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  1. Hey hey! I was playing about with some Cabalists lists and was wondering what your thoughts were on the following: If I give a non-wizard the Spell Eater pendant (i think that's its name) it says they gain the WIZARD keyword. Can they also cast the spell that all Cabalists know, as well as Endless Spells? The rules for Endless Spells say: If you have an endless spell model and its warscroll, all WIZARDS in your army know that spell in addition to any other spells they know. Well, the Khorne Daemon Prince be in your army and he also be a WIZARD now ... (and a CABALIST WIZARd too, so likewise, he could also do a binding ritual I guess and benefit from any +s to cast). Secondly, if I move the light Gemind for example over a unit between battle rounds, and then again in my hero phase via a binding ritual, the unit it passes over is now -2 to hit? It says a unit can't be affected by the light and dark in the same battle round, but says nothing about being affected twice by the same one.
  2. The best thing - and seeing as a Witherstave is still better than bouncing mortals on a 6 to hit, only good thing - about Wanderers is the reducing of rend, therefore I will take it with mainly Rotbringers and just use Plaguebearers or other Daemons as rend-reducing bodyguards for my Blight Cyst. You could even have 10PBs in a row behind your BKs such that they will be in 3" of anything that engages the BKs. Then again I've always been a fan of mixed Daemon and mortal armies, I've never liked being forced down one route or another.
  3. I'd love something like Cities or KO have, something like: 1/4th of army can be Nurgle; these units gain the Slaves to Darkness keyword and do not count towards Ally points.
  4. Sure, some of the subfactions offer some shenanigans, but i am seeing nothing in them that would turn losses into wins. No gamechangers at all. I don't want bonuses when my BKs die, I want them less likely to die or dealing more damage. The command ability on Blessed Sons is also a total waste of time, unless you're wanting clear a horde of Grots. I have a love/hate relationship with my Drones, so would probably go for a Droning Guard BKs / Daemon mix, with PBs to act as bodyguards for the BKs to reduce that rend, and Drones to try and get at threats on the first turn.
  5. Plus the Mucktalon is pretty ******. Ghyrstrike does the same and much more besides.
  6. Wait, are these hosts like Munificent Wanderers subfactions of Chaos Ascendant or of Nurgle allegiance etc? I though the latter?
  7. If you take one of these hosts, you have to take that command trait, so even if we have Nurgle allegiance abilities like the wheel and Gnarlmaws, we'll lose out on grandfather's blessing or pestilent breath.
  8. Yes, but Nurgle already has such a great selection of models (compared with say Ironjawz or Fyreslayers). What we need are better rules.
  9. Just been watching GMG. To be honest, I don't find anything really compelling in the new hosts for Nurgle. The Daemon ones might be half decent if we can take that battalion from Chaos Ascendant, where hit rolls of 6 cause +1 damage.
  10. The rules writers really phoned it in with these guys. Exact same spell as the existing Rotbringers Sorcerer is so lazy. And the Blightkings with her are identical to standard ones, except that bodyguard ability. In short, nothing to get excited about. And 180 is a bit steep for a 1 cast Wizard (even with the once per battle 2 cast)
  11. It is, but I agree that the ability is disappointing. I want my Rotbringers alive, and dealing out damage so would preferred something that helped them to do either of those. It also looks like Gutrot will be a compulsory inclusion, which I personally don't like - unless they enhance the deepstrike to be up to 4th Battleround and/or multiple BK units, something like that.
  12. I play against Fyreslayers loads. The only real weak spot they have is if they do not have a Runelord ally, or something similar, then they are susceptible to magic. I never fight them without the Geminids and Aethervoid Pendulum. Next, never engage HGBs in a fight if they have any heroes still on the battlefield. They simply will not die and will obliterate any units you have, even PBs with -2 to hit from LoB. Play the objectives, use summoning to get units where your opponent is not. And if you play Duality of Death and he can out drop you, don't even bother taking your models out of their cases.
  13. Unless this new one is way better than the Rotbringer Sorcerer. I mean, she should have the Rotbringer keyword so will be able to take Blades for one...
  14. In the great tradition of Underworlds AoS rules, the Blightkings will have 1 wound each and have a melee profile of 4+/4+/-/1 and the spell on the sorceress will go off on a 7 and give a unit something lame like reroll saves of 1. Seriously, I pray to the dark gods that the spell gives +1 damage to a unit of BKs, or something along those lines.
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