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Disco's painting log

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I've decided to relocate my painting log from Tomb-Kings.net to here as it hardly gets any action and it's mostly 8th/9th and KoW now plus I sold my TK army when I learned it was getting discontinued.I also sold a vast swathe of my Undead(VC) army as well(getting rid of nearly 250 infantry),kept my Empire(free peoples) and also kept what little I had of a Skaven army I'd always fancied.

My plans for AoS are to have a Soul Blight army,a Rotbringer army,Skaven army and a Free Peoples army.I've posted some pics in the gallery which give an idea of where I'm at with each of them but atm the moment I'm concentrating on getting the Soul Blight finished.I decided to repaint all my SB(soul blight) models to get a uniform colour scheme running thru the army and went with a dark grey and a deep red as the main 2 colours.Currently I'm painting 10 Bloodknights(5 are repaints) and then will start on my Covern Throne to finish them.My SB army will be backed up by a small force of Mordants which will consist of 10 hexwraiths,3 Spirit Hosts,3 Banshees and a Black Coach.

So that's the immediate plan and heres my 1st pic on here to show progress on the Bloodknight repaints.


They should end up looking like this


I usually paint a few hours a night after the kids are all tucked up so will update this with regular posts.

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On ‎13‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 4:15 PM, Dez said:


They look good, I really like the basing. Subtle but still has lots of interest.

Many thanks :)

Finished them at long last,man they took forever and a day but really happy with them.




One thing I did notice which when I 1st bought them ages ago I didn't pay any attention too was how bad the casting was on some of them,missing lance top,****** skull trophies,mangled armour etc.Luckily the unit I bought a few weeks back is pretty perfect and should make painting a bit easier.

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That's the trouble with accumulating too much stuff...sometimes you forget to check on the casting :) I've gone back to some Forge World projects, and seen that some of the castings were really bad and contacted them. Luckily they were happy to replace them. If those are finecast...they were finecast :) 

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Nice start on the Bloodknights, the basing is particularly nice.  Its funny how cutting mats always seem to go that funny brown colour, mine is just the same.  I'm looking forward to seeing this army come to life.

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Yeah I did but then decided against it.I just find drybrushing smooth surfaces is a bit hit and miss for me and more often than not leaves a rougher looking finish.

Did notice I forgot to clean the heads of 2 steeds in the unit I repainted,half the sprue is still attched to one lol. I'll get that done asap :)

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Very nice stuff, your ghosties are especially cool. I think I like the classic blue ethereal tones to the newer green tinge that the modern stuff seems to have.

Suggestion on the lances on the blood knights: blast them with a hairdryer for 10 odd seconds and straighten them while they are warm and malleable. Once they cool they will be solid as before, just straighter.

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Must say the bases for your spirit host are really nice imo, they look really natural and well balanced in terms of not being cluttered or distracting from the miniatures whilst still being interesting. Good job!


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On ‎5‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 9:54 AM, discoking said:

Finished 2 units of Hexwraiths,1 unit of Spirit Hosts and 2 old skool Banshees.Obviously not very hard to paint but I love the look,so totally ethereal :)




looks fantastic , really love the tones your sports have and really has me second guessing wanting to go with the green glow for mine. Again just a fantastic looking army your assembling !

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On ‎22‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 11:29 PM, TheParallax said:

looks fantastic , really love the tones your sports have and really has me second guessing wanting to go with the green glow for mine. Again just a fantastic looking army your assembling !

Thanks very much :)

Bit more done on the 2nd unit of Bloodknights



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On ‎27‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 5:42 PM, Carnelian said:

I will add my voice to all those people saying that the bases are really nice! How did you paint the brighter blue stones?

Sorry for late reply and thanks for the kind words. The stones are actually just dawnstone with a shade a agrax and highlighted with ulthuan grey.


Haven't had the time I would like recently to get all my stuff painted but after being down Cheltenham at the weekend to see my best mate and finding he's entered 1 day tourney this sunday I told him I'd come too.So I had to get my Bloodknights painted and I have 3 days left to paint my Covern Throne.




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Thanks :)

Didin't manage to finish the Covern Throne in time but I hope what I have managed is acceptable.Time to pack it all up and go get a few hours kip before I set off at 3.30am.





Still got a lot of highlighting to finish and the 3 vamps to start.

A quick shot of what I'm taking



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On ‎29‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 6:38 AM, Ansuz said:

Wow! Your Coven Throne looks epic with your paintjob. I specially like the flames and the rose on the hair of the purple vampiress.

Thanks a lot :)





So with the advent of the Generals Handbook I'm going to forfeit the cool abilities and choose Soulblight as my allegiance and take 3 units of Blood Knights as my battleline.Army will look like this:

vamp lord on zombie dragon

covern throne

3x5 blood knights

2x3 vargiests

2x3 fell bats

1960 total

Just need to go order another unit of Blood Knights now :)

For now tho I'm going back to my Rotbringers and have started to paint Orghotts.



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