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  1. Hi! I've recently gotten back into skaven after years playing different armies and I've gone all in on the accessories - skaven dice, warscroll cards, tokens. Does anyone have any suggestions for some cool boxes, transport ideas etc that aren't too bulky but will fit everything? Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the tips, definitely something to keep in mind.
  3. Hey all, myself and 2 mates are trying to find missions that would suit 3 players? We'll be playing at 1000 pts and was wondering if anyone had any good ideas or experience with 1v1v1 missions? Cheers!
  4. I'm pretty sure the new Bell of Doom endless spell makes it so you don't have to take battleshock tests.
  5. I'm also pretty sure there is a command ability that lets you double a Doomwheel's movement. 2 times 4d6! Here we go!
  6. Hi, I noticed that there was no thread for those wanting to sell/trade units from the new Carrion Empire box set. I'm looking to trade the Flesh Eater Courts in exchange for the Skaven set. I'm located in Australia, so if you're keen on trading, hit me up with a pm. Thanks!
  7. Does that mean they couldn't take skryre artifacts then?
  8. I think I heard somewhere that masterclan can be included in a specific clan build (skryre etc). Does anyone know if this is true, as I'm wondering whether I can take thanquol or a verminlord?
  9. Does anyone know if they'll be doing a similar thread for this one for the new Carrion Empire box set? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm running a mortal khorne army and am thinking about adding a brass despoiler batallion (warherd only). Anyone have suggestions for buffs/characters to add that can impact the beastmen? So far I've got the bloodsecrator and slaughterpriest.
  11. Hi all, I'm just starting my foray into AoS, specifically khorne. I'm playing the firestorm campaign with 2 other mates and my next game is at 1500 points. I'm looking at taking the Bloodforged batallion as it just looks like a ton of fun to play and I want to see my mates dragon kill himself. I'll be taking the Skullgrinder as my general for purely narrative reasons. I've given him hungry for glory, but I was wondering what artifact I should give him? I've currently got him with the Rune Blade, but was wondering if Ive missed any obvious artifacts. Thanks!
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