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  1. There are other options then Gnarlroot. People are having success with Harvestboon and Winterleaf aswell. Yes you can play without a Battalion but the bonuses from them are good and not something you can get anywhere else. Plus the value of your army being a 1 drop is not to be underestimated.
  2. People were talking about how the list gets beat. That game is an example in how the list gets beat. Not saying its not a good list. Not saying you played it wrong/bad.
  3. Right, Watch game 4 of Chimbobo Twitch vod and see how the Gav list gets baited, charges and doesn't do enough and.... win a game they should entirely have lost because the objective bounces towards the Stormcast twice And a big unit gets brought back on a 5+ that just happens to be able to get on the objective while being outside 9". Its basically a textbook on how the list loses to a good player except for BS mission rng.
  4. From the designer commentary I see no reason why Waypipes would not work the same way. Your not doing a retreat move, your using an alternative ability.
  5. It was on stream at one point. From memory it was Morathi Medusa 2 hag's Unit Sisters 2 big units of CC snakes
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