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  1. sometimesminis

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    I remember being apprehensive about the beards at first, but everybody insisted on adding them. I'm glad I caved in!
  2. sometimesminis

    Blackiron Soulflamers

    Thanks! They're Irondrakes with Citadel Skulls. The hand with the bone is from the Ghouls kit, and then there's some green stuff for the beards and the flame.
  3. sometimesminis

    AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar

    Made 'em last year, but only recently joined this forum (so you might've seen it in the aos28 facebook group) - a troop of undead Duardin: Haven't added to them since, and probably never will!
  4. sometimesminis

    Deathcaller and Cavernghoul

    Deathless Duardin
  5. sometimesminis

    Blackiron Soulflamers

    Deathless Duardin
  6. sometimesminis

    Blackiron Eternals

    Deathless Duardin
  7. sometimesminis

    Deathless Duardin