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  1. Had a real fantastic tourny this weekend and went 2-1 with my 40 monks and 9 fiends. The list is quite similar to the others but I dropped the bridge for 20 more clanrats for holding objects. Game 1 Focal Points.Against skaven. He was the the player that I mentioned earlier who was taking several grinder teams and deepstriking more than half of his army. I won the drops so I put my clanratz on the front, keeping everything else from being shot by the ratling guns and let him go first. He deepstriked 9 fiends ,40 clanratz and a arch-warlock on my face. Killed a my warlock with the injector with the windlaunchers, which is quite suprising because it was hitting on 5 even with rerollings. My 40 ratz was wept by the ratlings guns. And then he made a charge with his 40 rats into the my object and scored 6 points. In my turn I rang the bell and rolled an 8, but failed to do any damage. MMMWP went off. I moved my fiends up to reclaim the object and moved the monks on the other side of the battlefield planning to capture his object. My fiends shot, killed his 40 rats and 2 fiends. I made a charge with 20 rats to his grinder near his fiends and piled in to drag the fiends into combat and somehow took the middle object. I scored 4. He the won the roll off and go first turn 2, but his fiends only got to shot my ratz because they were in combat and I thought that's my victory. I finally killed all his army turn 3 with a double turn and went 29-12. Major win.Brutal game I had to say. Game 2 Scorched Earth. Against Seraphon. I was quite uncertain before the game because seraphon is infamous for summonning skinks and teleporting around scoring object. He was Thunderquake and I won the drops. When deploying he seemed to forget my windlauncher can shoot without visibility and put his slann in an overgrowth terrain. I go first, rang the bell and got a 12!!! The club went mad and everyone came to take photoes. I summoned a Deceiver. Then I cast the MMMWP and rolled another 12. The fiends went up, killed the troglodon in the battlion bacause slann had an item keeping him from being targeted. The Deceiver charged and killed his standard bearer. Until now, he lost all his rerollings. But still he had managed to make a real tough game for me with summoning, teleporting. Bastiladons remained Bastiladons. Took a while to kill them and went 23-16. Honestly I would had lost if he remember the windlaucher trick and the Deceiver doesn't show up. Game 3 Battle for the pass. Aganist Skaven. He was running 6 fiends, 40 monks, doomwheel and a warpseer. I won the drops and decided to go first, but went up too boldly to send my fiends with MMMWP to the face of his monks witout the spark. I did kill like 20 monks with very bad dices. The fiends got stucked by his monks and staff while my monks tried to capture the object in his deployment zone but I didn't realize his fiend is army with fire projector, and the doomwheel turned out to be a super efficient killer of monks and clanrats. He then finally killed all my object holder by the end of turn 3. Went 16-30. Lost because of my impetuosity I had to admit. 3 wonderful games with wonderful players indeed. All three of skaven participants took stormfiends who were proven to be brutal killing monsters. But big footprint may be the drawback when you try to redeploy them with the bridge and gnawhole and others. And monks are just monks. They did excellently as usual. Maybe I will drop 3 fiends to fit in another units of 40 monks. They are just too good.
  2. We see that the ironhand in 40k is quickly nerfed within a month. It’s suggested in the faq that GW rule team do receive player’s feedback and fix the problem in time. But for AoS we could see slannesh keeping ruining the whole melee game for about half a year without being nerfed and are even going to get some much stronger rules in the WD. A bit sad TBH.
  3. How do you distribute the attacks of your stormfiends? I always consider the windlaucher as the hero killer because it is -3, but it seems better against big units because it gets +1 to hit attacking 10+ models.
  4. We've got plenty of options of shooting which can do huge amount of damage. We've got 1 wound chaffs whose name is clanrats. We've got Plague Monks with Death Frenzy so we are still good in combat even against slannesh. So I think we are just fine against Slaanesh.
  5. I am pretty sure that their movement bonus works in any phase, but I am not sure whether the endless spell would activate that ability or not.
  6. But the generals with master of magic can’t cast MMMWP because they can’t be slyer, right? And yes since the CoS came out we have a tougher opponent now. We need long range (longer than the irondrakes at least) weapons. I think it would make the stromfiends meta solidified.
  7. So the master of magic or the deranged inventor? I used to depend on the master of magic to cast the WLV but recently I’ve found the WLV works less-efficiently. Currently considering taking the deranged inventor instead of the master of magic. An arch warlock with this trait alongside 6/9 stormfiends can do loads of damage through the rocket launcher (and maybe the rattling guns too if taking the bridge).
  8. I am going to a small tournament next week and one of the players is taking sevaral grinders to deepstrike nearly everthing in his army, guess we would find out how this work soon. Besides, I haven't really took Gotrek into consideration. Is he really outstanding in game even we have a lot of stuff to block him or slow him down? Even if he get to get in combat 40 monks with death frenzy would be enough to deal with him.
  9. So I am going to try this list that is very similar to the GT final 4th list: Allegiance: SkaventideVerminlord Warbringer (280)Arch-Warlock (160)- Artefact: Vigordust InjectorGrey Seer on Screaming Bell (220)- General- Trait: Master of Magic20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear6 x Stormfiends (520)40 x Plague Monks (280)- Woe-staveWarp Lightning Vortex (100)Soulscream Bridge (80)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 167 It's more like a melee focus version because I am taking the warbringer instead of the deceiver, hopefully I could get the double frenzy off to make both the stormfiends and the monks fighty when killed. Stormfiend are super strong in combat too, that's what I learned after using (or watching other people using ) them for sevaral times. I might make some changes to fit in the Cogs or even the soulseeker (not for the stormfiends of course) to sent nearly the whole army into combat in one turn, they are amazing.
  10. Wow that's amazing! Seems like what the ironjaws have to do to defeat slaanesh is to find a good position that wouldn't be affected by the LoD and charge everyone in and kill and keep smashin and bashin everything stands in their way
  11. So, can you use Smashin and Bash to activite the unit that is affected by the Locus of Depravity to fight?
  12. I've seen many people are taking Deceiver (even double) these days. What does he do besides the dreaded Skitterleap magic? Is his damage or durability reliable?
  13. Amazing color pallet! I think I might just go on using your pallet. Thanks!😉
  14. I am currently on my 120 rats(80 clan rats and 40 monks) painting schedule. Is there any speedpainting color scheme you guys recommand?
  15. I always find it difficult to play against Seraphon with my Anvil list. My opponent always runs shadowstrike to force me to turtle up my longstrikes and brings bastiladons at the same time who get all the rerollings and the better teleporting ability.
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