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  1. Just throwing in my chaos troggoth conversions, I want to run a full chaos converted troggoth army
  2. The model that made me start collecting warhammer again, Throgg
  3. I would say lord of war command trait (+1 to hit) will buff the trolls best, means they get to swing again on 5+ I'm working on an army of these guys too, there are a few chaos heros that can help a list out Plague priest for example debuffs enemy units so your units get +1 to wound against that unit
  4. Greetings, So I have recently been working on a chaos army (chaos ogres) and have been converting up some demon weapons! They are really simple to do I though I would share this video with you guys if you want to do something similar! Cheers!
  5. Xemenes

    Rogue Idol unboxing!

    Thank you Hope seeing this encourages you to get one too Thank you! Putting it together required, green stuff, pinning and swearing haha
  6. Xemenes

    Rogue Idol unboxing!

    Hi all! Check out my unboxing of the newly re-released Orruk Rogue Idol! I'm really happy they are producing these again and can't wait to paint mine up for my ironjawz as an ally for 2000 point games
  7. Xemenes


    I just painted up some fellwater troggoths for my Ironjawz force as the new generals handbook allows them to ally with ironjawz. They are great models, full of character and charm. I hope you enjoy the video!
  8. Xemenes

    Mawkrusha Showcase!

    Hey guys and gals, Check out my video showcase for my Megaboss on Mawkrusha! This is the perfect centre-piece mini for any Ironjawz or destruction force and I had loads of fun assembling and painting it. I’m pretty happy with the colour scheme I went with but I always love to hear C&C’s. This model looks great on the tabletop or just on display, so it’s definitely one I can recommend if you are on the fence about getting one for your own force!
  9. Hi guys! I have freshly painted a second unit of brutes for my Ironjawz fo AoS and I'm really happy with how they turned out. However I recently dug out the first model I ever painted which was a Moria Goblin from the fellowship of the ring range and I thought it might be fun to compare the two models to see just how far I have progressed over the years! I think its always good to step back and have a look and see the progress you have made as sometimes it feels like your not progressing as well as you would like. Anyways hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think!
  10. Xemenes

    Floating Rock Bases!

    Hi guys! I wanted a way to make my weirdnob shaman to stand out on the tabletop, so I needed a suitably cool and magical looking base for him! I decided the best way to go would to be to create a floating rock base! I think this technique is super easy any looks great! So I made a video to show you guys how to make one for yourself! Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out!
  11. Hey Guys! I just put out my latest video showcasing the Warchanter and how I painted it! I’m really happy with the results I got for the time I put into it. The Ironjawz Warchanter is a model I didn’t rate very highly at all when I first saw it, but now I have had time to sit down, build and paint it I genuinely feel it is a massively under-rated model with loads of character. It may not be the biggest or the craziest model ever produced but I really like it for what it is. Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it! C&C always welcome and give me your thoughts on the sculpt!
  12. Xemenes

    Orruk Brutes Showcase!

    Thanks, for me edge highlighting isn't really my style I always feel its too harsh and I tend to prefer a smoother more natural blend and I'm happy with the straps, but this is definitely just my personal style Really glad you like it, I will get around to the maw-krusha one day haha
  13. Hi everyone! Just uploaded a video showcase for my freshly painted brutes for my Ironjawz force for age of sigmar. I’m trying to give my army a distinct look and feel and so far I’m really happy with the results, overall the scheme is pretty quick and super satisfying to do and I feel I have achieved what I am trying to with these guys. I feel this scheme is suitably dirty and grungy for my own view of Orruks, they are by no means perfect but I think for table-top they will do the trick! As always C&C are very welcome and I hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for taking the time to take a look!
  14. Hey, I decided I wanted to do a quick video on my scheme for painting fur! I wanted it to be quick and easy but also interesting and not just one boring colour, so I went for a gradient from black to light brown, I’m really happy with the results so I hope you guys enjoy the video and can maybe use this scheme for yourselves!
  15. These are really stunning, possibly the best looking orks I've seen
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