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750 Point Boneslpitterz army. My first steps. Need Everyones Help


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Hey everyone,  :)

This will be a Home/blog that i will post about my army progress regarding my new 2017 Bonesplitterz and other Destruction allies .

I really am trying to painting this army to the best of my abilities, I've never really had a very nice army where you can see the love but after doing my Savage Big Boss i had sitting in my desk for over a year i was in love and couldn't wait to start. So now Painting one model at a time and keeping focused on the one army... i hope :/

First step is having 750 Points ready for July 02/07/2017, As i have entered 'Only the Faithful Age of Sigmar Doubles Tournament'.

My partner for the event is going with his Khorne Bloodbound, all close combat hack and slash, so i'm thinking some bows might help.

Not wanting to smash other armies just have a bit of fun and surprise some people,  But i do need help form all of you with knowing how to best play what i have. If i am setting myself up for a huge failure or if you think you can help make my list better please post your suggestions. ;)


Currently building for this event

Savage Big Boss x 1

Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10

Savage Orruk Arrowboys 1 Unit of 10

Savage Big Stabbas 1 Unit of 2

                                       Arachnarok Spider x 1   < unsure if needed

Kunnin Rukk


My issue with Rules currently is The Arachnarok Spider, Can the Shaman cast 'Gift of the Spider God' on the spider its riding?

"Select a Spiderfang unit within 8",  

Spells such as mystic shield say in the text that you can cast on yourself. "pick the caster, or a friendly unit within 18"

I don't believe it can cast on its self at this stage so i might not need the Arachnarok Spider, just thought it would be a nice center piece if it could.  :D


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Yo! So running with the arachnarok you will lose the ability to run bonesplitterz allegiance. Is your event alright with this? It would mean your arrow savages aren't battleline. Also yes, the arachnarok shaman can target his own spider, it's great!

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oh wow ok... im such a noob lol xD


i didn't realize that all your models had to be bonesplitterz to get that, i thought if i had the Kunnin Rukk formation i could kind of keep them battleline.  and then i could just add in more Destruction units around that, my bad.

Ill have to remake the list i just thought the Arachnarok Spider would just be so visually pleasing when playing. 

any suggestions now im back to no idea what im doing hahaha o.O

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