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  1. Quite interested in the knight-judicators list. How does it work on the table? Does it stand a chance against double krusha IJ?
  2. Is there any other weird combo besides Translocation that needs faq? For example, Cycle of Storm with Blaze of Glory and Only the Faithful? Cycle of Storm works quite differently from last edition since the concept of Slain Model has been changed in the core rules.
  3. Do we know if recent tournaments allow you to move after Translocated?
  4. If I read correctly, you can "retreat" out of combat with the ability that allows you to make a normal move in the hero phase. Is that correct?
  5. I can understand choosing Celestial Warbringers for the rerolls because the the Bow-Knights have high quality of shooting and would love to have those rerolls. The most curious thing about the list is that he chose to go with Stormkeep instead of Scions of Storm. With the Scions you can hide all the Bow-Knights in the sky and still be able to shoot and do MWs when you drop them. Putting them on the table might be risking of getting shot since 1drop shooting LRL is a thing.
  6. One of my local players pointed out this section in the Core Rules: 12.3 COMBAT ATTACKS After you have made all of the pile-in moves for a unit, you must make combat attacks with each model in the unit that is within range of an enemy model (see 13.1.2). meaning that you must attack after piling in, is that making any sense?
  7. What does it mean that Mighty Destroyer only makes you pile in and not attack in the hero phase? What's the point of piling in the hero phase?
  8. Guys, I‘ve quit nurgle for a long time now I want to return to Papa nurgle since SCE dragons are missing for the moment😅. Still got my tri-GUO list, are they any good now? How do they perform on the tabletop nowadays?
  9. Wait a sec. You cannot use unleash hell or redeploy in the hero phase? Why?
  10. Can ogor take the sloggoths as allies?
  11. Does Gobsprakk do mortal wounds each time he attempt to unbind a spell even if the attempt is not successful?
  12. He has 4+ward but cannot change sceptre's damage and lost all bravery abilities.
  13. Stormdrake Guard are 3+ save and 9 wounds each. 285pts per 2. That's 18 wounds on 3+ for 285pts
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