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  1. I know we are going through the quarantine but has any one played against the new seraphon since they came out for months? They got some serious ranged damage and I think it would be a hard match up for OBR.
  2. Some weapons, says the poleaxe of Hearthguard berzerkers, have the ability to do mortal wounds in addition to normal damage on the unmodified hit roll of 6, Does it mean for each unmodified hit roll of 6 that's additional mortal wounds on top even if I fail to do any normal wound or do I need to make successful wound rolls for each of these attacks to do mortal wounds?
  3. Hi all respectful starmasters, quick question here: when it says "you can re-roll 1 casting roll", do you reroll 2D6 together or you can just reroll one of the 2D6?
  4. if the blue scribe learn LoC’s spell how does it work when I look on the damage table?
  5. Wow does it means I can bring 1 frigate with 30 skywardens, fly high, disembark 3'' away from the enemy, shoot and make a sure-charge, and get +1+1 in melee? That's pretty shocking.
  6. But the warscrolls have the higher priority than the core rules right? If I can't get 1+ to wound and what's the point of having it on the warscrolls?
  7. I've noticed some warscrolls have got 1+ to wound. Does it mean I can make a wound even if I roll a unmodified 1?
  8. All KO models are relatively new so I think they wouldn't be getting any refurbishment. Some rule changes for the ships to make them competitive would be great enough.
  9. And unless some abilities have special clarification saying they would cancel out(e.g. Locus of Depravity)
  10. Great to see attack exploding changed to unmodified, along with some super generous battlion pts drops!
  11. Sequitors for more body counts and more durability on the table. I think both Evocators and Sequitors are great picks.
  12. Yeah always go for the slann the the EoTG first but however it could be really tough sometimes since the slann+ vortex+cover gets 2+save and rerolling against shooting, and skinks as good screen make it harder to take it out by deepstriking tactics. In most games, as long as the slann remains on the battlefield (and it does survive), he can keep summoning 10+ skinks every turn, flooding the table while my units dies without summonning back. It feels like if I could not kill the slann T1, which is hard, I would get overrun by the skinks very soon.
  13. I know I have asked in this thread several times, and I know it might not be proper to ask the question here. But local Seraphon player has dominated the store for quite a long time, and it’s never a pleasant game against him. Every one has had a headache playing an object game with him. I admit he is good at object games, and good players deserve to win. Though I still want to find a way to beat him even once. So may I ask what weaknesses do you find during playing Seraphon? And what’s the toughest matchup to Seraphon? Share and I might have some of his experience to deal with the weaknesses mentioned. Thought it would be win-win.
  14. Going to play a against a Tempest’s Eye army who goes with 40 arkanauts and a lots of irondrakes and oh boy they just stab in our weakness since mortek guards only get to reroll save in the combat phase. How do you deal with such a heavy shooting army?
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