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  1. I agree with the hunter keyword. This would really make them better (let's say playable) and I don't think it would overpower them. And it stays within the theme (they're hunters after all). P
  2. In the mean time Beastgrave came out and the godsworn hunt are nowhere to be seen. I have played them a few times with aggro style deck and lost very hard (I did make some tactical mistakes though). However, I experienced that you also need some luck with the dice to get this band going... What do you guys think of this band in this beastgrave era? P
  3. This is not true. You can only push if you roll as many successes in the attack as there are successes in the defense. Then the attack is considered to have failed but you can push back the opponent. I play this game since shadespire, the first season. I too had the feeling that the warbands were not balanced, but after a while I learned that you need to play following a tactical plan. And that plan should fit with the nature of the fighters and should be supported by the proper cards. Otherwise, the game indeed feels like "you are doing stuff but I doesn't lead to anything'. So, you move, you attack, sometimes you score, sometimes you don't. In the end you count your points and then there is a winner. If you have a tactical plan and you can execute it, then it really feels like winning!! Or like somebody said: "I love it when a plan comes together". As far as the dice are concerned: know that you should play 3 games. When you execute your plan better then your opponent, you'll win 90% of the time.There can be a loose in those 3 games because you're opponent gets lucky on a crucial moment in the game, but normally it won't happen 3 times. Also, remember that in tournaments: you need different plans against different warbands... So your warband also needs to be versatile... Keep playing and keep finetuning your deck, you'll love when your plan comes together. P
  4. Phyriphiry


    In the grymwatch expansion a number of cards make your warriors 'quarry'. Can anyone tell me what this is? It is not listed in the keywords section in the rulebook. Is it just a kind of category of warriors which gives certain cards certain (dis)advantages? Or does it also have some meaning? Like f.or instance 'a quarry warrior can never be the target of an a magic gambit' ? Thx. P
  5. They are rotating out the universal cards from the first season. You can keep using the warbands though. With their specific cards... P https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/08/warhammer-underworlds-the-future-of-competitive-playgw-homepage-post-1/
  6. That might well be the case 🙂 Thx for the feedback though!
  7. I haven't bought this warband because it looked too easy to play with: just place your Mollog in the first position and attack, attack, attack. As much as you can. However my friend did buy it and I tried to fight it. Turns out I am pretty much right: his strategy is easy as pumpkin and very very difficult to defeat. We played three games and I lost all three of them. His deck is quite simple: upgrades that increases the wound characteristic, that minimises damage (soul trap, potion of constitution, ...). Some easy score immediatly cards and the ploys that lets him move easier. In the first game, I played the chosen axes. I have an objective based deck and try to outrun him. He managed to kill all my dwarves in the 3rd round. In the second game, I thought to play more aggressive. I managed to inspire some dwarves and attacked him. My attacks failed and he killed all my dwarves halfway in the 2nd round (after 6 activations!!). It was brutal. In the 3rd game, I played with the profiteers. I needed 12 activations to shoot his Mollog down. He killed all my profiteers but my leader. He hadn't even moved the other characters from his warband!! He only took ploy cards or activated the Mollog. Do you have some strategy tips to play this guy?? Thx. P
  8. Cloak of shadows says: 'when this figher is adjacent to no fighters, this fighter has +1 defence'. What happens of somebody charges adjacent to your fighter, who is equipped with this cloak, does he looses the +1 defence die at the moment the enemy fighter moves adjacent? And does he get it back if he gets pushed? Or do you only evaluate the conditions for upgrade cards at the beginning of the activation phase/action step and does it stay the same during the activation phase? P
  9. I'm only buying the warbands that fit my playstyle. However, I then miss out on specific cards. Does anybody buy their cards apart from the warband? And if yes, where? P
  10. I'd say that you absolutely stand a chance. But of course, it depends on the deck that you bring. Create your deck at underworldsdb.com and post the link here. As far as strategy is concerned: play offensively against defensive or objective driven warbands: offer two of the weakest reavers and in trying that kill one of them. At that moment: your warband inspires as a whole. Against aggresive decks, I'd be a little more cautious. Against Magore: deploy at the back of the board (further than 3 squares). He will have to come to you (because he inspires if he attacks succesfully. You are faster then him, so when he moves in, you can attack him back. P
  11. Phyriphiry


    And if dreadfane is not season 3, is there a release date for the next season? (not that I'm eager, at the moment I have plenty of stuff to play around ) I'm just curious... 😉 P
  12. Creeping terror: "Reaction: after this figher makes a Move action, roll an attack dice for the first enemy fighter they moved through in that action. On a roll of hammer or crit, the enemy fighter suffers one damage". When this cards is equipped to a character: does this also work on a charge action? (because charge action = move action + attack action). And if so, does the reaction takes precedence before or after the attack action part of the charge action? Thx. P
  13. Has anybody tried an objective based strategy with these guys? Beef your deck with defensive cards and try to stay on those objectives? (One is of course vulnerable to earthquake...)
  14. Then, what also would be possible is: - Move, Attack, Attack, Charge.
  15. I'm not so sure about putting ready for action on the banned list. It is true that it comes in almost every deck and OK for me to ban it, but then you have to have solutions to make more actions then 4 in an action phase, maybe with some more restrictions. Like second wind but then with other action types. Maybe some new cards like 'ready for a move action' or 'ready for a special action'... P
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