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  1. Hi all, I have a question regarding Grashrak and Friends - do they by any chance count as a single unit in terms of drops and allies contingent? Seeing as you can't have one without the other... I'd like to ally both him and a Contorted Epitome into my Nurgle army, but the way I see it if they are counted as separate I could only do that if I had 9 other units, so 12 in total. I'm hoping the winter FAQ will make the battalions like Pestilent Throng keyword battalions...
  2. This is also a question I'm not sure about, and I can summarise by asking: can I send an Aethervoid Pendulum through the Spellportal and zap people on the other end?
  3. It looks like you're aiming to be full on tanky with no damage output, so maybe double down on that and put in Lord of Blights plus the geminids instead of Horti to make your PBs even harder to hit.
  4. Isn't Grashrak and friends 140 as opposed to 160 for CSL? Even better value in that case. And if they FAQ Blightkings / BoP to use unmodified 6s to Nerf the Grashrak list, then I guess we'll just have to live with it 😉
  5. The fact that "some people will be very upset" makes it more likely that GW will do it. They are perverse like that. I have a load of Chaos Warriors and Knights I use for Nurgle and have zero interest in running a generic S2D faction if I'm honest, no matter how powerful the Battletome may be. I'd be one of the "very upset" if I were forced to sell them.
  6. If you have 60 points left over, it's worth looking at Endless Spells, as your list doesn't include any models with command abilities, so buying an extra command point wouldn't be worth it. Good spells are: Geminids for 60pts - one gives -1 to hit, the other -1 attacks. Could combine very well with plaguebearers' natural -1 and your Poxbringer's Favoured Poxes. Be aware that predatory Endless Spells can also be moved by your opponent, so can bite you back! Aethervoid Pendulum for 50pts - goes in straight line and dishes out d6 mortal wounds to everything it touches. I also like the Prismatic Pallisade (30pts), it's a line of sight blocker, so protects vs shooting lists, and also a movement blocker for units that don't fly (Fyrelsayers or Gotrek for example), so can keep dangerous units at arm's lenght. Downside is, it's easy to dispel - a Runelord for example will only need to roll 4+ on 2d6 to dispel it.
  7. I think the Honest Wargamer tagged Tamurkhan's Horde as the single most uncompetitive army in AoS, at least based on the stats!
  8. It's catch 22 with the Glott. You want him for his command ability as well as his spell, but as soon as you add him, you want to add the harbinger to keep him alive longer than a couple of rounds. And then you add Festus to heal him and you've spent 720 points, but can't use his command ability because you trigger morbid vigour every round!
  9. You could swap the Great Bray Shaman and Cogs for the new Beastgrave warband plus a Balewind or other cheap endless spell. The wizard's retinue take wounds for him on a 4+, so you could consider him a 7 wound rather than 5 wound shaman. And a spell that gives +1 to hit.
  10. I'm sure will get one eventually but it may well be not until AoS 3. It'll depend probably on how much time there is between when all factions have got a 2.0 tome and when they plan to release 3.0. And possibly also on which models they want to shift. I wish they published a roadmap, for example like Intel do for their chips, so you can plan upgrade cycles etc.
  11. Yep, although I guess if you went up against that clan you'd keep the CP in your pocket. Not looking forward to Cities of Sigmar either, now even the old crappy units will be super strongnl and smash us all over the place. At least we still have Beastclaw and Gutbusters with us for company down at the bottom - well, for a couple of months anyway.
  12. Anyone else slightly concerned about the precedent that the Drakkfoot rules set? That our Daemons' native ability to shrug wounds, the thing that most likely accounts for their high points value, can now be ignored by other units' abilities. (And with the Golden Boys due another Battleome, and probably not selling too well these days, you just know they'll get some of that ignore DPR in their armory now (and probably a Gotrek-esque DPR shrug of their own on top).)
  13. Yes, I agree. DoW 1 is still one of my most-played games, would love to see something like that done for AoS.
  14. I'm guessing you put Festus on top of the Balewind for LoS for the plague squall - so what did you use the second cast of the epitome for normally (assuming its first was its own spell)?
  15. I'll tell you what other matchup gives lots of -1 to hit: Nurgle! You have Cloud of Flies, Favoured Poxes, Gift of Contagion... 🙃
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