave(s) would be best? I want to make an army of flying sealife - have wanted to ever since the models were revealed - and I think the eels look like a lot of fun to paint, but I’m afraid it will make me That Guy.
  7. Kind of a stupid question but anyone get the new Sylvaneth dice? They look nice but I’m confused about their coloration and how easy/hard they are to read.
  8. Makes sense. So more dryads and revenants, and I’m also eyeballing greatsword hunters and a spirit of Durthu (lots of big slicers). Gnarlroot is spells, Harvestboon is run and hit and run, Winterleaf is exploding hits and mortal wounds afaict. Oakenbrow seems underwhelming but I’m not a good judge of power level. Dreadwood is for lots of spite-revenants, Heartwood is for lots of Kurnoth hunters, and Ironbark is good if... you want to ally with duardin? Why didn’t they include Kharadrons as allies, they were explicitly called out in the text.
  9. Is there a clear(er) idea of which glades are good for what purposes? I started collecting Sylvaneth pre-2.0 and at the time wanted to go for Gnarlroot spell-spam (creative, I know). Have 1 SC box (treelord ancient built), a branchwraith, 1 unit of greatbow kurnoth hunters, and 1 unit of tree-revenants. Was building a Gnarlroot household. Nothing painted yet. Now that things are (hopefully) better balanced, what are some must-haves and some good/fun glades?
  10. I got in here to ask the same question re: Aleguzzler, hah. What are Skragrott’s main uses in a trogg army?
  11. Thank goodness, maybe I could give my poor wallet a break.
  12. Not sure what you mean by “normal people” in the fluff. The books have plenty of average joes alongside the warriors, even the Varanspire has a mini-ecosystem of Chaos mortals living in its shadow (cf. Scourge of Fate). Or did you mean you wanted Civilian units to add to armies? They do nothing besides die when attacked (and at 1 wound and a - save, they die very quickly). On topic - the (inaccurate) stereotype of Egyptians being obsessed with death and mummies and deserts is something I’m personally sick of, and they’ll have to do something different for it to work. As for Bretonnians... you can get better models to reenact your romanticized Arthurian medieval period battles. It was a boring faction before and it still is.
  13. Are you really saying HH and 40k is not as “way too out there” as AoS? I’ve got bad news for you...
  14. It’s going to be like Warcraft III - there will be a unique Tavern terrain piece placed in the center of the map, and your heroes can stop by and spend command points to recruit heroes. (That wasn’t serious) But seriously, I’d imagine the more mercantile/unscrupulous/dimwitted species will be options. Can’t see Stormcasts or Khornates selling out like that, but ogors, grots, duardin, and maybe even skaven (?!) might be bought for a price, and you don’t recruit a troggoth or gargant as much as point it at the enemy and hope for the best.
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