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  1. When you saw GW have Kragnos with 2+ save at 760pts, you know Annihilators would't possibly be cheap.
  2. I saw some list went really heavy on the bow snakes earlier in this thread. Is this kind of list doing well?
  3. Some would take a bray shaman in their Archaon list. What's that for?
  4. LRL can cast the Prismatic Palisade to block the line of sight of their own archers, and their leader can use the lantern to target our heros (in most cases would be Volturnos himself) and shoot him off, ignoring the Forgotten Nightmare rule. It might sound a bit weird but LRL gets this nasty trick. Dunno if anybody has talked about this one before.
  5. I know everybody is happy with lifetakers having +1D and +1 rend on the charge now. But what about their drawback? 5 wound with 6+ save at 80pts does not look very durable as we are in a shooting and magic meta. Rating them as harassing units might not seem appropriate because we have shadowstalkers which is insanely great atm. Maybe people rate them as glass hammer damage dealer when charging?
  6. Can’t see why people are arguing that Std units become useless in Slaanesh army. Since almost everything with hedonite keyword is crazily pricey, Std offers way cheaper options. Is Std a bad army atm? I don’t think so. Losing exploding on 6s wouldn’t hurt too much because Std unit still get to their rerolls from Chaos Sorcerer Lord and the warshrine. Maybe a pleasurebound slaanesh with Archaon could be great.
  7. Question here: do they say if you can use ally faction abilities in the new rules? For example, if I take a Slaughter queen from DOK in my SCE warband, can I still use DOK's abilities by the allied Slaughter queen?
  8. How many weapons with -3 rend are there in the meta at the moment?
  9. It looks like the Mightier makes righter allows you to ignore special objective rule. Dose it mean for example in the Places of Arcane Power you can capture the objective without killing the leader controlling it first?
  10. Some argue that when Morathi saw Aenarion in Slannesh's belly she should have tried to rescue him at all cost instead of ripping his soul off.
  11. So if you choose slaughter queen to be your general and then the Shadow Queen may have a chance to attack twice in your hero phase. That 's really something.
  12. Can Morathi-Khaine use her CA to make the Shadow Queen attack in the hero phase?
  13. Had a few games myself using the KO and try different style of list such as balloon heavy list and the thunderers ironclad list, the model count in these list is quite low. So it makes me curious when looking at some of the tournament results that the KO defeated some real horde army like skinks spam seraphon and such.
  14. You mean using the doomwheels to charge across the enemy frontline and tag those catapults?
  15. Hey guys how do you deal with OBR with crawlers? Played a few games against them with my Skaven and the crawlers killed clanratz as crazy and left me without enough models to grab objectives.
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