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  1. I want to stay optimistic, but I think we're just going to get these two new warscrolls and that's it. I highly doubt Slaanesh will be getting a lot of new stuff in Kragnos.
  2. They really make it sound like the Talon is going to be very killy (I hope)...perhaps that can make up for the wimpiness afflicting the current KoS. @Enoby it is crazy this is coming out so soon, but I have to keep reminding myself that the HoS tome was likely due out like this time LAST year.
  3. OH MY DARK GODS. Coming w/ BR Kragnos, the twin offspring of Slaanesh...https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/04/19/quiz-which-of-these-new-slaaneshi-daemons-are-you
  4. Any hedonites battleline is in a bit of an odd spot right now just because of points cost, and Hellstriders (of both varieties) feel this a bit more than the rest of the book. They caught a 40-50 points hike for no real reason with the new battletome. That said, they aren't useless. 14" 2W cav isn't terrible, and they can do a good job of finishing off heavily wounded units with claw spears. And don't forget that you can get them up to a 3+ save with the Lurid haze command ability - that kind of tankiness is rare in this book. I suppose you could build a list with big bombs of 10, b
  5. This is a really excellent point @Yoid. It does feel like there are still dangling threads for Slaanesh - we could be getting more for the faction in Belakor or some other BR book, since as you say it's almost guaranteed that the new battletome and Morathi were originally supposed to be released nowhere near each other. If every faction is going to be tweaked by BR, surely that has to include Hedonites.
  6. Or heck, they'd just get both bonuses simultaneously all the time. I completely agree, and the release proximity of the Hedonites & Lumineth battletomes really highlights the issue at play here. As Vince puts it, they are "In Addition: The Battletome" whereas some of these Slaanesh scrolls seem like they have one hand tied behind their backs, or took really perplexing nerfs (Contorted Epitome/Infernal Enrapturess/KoS).
  7. Well, first off this is a bit of a personal take, just because I love the mini! But I think that durability is something that the army otherwise doesn't have - having him run with slickblades gives them a mobile piece that has staying power and can help them with CAs, namely the +1 to save Lurid Haze one and battleshock immunity as needed. I'm not expecting him to be super killy, but he can do decent damage if he has to and isn't able to be easily killed out leaving me with an unsupported flank. ...in theory!
  8. @CeleFAZE sounds pretty similar to the Lurid Haze list I'm thinking about running: Allegiance: Slaanesh- Host: Lurid Haze Invaders Host (Host of Chaos)LeadersSigvald, Prince of Slaanesh (260)- Host Option: GeneralChaos Lord on Karkadrak (230)- General- Command Trait: Feverish Anticipation- Artefact: The Rod of Misrule- Host Option: GeneralInfernal Enrapturess, Herald of Slaanesh (150)- Artefact: Oil of Exultation- Host Option: GeneralBattleline10 x Chaos Warriors (180)- Hand Weapon & Shield5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (140)5 x Hellstriders with Claw-spears (140)Units5 x Slickblade Se
  9. Thanks @Silphid! Can't wait to see what you put together!!
  10. Thanks @Sorrow! I started painting this army about 6 months ago with the StD start collecting box and have been steadily adding to it since then. Here's a few shots. Definitely looking forward to adding some of the new seekers and Myrmidesh! You can see some pics of this army in action against @Athrawes and his incredible (even better in person!) Lumineth here in his batrep: https://www.reddit.com/r/ageofsigmar/comments/lu6l60/lumineth_vs_new_hedonites_battle_report/
  11. What is there to say? Just an incredible vision for an army realized on the table. A true inspiration!!
  12. @Sorrow - any chance we can see that Nobles of Excess list? I love the idea of using the elite foot infantry. Did you get much out of the RRs to wound on the charge?
  13. I would also love to know what is happening to Hammerstrike Force...details please!!
  14. Is Hammerstrike Force the same? I feel like I read somewhere that it got nerfed, though that may just be an internet phantom rattling around in my brain...
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