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  1. 2 Questions about Archaon command ability "All-seeing Dominion" You can use it when your opponent spends a command point, and if so roll a dice: if 1: command ability has no effect >> does it means nothing happens ??, I mean opponent can use the command ability normally and nothing more, right ?? if 2+ you can use "By My Will" for free >> but does it mean at the end you didn´t spend a command point at all ?? I mean, can you do all this when you have 0 command points ??
  2. A question. Regarding Endless Spell, Eightfold Doom Sigil, it says that at the end of the turn, the player whose turn is taking place select a STD unit, adding +1 attack until that player´s next hero phase..... So in case of double turn, this has no effect ?? as that player´s next hero phase would start right after the end of that turn.....
  3. It is one of the Alliegances that were included in the old Firestorm campaign book, it is the death alliegance in that book that included Soulblight, Deathmages, Deathrattle and Nighthaunt keywords.
  4. Can you use Pendulum with Spell Portal ? I mean I know that when you finish a movement you can place it in the other portal in 6', but I believed you were not able to use it when you cast it I mean before moving it according to the notes in the FAQ.
  5. Yes, I had yesterday the same discussion, and it was by chat, so even harder to explain it properly :). I just hope it is included soon in faq.
  6. Another question, as I dont see a restriction in book, can the General of the slautherhost Goretide be a Bloodthirste and recevie Command Trait - Hew the Foe? As I said I cannot find a restriction is book
  7. I would like to ask about this. It seems that all Blessings take place also "at the start of the hero phase, so would it be possible to do this ? I mean for example, blood sacrifice to get a Bloodtithe point and then spend it according to the table ? If both actions take place at the start of the hero phase, you choose which one to use first, right ?
  8. One question about slaughterhosts. Command trait is given to the general, but what about command ability, is it given also to the general ?
  9. Yes, i am really worried about "wholly within" aura of everything, to me is one of the worst things so far in general in AoS, I understand why it was done, but something like 8" wholly within in think it is just too much, mainly because your hero/unit needs to be just next to the unit to buff and both must then charge, because if not you can easily loose the range, you cannot just run after the unit to buff. Also it was changed in last FAQ that wholly within means all bases of all models fully within, i mean every part of all bases.
  10. Yes it would be nice to know, but i guess you can only select one, if not, they should defined more how it works, for example if you have 2, which artifact you must assign first ?
  11. One question. Artifact - Halo of Blood: The bearer fights at the start of the combat phase before the players pick any other unit to fight in that combat phase. Does this mean that if it is my turn I fight first with the bearer and then I can choose another unit to fight as it is my turn before my opponent choose the first unit to fight ?? And if it is my enemy turn it just mean the bearer fights and then my enemy choose the first unit to fight ?
  12. Also about Locus, taking into account bloodletters and bloodcrushers already have a locus,...
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