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  1. I'd say you can't stop his attack. Karsus' aoe attack is one action. The aoe parts of it are part of the same action. So i think you can play the card, but he'll still get to carry out the rest of his action.
  2. So I'm a new player to Underworlds, and I've started playing in a league. I know how to play the game now, and whilst I'm not am experienced player, i tend to do well in strategy games and the like. I also have a decent win ratio in Age of Sigmar. I have some sentimental regret not jumping in with Shadespire when it came out. I bought all the things, but never got started. Because of that, i decided to start at the very beginning for myself in this league, and picked Garrek's Reavers; also because nobody else in the league picked them. So far though, it feels like i can't really compete. I've played 3 games against Magore's Fiends and 2 games against the Sylvaneth, and I've lost all of them. The biggest thing from my point of view at least is that those warbands seem to have lot more utility and options, whereas mine seem to have not that much. Do i stand a chance or am i just playing them wrong? My deck consists almost entirely of the faction cards for Garrek's Reavers.
  3. So my brother used to collect Bretonnians when we were growing up, but I've always had a soft spot for them because i like the lore, and I'd really like it if there were a human faction in aos like that just holding out against everything in their own lands. Noticed it by chance in the book though as I'm a bit of a lore fiend lol and started putting the pieces together.
  4. I was at wh fest and someone asked about tomb kings. They didn't rule it out at all. Furthermore, Bretonnians can be found referenced in The Red Feast by Gav Thorpe: There's a man in there called Serleon (sir lion) who wears full plate decorated with lions, drinks red wine, speaks a language similar in construct to French, and comes from a "provan" called "Aquita" (in the old world, Aquitaine was a province in Bretonnia).
  5. I bring good news guys if you don't already know. You appear to exist! Or at least have done in the age of myth. Check out my post in the lore thread:
  6. Bretonnia sighted?! Sorry I'm new to this thread, and i don't know if this has been noticed anywhere else, but i think the recent novel, The Red Feast, includes the first reference to where Bretonnia ended up. In the book (set in the age of myth), there is a character called Serleon. In English, Ser can be a variant of sir, and Leon is reminiscent of Leoncouer. That seems like a reach, but we know GW likes to mix old names into new, such as Khailebron (Khaine Hellebron) and Draichi Ganeth (Draich and Har Ganeth). Serleon wears full plate armour styled with lions, a symbol the Bretonnians used before, and he has some French stereotypes such as asking questions ending with ", no?", and preferring red wine over beer. What really seals the deal though is that in the book he comes from a place called 'Aquita'. Old Bretonnia had Aquitaine. Apparently Aquita is a 'provan' (province...) of Bataar. Old Bretonnia had provinces. Bataar has a completely different language than Aquita though, so i don't think Bataar is wider Bretonnia or Empire equivalent. Aquita's language is vaguely French sounding though, with "Ourdon de bovout an tur" being some Aquitan words in the book. It's also possible to be a Prince there. I can't tell if this is an intentional reveal or whether Gav Thorpe has managed to sneak them in under the radar like someone snuck in an animation of Pewdiepie's chair into last year's YouTube Rewind lol. Anyway, it seems like at least one part of Bretonnia ended up in the realm of fire, and in the book, the concept is already introduced of humans travelling from the world that was into the new realms, as the Khul tribe did exactly this with the help of their priest at the time making necessary sacrifices to open a portal. Interesting! Or i think so anyway.
  7. Is the url you linked still up to date? I'm finally getting around to reading spear of shadows and enjoying it. Is there a book 2, or still on the short stories for now?
  8. Here's what bugs me when people say stuff like "dok are op" or "80% win ratio". Let's unpack a few things..... - What is dok? Every army ever to meet the faction conditions for dok? Or do you just mean lists using hagg nar? - 80%. What lists were those? Who played them? Were there trends in the scenarios they did well in? Would that percentage come down if you took a closer look and realised some factors almost guaranteed a win regardless of the list strength? By how much? - the tournament scene still suffers from netlisting, even if some of the best players don't do that. What if "80%" is simply reflective of "dok" being stronger than some popular lists, where those other popular lists are represented enough to give "dok" a better chance? - tournament players are a minority, no matter how vocal. Making rules changes for everyone and adding to the stacks of paper a player needs to even show up to a game affects everyone, to temporarily appease a few in a niche setting. - even if we accept "dok" is "op" at tournaments, that doesn't necessarily reflect the experience at stores, gaming clubs, homes etc. Maybe such casual players are "wrong" if that's the case, but rules changes affect game experience for everyone, and if you negatively affect something that the majority of players didn't have an issue with (I'm speaking hypothetically, i don't have gw's data), you just cause widespread negativity, and for what? A niche of ultra competitive players who will likely move on to the new hotness in a few months.
  9. Some guy at gw hq is now going to print this out as a motivational poster to troll the rules team with.
  10. No you wouldn't, because a tonne of people netlist, and what's played at tournaments still isn't completely dictated by efficiency of the warscroll.
  11. I'm not bothered if one person is playing the same army as me, but i would be bothered if everyone was.
  12. I don't expect any warscroll changes, but i wouldn't be surprised to see a new warscroll battalion.
  13. Looks like he's getting a right good plucking 😎 I name her: Mother Plucker 😂
  14. You're thinking of godswrath battalion. Godsworn just let's you pile in with a hero in the hero phase to attack big stuff.
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