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  1. I guess thats kind of my thoughts on the battalion in general. If you are running it, is it better served being a Beast of Chaos army than a Tzeentch list? Does the access to Tzeentch Daemons and Destiny Dice do anything better than the Herd stone and the Greatfrays? I could see a Cygor using Destiny Dice to make it a straight wizard sniper but Bolt of Tzeentch kind of does that already on a Lord of Change and from a longer distance if you have spell portal up.
  2. probably been asked a zillion times since the book dropped but does the Fantasmagoria of Fate actually add anything to Tzeentch crews that we are lacking? I could see it bringing in some punchy units like Doombulls, Shaggoths and Bullgors and maybe some cheap chaff, but do any of these really mesh with what Tzeentch lists are wanting to do?
  3. Hey Changers! Just picked up a force of Tzeentch deamons and I'm thinking of testing the waters with this silly list: Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Kairos Fateweaver (380) - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (180) - General - Trait: Nexus of Fate - Artefact: Mark of the Conjurer - Lore of Fate: Treacherous Bond - Lore of Change: Treason of Tzeentch Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (160) - Artefact: Warpfire Blade - Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change: Fold Reality 10 x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (200) - Lore of Change: Unchecked Mutation Endless Spells Umbral Spellportal (60) The Burning Head (40) Prismatic Palisade (30) Total: 1250 / 1250 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 47 The basic idea being that the Burning Head gives the 2 units of horrors rerolls on 1s to hit and if it does damage to them, that's ok because I can use Destiny Dice or Fold Reality to bring them back and gather Fate/Blue Horror points. Kairos uses Spell Portal plus Gift of Change to snipe any heroes that get to close and turn them into Chaos Spawn and the Pallisade is just in the list to be a road block on a crowded board or hole up against shooting lists. The Daemon Prince is a melee bruiser who can also go hero hunting when needed. I know its not competitive but I'm hoping it is a list to help me feel out where I want to go with Tzeentch as I build my forces up.
  4. So slightly larger than a standard Ogor? I can work with that. Thanks!
  5. Alright. Sounds perfect. I will drop in an order for 12 Reaper Yetis at my LFGS and start painting them up. What's the height of the GW Yhetees roughly so I can keep that the same through creative basing.?
  6. I was just coming to ask if that change would apply to Beastriders as well? Seems like it should.
  7. Thanks. I will try to use this is a base from where i want to go! Its pretty much what I was thinking. An army that is a slow grind trying to play for the late game by staying alive
  8. Mostly I was just thinking to use a unit or two of them to hold points and work as a soft screen. I've played at 1k A frostlord, Cave Shaman, 2 x2 units Mournfang and 4 kitties and a lifeswarm so far.
  9. How many Yhetees should I consider grabbing for a 2k list? I'm gonna pick up some Reaper models to use as proxies since Yhetees are hard to come by and expensive.
  10. So for a fun pure theme army I've been considering a mixed Order duardin army combining Dispossessed, Fyreslayers and Overlords. Obviously this isn't going to be a heavy competitive list, I have Flesh Eaters for that, but I also don't want to get rolled every game. Does anyone have any ideas on building a list using mostly Duardin (have to sneak in an Incantor for casting I'm sure)?
  11. I wish we could see it in the model rules somehow. Perhaps an aura on our abborants that made them -1 to hit in melee because of the Delusion.
  12. gotcha. and I agree. The chalice can absolutely make a unit tankier you just need to have the numbers in the first place to take the hit. a 20 man unit is still probably going to go down before a killy force whereas a 30 or 40 ghoul unit will hang out and be almost unwipeable
  13. But they don't bring a unit past its starting value. So a 10 man unit can only ever have 10 models in it.
  14. I'll add to this madness! (see what I did there?) Morgaunt Masses General- Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (Morgaunt Command Trait, Decrepit Crown) (440) - Mount Trait: Gaping Maw - Lore: Spectral Host Archregent (Aetherquartz Brooch) (200) - Lore: Transformation Crypt Ghast Courtier (60) Crypt Ghast Courtier (60) 40 x Ghouls (360) 40 x Ghouls (360) 30x Ghouls (300) Ghoul Patrol (150) Chalice of Ushoran (40) Charnel Throne (0) 1970/2000 points. 1CP. 2 Artefacts. Tactics on this are pretty simple. Keep a crypt ghast and a 40 block off to one side to use to pressure your opponent. Run everything else up the middle. Use the GK to summon a Varghulf to keep everyone in command aura. Archregent drops a 20 pack where its need to cap objectives or just be a road block. Center the chalice in a good place and simply capitalize on your opponent having to chow through a million ghouls.
  15. Just once. And the jury is still out on Flayers/Horrors. I think right now people are in the camp of spam flayers or spam big monsters.
  16. In that case, ****** it, just play traditional ghoul spam and use courtiers plus chalice to keep you forces on the board, and when they die 50/50 chances they come back. If the dice gods love you, the sheer weight of numbers will spin in your favor.
  17. you are going to seriously have a hard time if you just gimp yourself by restricting summons. The current rules of the game are fixed with summons in mind working the way they work. FEC loses too much momentum if they don't have access to summons as all our models are costed with that particular thing in mind. You wouldn't play Stormcast without Deepstrike, or Idoneth without their Tide Tables, there's no reason to play Flesh Eaters without their summon mechanics.
  18. I honestly wouldn't play FEC in that kind of tournament. A lot of power comes from being able to summon on turn 1 and put immediate pressure on the board.
  19. I don't think so. Not after the intial hype at least. If you are playing the ghoul horde court (can't remember the name), then you might want 3, but honestly they just dont pack the punch that a King on Ghiest does, and neither does a unit of 20 ghouls. In the end, 200 points is a lot for a hero even if he does give you ghouls and if you jam up your list with them you are going to be left with a bunch of chaff and mediocre heroes (after summoning). 1 or 2 is probably as high as you wanna go, just IMO
  20. I've actually been thinking of the Grand Court that brings Ghouls units back on a 4+ (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and buffs heroes who also buff ghouls. It might actually be an ok attrition army with the chalice. Once again it will just require getting it on the table and seeing if its worth the frustration of moving 40 blobs of ghouls all over the place.
  21. That's probably true. It seems to me that if you can't get to 1 drop then you should probably shoot for 4 or 5 because 2 or 3 won't really matter. Do any of our battalions really give a decent enough bonus to warrant cost atm? Once again, I need to look over them on paper to really see. Deadwatch seems good if Flayers are gonna be the new norm, but that starts to feel like an all the eggs in one basket strategy and I'm not sure I want my games to become "Toss as many flayers into my opponent on turn 2 as I can and hope they kill everything important"
  22. So I've been thinking about it and I'm really very glad that Majestic Horror and Grand Tournament got changed. I didn't like that it was too much of an auto take before. I think now there can be a bit more experimentation and some of the other command traits seem pretty good without being the bonkers necessity that Majestic Horror was. To a lesser degree Grand Tournament is the same though I imagine +1 to run and charge rolls is still gonna be the dominant pick for Delusions. Still sad about the state of our Battalions over all though. Not having a large 1 drop battalion is frustrating and almost none of them feel worth the points at first glance. When the book gets here I'm gonna take a good look at it and probably step away from the internet for a few days to fully digest it and maybe get a game or two. Gut instinct tells me there's some juicy bits that might get overlooked on first glance.
  23. Honestly I'm still of the thought that you should drop them each on the table when you need them. Regardless of how good flayers are, there are still points where I want those 2 and 3 damage swings over 1 damage rend 1. The caveat to this is unless you build your list around them like Deadwatch
  24. Was a slaughterfest for sure. After 3 rounds and 27 attendees (should have been 4 rounds but we didn't have time): FEC, Seraphon and Nighthaunt were the 3 left undefeated.
  25. I'd say FEC even before the book rates higher than NH. Its had more top results than any NH since their book came out
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