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  1. Well, based on the lore, celestant prime is not a wizard so I don't think he will get spell. I prefer granting him a 5+ fnp or so, even without dropping points.
  2. I haven't really try the aetherwings but I wonder is it necassary to bring two squad of aetherwings? If not you have enough points to bring castellant with azyros. Reroll 1s is pretty important from my experience.
  3. I did not get everything in the trailer. The following is what I heard: ?, something has changed. The Dark Princes' bone (?) are slipping(?). When the blood god fellow(?) his wrath across the realms, Slaanesh only heard love. When Sigmar's chasen(?) spill the blood of the innocent, the god of excess drag deep. And When Nagash's scheme nearly shatters the realms, so too did he sunder the chain of my lord。 All love slaanesh, all worship slaanesh, all serve slaanesh. Can anyone give me a hand on the words with ? mark.
  4. Well,I am not 100% percent sure I am right. But I hear When Nagash's scheme nearly shatters the realms, so too did he sunder the chain of my lord......
  5. If slannesh breaks free, there is no reason tyrion and malerion still sits idle, so I guess the new aelves are coming out if slannesh really breaks free. If slannesh is still trying to break free, then the new aelves might come out next year.
  6. probably trying to break free from the prison or already break free from the prison😂 New aelves coming out as the prison guards, make sense for the latest engine rumor
  7. Well, if slaneesh breaks free, it will probably breaks free near shadow realm. So probably the new shadow aelves under malerion's command will come out. The latest trailer is about slaneesh.....so....
  8. From the latest rumor engine, I guess it is about aelves. Sigmar made some mistake(It is just a guess I made after going through the forbidden power video) that need to be undone and the new aelves come to help?
  9. Well, according to the community new post, sequitor get nerfed a little bit. Now, in your opponent's combat phase, if he have some units can attack at the start of the combat phase, he can actually attack your sequitor before you declare them to be defensive(charge the shield). This is because in his turn he use all his "at the start of combat phase" ability or attack before you use yours.
  10. Thanks anyway. I am just trying to translate those stories into other language so that my friends with poor English can also enjoy reading it.
  11. latest SCE battletome, Page 61, the stories in italics.
  12. I found a strange sentence in the SCE battletome. The guys from the Extremis chamber is in a ritual around an altar. They just suddenly shout out "Era draconis!" when the ritual is done. Anyone has an idea what does this mean?
  13. When I am reading the SCE battletome, I find out something interesting. It is said that only the first striking stormhost has the sacred hammer icon on their shield. But on the battletome I find out two kinds of shield with sacred hammer icon. (image attached) Definitely, Hammer of Sigmar is one of the first striking stormhost. Is the sigmarite brotherhood also the first striking stromhost? Why are their shield pattern differs a little bit. Anyone has an idea?
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