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  1. The problem is not only about points.....From leaked source, the 19 GHB leave many things unchanged, the new battleplan is just somewhat a modification version from 18 GHB, many big issue did not get fixed or clarified, the allegiance ability for many fractions did not changed at all.....Compared with CA2019 for 40k, it is really really little changes that I cannot believe they really put much effort into it.......Therefore it is very disappointing.... I have pre-ordered it anyway, hope there is still unleaked work.....
  2. It seems that link to AOS on official website is in error, no matter which country, always leading back to the home page.... what are they dont??????
  3. They just ignore that FEC can summon everything in turn 1 with their terrain?
  4. For the recent "attack at the beginning and attack at the end of combat phase", I don't think GW is doing a good job. Neither from description nor from the rule itself. From the rule perspective, it create a bad experience for those player without this mechanism. From description perspective, GW did not have a clear description for how the spell/ability causing this weird attack sequence affects each other.
  5. Well, since in the meeting engagement, we have very limited unit in the first turn, I am not sure wether it is possible to just cover the board as we desired, for example, I play SCE, I cannot figure out a way to cover the board to prevent FEC from summoning ghouls. Besides, you opponent can also move his unit to block your movement and prevent you from supressing his summoning space. I will try in the next few months. Still, thanks for your advice.
  6. I highly doubt that, from the leaked content, GW is not doing anything to limit summoning. Summoning is not balanced even in 2000, they claim to added the summoning unit points into the summoner unit but that's not the case, at less for some of the infamous unit like archregeant. I saw one video playing the meeting engagement, I don't see how the summoned unit will be blocked because of small map. Hence, I really concern this issue.
  7. I really hope the IDK won't get updated so early, I am tired of hearing one friend playing freeguild complaining GW is not updating the old fractions, and just leave them in the dust.
  8. From the leaked content, I don't see GW do anything to limit summoning for meeting engagement. That will probably become a very big issue..... Like resulting in 1500 or even 2000 vs 1000, rather than what it claims to be(1000 vs 1000)..... This might be even more unbalanced than 2000 games..... Although GW design it as a matched play, I hope it will be not be that ironic......
  9. Flesh eater court have a fraction terrain which allows them to do summoning without using CP .....unless GW faq that terrain, otherwise it makes no difference😰
  10. This tier chart will definitely be outdated once the GHB officially released, I don't think DOK will stay on the top after those points added.
  11. Since you are not using cleansing phalanx, you can consider change the sequitors into liberators
  12. From what I saw from those leaked video, GHB 2019 is not fixing any of the following issues that I think doing harm to the game: 1. Attack at the beginning of the combat phase or make your opponent fight at the end of combat phase. This creates a very unpleasant situation that one player just wipe out his opponent's unit and his opponent cannot do anything, it is not fun from every aspect, no matter in what kind of play. Besides, GW doesn't give a clear and simple system for how the spell and ability leading to this kind of weird attack sequence affect each other. Hence we can see that in some cases, ability/spell causing opposite effect(leading to attack at the beginning and leading to attack at the end) will cancel each other while some other times the most recent one remove the previous effect. This is too chaotic for beginners or even for many players. 2. Unlimited summoning. While the designer claim in the white dwarf that the summoned unit points are considered in the summoner. I really want to ask are you serious? The arch regeant who can summoned 200 points ghouls just worth 200 points? The slann who can summoned a and a half unit skinks(which is about 90 points) every turn just worth 260 points?
  13. Well, for bloodreaver, one thing should be considered is that Khorne player can use it as a cheap unit to do blood sacrifce to earn blood tith, besides, Khorne player doesn't care too much whether the bloodreaver get annhilated since it can earn him one blood tith.
  14. In my opinion, one good thing about skinks that should not be forgetten is that they can retreat in combat phase, which can possibly serve some delay strategy.
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