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  1. Absolutely brilliant. As Remus Prime said, these guys have a great Harryhausen-vibe to them.
  2. Besides expanding on older factions, I'd just love to see a bunch of new stuff. With Death you could probably create a lot of new armies just by putting them in different realms. Fiery Aqshy undead with ash zombies and molten monstrosities, savage Ghur undead with a bunch of big, reanimated beasts, frankenstein-y or metal-y undead from Chamon, evil fungus-stuff that plagues Ghyran. I'm sure you could even come up with something cool for the realms of heaven (non-evil/spooky Death?) and light (vast plains, geometric structures and religious orderliness... hmm, I wonder what that could be).
  3. Thanks man, I really appreciate it! I know the hobby hopping all too well, but I'm excited to see what you'll come up with, dwarf or not 👀
  4. I suffer from this odd version of special-snowflake-syndrome as well. I distinctly remember wanting to do a Genestealer Cult army at some point when it was still a very niche thing - had all the conversions planned out and was ready to go. Then GW released the new and official (and absolutely fantastic) Genestealer Cult, and I immediately lost all interest in the Genestealer Cult as a whole, because now it was a legitimate army you could just go out and buy. It's really dumb, but what can you do!
  5. I remember being apprehensive about the beards at first, but everybody insisted on adding them. I'm glad I caved in!
  6. Thanks! They're Irondrakes with Citadel Skulls. The hand with the bone is from the Ghouls kit, and then there's some green stuff for the beards and the flame.
  7. Made 'em last year, but only recently joined this forum (so you might've seen it in the aos28 facebook group) - a troop of undead Duardin: Haven't added to them since, and probably never will!
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