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  1. To be fair, the Expendable and Earthquake where not ruled by GW, but by judges at Adepticon. But the attack action however is a perfect example for ****** written rules. The Necromancer Commands lets You just make the single attack action again (even though the Harvester has an AOE attack), but Tireless Assault lets Steelheart do his AOE attack all over again. Because attack actions and attack actions are two different things.... duh. The rules are horribly written and balance was screwed over the last two waves. Immense powercreep and metashifts seems to be intentional (most likely as a sales strategy), as this is whats destrying the tournament scene in 40k right now. A lot of 40k players are therefore drawn to Star Wars Legion. I really hope GW starts to put efford in their games, Shadespire was such a great game with a lot of tactical aspects. Now that hold-bojectives are unplayable and shoving offensive all-in warbands in the enemy's face is the go-to playstyle, the game has become dull.
  2. I'm afraid I have to agree. The first four warbands where a blast to play. Some hard matchups for sure, but not at all ridiculously imbalanced. The game overall was extremely focused on good positioning and planning. From that point on there was a huge shift towards high HP straight forward warbands. Earthquake made objective play and therefore a great deal of warbands almost unplayable. Orruks and SCE where top Tier, with only Skaven on par, who took the Speed of Reavers, the rez of the Guard and made both even better. Even the Leader is a more powerful combination of the Warden and Garrek! Skaven simply replaced those two warbands at a competative level. Fyreslayers were flawed from the getgo. Add to that the inflation of reactions. Less and less planning required, indirectly punished low HP fighters and rewarded offensive positioning with models who could just tank one or two blows. The new expansions seem to put another nail in the coffin for low HP fighters (flat damage ploys that affect all fighters, a LOT of ranged attacks, etc). Additionally the new Khorne band appears to be insanely strong and even negate a tactical element from the game: drive backs. Ohh yes, an even harder to counter Earthquake-equivalent on top of that.
  3. The spoiled cards indeed boost high HP warbands even further. They furthermore make objective play even harder, due to Earthquake 2.0. Orruks especially are getting extremely strong cards. Unless there are several other cards boosting the Guard, they might just turn from bad to worse.
  4. Why is everyone ignoring Seak when talking about cleave? He has it inbuilt, once inspired. Throw Great Strength on him and/or use Trap to kill every fighter in the game with ease. Timetrap and Ready for Action combined with the amazing hit boosts Khorne has, generate enough attacks to make him a huge threat. Karsus is insanely strong, too. Whirlwind of Death and/or Greate Strenght is so deadly on him, as he is the most precise fighters Khorn has to offer. A SCE matchup still sucks though.
  5. But I like the farstrider condition! Farstriders cannot camp on objectives in their own territory, defending with their ranged attacks. They seem extremely strong though, among the fastest warband in the game and every fighter has a ranged attack. The stats of the other two fighters and their inspired stats will tell if they are indeed such monsters. Margores fiends inspire trigger seems a little lackluster. Easy indeed and something the warband wants to do anyway.
  6. The fluff text indeed indicates such a special rule. Some spectral stuff going on there.
  7. This sums it up perfectly. It is extremely important how You place objective tokens. Against defensive warbands You might find yourself in a bad spot when doing it wrongly. When You spend turn one securing objectives and need a whole turn two to approach Your opponent, the third turn might just not include enough fighting to score precious glory. On the other hand, when placing tokens aggressively, turn one charges might take Your (still weak) fighters out of action. And this can snowball hard. This of course comes in addition to general positioning, deckbuilding, card knowledge and whatnot. So expect al lot of losses against Your friends in the beginning, as You will need more practice and a rougher trial and error approach than them. When You are fine with this, go for drawfs!
  8. I can't stop thinking about the farstriders and their crossbows. What stats do You expect? I suppose it is represented by an attack action rather than an upgrade, and it will be the same on every farstrider. Range 3, two Attack dice with the sword characteristic and one damage is my guess. Maybe inspire giving it an extra die and a crit effect.
  9. Throwing Stars for Skaven and the Shadeglass Axe both have range 3, too. I am really curious, how strong the crossbow will be... a full Warband with ranged attacks could be extremely powerfull.
  10. You said that in another thread and initially agreed. But I gave the timing of an attack some thought and now understand Trap differently (I might be horrily wrong though). The attack action is not over until the drive back is resolved. Trap happens during an attack. So I don't really see a reason anymore, why damage from Trap should not be considered for attack actions that score objectives. The damage characteristic doesn't change for sure, but the damage is dealt in the said attack action. Objectives not regarding damage like Victorious Duel should also be scored from my understanding. We might need a FAQ wich states wether the ploydamage from being driven back is considered to be caused by the attack or not.
  11. Some Redditor made this list, it is really helpful. Btw, the Grand Clash winning deck uses not as much of the mentioned Ploys as I thought (no Time Trap, Illusory Fighter, Musk of Fear). Really interesting, but I never had any problems inspiring key models while testing this deck.
  12. Yeah, Skritch is still a monster. I think crit cleave, albeit being very very situational, is a rather good way of giving fighters some advantage in combat, without breaking them completely. Flat Cleave on Skritch would be ridiculous, no special perk would be boring. Plus I like Cleave in general. It weakens shield warbands a little and those are currently the most represented warbands in tounament play.
  13. Regading this I want to make sure I understand Trap correctly when scoring objectives: Lets say Steelheart charges Garrek. He hits, drives back and Trap is being played. Garrek is dead. Precise Use of Force can be scored, as the Attack in total deals exacly the right amount of damage (4). Lighning Strikes and Victorious Duel can be scored aswell. Now lets say Steelheart charges a Petitioner, who has 1 HP left. They tie on successes and the Petitioner is driven back, therefore the SCE player plays Trap. No Remorse can be scored, as the damage characteristic of the attack is still 3. Precise Use of Force can be scored aswell, as the damage dealt is 1 (exacly as much as needed). Now Steelheart charges a full HP Petitioner. He hits the Petitioner and wants to drive him back and play Trap, to score Crushing Force. Even though the damage dealt would be 4, twice as much as needed, this is not possible due to the attack sequence. The damage dealt by the initial attack is more than the Petitioner can sustain, so he is taken out of action before he can be driven back. Did I get anything wrong?
  14. Interesting to hear. Maybe the Skavenhype (as they were quite new) just caused many players to pick them over Reavers. Reavers still seem underwhelming to me, as they have problems with most 4 HP warbands. SCE can oneshot all Khorne fighters of relevance from the getgo, so can Gurzag. Trap worsens the issue imo, as Bonecutta and Brightshield can reliably oneshot Karsus and Seak, too. That Seak can kill himself with rebound doesn't help either. Plus I have a feeling that Earthquake denies them early glory from hold objectives and Supremacy. Buuut maybe i am biased, as I used to enjoyed Reavers the most. Pre Expansions I did very well against almost any warband expect SCE. Now SG and Slayers seem to be the only good matchups.
  15. Why would You rate Reavers that high and Orruks so low? With Reavers beeing not represented in the top 16 at all (as they are outperformed by Skaven in almost every way) and Orruks being that well represented. Plus Orruks seem to do well agains SCE and Skaven, where Reavers just die in those matchups. I would really like to read Your thoughts.
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