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  1. GW is not releasing the preview for the remaining first founding chapters this week, at least up to Wednesday.....I am afraid we have to wait till September to see any further preview on AOS. Probably we will have just short independent stories in these weeks.
  2. Next week will be the preview of Imperial Fist, Salamander, Iron had and Raven Guard, so probably no AOS news, we might need to wait till next Saturday or Sunday to get some AOS news.
  3. Well, actually, TK, bretonnia and many discontinued models have points and key words in the GHB "Additional pitched battle section", so I think they will probably go there rather than the no-point "legacy" part, which means you can still use them in pitched battle. The only concern is that they might never get updated and appears to be useless in the game, but that's not "invalidating them" from my opinion. If the COS allow Order allies, then for the discontinued units, the situation is not getting worse when compared with the situation before COS came. You will use it as allies for COS or just use the Order Allegeance(that's what people do before the COS is announced, isn't it?)
  4. Up to now, everything seems to be out of stock except the loremaster. I really wonder why so many people just don't buy those ready to be discontinued model before GW decide to discontinue them and wait to the last moment. If there are so many people buying them previously, I don't think GW will discontinue them.
  5. Actually, the wood aelve have much of its infantry and calvary untouched. Only the gladeguard is gone.
  6. I am not sure whether all HQ are gone, but most of the infantry/calvary are still there, only glade guard is gone.
  7. I have made a list: High aevles: loremaster/white lion chariot/archmage/chariots/dragon noble/dragon blades/swordmasters/white lions/dragon lord/archmage on dragon/skycutter Wood aevles: spellweaver/waywatcher/wayfinder/glade guard/waystrider The humans: gunmaster/warrior priest/freeguild archers/volkmar the grim on the war altar of sigmar/freeguild general/witch hunter/warrior priest on warhorse The dispossed: unforged/thunderer/quarreller/warrior/organ gun/cannon The dark aelves: None Well, actually only dispossed and high aevles suffers a lot from this deletion.
  8. It's about official support, TK and bret are still in AOS but they will probably never get updated. Those deleted one probably will be the same.
  9. We do know that some of them are going away forever, but I am not expecting so much going away........😰
  10. Well, according to the core book, shadow aelves looks terrible😂
  11. Are you serious? I don't see how they can auto-win a 6 or 8 objective game against every other fraction.
  12. Well, thanks....😅I mean whether this statement is expressed in AOS related novel, article or battletome.
  13. I don't know anything about your first statement, is it something mentioned elsewhere or just your personal guessing? It is even not sure whether the old wanders will join the kunorthi. We are still in the mist about how this new fraction will come out.
  14. In the core book, this two things are not mentioned as light aelf and shadow aelf. but as "Some of those born to the Realm of Light were luminous beings, angelic creatures of pure reason. Those given new life in Ulgu were majestic and terrible all at once." Is it enough for a proof that those two new aelf does exist?
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