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Skirmish - Post your warband

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Grimwrath Bezerker - Ovambo Henst 

3 Skywardens - The Condor Knights 

4 Hearthguard Bezerkers - The Rüppell Brothers 

Henst, often known as the Laughing Buzzard is a particularly reckless member of the Gyrforge Buzzards. As Henst's reckless nature can make him a liability as a battlefield commander he and his team are sent on missions to recover artifacts, scavenge materials from battlefields, harry supply chains, etc.


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Chaos Warband (I haven't come up with a real name yet)

For 50 points

Chaos Lord (20) (Du'Gall, I call him Doug)

3 Blood Warriors (12) (1 a champion) (all with a Single goreaxe and gorefists)

4 Chaos Warriors (16) (1 an Aspiring Champion) (all with rune-shields)

2 Blood Reavers (2) (1 Blood Chieftain) (Ug and Glug)

The Chaos Lord is an absolute beast. As long as luck is on your side, you can murder about any other model either with his normal reaper blade attacks (3 attacks, 3 to hit, 3 to wound, rend of -2 and 2 damage) or his ridiculous demon releasing power that lets you do 2 d6 damage if you can get it off.

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