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  1. Bosmer Nightblade

    Big FAQ?

    Here's what bugs me when people say stuff like "dok are op" or "80% win ratio". Let's unpack a few things..... - What is dok? Every army ever to meet the faction conditions for dok? Or do you just mean lists using hagg nar? - 80%. What lists were those? Who played them? Were there trends in the scenarios they did well in? Would that percentage come down if you took a closer look and realised some factors almost guaranteed a win regardless of the list strength? By how much? - the tournament scene still suffers from netlisting, even if some of the best players don't do that. What if "80%" is simply reflective of "dok" being stronger than some popular lists, where those other popular lists are represented enough to give "dok" a better chance? - tournament players are a minority, no matter how vocal. Making rules changes for everyone and adding to the stacks of paper a player needs to even show up to a game affects everyone, to temporarily appease a few in a niche setting. - even if we accept "dok" is "op" at tournaments, that doesn't necessarily reflect the experience at stores, gaming clubs, homes etc. Maybe such casual players are "wrong" if that's the case, but rules changes affect game experience for everyone, and if you negatively affect something that the majority of players didn't have an issue with (I'm speaking hypothetically, i don't have gw's data), you just cause widespread negativity, and for what? A niche of ultra competitive players who will likely move on to the new hotness in a few months.
  2. Some guy at gw hq is now going to print this out as a motivational poster to troll the rules team with.
  3. No you wouldn't, because a tonne of people netlist, and what's played at tournaments still isn't completely dictated by efficiency of the warscroll.
  4. Bosmer Nightblade

    The trap of wanting to be unique

    I'm not bothered if one person is playing the same army as me, but i would be bothered if everyone was.
  5. Bosmer Nightblade

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I don't expect any warscroll changes, but i wouldn't be surprised to see a new warscroll battalion.
  6. Bosmer Nightblade

    The Rumour Thread

    Looks like he's getting a right good plucking 😎 I name her: Mother Plucker 😂
  7. Bosmer Nightblade

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    You're thinking of godswrath battalion. Godsworn just let's you pile in with a hero in the hero phase to attack big stuff.
  8. Bosmer Nightblade

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Did anyone notice the new slaves box is called 'godsworn', just like the underworlds warband? That box has all the old warrior stuff etc. Means godsworn won't be just a barbarian hordes army.
  9. Bosmer Nightblade

    New Podcast! Comedians talk Sigmar!

    Yes i was also shouting "dark crystal!" when they were trying to think of 80s inappropriate kids stuff. Decaying vulture monsters draining the souls out of an entire race hooked up to their death machines. Jesus Christ lol. Also, you're getting Slaanesh ALL WRONG dammit. Firstly, the whole thing about being half ****** is that as Slaanesh is a bit 50/50, his/her followers are also meant to be a bit 50/50. But gw hasn't always been consistent with that so there are some things that are all or no ****** for example. Secondly, the sculpts are meant to be ugly yet elegant at the same time. In the lore, Slaanesh's daemons are meant to appear to mortals to be whatever they desire. But the reality are the gross things you see in the sculpts, that give you a hint of their beauty, ultimately marred by grossness. So you get seduced by the hot chick, but you don't see that she has claws for hands for example. I'd still hit it tho.....
  10. Bosmer Nightblade

    Most sporting opponent......

    Yes. I said in my OP "In all of the above, I've been sincere. One thing i don't want to do is fake interest all in the sake of trying to get a vote etc." The point of this thread was just to grab perspectives of others.
  11. Bosmer Nightblade

    Most sporting opponent......

    This is what I do. I made the topic because once the tournament was over, I could see a column in the results for most sporting and saw I had 0. In this tournament, only a minority of players got 0, and I wondered what I had done differently.
  12. Bosmer Nightblade

    Most sporting opponent......

    I really struggle with this. Most of us don't want to be "that guy" at an event. At the same time, you probably would prefer to win a game than lose. If you're losing, you don't want to come across too negatively, and if you're winning you don't want to be making your opponent's game a misery. I've come back from an event recently where i received 0 most sporting opponent votes. But then over 5 games, i won 4 of them. My gut feeling told me that human nature probably makes it far less likely for someone (especially men, i think, often having that competitive nature) to vote a guy that defeated them as their favourite opponent. A glance over the tournament results showed me that this theory held true. Of the people who won all of their games, only one received a favourite opponent vote, and the rest of them didn't get any. Conversely, i looked at the people who received the most sporting opponent votes, and sure enough, all of them had lost most of their games, or all of them. This makes me wonder two things: 1. How can we make better use of such a soft score at events when human nature seems predetermined to resent those doing well. Or is it enough that if you're doing well *and* against the odds are receiving such votes, then it makes you extra worthy? 2. How can i become a better opponent? Does anyone have any tips on how they do it, or what they're looking for? In all my games i recall allowing my opponent to do things they'd forgotten, out of sequence. I remember apologising to one opponent when i rolled far more wounds than i should have done. I remembered to take an interest in my opponents' armies, complimenting paint jobs or asking how their games had gone. I also made sure not to be on my phone when my opponent was taking their turn. I didn't gloat or cheer, and i had some honest laughs at myself managing to roll a 1, and re-roll it to a 1, twice in a row ? In all of the above, I've been sincere. One thing i don't want to do is fake interest all in the sake of trying to get a vote etc. When i complimented a nurgle colour scheme, it really did look awesome. Despite my efforts though, it didn't materialise in one of those votes. Maybe i was just doomed to fail after winning so many games. Or maybe there's something else i can be doing. What do you think?
  13. Bosmer Nightblade

    Why I don't like 'best army' style tables

    Worth me clarifying that my thread had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with LLV. I know nothing about who LLV is or what he or she does. I conclude from context that LLV is someone who has made such a list, so i can see how this now becomes relevant, but this thread was not made because of anything LLV has done, which I've never seen. Hope that clears things up.
  14. I see these mostly in 40k, but more and more recently in seeing them creep into AoS. They're not a new thing, but they seem to be becoming more popular. It's the sort of table that will tell you which army is winning most at events. There are often no other metrics beyond wins and losses for factions. The thing that bugs me about this is that it doesn't tell anyone anything useful. It's meant to be a general indicator, except it's not. No matter how many games it's done over. This format doesn't work for Warhammer of any kind. Here's why: - Factions are represented as their name only. Like "daughters of khaine". Armies are diverse things. Change a few units and the entire function, capability and playstyle changes on its head. When you try to say a faction is good because it wins, what won? Was it one type of list or a mixture? - How skilled are the people playing those lists? If the best players all agree on a faction as they think will do well, how much does their skill and experience influence how well their armies perform? - How skilled were the opponents in these games? - What factions got played against? If Deepkin won three tournaments lately, who were their opponents? How many Kharadron players did they face? - What scenarios were played at these events? Some scenarios favour some armies more than others - Dice are random. Furthermore, it's not unusual for the result of a game to come down to one dice roll. - You often find that a top performing list is also one of the most fielded factions. With no other factor in consideration, it is already more likely that that faction will win the event than not, and on top of that, there will be more occurrences of that faction playing against itself in one or more games, giving an artificial boost to its success (in terms of chances of a faction *winning* an event). With some of these factors individually, you could make the argument that things could average out over time. But there are far too many variables above. I think the biggest is player skill. There was a 40k adepticon recently where three of the absolute best players all agreed to go with a mixed eldar list utilising a particular combo. They each placed highly, leading many to conclude that this combo was overpowered. And it may be. But would those players have placed just as highly using other armies, because they're already top players? I think these kind of lists can be useful in games where there are less factors to consider. But in Warhammer i don't think it works.
  15. Khorne is basically immune to magic, and nothing Nagash could summon to fight khorne would be enough to match him. Then again, Nagash is a massive Mary Sue for gw, so who knows