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  1. The booklet in the box could just have a different name so the new warcry box could still be Nightmare Quest.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong: you can remove Shadow queen from the battlefield with the Brass Orb and shoot Morathi right off the table.😉
  3. Thanquol is on a 90*52mm base iirc which is identical to the soulseeker. It could fit in. Actually I think Thanquol is the best wizard who can be transported with boat because there is no other wizard on such a small base (even if Arcane Tome considered) could fight as hard as Thanquol. Thanquol alone would make the soulseeker hilariously too good.
  4. Yeah the soulseeker would be hilariously good in the new rules. I assume it is a typo and will get fixed soon.
  5. The warscroll of Lauchon the Soulseeker has been changed. You can teleport Thanquol with it and still move and then shoot and charge. Seems like a pretty damn strong combo.
  6. Warsong no longer knows all the spells of the Deepwood Lore?
  7. This is making me mad at whoever objected this kind of settings. The Order of the Fly is still something that worth MORE stories in the AoS. IMO it is one of the most established Chaos societies till this day and you did it so well convoying your idea in the making of such an interesting good-and-evil concept. It should be discussed more in the AoS. Actually, do you think AoS is the most appropriate place in all these different Warhammer universes to discuss such a topic?
  8. I don't see Bladegheists as good tbh. They are costly, require certain sub-faction to become battleline. They have 32mm but 1'' weapon and don't do significantly more damage than dreadscythes or grimghasts. And since the whole army can retreat and charge they just don't seem to be "special" anymore. I think I'd need more info to justify taking them instead of dreadscythes or grimghasts... BTW banshees seem to be so good that they need a Faq.
  9. Are Bladegheist still worth taking?
  10. The incarnate looks great to me. A monster that would be a threat and unkillable for at least 2 turns. Even if the hero they are bonded to were slain they will still be highly in your control. Since most monsters are going to go drastically much higher in points, 400pts for a monster would definitely be a bargain. But here's the question: can they be bonded to special characters since they are "enchantment" according to the rules?
  11. More info about a rumour engine published earlier has been revealed on a Chinese social media account running by GW (don't know if they did it on purpose or by mistake), indicating it is a part of the model from Order factions in AOS. Any thoughts?
  12. I saw people looking down on the Glottkin when the book dropped and suddenly everyone is taking it now. Does his CA turn out to be super handy in games or did I miss something?
  13. One failed dice I believe bc actually you roll separately for each wound or mortal wound.
  14. This can also be true. Then we might get to see some of the allegiance abilities before the actual new BTs come out.
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