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Da Bloodbreaka Clan

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Hey lads

this is the third of three battle reports from my victorious day at PAX Unplugged. In this match, I took on a Nurgle List in Border, which ended in a Major Victory for the Ironjawz. For the full battle report, just scroll down. Otherwise, enjoy the lore. 
Popping the Pussificous Gate

The air was thick with flies, enough to choke a meager mortal. The foul aroma of disease was taking form, the land rejecting the vile taint that tried to poison its blight.  Walking across the soil were the mortal servants of Nurgle, supported by their daemon kin, a grand host led by one of Nurgle's best, the Great Unclean One,  Toxacon the Plague Spreader. Where they walked, disease followed. It amused Elamus at how easy things seemed to be going. They had taken the Peak Gate easily from the puny humans. They even turned some to the Grandfather's cause, while the rest made for some fun experimenting. Since they arrived in Shyish, there had been no resistance, which was peculiar. The sorcerer believed Nagash would be a gracious host and welcome them to his domain, but there was no sign of life where they were: neither living nor dead. Still, they had a mission. A great relic from the Age of Myth was rumored to be hidden inside the Willowing Woods. Some rumors claimed it to be one of the Eight Lamentations of Khorne, while other whispers said it was a weapon of the rival-god Tzeentch. Whatever it was, Elamus was determined to make Papa Nurgle proud.

It was a good change of pace from his recent struggles conquering Zarcosia. The weeds of hope had blossomed to life, the lesser races had risen once more, their bastions of civilization rising once more. Chaos was in retreat across the land. Elamus and his host had been restricted for months to their fortified manor in the northern cliffs of the Frattura Mountains. The host he assembled would struggle to conquer the continent once again. Even Khorne was losing his grip on Zarcosia. Catastrophes followed the Blood God's warriors ever since the Orruks rose to dominance. The armies of Order also took their toll on Khorne's forces, most notably at the defense of Aephelon, the Floating City, a defeat that all but crippled Khorne's army. Now they hold out in their last bastion, Slaughter Keep, awaiting either reinforcements or utter destruction. Elamus had hoped to deliver the final blow himself, but his forces could never survive the march through the thousands of Orruks along the path.

The Chaos Sorcerer spit on the ground in disgust, the saliva melting deceased bone into liquid. Elamus was never pleased when the Greenskins were ever on his mind. They had given him headaches since they arrived in Zarcosia. At the moment of his finest hour, when he was about to open a portal to Nurgle's Garden and usher in an era of Plague across the land, the Ironjawz arrived to steal his glory. Elamus recalled his forces being chopped to pieces, unable to endure their barbaric onslaught of the greenskins. Elamus even recalled the bite of the axe as the Orruk leader decapitated him. Still, he fared better than the Daemon Prince Zighdan. The last whereabouts he heard of the Greater Daemon was in a jar sitting atop a shelf in Grandfather Nurgle's mansion. He hoped to avoid joining him, for he knew he could not fail Nurgle a second time.

Thundering hoofs came into view as one of his knights returned from scouting. Elamus was curious where his partner was, until the knight came closer to reveal an axe embedded into its back armour. The knight was coughing up blood, not long for this world the sorcerer knew, but he was able to deliver his report before succumbing to his wound.

"The relic...," he coughed before continuing, "...we found....it..."

"Well, what is it? Did you happen to have your companion stick it in you here before returning?" Elamus asked sternly.

"Dead...Foloug is...dead," he coughed again. "Orruks....have.." the knight went silent and fell out of his horse. While his message was incomplete, Elamus was able to decipher what he meant, and it drove him into a rage. The manticore he sat atop on could feel his anger building and let out a roar, one for each of its two heads. 

"Tughast! To me!" screamed the sorcerer. The Blightlord approached. His rusty olive armour was barely holding his bloated, disfigured body together. "Yes lord, I heard. Bit of shame Foloug died. He owes me a new axe," said Tughast. "Stop jesting! " declared the sorcerer. "You heard him. We have Orcs nearby. If they have the relic, I swear by Horticulous that I will reap every last one of them into the ground and plant a foul tree inside their wretched bodies!" Tughast nodded and smirked through his antlered helm. "Wouldn't that be a sight? I have some suggestions if you were interested in..." the Blightlord's voice trailed off as the sound of drums echoed in the distance. "Well, it seems our perpetrators are nearby. Shall I prepare the vegetation for their eventual pods?" Tughast said, laughing as he strode off to prepare their forces for the impending battle. Elamus scrunched his face, opening a hole on the left side of his cheek. "I swear to the Great Grandfather I will bring these greenskined filth to their knees. I will..." He paused as the Orruks came into view. A great red banner with twin-crossed weapons caught his attention. Elamus' eyes widened at the realization of the exact clan of Orruks that were approaching. Vengeance and trepidation flooded his mind. The relic became an afterthought. This fight was personal


Azkrug played with the belt in his hands. It appeared heavy at first to pick up when they discovered it inside a tomb in the Willowing Woods. The over-sized buckle was similar to an Ogor Gutbuster's belly shield. Yet, the armoured belt was surprisingly light to hold. It wouldn't fit around an Orruk, let alone an Orruk, but its bulk was just a distraction from the power the megaboss could feel holding it. "Strange," said a studious Azkrug. There was something funny about the belt, but he nor Nogoog had the time to inspect it. Their Gore Gruntas had discovered a pair of Chaos Knights scouting the forest, and not long after, a Nurgle army was seen (or smelt, depending who you asked). They had come through the same realmgate they needed to use to return to Zarcosia, so the Orruks would have to fight their way home. A perfect ending to a successful expedition, Azkrug thought. He put the belt away before addressing his army.

"Get going lads! Them puss boyz is giving us a scrap before weze head home." said Azkrug. "Lets thank their generosity." A cheer erupted from the Greenskins. Even the puny grots in the rear lent their squeaky voices from their hiding spots on the edge of the woods. As the Gore Gruntas charged forth to seize the flanks, the Brutes and Ardboyz began their march forward. Da Bloodbreakas would need to outmaneuver Nurgle if it hoped to vanquish the daemons and reclaim the realmgate back to Zarcosia. A sudden blast from the Great Nurgle Daemon nearly killed Keeb (or Geeb), forcing him to cower in a nearby tree. Meanwhile, on the left flank, the Nurgle Chaos Knights clashed with Ozdrog's Ardboyz. The fighting was fierce, but with support from Jazood and Nogoog, the Chaos Knights became mired in the tar pit of Ardboyz. 


Azkrug's attention was suddnely drawn to the sound of Zodgrob, who made a startling smart realization.

"Oi, boss. Ain't those da same puss boyz we fought long time ago," asked the Brute Boss. 

"How should I know. Iz never fought Nurgle," replied the Megaboss.

"Aye Zodgrob be right," answered Bogg. "Weze fought those gits a while back. Matter oh fact, that big fat daemon lookin like the same one that crumped us."

"And that magic spikey git on that ugly monster seems like the same git dat Gorfang killed," replied Zodgrob.

"Hmmm. So them spikey boyz knows you then. Did anyone kill dat big one then?," said Azkrug.

Both bosses shook their heads in disagreements. That was all the megaboss needed before taking actions into his own hands. He shouted towards the trees where Geeb (or Keeb) was hiding "Oi, grot!" shouted Azkrug. "Soften up them boss gits before I has Chewy come over there and chomp you to bits!"

The Moonclan Shaman leaped from the shrubbery, shoved a mushroom into his gullet, and began to work his magic. In moments, a giant, grinning moon emerged above the Great Unclean One and the caster behind him. The force of the spell sent both victims reeling, providing Azkrug the opening he needed to surge forward.


Toxacon the Plague Spreader returned to his feet after a magical moon appeared over his head. His body felt a bit withered, but he was ready to bring the fight to the Orruks once and for all.  As he refocused, the very air rumbled, the ground trembled, and a great beast the color of the sky charged towards him. It let out a mighty roar that ripped the air around Toxocan, but it was his sorcerer that felt the full force. The mortal had only returned to his feet when his torso exploded in a violent explosion as the shout from the monster ripped the Nurgle Sorcerer apart. When Toxacon turned back around, a flying  fist the size of a boulder smacked him in the face. The leaping beast and rider then landed beside the Great Unclean One, then unleashed a deadly onslaught against the daemon. The Maw Krusha began to pummel and tear Toxacon's putrid frame apart, while the large orruk started hacking at his vital areas with his crude weapons. Dazed and weakened, Toxacon was unable to contemplate a counterattack. Instead, he was preparing his excuses for how he had failed Grandfather Nurgle. He just hoped that the mortal Elamus would suffer a similar fate so both would share an uncomfortable jar together for the foreseeable future. 


While Azkrug dealt with the big puss daemon, Zodgrob and his boyz surged forward, inspired by their boss. Ruglid and his boyz were tangled for control of the hill with some Putrid Blightkings, but the timely interaction by the Brutes' flanking maneuver spelled doom for the mortal disease warriors. A nearby regiment of Chaos Warriors lent their support, but they too were cut down by the Brutes and Azkrug as well. The right flank quickly fell to the Ironjawz.



Meanwhile, Elamus began to squirm in anger atop his mount. The loss of Toxacon and his faithful sorcerer was a blow to his army's morale, but all was not lost. His other Blightkings, led by Tughast, overwhelmed the other Orruk Pig Riders and forced them from the field. They soon charged forth to aid the Chaos Knights who were slowly being grinded away by the horde of Orruks. Seeking a breakthrough, Elamus scanned the field to find a weak spot in the Ironjawz's line. In the rear by the tall cliff, a lone warchanter beat away at the air. If he could seize that area, he could provide an opening for his troops to pour through to outmaneuver his brutish enemy. . With his rear secured by Warlord Snorkth, his bodyguard, and a host of Plaguebearers, Elamus surged forward. His Chimera glided forward, eyeing the lone Orruk who seemed unaware of the impending danger. Once they were within range, Elamus committed to the combat. Something wrong immediatly occurred as his mount seemed afraid to move forward. The sudden change in the orruk's beating rhythm had thrown off his mount, causing it to panic. 


When Elamus finally corralled his monster's bravery, the Warchatner was facing him, believing he could survive the upcoming fight. With time of the essence, Elamus pushed his Chimera forward, and rider and mount charged the isolated Orruk. The Chaos Sorcerer tried to cast a spell to weaken the Wrchanter, but it failed. He then swiped several times with his staff to open up the orruk's defenses, but he parried each blow. Then his Chimera struck, landing a handful of attacks with his razor-sharp claws, but the Warchanter's armour protected its carrier. He even managed to avoid its mighty jaws and delivered a blow onto the face of the monster, wounding her. The Chimera reared back in pain, with Elamus holding on to avoid being thrown off. He tried again to slay the Orruk, but the warchanter once again resisted a killing blow, and delivered another wound to his beast.


Before he could conjour up another spell, a group of brutish orruks charged from around the bend and joined the melee. They hacked, slashed, and bashed his monster until it stopped moving. As Elamus was beaten to death by the weapons and kicks of the Orruks, he muttered, "By Nurgle's Rot, I will have my vengeance!" Then a spiked maul crushed his skull, sending him to Nurgle's domain once again. 


Youze was right Nogoog. That fight was a load of fun," Jazood said to the Weirdnob Shaman. "Oi Bogg. That skull belongs to me!"

"Finders keepers ya loony git," replied Bogg. "You'd be dead iffen we didn't get 'ere."

"You'd also be da big brute boss iffen a dumb dumb wasn't yer boss," countered the warchanter, drawing laughs from the surrounding orruks. Bogg was agitated enough that he contemplated killing the warchanter, but Nogoog stepped in.

"Don't do anyfing stoopid Boog," he said. "Just give him da skull. He's earned it."

"Fine then. It's a dumb skull anyway. I'll go get my own skull from another puss boy."

"You might be too late on that," said Nogoog, pointing the Brute Boss back towards the rest of the battle.


On the far side of the battlefield, Azkrug and Zodgrob were cleaning up the remaining Nurgle holdouts. The Chaos Warriors were quickly overwhelmed by the Brutes, while Azkrug slayed the Lord of Plagues with the swipe of his Fang Fist. The Plaguebearers would take some time, but Azkrug had them handled. As for the left flank, the final Chaos Knight succumbed to the tenaciousness of the Ardboyoz. With no more ground to gain and his leaders dead, Blightlord Tughast called for a retreat. His Blightkings, some Plaguebearers, and a handful of Chaos Warriors the only ones to escape that day.


"Well den, that wuz fun," Jazood said, breaking the silence. "Weze got more boyz for da WAAAGH! and more shiny stuff for da boss. Plus, me apprentice survived. Now he can go off to fight in Da Battle ov' da Beats!"

"That means weze likely getting another one ov' you gits," said Bogg. "How many Jazoods are there?"

"How should I know? I just get you zoggin' lot ready to fight and crump when I can," the warchanter replied.

"I should gets it," Nogoog said. "I cancelled out his magic. Otherwise you'd be a good dead 'un Jazood. I also hit him a few times wif me big stick."

"He wuz already dead!" stated Bogg and Jazood. The three orruks continued to argue before Azkrug arrived.

"Quit yer bickering you lot. We all gots skulls now," said the megaboss. "I want you alls to figure out how how da hell weze getting that big puss daemon back to Bloodbreaka Hold so we can hang that skull for all to stare at?"

"Uhh boss, I fink dat daemon be goo now," Zodgrob said, pointing his claw at the remains of the greater deamon. The decaying corpse of the Great Unclean One was melting away, its physical form in the mortal realm returning into the Realm of Chaos. There would be no big trophy for Azkrug Fangfist, but he didn't seem to care. "Well, at least I gots this funny trinket to remember this fun trip." He held up the belt. It's mysterious power still remained, but it would take Nogoog and more WAAAGH! energy to eventually sap the item of its taint. "Now then, lets see what da boss did wif da old camp, shall we?"

When the FangFist Expectation returned to the Frattura Mountains, they had accomplished their goal and more. Thousands of Orruks had joined the clan, and they brought with them from Shyish an impressive haul of supplies to help continue construction on Gorfang's bold endeavor. The expedition also brought along new trinkets, trophies and treasure to gloat about to their rivals back at home. Soon, Da Bloodbreaka Clan would be at full strength once more, ready to take on the forces of Order and Chaos for control of Zarcosia.



My final game of PAX Unplugged was sort of a grudge match for me. Earlier this year, I played my opponent, Dan, and his Nurgle host in a 1k Tournament on Long Island, NY. He beat me in Three places of Power and ended up winning the tournament, so I was looking forward to this matchup. I was also confident because I have done really well in Border War, my best scenario throughout the year.

Dan went with the Nurgle Mortal Host Battalion that makes all mortal nurgle units a -1 to hit. His list consisted of:

Great Unclean One
Sorcerer on Manticore
Nurgle Sorcerer
Lord of Plagues
10 Chaos Warriors
10 Chaos Warriors
10 Chaos Knights
5 Putrid Blightkings
5 Putrid Blightkings
20 Plaguebearers

Boy was I happy to have two warchanters against this. They helped my troops neutralize the debuff and kept the boyz maintain their fighty efficiency. 

Onto the setup: I figured my unit of 20 Ardboyz could bog down one side with support from Mystic Shield and Frenzy of Violence, while I sent my Maw Krusha and Brutes to overpower the right. Both Gore Gruntas would try to claim both middle objectives early. I also took the Moonclan Grot Shaman on the right because his offensive spells were  easier to cast. 

Turn One

i go first, but I don't want to fully commit everyone yet. I move all my foot-sloggers up while I send my Gruntas to the middle objectives to score early. Unfortunately I misplaced my Gore Gruntas on the left and they were short of the left objective, so I only scored 3 points. 

Dan's turn, his Great Unclean One nearly killed my Grot Shaman, leaving him on one wound. His Knights charged on the left, crashed into my Ardboyz, and claimed the objective by leaving one or two knights strung back to hold it. They don't do much on the charge and become bogged down. His Blight Kings begin to march down the flanks, with the unit on the right charging my Gore Grutnas. He keeps his heroes back and scores 5 points on his turn. 

Turn Two

I win priority and decide to go for it, unleashing my Orcs to run rampant. First, the Grot Shaman casts Curse of da Bad Moon on the sorcerer hidden behind his Great Unclean One. This was a tactic he used in our last match, which kept him out of sight, and allowed him to heal his GUO. I didn't want him to do that again. I was intending to kill him and the GUO this turn. The spell does 3 mortal wounds, then does two wounds to the GUO. I buff the Ardboyz again and then put FoV on the 10 Brutes so they could recapture the right objective. Fortunately, my Rampaging Destroyers rolls go off, and I get my Megaboss and Brutes up the field. I scream at the wounded caster, killing him. I then roar WAAAGH! in the convention center and charge my general and mega brutes into the enemy. Destructive Bulk does 3 mortal wounds, then I active the Maw Krusha first, who finishes off the Great Unclean One. He had three saves but nothing landed for him. On the right objective, the mega brutes kill two Blight Kings, who in turn kill a Gore Grunta. The Chaos Warriors nearby charge the Brutes flank but swing and miss. I end up outnumbering him on the right.  The five-man Brute unit failed their charge previously, but its a blessing in disguise the next turn. Meanwhile on the left, the Knights start to fall slowly, while my Ardboyz, despite being at -1 Bravery, hold out despite their losses. I also commit my Gore Gruntas on the left to charge the Blight Kings in cover, a poor choice on my part, but it ends up holding them up for at least a turn. I score 3 points

Now it's Dan's Turn, who has to try to reclaim the initiative. With the right flank faltering and the left a quagmire, he recognizes a gap in my line between the Ardboyz and the cliff to see one of my Warchanter holding my rear objective. If he kills him, he will score 4 points. And if he gets the double turn, that becomes an 8 point swing. This was a poor play by me and may have clinched him the game. After his arcane bolt fails, he moves his sorcerer up to within three inches of my Warchanter, but in a stunning turn of events, he rolls snake-eyes! This is the second game in a row my opponent rolled snake-eyes in a crucial moment in the game. I cannot stress how lucky I was in both situations in games two and three. Because of this, he will only score 3 points this turn. On the right objective, the Brutes and Blight Kings bash each other senseless. I lose three Brutes, but leave him with one BK left. The Chaos Warriors are nearly wiped out from the Maw Krusha and Brutes attacks. I have one Gore Grunta left on the right. Back on the left, the Ardboyz are turning the combat in their favor as more Knights fall. Dan recognizes he has to get his Blight Kings on the left free to help out. They lose one in combat with the Gore Gruntas, but leave one left on one wound

Turn Three

Dan gets the double turn and gets to work. He rolls a 6 for the Blight Kings (or Nurgle Mortal Wounds ability thingy) and finishes off the Gore Gruntas on the left in the hero phase. They will charge the Ardboyz this turn. His sorcerer tries to cast another spell on my Warchanter, but he only suffers one wound from Arcane Bolt. Now he succeeds in charging my Warchanter and tries to get rid of him immediately. The Manticore is able to wound him with a handful of attacks, but the Warchanter shrugs them off and makes his armour saves. He is also able to deliver a wound or two back on the sorcerer. Back on the left, the Ardboyz kill more Knights and continue to frustrate Dan with their 3+ armour save despite the Blight Kings engaging. The right flank now belongs to the Ironjawz as they finish off the last Blight King and Chaos Warriors. Dan scores 3 points. 

On my turn, I keep my last Gore Grunta on the right objective while I send my Maw Krusha and 7 Brutes into his rear where his Lord of Plagues, 10 Chaos Warriors and 20 Plaguebearers are being held in reserve. Maw Krusha kills LoP right away, while the mega brutes kill a bunch of Chaos Warriors. Remember my other unit of 5 Brutes? They make a b-line towards my rear objective and end up killing the Sorcerer to rescue my Warchanter. Ardboyz are now around half strength, but the Chaos Knights are now on their last legs, with only two or three remaining. The lack of rend on the Blight Kings is hurting my opponent as the 3+ save is canceling out his number of attacks. I score 3 points. 

Turn Four

Dan wins priority but has few, if any, options remaining. The only way he can salvage a win is by holding onto the left objective and hoping the Plaguebearers can tie down my Maw Krusha and incoming Brutes from reaching his objective. However, the Ardboyz resist his Blight Kings again and finish off the Chaos Knights. With my Ardboyz continuing to pile-in forward, they now control the left objective. With that lost, Dan concedes. Part of that decision was also due to exhaustion. We had all been there the entire day, and some of us (myself and Dan included) had not left the convention center since we arrived. Plus, the match at this point was in my favor.

Result: Major Victory

It was one of the best games of AOS I have played, but I acknowledge I caught some breaks, yetthat's how this game works when you're dealing with dice. While my Maw Krusha and Brutes did much of the hard lifting, I think my Ardboyz were the MVP of the game. Supported with Mystic Shield and Frenzy of Violence, they held off and beat 10 Chaos Knights and 4 Blight Kings. If they faltered, my rear is likely captured by his dudes. Giving them Big Choppas was clutch, the -1 rend paying off as he could not make enough saves.

Because my opponent conceded, I scored max points for a major victory and full secondary objective points. This was the tipping point that allowed me to win the tournament. I didn't know this so I figured I finished in second behind Chris, a very good Sylvaneth player from New York. I edged him by two points (69-67) to take Best General. (Fun fact: the final tables was an all New York affair, with me playing Dan, while Sylvaneth Chris played my friend Chris from Long Island who played Stormcast. He finished 4th or 5th, so the Big Apple and Island of Long were well represented)

It was an unexpectedly great experience,  easily the best day in my 13+ years playing Warhammer. I can't wait to return to the tournament circuit in 2018. Hopefully these battle reports will help my fellow Ironjawz Megabosses in their quest for glory.



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6 hours ago, Malakree said:

I think it's entirely dependent on what units you're running. I played B&G without it then two recent ones with it and had two thoughts about it.

  1. The reduced drop number is really important. Even shaving only 2 drops (I had 3 battleline) meant I got to pick in games I normally wouldn't.
  2. It massively improved my Ardboyz and Brute mobility, it was alright for the GG's but not amazing.

So as @Chris Tomlin has said the 2 units of 3 GG's help reduce the need for it because they fill the mobility gap. If on the other hand you are running 3 blocks of Brutes then I think the Ironfist is still mandatory, it works out as a 25-150% increase in their speed. 

Also the Ironfist does some really funky stuff with lots of IJ heroes.

  • Use the ironfist move to reposition so that you can get the destruction move.
  • More importantly use the Ironfist to play around the 12" charge bubble for the destruction move. You can pull back an inch or 2 so that you don't have to charge with it etc.

My last game of the 3rd tournament I triggered 3 destruction moves on a unit of GG's, the last of which pushed them into the 12" bubble. Then I pulled a 3 on my ironfist, which combined with the 9" movement allowed me to completely avoid a shield wall he had setup in front of 3 knight-heraldor letting me get my unit of 6 GG's in on them ultimately winning me the game. 

I'm definitely enjoying the Ironfist move with my 4 IJ heroes, it lets some stupid stuff happen. The thing that tempts me to drop it is the extra 3 GG's, I think at 9 GG's I would rather have 2 blocks of 6 than a 6 and a 3 with Ironfist.

You are correct and I didn't mean to sound dismissive on the Ironfist for GH2017. What I should have said was that we can now win without solely relying on the Ironfist like we did in GH2016. But with our allegiance abilities and reliable combat prowess, Ironjawz have ways to make up for lack of movement. But I do agree, it is still needed in certain matchups. Sylvaneth and Flesh-Eater Courts are two opponents I can think of that the Ironfist would help. Probably Tzeentch too, but I have seen IJ beat them without the Ironfist. I'm also in the camp that our Mighty Destroyers ability might be better than the old RD battle trait. Taking multiple heroes feels like a must just for the chance to move 6 inches, charge or pile-in and attack in the hero phase. 

At the end of the day, it all relies on the player and the list I feel. 

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4 hours ago, Gorks Pokin' Finger said:

At the end of the day, it all relies on the player and the list I feel. 

Sorry if it didn't come off like that but I was agreeing with you ? I was trying to add some of my personal experience and opinion to your "to fist or not to fist"(!) 

Also yes I love the new IJ alleigance. I think the free charge is the huge weakness of it but even then we could maybe use it to try for the mythical 8"+ from the ggs.

Do love the battle reps, always useful to see how others are faring!

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Hey lads,

this past weekend, I faced off against two Order armies in a friendly Open Play kill 'em match. There was carnage galore, brave last stands, and bedlam across the battlefield. I had a 2,000pt Ironjawz that battled a 1k Stormcast Force and 1k Kharadron Overlords list. The battle came down to the wire, but I barely pulled out a win with just my Megaboss and three Brutes remaining. Scroll down for the battle report. I had some fun with this story and told it from several POV's. Enjoy the lore.

Da Smashing Party

The clap of thunder was a dead giveaway to Gorfang. The flashes of lightning in the sky, the swirling magic below, the very air you breathed freezing before the storm was unleashed.

"They're here," he said to himself

The megaboss had been scouting the surrounding cliffs around Mount Kraktoof when he heard the first rumble. He  acted quickly, summoning a powerful Ironfist to intercept the threat not too far from the city. The construction of Mount Kraktoof was almost complete thanks to the successful FangFist expedition. They brought an incredible surplus of supplies and boyz from Shyish, blustering the size of Da Bloodbreaka Clan and its influence. Many of these new boyz used to don the bone-white armour of the Ash Eaters, but now they marched to war donning the dark red armour of their new clan. They would be motivated fighting in front of their new boss, a factor Gorfang was anticipating. 

Approaching the ruins of a Dwarf town, two Gore Gruntas returned from scouting with news: the Thunder Boyz were near.

"Figures. It's always the Thunder Boyz," muttered Gorfang. "Why can't this Sigmar git just come down and giv' us a proper fight?"

"Perhaps he's scared boss," answered Dradruzak. "Maybe he finks Gorkamorka will come down and stomp him into da ground."

"Yeah, but I wants us to test our strength against him. Not every day you gets to fight a God."

"Boss, there's more," shouted an orruk with the skin of dark coal. He had arrived with the FangFist expedition and survived a run-in with the God of Death, or so the stories his boyz said. Ruglid was his name. "We also spotted a flying ship. filled with stunties."

"Flying stunties? You sure it ain't  dem pansie aelfs playin' tricks again?" asked Gorfang.

"No boss, it looks like stunties,. All them are stubblie and small like stunties, but we can't make out their beards" replied Ruglid. "Theyze covered all over in armour, but you'll recognize their banners and sigils."

"Mmm so them Thunder Boyz be finkin of gettin' some help to fights us, eh? Well I says we gives it to them," the megaboss said. He then turned and spoke to his Ironfist. "Alright you lot! You want to be real propa Bloodbreaka Orruks?" There was a loud cheer from the Orcs as many threw their arms in the air.  "Well weze got some gits who finks they can surprise us on our own land. Dem Thunder Boyz is back, and now they brought da stunties, only theyze flying. We're gonna bring 'em crashin' to da ground. Then we're gonna stomp on all ova them, kick 'em, bash 'em, stomp 'em and bash 'em until they knows who's da best. Is that you gits?" he shouted.

"WAAAAAAGH!" was the only reply Gorfang heard. He grinned in approval and said to himself, "This is gonna be a good fight". He motioned with his right arm as Da Bloodbleada orruks surged forward down the mountain pass.


Admiral Groudec Hammersson raised his pistol and fired into the sea of green below him. He couldn't miss from his vantage point, though he couldn't tell if his shot even killed one of the brutes below.  His crew desperately tried to force them back to save the ship before the orruk's dealt a fatal blow. They were everywhere. As another rupture sounded from the hull, Groudec's frustration only grew. Not at his fellow duardin for doing their jobs, but at the Stormcast leader, and himself. Lord-Celestant Kuldor Dracothblade was a brave warrior, but Groudec knew from his short interactions that he was headstrong. Kuldor wished to establish a base camp within the Frattura Mountains to spearhead an eventual invading force before the orruk city could be finished. But Groudec's experience had taught him never to underestimate Orruks, especially Ironjawz. He should have countered the idea, but he needed the extra gold to shore up his payments to Barak-Nar. After days of preparing, they  followed the Stormcast storm to the Frattura Mountains, and would come behind the Stormcast as they landed. As Groudec's Ironclad began to disembark, the Orruks struck from an underground cavern. They had been waiting for the right moment to strike. Now the duardin were caught.


Their relentlessness was too much for the vessel to withstand. Groudec reached for the alarm and slammed the button. "Disembark lads, and prepare to fire!" he shouted over the failing engines and leaking aether-gold. Above, Aether-Khemist Jarn Clifforsson slid down the rails safely onto the ground. The rest of Groudec's Company made it off the ship just as the Orruks were about to destroy the final engine. Settled on the ground and his grudge in front of him, Groudec gave the order, "All guns open fire!" The Arkanaut Company and armaments still active on the Ironclad erupted in an astonishing wave of metal.



The barrage ripped the orruks apart. Limbs were severed, bellies burst open, heads exploded, but the Brutes still had fight left in them. One of them jabbed his long spear into the last functioning engine, the massive ship taking its last gasp as it finally crashed. The remaining Brutes charged forward to battle their duardin adversaries. The Arkanaut Company took a heavy toll, but they stood their ground. Groudec smirked before anger overtook him once more. "Cmon you lads. Stand yer ground and make yer shots count! We have a big payday if we get out of this pickle. Maybe enough to get a new ship," the admiral said. He parried a heavy blow from an Orruk and crushed his skull on the counterattack. The corpses of the Brutes were starting to pile up. Groudec's kill count was starting to rise along with it. "Bah! Is that the best you retches can offer? I'm just getting warmed up."


Another explosion tore a hole in the downed Ironclad, causing Lord-Celestant Kuldor Dracothblade to reel his mount back. Nearby, Lord-Castellant Ponyord StarShield held firm, planting his feet into the ground to brace the force of the explosion. In seconds it passed, but the frenzy of violence was already underway. The commissioned Kharadron Overlords had lost their ship and were fighting back against their Orruk adversaries. Ponyord knew the duardin would no longer contribute to this battle, leaving the Autumn Hammers alone to face the rest of the greenskinned scourge. Open battle against the Ironjawz was not the Stormcast's intention. It was too soon, and more troops were needed if they were to smash Da Bloodbreaka Clan from Zarcosia once and for all. But Kuldor had insisted, nay, urged his brothers to be the first to claim a base to strike the Ironjawz. Glory was all he sought. Glory for Sigmar, the God-King, he said. That glory-seeking drive had cost him and his brothers three visits to the reforging anvil already. Each time, Kuldor seemed to grow emboldened, his headstrong attitude worsening. Was he truly seeking glory for their God, or was it something more than that? 

"Brothers, rally to me!" Kuldor shouted. "The orruks believe they have bested us already. But I see their dead piling high and our allies rallying," the Lord-Celestant said, pointing to the growing mound of dead Brutes surrounding the surviving duardin. "Let us show them the fury of the Autumn Hammers and the rage Sigmar's Storm will bring to them!" Kuldor still knew how to give a good speech. He could inspire any Stormcast to run through the Ever-Changing Gate with him, Ponyord noted to himself. The Lord-Celestant then turned to Ponyord and locked eyes with him. "Lord-Castellant," he began, "take our Liberators and form a shield wall around the choke points of those ruins. I will take our Fulminators and summon the Retributors. We will hammer them into your shields and destroy what resistance they show us." Ponyord nodded, but his body language was a giveaway for Kuldor to expose. "Now is not the time for reservations, but make it quick. We need to strike before they recognize our advance," explained Kuldor. "It may be wise to consolidate around the ruined ironclad. We can support our duardin allies and fend off the Ironjawz while we await reinforcements. A charge may be too risky if we are still to achieve our mission," answered Ponyord. He couldn't see Kuldor's expression through his helmet, but he knew the decision just by staring at his eyes. "We do not go back! The way is forward," so said the final words of Kuldor. He tugged the reigns of his dracoth and signalled his Fulminators to charge. The cavalry mustered and moved around the outside of the village, aiming to surprise the orruk cavalry from the flank. The clouds above rumbled once more, shooting down a bolt far from the eyes of the Liberators. The Retributors had entered the fray, but they would have to pray to Sigmar their fate would see them victorious. All Ponyord could do was obey his orders and lead his brothers forward. "With me, brothers. Lend me your hammers and shield. We shall be Sigmar's bulwark against this savagery and drive them back. For the God-King!"


To say there was panic in the Ironjawz's ranks was an understatement. Dozens of Dracoth Cavalry had caught the Orruks advancing further into the village, perfectly lined up for a devastating charge. First, the Gore Gruntas on the left. They barely had time to react when the Fulminators skewered their way through their ranks. Their celestial beasts finishing off any stragglers or scaring off anyone else. They then targeted the center formation and rushed towards the Weirdnob Shaman Dulg and the Jazood Warchanter who was dancing around. Both orruks were skewered in the blink of an eye and tossed aside deceased. The Brutes soon joined the melee to bog down the Stormcasts from doing any further damage.

"Guess boss'll be needin' another Jazood now," Dradruzak thought to himself. 

Seconds went by before a distant bawl erupted over the scrum. "Oi you ugly lookin' lizzie! That may have been me favorite Jazood you killed! Iz gonna crump ya fer that!" Gorfang shouted as he piled into the frenzy. As mighty as the Stormcast Cavalry was, they would soon be overwhelmed by the Ironjawz superior numbers, along with their megaboss lending a helping hand. On the far side, Ruglid's Gore Gruntas began their advance to see what became of the loud boom where the ambushing Brutes were waiting. Behind him, Megaboss Itkid was defending himself against the large thunder boyz who carried their thunder hammers. Dradruzak knew those Stormcasts were strong gits and had his respect. It seemed Itkid was getting the upper hand as his maw krusha had shaken off the harpoons lodged in its torso. 

Before Dradruzak could focus on the approaching Liberators, a challenge came forth from the flank. The Stormcast's Big Boss was approaching. Of course this one wore a big, puffy helm like all the leaders. This might be his chance to take one. "Get ova 'ere Thunda Boy! Me choppa has something nice to say to you," the brute boss said. Raising his hammer, the Stormcast plunged into the Brutes, reaping a toll of death on the charge. One Brute made a leaping attack while the Stormcast wasn't looking, but his mount knocked him down with its thick skull and ripped the orruk's throat out while he was down. Dradruzak then lunged forward. He made for the beasts head, but it evaded his claw. The Stormcast then swung a backhanded arc with his hammer, but Dradruzak caught it with his choppa. Both bosses exchanged blows, neither finding the fatal strike. He shouted his god's name multiple times during the clash, annoying Dradruzak as the fight lingered. Then he caught a break. His enemy made an overzealous strike that the Brute Boss caught with his left claw, then he quickly delivered a mighty blow that decapitated his mount. He then tugged the weapon out of its wielders hands as he fell to the ground. Dradruzak wasted no time as he stomped on the Stormcast's chest, breaking a few ribs and pinning him to the ground. He began to shout his god's name once again, prompting Dradruzak to shut him up for good. "Stop shouting for help and maybe you'd win a fight," he declared as he stepped back before the body turned to lightning and shot back into the sky. He knew the drill by now fighting Thunder Boyz. "And thanks for the nice skull," he shouted his final insult. 


"What da zoggin 'ell happened  'ere? Where's da dead stunties?" declared Ruglid as his Gore Gruntas approached the Ironclad crash site. The stacks of dead and dying Brutes nearly eclipsed the downed-ship. Somewhere from behind the pile, pistol fire broke out targeting his boyz. "Bah, they're still kickin'. Lets go finish what these gits couldn't," the boss said. With a roar, the Gore Gruntas charged. Around the dead pile they curled to find the straggling stunties, including their two bosses. The Gruntas rushed forwards, choppas swirling in their hands, saliva pouring from their mounts. The charge erased what remained of the Arkanaut Company, adding to the mounting dead across the small plot of land. The orruks knew they were stunties. It didn't matter what color or armoured suit they wore. A stuntie was a stuntie. It was no surprise then that the big boss of the stunties jumped into action and slew multiple Gruntas in two strikes with his great hammer. The boss constantly said his name, Admiral Groub or Goud Hammer Hammer Son Son or whatever. "You stuntie big names are all the same," Ruglid said outloud. "You can tell yer smith god when you go meet him." 


The stuntie fought mad, shrugging off anything the Gore Gruntas could strike him with as more orruk's perished by the steam-powered hammer, Eventually, the Admiral tired, his rage finally catching up to him. Ruglid did the honors and finished him off, claiming his helm for his personal collection. However, the Gore Gruntas had failed to account for the Aether-Khemist who was lurking near the ruined Ironclad. The air became thick, breathing became difficult, and a detestable odor entered the orruk's lungs. Coughing fits erupted among the remaining Gore Gruntas, with two or three succumbing to the stratospheric change. It became too much for Ruglid's boyz to withstand and they soon broke back toward's the Bloodbreaka lines. 


"Itkid, you still kicking?" Gorfang said, removing the blood of the recently killed Retributor from his eyes. "Aye boss, I'm still 'ere, but me maw krusha not doing too good," the wounded megaboss said. "I fink dat dam thunda boy killed me maw krusha." Both bosses poked and prodded the beast gingerly in case it awoke enraged. "Nope, he's a dead 'un," Itkid said. "I never liked him anyway. He tried to eat me once." "Can't imagine why," replied an unsurprised Gorfang. itkid was careless with his maw krusha. He had lost control of him twice at Bloodbreaka Hold and caused terrible damage to the impending city of Mount Kraktoof. He was relieved the beast was dead. Now they had a meal for their victory feast, so long as they won the battle. "Get whatever boyz you can gather from da dead piles an' regroup. Might need every last boy to win this fight."


The megaboss turned around and rushed forward. His remaining Brutes had already engaged the remaining Stormcasts: the wall of Liberators and their other boss. Da Bloodbreaka Clan had faced this Thunder Boyz tactic many times before and discovered it wasn't easy breaking through the shield wall. Instead, the Ironjawz learned how to get around the wall on the ends by extending the row of fighters. Dradruzak led the charge by sneaking through a ruined building to surprise the left end, while the remaining boyz stormed around another building to surprise the other side. As Gorfang was about to join the combat, he saw the Stormcasts holding strong. Their boss, who seemed to be glowing along with his warriors, were doing a good job frustrating the Brutes. 


A spiked mace struck Ponyord Starshield in the head, sending him to his knees. A normal man would have lost his head. A lesser Stormcast would have been sent back to the reforging anvil. But not Ponyord. He thrusted his halberd through the brute boss' chin and out the top of his skull. The surrounding liberators rallied to him and fought on harder. More orruks died before the rest of the  group of brutes chose to flee. The Lord-Castellant grabbed the arm of one of his liberators and returned to his feet. He knew this day was lost regardless of victory or defeat, but Ponyord's task was to protect his brothers. "Perhaps wecould reach one of the free cities of Balitello and harness a realmgate to-"

Ponyord's thoughts were interrupted by the screams of the Ironjawz's megaboss who was barreling towards their line. Two liberators stepped forward to stopped his momentum. The hulking orruk slew them with ease, it's massive weapon cutting through sigmarite-blessed armour like a Grandblade through leather. This was the largest Ironjaw Ponyord had ever seen, and now it was looking straight at him, gesturing odd insults at him. The very sight of the orruk was insulting. It wore the heads and skulls of its fallen adversaries as trophies across its body. There was an ogor, a chaos dwarf, human and aelf skulls, a khorne deathbringer helm, as well as a stormcast helm. From which chamber, he didn't have the chance to guess, because the megaboss charged forward. 


"Oi the boss is 'ere," said Dradruzak. "What are you gits, weak? You wanna be real Bloodbreakas? Show these thunda boyz whose da best, or else you'll have da big boss to mess wif." After smacking one of the boyz in the head with the back of his choppa, the Brutes found the motivation needed to fight harder. Their crude choppas slammed harder and harder against sigmarite shields and armour. Soon, the tide turned. Orruk brutality proving too much for stormcast fortitude to withstand. 

Gorfang rained blow after blow while the Lord-Castellant returned with precise halberd strikes. There was no dodging in this scrum, no avoiding any attack. This was a duel of who would outlast who. The megaboss of Da Bloodbreaka Clan had the earlier advantage, but his mighty choppa could not break through the Stormcast's thick armour. In fact, it appeared to Gorfang that his opponent was gaining strength. He landed his own attacks against the hulking orruk, but his rough armour and thick muscles proved too tough for the sacred weapon to pierce. A stalemate ensued as the large adversaries continued to trade blows. "Youze pretty tough thunda git," Gorfang said to his opponent. "Weze could keep fighting like this all day." He swung his choppa with a backhand swipe, forcing a parry, then threw his left arm out and knocked the stormcast back. Ponyord briefly lifted his helmet to spit blood to the earth. "By all means, we shall, for I will never waiver," he said. "Sigmar guides me. That faith will be your end, beast." Gorfang grinned. "Good, this is too fun to stop." He charged once more.



Aether-Khemist Jarn Clifforsson emerged from the wreckage of his ironclad battered and bruised, but alive. He stumbled forward to the sound of weapons clashing. He stepped under the stern of his destroyed ship to see the last stand of the stormcast. The Brutes were finishing off the liberators in the distance, but closest to him was a duel of leaders. The Lord-Castellant and the boss of the orruk clan they were sent to destory. Jarn's pride raised his spirit. An old glory-seeker in his days as an Arkanaut, he knew an opportunity when it was present. He quickly primed his Augmentation device and aimed it towards the scrum. "Stormcast, down!" he shouted. Ponyord heard the warning and jumped away on instinct. A cloud of Noxious Aether moved towards the orruk megaboss, who was confused by the action. He suddenly began to gag as the cloud swarmed him. Unfortunately for Jarn, the cloud fell to the ground and dispersed. The megaboss was bent over, but still alive. The next thing Jarn heard were the thudding boots of brutes charging his position. His final thoughts fell to the brewery he had promised his brother they would open when he saved enough gold. Jarn hoped his brother would go into the brewing business one day rather than follow his footsteps as an Arkanaut. 


Gorfang was on one knee as his coughing began to fade. His eyes began to dry just in time as the large stormcast began his attack, intending to end the megaboss once and for all. "It ends now, orruk!" Ponyord screamed as he lunged the tip of his halberd at Gorfang's face. The megaboss  raised his left hand just in time to adsorb the attack. The tip pierced through his large hand, sending blood across the orruk's face and spilling onto the earth. The megaboss gave a painful growl, but laughter soon overcame him. The Lord-Castellant was stunned by the creature's toughness. He tried to budge the weapon or cut through more flesh, but it would not give. The orruk then tightened his left hand around the weapon, cutting through more of his dark-green flesh, but giving him a grip of the weapon. He pulled it, dragging the stormcast with it, then he swung his choppa with his right hand and lodged it in Ponyord's side. He let go of his halberd immediately as pain overwhelmed him as he reached for the axe stuck in his left side. The orruk rose above him, reached out and pulled his choppa out, dropping the Lord-Castelland flat to the ground. "Tell yer God-King Sigmar that Gorfang sent you and yer boyz back to him," he said. "And come back soon Stormcast. We still gots our fight to finish." Ponyord, his life fading, replied, "Gladly...I will...," then his body clapped and lightninged back to the heavens.


Gorfang allowed himself to yelp as he pulled the weapon from his left hand. He flexed it, grimacing as more blood pooled. Nogoog would take care of it when he returned back to Mount Kraktoof. Many of his boyz wouldn't however. Over half his Ironfist was dead, many of them were either maimed or too injured to fight anytime soon. The pile of Brutes near the ironclad was a testament to how hard the fighting was this day. Dradruzak approached as he dragged two new helms for his collection of heads. The rest of the Brutes who could stand came behind him. They looked at one another in bemusement at the carnage all around them. Gorfang grinned, then raised his choppa with his good hand and cheered, "WAAAAAGH!" The rest of the boyz followed suit screaming, "WAAAAAAAAAGH!"

"That was a great fight," the megaboss declared. "One of me favorite scraps. Those Thunda Gits know how to give a good fight."

"Aye boss, and we bashed those stunties pretty well too," said Dradruzak. "We even gots some new skulls fer our pointy sticks. Oh, sorry bout losing yer favorite Jazood."

"Bah, that wasn't the one I liked anyway," Gorfang replied. "Besides, we'll just get one or two more in the coming days. We're getting more and more ov 'em as the WAAAGH! grows."

"Well we did lose a lot of boyz here, boss. Good fing Azkrug brought more ov them when he returned."

"Indeed. At least we gots loads of loot to bring back to finish building Mount Kraktoof. Tell da grots to get down 'ere and start lootin' this flying ship. Those big guns hurt. I want 'em put inside Bloodbreaka Hold until we figure out how we make them go boom."

"Anyfing else?"

"Yeah. Tell da boyz who are still standing we're building a monument to Da Godz 'ere to thank 'em for dis scrap. Weze gonna call this Da Smashing Party because we smashed dem stunties and thunder boyz good. Get da other runts and boyz to get da pots cookin'! Itkid's dead maw krusha should feed the clan for days."

"Iz never tasted a maw krusha before boss," said Dradruzak.

"Neither 'ave I," said Gorfang. "Thank goodness it's dead. Last fing we need is da meat to fight us now."


This was a great, fun, open game of AOS. All three of us had our moments of glory. Practically everything died in this game except for my megaboss on foot and three brutes. 

This was also my first game against Kharadron Overlords and man, did I get a welcoming from them.

First turn, I got my 10-man Brutes to move and charge the Ironclad in the same turn. They left it on one wound remaining. Then he disembarked and shot them to smitherines. The maw krusha also took some pot shots as well. By the end of Turn One, the Brutes were down to just the Brute Boss and my Maw Krusha on 12 wounds. 

Second turn, they got initiative. The Stormcast player dropped his retributors the turn before and now got to charge them into my Maw Krusha. Along with sky hook shots (which are painful), he left him on three wound. The ironclad/mystic shield combo is the only thing that kept him alive that long from the amount of attacks he faced. Meanwhile, his fulminaters erased my Gore Gruntas the turn before and now charged and killed my Warchanter and Shaman. I pile everyone in to bog them down. Maw Krusha doesn't take wounds this turn and takes out two Retributors. 

Third Turn, Order wins the roll off. KO player finishes off the Brute Boss but cannot shoot anything else. We decided for cinematic purposes to leave the Brutes in that pile so it formed a natural barrier for the dwarfs to shoot things in cover, sort of like a 40k strategy in the lore. Stormcast charges his Lord-Celestant into my free Brutes on the left, but only kills one. He suffers five wounds in return. Maw Krusha goes down to one wound, while a Fulminator goes down. On the bottom of my turn, I charge the Gore Gruntas into the last of the Overlords. After shooting fails for the MW, i have to kill the retributotr to survive, then activate smashing and bashing for the Megaboss on foot. However, the Megaboss and Maw Krusha both wiff  their attacks and die when the starsoul mace mortal wounds them off the board. The Lord-Celestant falls though, activating S&B on the Brutes, who kill the last Fulminator, which activates S&B for the Gore Gruntas who kill all but one of the remaining Arkanaut Company. However, the Admiral gets to work and starts destroying my piggies.

At this point we stopped counting turns to see who could kill who quickest. I won the double turn, send my megaboss to finish off the last retributor, while both my Brutes flank the line of Liberators. Unfortunately, their 2+/3+ save is proving frustrating and my special weapons Brutes cannot kill the Lord-Castellant. The right Brutes falter and flee. However, the megaboss enters the fray. All I need to do is deal one wound and he dies. I roll four wounds, he rolls two 6's after buffing himself and heals two! I knew this was going to be a long fight. It lasts another four turns, even after the Aether Khemist finishes off my last Gore Grunta and tries to intervene. The Brutes, who made a miraculous turnaround and finished off the liberators, kill the Khemist, while Megaboss Gorfang finally lands the blows needed with his Damage 3 choppa to finish off the Castellant. 

We all had a good laugh afterwards at just how much destruction was had. It could have gone either way. The KO player also rolled poorly for his wound rolls and could not deliver the devastating blow needed with his special weapons. It may have been a different game if one or two of them went through. Regardless, this was one of my top five games that I played. Sometimes it's just fun to just throw your models on the table like the old days and go at it. 

Until next time 


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Happy Holidays lads

I hope everyone is enjoying their time with family, loved ones, and their paint brushes xD

Here's what recently came off my hobby table before Christmas. Introducing...



Nubskull Bloodcleava led his boyz into the cursed city of Shadespire after a screaming grot informed Da Bloodbreaka Clan of a lost city of riches. While that wasn't noteworthy to the Ardboy Boss, the grot's words of warbands wondering the streets for said riches enticed him. If he and his boyz could capture some worthless treasure in the city, perhaps these warbands would seek them out for a fight. Nubskull grabbed as many boys as he could and made his way to the lost city. Weeks passed, skirmishes were won, and a few lads were lost along the way, but eventually, the Ardboyz reached Shadespire. The orruks found some early success by vanquishing a White Lions warband and crushing a Ghoul Patrol horde of Flesh Eaters. On one venture into the market district of the city, Nubskull, 'eadrippa, Masha, and Gasha stumbled into a weapon's store. Spotting a shiny relic a weapon rack, Masha grabbed the object, activating the dark magic within and transporting the four orruks into the soul of the city. After weeks of trying to smash their way out of the city, the orruks turned their anger on the other trapped denizens of Shadespire. While Nubskull and his boyz continue to search and smash their way out of the city, their living and dead rivals present a nice distraction.

It was fun to paint Ardboyz (the artists formally known as Black Orcs) once again. I forgot how much I enjoyed painting the other regiment I did years ago. These guys offer a nice variation and were quick to do. 


Gasha and Masha were easy to do. I actually decided to highlight all the metal areas with Ironbreaker. It made a big difference. I can tell they stand out more. In terms of the bases, I stuck to what Duncan did on the "How to..." video


Another different method I took painting these guys compared to the other Ironjawz I've painted was that I used Agrax Earthshade across the entire model. I still prefer Nuln Oil on metal, but Agrax is a good way of doing it as well. It gives the appearance of a worn weapon and gives the metal a bit of a different look. 


Onto the main guy himself, Nubskull. I knew beforehand I wanted a winter cloak/fur combo to illustrate where my group of Orruks comes from. This was possibly the best pelt dry brush I have done (praise be to Duncan). The combo I used was Celestial Grey, a little nuln oil, then dry brush with Ulthuan Grey in slow, soft strokes to build up the color. The cloak also came out as I wanted. I started with The Fang, followed by Russ Grey avoiding the recesses, then nuln oil with a bit of water, followed by Fenrisian Grey for highlights. I had a bit of trouble with this one because the paint completely dried, so I had to drown it in water then stirred the heck out of it before it became liquid again. I blended small lines with a small layer brush until I eventually built up the color on the raised parts.

Hope this helps anyone looking for painting inspiration. I'm looking forward to using these guys in 2018

Have a Happy New Years everyone

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Oi Lads

today I bring you a lore story on my army. We follow Gorfang weeks after Mount Kraktoof has been finished, but things have not gone according to plan, and new warnings begin to stir of eerie deeds that may emerge. Hope you all enjoy it

A Cold Awakening

A strong gust of wind slammed into the base of the shanty tower. It's weakened support beams could not hold out any longer. It leaned back and forth before finally collapsing forward, taking down another tower with it. Orruks and Grots scattered about trying to avoid the debris. Their attempts to repair the damaged watch tower were never going to work, Gorfang knew. He knew Greenskined-craftsmanship was shoddy and unpredictable at the best of times. How grots managed to operate their war machines with surprisingly inconsistent efficiency was a wonder only Mork knew. The megaboss watched as shambles of lumber from both towers damaged huts underneath and destroyed the nearby tents where other boyz were resting. Nearby, one of many boar pens was finally repaired, and the task of corralling the loose boars could begin. He glanced back where a commotion was starting. A brute tried to break up a fight between two Greenskins in front of the remains of a weapons pile. It used to house weapons the Ardboyz would over-craft and stockpile when they couldn't carry any more choppas. Gorfang spit and began to walk.

It was only weeks ago that he witnessed the completion of this city, his city, Mount Kraktoof. The ramshackle metropolis was built within the former duardin stronghold of Kazad Knol. Soon it began too clustered, so Gorfang kicked the lesser Greenskins outside. Orruks, grots and even some ogors made their homes in the outer plaza between the main gate of the stronghold and the outer walls. Then when that wasn't enough, they built their huts and shack on the mountain itself. It was not long before the destruction races across Zarcosia began to beckon to the stronghold of Da Immortal. With the reinforcements gathered from Azkrug FangFist's expedition into Shyish, as well as staving off a preliminary assault by the Stormcasts and flying stunties, Gorfang expected his city to provide him enough boyz soon to launch his own WAAAGH!

Then the cold winds came. 

A few weeks after completion of the city, the Alfrosun of Sgrak the Hungry arrived at Mount Kraktoof. Beastclaw Raiders were a rare sight in Zarcosia. Not since Lurg the Indelible and his Alfrosun desecrated the northern kingdom of Calugaenit and sent it into an eternal Everwinter had the bestial horde of ogors set foot in Zarcosia. Sgrak's horde was far removed from that terrible storm, but their hunger was massive and tempers short. That night, a disagreement broke out when the Huskard declared his disgust at the lack of quality meet available. He demanded all the meat in the city belonged to him and his ogors, not the weak wretches that inhabited the broken dawi hold. As Gorfang tried to intimidate the ogor boss to back down, Zodgrob emerged into the quarrel eating the ogor's prized Blood Vulture. The sight of Sgrak's  poultry companion being unceremoniously devoured without an offer set the Frostlord into a frenzy. Soon the city was alight in ice and fire. Thundertusks froze dozens of orruks and grots in place with their ice breath, Mournfang Packs and Gore Gruntas locked horns and teeth in vicious charges down narrow streets, Stonehorns ran through every building that wasn't rooted into the ground, including rock huts that belonged to the orruk blacksmiths. Azkrug and his Maw Krusha reaped a heavy toll of ogors, but their destructive bulk pulverized barracks and huts across the city. Even the Maneater District came under attack, as Zaaud Goldchewa and his Mighty Mandibles were forced to defend their establishment, the Frozen Fang Tavern, from all intruders: beastclaw raider and pillaging greenskin alike.

It was wanton disaster that could have doomed Mount Kraktoof. And Gorfang enjoyed every minute of it.

The megaboss had slain four great beasts and numerous ogors alike with his mighty choppa, all the while keeping his boyz in order as best he could. Soon, he encountered Sgrak and brought him down. The Huskard wasn't hard to take down, but it took a couple of mighty whacks with his choppa to get through his stonehorn's hide. With the death of Sgrak, the remaining ogors surrendered. Unfortunately, no sooner were the orruks victorious that they succumbed to their lust for more violence and looting that they sacked half the city. 

After inspecting the rest of the damage and thumping the skulls of the runt boyz who looted the Bloodbreaka's shiny stuff, Gorfang finally retreated inside Mount Kraktoof itself and made his way to his quarters. Knocking the boyz skulls together to keep order was a busy job. He figured the rest of his bosses could handle the rest of the rabble and get the runts back to rebuilding the city quickly. Besides, nothing was going to stand in his  way of devouring Sgrak's stonehorn he slew. Before he could begin, Azkrug arrived. Rather than throw the nearby grot chef at the megaboss, Gorfang stowed the urge away to hear what he had to say.

"Them boyz really made a ruckus of it they did," said Azkrug as he approached the table. The fine dwarf etchings into the marble had long been stained and scratched away by orc glyphs and marks. "Seems some of the choppa piles were looted. I'll make sure them sneaky grots wasn't behind it. At least those piles that melted we can make new choppas wif."

"Not a bad idea. Least one of you gits I call bosses is using yer 'eads fer somefin," said Gorfang as he ripped a hunk of flesh off the carcass and stuffed it into his mouth. Coming from a creature with a stone skeleton, the meat was very tough, even after it burned all night on a stake, but Da Immortal knew it tasted great. "Where's Zodgrob? That simpleton is going to be bossing those cave runts around for a while if I has my way."

"Last time I saw him, he was still bashing away at the other stonehorn he killed. I don't fink he realizes he can't break through the skull of a stonehorn."

The FangFist reached for the pitcher of fungus brew another grot servant had brought to the table. Azkrug glanced at the megaboss, who snarled at him. Gorfang them snatched the pitcher from the grot and poured two mugs full. One of the few trinkets Gorfang enjoyed looting from the stunties was their mugs. While they were diminutive in stature, they know how to make cups large enough for orruks to hold and sturdy enough to throw at someone without breaking. This time, he handed it to his fellow megaboss. Where once he had been a rival, Gorfang realized Azkrug never wanted to be the big boss again after a failed rebellion from his former clansmen. He was contempt following Gorfang and serving as his second in command. It helped to show favor sometimes to his bosses, but important to remind them of the strength you possessed as the megaboss.

"To Sgrak," Gorfang said, raising his mug in the air to toast. "Thanks for the fight, the new gits who've joined us, and the food you've provided Da Bloodbreakas wif."

Azkrug raised his head, nodded, then chugged his concoction. His face controrted as he tried to recognize the taste.

"This a new one boss?" asked Azkrug.

"Aye them moonclan grots lent me some squig fungus brew. It ain't the stuntie stuff, but it ain't bad," said the megaboss. "Zaaud lost his ale during the sacking last night. He's pretty mad about it, so I sent him and his boyz on a beer run out west," said Gorfang.

"You mean the stunties?"

"Of course! Besides, Zaaud don't like rival taverns. He wants to be da best place north of da fissure." Gorfang let out a loud belch, then laughed. "Pesky ogors and their titles. Still, their cookin' is just as good as their fightiness."

"Now then, Azkrug, what you want?"

"We've assessed da rest of da damage, boss, and it ain't good," said the FangFist. "It's gonna take some time before da city is back up and running. Da smaller greenskin clans are working to build back da armouries and market, while da runts be scouring for scraps to tidy up da place."

"There's enough stuntie forges inside Mount Kraktoof to keep da WAAAGH! going, but weze needs dem forges back up and running," said Gorfang. "Keep the boyz busy so they aint scrappin' yet. Tell 'em to save it for the fightin' pits. Also tell Bogg to bring more of his boyz to guard the shiny stuff. We got piles all over the place. I don't want to see any more lootin' unless these gits wants to fight us fer it!"

"Gotcha boss."

"Also, get Korkrok and Ruglid to go raid some of the humies north of us. Theyze starting to encroach on our territory, Make 'em know whose in charge."

Azkrug merely nodded at that order. Gorfang expected something else was on his mind.

"Boss," Azkrug paused before continuing, "something funny be going on."

"Besides half da city being on fire?"

"Na. Somefin strange been  going on in these lands. Da boyz be telling me of spooky fings in the air. Few days ago, some of da boyz from the Nail-Gouger Clan were dumping dead stunties into Da Great Fissure. They said them dead stunties were crawling back up da cliff. Didn't make it up, but they wasn't dead 'uns. Ruglid keeps yappin' about somefin not right with the air. It reminds him of where he came from, da dead lands."

"Dead fings? Here?" said Gorfang. 

"I don't know for sure. Iffen they are, it gives us somefin else to bash other than stunties and humies. And ogors. And other orruks"

Gorfang scratched the sided of his skull with his finger and brooded.  

"Nogoog had one of his crazy dances recently. He said Da Godz are watching right now. Something drawing their attention elsewhere. The Moonclan git Geeb...er..Keeb...said da same thing. He told me there's fightin' going on wiv everyone. Green is in da air. Life and decay will battle death and will. He said weze gots to go find da dead before they finds us."

"Wait, Keeb? Last I saw him he be growing shrooms for brains."

"The gits brain is a shroom at this point. He's been eating more and more ov' dem since he came back wif you. I outta go down there and tell Doffa to kill da right one next time if he keeps up these loonie visions."

Gorfang slammed his fist on the slab table. It was almost the size of Azkrug's skull, a point the megaboss always made sure he and the other bosses noticed. 

"We ain't gonna sit around to find out. Best get your Krusha ready. You and da boyz are going back to Shyish to see what da hell is going on."

"Oh boy, Ruglid will be excited to hear dis," said Azkrug.

"Take da two-brained grot shaman wif you. He's got more answers we need. I need Nogoog here. Some new shaman be scaring da runts away so he needs to get his juju in order."

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Oi lads

I hope everyone's 2018 is going well.  Just wanted to update you guys on what's going on in the New York/New Jersey Warhammer communities and a bit of a hobby update on my end. 

We have an AOS Tournament in Brooklyn, NY this weekend to start the year. I plan on taking my army list I used at PAX for this one. There's another tournament in February in New Jersey where I might tinker the list a bit to incorporate Spear Chukkas or Rock Lobbas. I haven't decided yet. Because it's a new tournament, I have a new Tournament Army Lore Booklet if you'd like to check it out below

Meanwhile, on Long Island, NY, we are starting a Slow Grow League. It starts at 500 points, then grows by 250 every two weeks. It will end in March with a tournament and total points of 1500. For this, I am starting a Gutbusters Army. The units are easy to paint, fun to customize, and the army isn't bad on the tabletop. I will share my progress with them on this blog along with my Ironjawz. This is my Irongut test model I created


I wasn't sure how the Ryza Rust drybrushing would come out, but after a second look, I am pleased how it came out. Maybe a bit less on the weapon next time. The skin I am fine with as well. I've wanted to try an ice-ogre themed paint scheme, and intend to make a handful of ice weapons on the clubbed weapons.

The skin scheme is: BASE- The Fang ---> Agrax Earthshade (shaded the entire model with it) ---> Russ Grey layer except in the recesses

I didn't do the eyes and was unable to use Fenrisian Grey for Highlight because my pot dried out. The next Irongut I paint I am going to try drybrushing with Stormfang to see if it gives a more rugged look. 

Recently, I also started playing Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower with my family and we love it. One of my goals for 2018 is to try to get more people into the hobby. I think Warhammer Quest is a good way to help initiate some new blood. 

I will have Battle Reports and new stories coming in the next few weeks

Keep up the good work everyone 


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Hey lads

last weekend I attended a local tournament in Brooklyn, NY, organized by Martin Orlando. After three rounds at The Brooklyn Strategist, I placed 3rd and earned best painted army. The winner was a Maggotkin of Nurgle army followed by a Mixed Order list that had 90 or 120 Fyreslayers, a Luminark of Hysh, Aelf Lord on Frost Phoenix, along with one or two more units and heroes.

It's been a busy few weeks for me at work so I haven't had the chance to write any narrative for my battle reports, and with another tournament coming up this weekend, I figured I would combine them at a later date and get you all the play-by-play of my matches

Round One- Ironjawz vs Sylvaneth - Battle for the Pass
Result: Major Victory

This was the second time I have played Sylvaneth, but did a bit of homework for this tournament in case I played them again. He took Durthuu, Tree Lord Caster, an allied Stormcast Knight Heraldor, three units of Kurnoth Hunters (1 bow, one scythe, one sword), 30 Dryads, and two five-man units of Tree-Revenants. While I was delighted Battle for the Pass was the first battle plan, that deep deployment had me nervous he would try to send his Revenants into my backfield to steal my backfield objective. In response, I held back a unit of Gore Gruntas to act as a reactionary force in case he tried this tactic.


Other deployment notes: I kept my Megaboss on Maw Krusha on the right with all my Brutes, along with the Grot Shaman, while my 20xArdboyz, second unit of Gore Gruntas, and Wierdnob Shaman were on the left next to an Arcane Tower. My original plan was to seize the middle objectives fast to draw him out of the woods so he had to fight me on my ground.


Turn One- My opponent, Harry, finishes setting up first and chooses to take the first turn. He summons a wyldwood, but fails to plant another with his spell. Everyone mostly moves up, he takes some pot shots at my Brute Mob, and scores 5 points to start. Durthu is placed in an excellent spot, making it hard for me to fight him with my Maw Krusha or Brute Mob without suffering from fighting within the woods. However, I realize the graveyard presents an opportunity to attack Durthu's flank, so I send my five-man Brute unit rushing to take advantage. I move everyone else up cautiously in case he gets a double turn, but far enough where my numbers can steal back the objective. I score 5 at the end of Turn One.


Turn Two- Ironjawz earn the double turn and seize the initiative. In my hero phase, my Wierdnob successfully casts Foot of Gork thanks to 20+ Ardboyz nearby as well as the +1 Arcane bonus to casting. First roll deals 2 mortal wounds, but I get another go, and roll 6 the second time. 8 mortal wounds total has Durthu wobbling. After advancing the boyz forward into charging position, I send Megaboss Azkrug up and his Maw Krusha does 2 more wounds to cripple him. At this point, I charge everyone in except my Maw Krusha, who doesn't have enough distance to fit behind the wyldwood to attack the other Tree Lord or Durthu. Instead, the five-man Brutes finish Durthu off, kill some Dryands, then kicks off Smashing and Bashing on the Brute Mob. Because of their reach, I can keep just about everyone outside the wyldwood to attack. I kill 2 of the 3 scythe Kurnoth Hunters, then he retaliates and takes a few wounds off of one. On the other side, the Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas wipe out the other Kurnoth Hunters to solidify the left flank. I score 5 points to take a commanding lead.

On Harry's turn, his Heraldor takes advantage of the big graveyard and toots his horn, dishing out mortals to my grot shaman, maw krusha, and surrounding Brutes. This was a risk I had to take if I wanted to get to Durthu and bottle up the dryads. Otherwise, he just takes pot shots with his kurntoh hunters and tree-lord at my general, and we fight again, with my brute mob piling into his kurtnoth's with bows. More Brutes die against the Dryads but pass their bravery. He scores just one point



Turn Three- At this point, I begin to pull away. The Kurnoths on the right are on the verge of falling while my megaboss looks intimidating. The orruks on the left simply reposition themselves on top of the objective and fail to charge the dryads. Another Brute dies in combat, leaving my Brute Boss left on 2 wounds. The Gore Gruntas in the back are doing their job at intimidating him from teleporting to the back. I score 5 more points

At this point, the game is out of reach for Harry. His Heraldor shoots the graveyard and takes off another Brute, wounds the Brute Boss on the Dryads, and pretty much cripples my Megaboss. He also deployed his Revenants in his backfield so my Gore Gruntas cannot contest his objective. By Turn four, he decides to charge his heraldor in to see his he can kill my Maw Krusha, he falls short, but charges into the Brute Boss instead. He is unable to deliver the final blow, so the Brute Boss turns around and kills him in one go-at-him. After another few Dryads die and flee, only the Brute Boss remains standing after the central combat ends. I have it lore-wise that my Brute Boss, Zodgrob was just too stupid to die, despite being covered in a dozen splinters and a  few branches stocking through him.  By this point, he concedes and I take the Major Victory. 

Round Two- Ironjawz vs Maggotkin of Nurgle - Total Conquest
Result: Major Defeat

This was a rematch against a local player, Dan, who I beat to win PAX in November. This time, we played Total Conquest, another first for me, and defnitely played a part in the outcome of this match, which I will get to later. Dan's Nurgle army consisted of the Mortals Battalion which was a -1 to hit. He took the new Great Unclean One, Festus, Sorcerer on Manticore, two units of Blight Kings, chaos warshrine, 10 Chaos Knights, 10 Chaos Warriors, and 10 plaguebearers. He placed his tree on the right side near his objective. My goal originally was to quickly overpower one side and sweep on towards the other, while my Ardboyz held other side, like they did in our last game to his frustration.


Turn One- he finished deploying first and gave me the turn, so I advanced everyone up and placed my defensive buffs on everyone, including inspiring presence on the Brute Mob and Mystic Shield on the Gore Gruntas. I was aware his tree gave him movement bonuses, but did not prepare well for his upcoming moves. Dan went, and learning from our last match, sends practically everything towards the right side. WIth my Ardboyz, Wierdnob, and five man Brutes so far back, there won't be enough support arriving in the upcoming fight


Turn Two- Dan wins the double turn, and the Nurgle Disease Train came crashing into my lines. First, the GUO hit my Brutes, followed by the Blight Kings to deny the rest from piling into his big dude. From this point on, his GUO acts as a massive debuff across the right side, forcing me to reroll my successful 6's on hits and wound. Festus also casts the spell where my Brutes' armour save is -1 for the rest of the game. While I tear through the Blight Kings, I am unable to get enough damage on the GUO since he can heal himself. With the battalion and GUO debuffs, not to mention Nurgle's resiliency, the Brutes cannot get enough damage through.  On my turn, I try to counter charge with my Maw Krusha and Gore Gruntas, but with the lack of space to maneuver, I am unable to get my Maw Krusha into combat, which forces me to go forward towards the chaos warriors and plaguebearers to try to steal his objective. On the other side, the Ardboyz could not make the far charge to tie up the Chaos Knights, which made me hesitate charging my Gore Gruntas into combat against his sorcerer.


Turn Three- Nurgle won turn three. He plants a new tree near his left objective. More magic and debuffs start to take their toll. The Chaos Knights charge forward into my Gore Gruntas with support from his Sorcerer on Manticore. He had a pretty cool yet terrifying combo with those units, which reduced the leadership of my Gore Gruntas from a 7 to a 4, so one casualty could remove the unit if I failed my Bravery Roll. The Brute Mob is now withered to a 6+ save, hitting on 5's and rerolling 6's. They are there to just hold the line. While they somehow finish off the Blight Kings, the GUO wipes the remaining three off the board. The Maw Krusha finishes off the Chaos Warriors, but has to pile into the Plaguebearers next time. On my turn, he gets Rampaging Destroyers off but whiffs. The Ardboyz on the left get a 13 inch charge and attack his Blight Kings, Festus, and War Shrine. I outnumbered him and steal the objective this turn, giving me a slight lead in points. I can see a path to victory, but it depends on the next two turns.


Turn Four- I win the roll, but the turn goes south from me. First, my shamans fail to cast their spells. Next, my Brutes fail their charge into the combat, but with little room to squeeze through, there isn't a lot of space anyway for them to get through. In the combat phase, my Ardboyz still hold their own and outnumber Nurgle's left side, but they're losing bodies as I can't kill off the War Shrine or the Blight Kings. The Maw Krusha is now bogged down and fails again to finish off the plaguebearers. The center where the Gore Gruntas buckles. I finally lose one on the right unit and the Bravery 4 roll kills me as I roll a 6, forcing the other two to flee. I have one left standing from the other unit. Dan's turn now, and he retreats the knights onto my bottom right objective wisely. His GUO charges my Maw Krusha, which is already wounded from magic and combat. The GUO will eventually kill him and save that objective. Meanwhile, the Ardboyz suffer heavily in his hero phase, then lose much more in the combat phase as the Manticore enters the fray. With the high body count and now -4 Leadership debuff due to the Sinister terrain nearby, the rest of the boyz flee. 

Turn Five- Dan wins the roll off and takes the game. He edges me and I don't have enough left to steal back the objectives. Not to mention a scan of the table and he still have most of his heavy hitters alive.

It was a sound game, one I felt I was in the whole time, but it did seem to me I was on the back foot most of the game. Those debuffs were a killer, not to mention his resiliency kept his army around longer than when we played last time. Nurgle is a fun challenge to play against. Dan and I have had some good games over the past few months. Looking forward to the next one we have. The scenario was also a factor. Dan told me after he wanted to avoid my Ardboyz when I placed then on the left, which was my plan for them, but it made him refocus on my heavy hitters. With my Ardboyz so far away, they were unable to influence the game until I took my gamble on turn three. Next time I play TC, I think it would be best to throw everything on one side then to work my way across. 

Round Three - Ironjawz/Sylvaneth vs Stormcast Eternals - Scorched Earth
Result- Major Victory (Ironjawz)

Unfortunately, one of the original players left the tournament early on, so we had an odd number remaining. Dan played the Mixed Order player for 1st place, but in the third place game, it was me and Harry again. In order to avoid a rematch, Martin Orlando came up with a fun way to determine the result. Me and Harry would team up with 1k each to take on Martin's 2k Stormcast list. We played the scenario as normal, except we couldn't buff each other's units.  The winner between us was determined by Kill Points, so if Martin won, either me or Harry would receive a minor victory determined by kill points, and if our team won, then that minor would become a major. 

I took a Megaboss on foot, Warchanter, Grot Shaman, 2x5 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz and 3 Gore Gruntas. Harry took a Tree Lord Ancient, two units of Kurnoth Hunters with Swords, a Branchwraith, and 2x5 Tree Revenants. Martin used his beautifully painted Stormcasts that featured a Lord Celestant on foot, Lord Castellant, Lord Relictor, Knight Heraldor, 2x5 Liberators, 5 Judicators, 10xRetributors,  4 Fulminators, a converted Runson on magmadroth and an organ gun. I believe it was Vanguard Wing he used for his battalion


Turn One- He gave us the first turn, which we used to bunker down considering our casters and my heavy units were out in the open. We decided early on we would let the Stormcast come to us. It's difficult when you have to fight stormcast on their own terms, but we figured staying together was the best way to get the major. He also deployed wyldwoods by his corner objectives for a later time. Martin went and moved up his force. He dropped a unit of liberators inside the ruins in the center left and moved up his Fulminators and general (Lord celestant) behind them with his +1 armour save aura. His Heraldor shot the building my orcs were hiding behind and dealt some mortal wounds to all three units. At this point, with his heraldor threatening to undo us, my inner megaboss thought of a cunning plan.




Turn Two- We win priority and go first. We each cast spells onto the stormcasts in the ruins. My Grot Shaman uses Curse of the Bad Moons and get mortal wounds on all three targets. His Branchwraith nips some wounds off the fulminators close to the woods, killing one of them. Then I get Rampaging Destroyers off with my Shaman and Megaboss and use it on the Brutes and Gore Gruntas. My Megaboss, Brutes and Ardboyz eventually charge the Liberators and Fulminators, while my Gore Gruntas hit the Judicators and get two of them to attack the Heraldor. I use WAAAGH and everyone gets an extra attack. The Heraldor dies, triggering smashing and bashing for my Ardboyz to attack the fulminators. We the trade attacks which sees a brute die, some Ardboyz, two fulminators and two liberators. Unfortunately, I stupidly charged my wounded megaboss into his liberator prime with great sword in cover. I seem to make this exact mistake often, and it cost me again. On martin’s turn, he lightning chariots his retributors towards our back line between our center and right objectives and moves his magmadroth up. He opens up with his organ gun, but it jams and doesn’t fire. He then charges his Magmadroth into my side brutes while his Castellant hits the Gore Gruntas. Martin then proceeds to kill my megaboss with the Celestant’s hammer cloak and the liberator prime, but I kill the rest of his liberators but can’t finish off the fulminator. The magmadroth kills two brutes but they deal 6-8 wounds surprisingly. They’re squishier than I imagined 


Turn Three- Since the game is taking long, we have to finish this turn. Martin is going to score one of our objectives, so we must match or exceed that to win. We win priority and Harry finally strikes. First, he kills the magmadroth with his magic, which ironically kills his general with his lava bleed out. My brute boss laughs off the mortal wound and survives another game somehow. Harry then deploys his revenants on the table edge on the right and gets his Kurnoths to travel through the trees to the left. Somehow, he makes both long charges, kills the liberators and outnumbers the relictor on the right. He burns both and scores five. We will take the win no matter what, but I finish off the fulminators and get the kill points, thus claiming the major. 

It was a thrilling game that came to some fortunate dice rolls, but me and Harry pulled through. It was great fun playing Martin and the way we played rye scenario made it competitive for all three of us. I’ll have a fun story to tell for my army lore whenever I get around to it.

Disclaimer: Towards the end of our match, we realized the Grot Shaman was not eligible for the Ironjawz Rampaging Destroyers. I never realized that because I knew the destruction rule is exactly the same, but forgot the Ironjawz one affects only Ironjawz heroes. While it didn’t determine the game, it had an effect as I was able to boost the brutes into combat faster. I felt terrible when I realized it but both Harry and Martin let it slide at the end. 

In the end, I finished third, and won best painted army. Thanks again to Martin for organizing the event. 

This list I have used has placed twice now, and I will use it one more time at this weekends tourney in New Jersey at Top Deck Games

I will try to get some lore stories later this month


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Greetings everyone

Last weekend I participated in a local tournament in New Jersey that featured 14 AOS players. We played three games at 2k with secondary objectives, which saw the following armies participate: 3 Khorne, 2 Nurgle, an Everchosen, two stormcasts, two nighthaunts, a Gutbusters, and three Ironjawz. I finished the tournament atop the mid tables somewhere between 5-7. The winning armies were 1) Nurgle 2) NIghthaunt 3) Stormcast. The tournament was well organized by fellow Ironjawz player Brian Cortese and the folks at Top Deck Games. 

Here's a rundown of how my Ironjawz faired

Round One - Ironjawz vs Maggotkin of Nurgle - Duality of Death - Major Loss

Quite the grueling game for my lads as the rotting green overwhelmed the Greenskins and forced me to concede on Turn Four. My opponent took a Great Unclean One, Rotigus, The Glotkin, and a Gaunt Summoner on a Balewind Voretex. He also had 10 Blight Kings, 10 Plaguebearers, and 40 Plague Monks.


My plan was to race my warchanters up to claim the objectives before he could get to them with his GUO's to sit on because they would have been practically unmovable. Unfortunately, his Gaunt Summoner, along with his Nurgle magic, made short work of my support heroes, as well as my blob of 20 Ardboyz. He also managed to get the double turn and charge his 10 Blight Kings into my 10 Brutes. The charge hurt and left all but one Brute remaining, who then fled from battleshock



With my big unit gone and the left side teetering, the last chance I have is to wipe the Blight Kings during the double turn, claim the objective, then charge his glotkin before he has a chance to get me. Unfortunately, my Maw Krusha wiffed and failed to finish off the Blight Kings, even with the aid of my Gore Gruntas. By the bottom of Turn three, he was able to charge everything forward, including his 40 rats, who were bolstered by their abilities and nurgle powers which led them to do 80+ attacks or something that practically killed everything on the left side


By turn four, my opponent was too far ahead and I would have had to kill at least two GUO's in two turns to try to turn it around with just a Maw Krusha and three Gore Gruntas. My opponent ended up winning the tournament and played some good games from his other two opponents I chatted with. I may have some reservations on the type of list used, but he played it well and earned his wins


Also wanted to showcase this awesome third party GUO my opponent proxied as Rotigus. He said this comes from a third party company, though I forget if he named the exact one. Either way, a cool looking GUO to look at as it tore through my Orcs

Round Two - Ironjawz vs Ironjawz - Knife to the Heart - Minor Victory 

My first tournament mirror match, and it was the one scenario that both of us would have a hard time gaining a major. My strategy from the onset was to rush everything forward, try to punch a hole somewhere, then rush back my reserve Brutes to try to cap the match. Unfortunately, that plan fell apart on turn one


What I wanted to do was try to angle my Gore Gruntas on the flank to threaten his center and support characters. However, he rolled three 6's on his Rampaging Destroyers and was able to throw his 6 Gore Gruntas up the flank to charge and lock in our cavalry. Two turns later, and we had both lost our fast options to cap the game. At that point, we both knew it would come down to kill points.

Meanwhile, he left a screen of Ardboyz while his 15 Brutes with two choppas waited behind them. I sent my Ardboyz in on turn three to open up space for my Brutes to get in, along with my Maw Krusha. Eventually, we were at a standstill where the grind of battle was deciding factor. It was awesome


He wisely retreated his remaining Ardboyz after my charge so his Brutes could get in, but it allowed me to get into his left flank. I fortunately won priority for Turn Four and charged his Maw Krusha with my own and killed him in one turn. My opponent in turn threw a Foot of Gork at me that dealt 8 wounds 




Eventually, I was able to swing around, kill one of his characters, and kill another unit or two to snag the minor victory. That center core of his was too difficult to crack and it almost cost me the match. What also helped my opponent out was an Orruk Warboss with Banner that allowed him to reroll failed wound rolls of one. That was big for the Brutes with two choppas who refused to die no mater what I threw at them. Definitely a character I will consider taking in the future

Round 3 - Ironjawz vs Ironjawz - Starstrike - Major Victory

Another mirror-match and the one to decide who the best boss of the tournament was! 


My opponent took a very similar list to me, but had one unit of 10 Brutes with two choppas, a megaboss on foot, a moonclan shaman and an ironfist. He won first turn so he moved everyone up to secure the middle line. He even managed an 11 inch charge with his Brutes into my Ardboyz and killed my Wierdnob Shaman in the process. A poor play on my part in deployment 


Not a great start, but he moved his army up a bit too far, and in the bottom of Turn One, I counterattacked. First, my Maw Krusha moved up, roared, charged and killed the rival megaboss to show him who was the best boss on the battlefield


Meanwhile, I buffed my Ardboyz and they hit the Brutes back hard, taking a decent number out. On the flanks, my 10-Brutes charged his Gore Gruntas on the left, while the right was well contested with my lads gaining the upper hand


On Turn Two, the first comet fell on the middle house on the left flank. While he won the roll to start the turn, he could only charge his megaboss on foot into my Ardboyz to try to turn that skirmish around. All around him, his boyz began to waver. On my turn, my Gore Gruntas claimed the comet and I pretty much crippled his army. My Brutes gained more ground towards the cursed hill next to my Maw Krusha, while the battle for the right continued to fall in my favor. The middle still held, but I outnumbered my opponent, and with mystic shield on the Ardboyz, the Megaboss and Brutes coudl not do enough to make a dent


By the start of turn 3, my opponent conceded. He did not have enough to compete for the remaining comets once they fell: one on my back left corner and the other in his center back, which at that point, I had more models in his backfield than he did. 

At the end of the tournament, I finished with a  Major Win, Minor Win, and Major Loss, finishing atop the middle tables. Not a bad showing, though I wish me and my destruction comrades didn't have to beat up on each other so we could have finished collectively higher. Nevertheless, I will take the top boss title for the time being. This is likely my last time using this list for now. I think I will change it up for the next tournament I have in the spring. There are a few options I am considering, including the use of Brutish Cunning.

Any advice or suggestions is appreciated. I should have a lore story up this week. In the coming weeks, I will try to get some Malign Portents games in and get good old Gorfang some action. Gorkamorka knows he's been itching to see the battlefield again

Anyways, talk to you lads soon



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Hey guys

here is my latest lore story based off the past two tournaments I attended

I hope you enjoy it

The Imbecilic Triumph 

The buzzing had finally subsided. It was about time, Zodgrob thought. Any more blows to his skull with the butt-end of his basha and it might begin to hurt. His scar-ravaged forehead was now colored with dozens of black dots, all smeared with a mix of lavender and olive colored blood across his dark green flesh. The blood slightly burned his skin, but did little more than to annoy the orruk. Zodgrob was cunning enough not to inhale any of the flying Nurgle dots, particularly because he felt they tasted terrible. He preferred insects that the Moonclan Grots harvested. Fungus-covered centipedes, roasted crickets, and notably the spider meat dipped with a hint of squig fat. The thought of these delectibles made Zodgrob's mouth water, but a nearby commotion brought him back to reality. 

Megaboss Azkrug Fangfist was arguing with fellow Brute Boss Ugly Bogg regarding where to find the next fight. Both seemed eager to best the other in shouting louder than the other to prove their point. 

"I says we needs to keep fighting back that way. Korkrok says more enemies be gathering to fight the ded fings, so that's where da fighting will be the bestest!" bawled Ugly Bogg. He was looking worse for ware ever since a bloated, tentacled green beast licked his face. As if he couldn't get any uglier, Zodgrob joked to himself.

"Well you ain't got a clue what's going on! Ruglid says no humie, daemon or orruk can survive dat way. Ova there belongs to Nagash," yelled Azkrug. "I says we needs to go back the otha way. Thunda gits be holding some fort on top of a big shiny rock not far from here. Theyze always gives us a good scrap."

This loud debate was taking place atop the fresh corpses of Megaboss Orgukh, his Maw Krusha, as well as his rebellious boyz who tried to overthrow the bosses of the FangFist. It was a decent scrap, Zodgrob thought, but now elements of the FangFist were embroiled in animosity. While the main threat was neutralized, many of the lads were getting anxious. They had tasted success and victory early on in their campaign, but successive defeats to the Plague God's forces had halted their momentum. When orruks aren't moving, they'll fight the first thing they see: which is most of the time other orruks. 

It was rather fortunate, or unfortunate, that Zodgrob was able to help fight off Orgukh. He had accompanied the Megaboss and his boyz on a special task just a few weeks ago.

When the FangFist returned to Shyish, they traversed into the Willowing Woods to find whatever shiny stuff they had left behind from their previous campaign. Instead, they discovered the tree people had taken their loot. They didn't inhabit these woods last time the Ironjawz were here. Or perhaps they did and merely watched Da Bloodbreaka Clan purge their woods of infestation. Regardless, they had taken the orruks loot, but seemed desperate to drive them out with haste. While Azkrug and Bogg brought up the main line, the Moonclan Shaman Keeb (or Geeb) found a secret path for Zodgrob and his boyz to sneak though to bash the big tree boss while he wasn't looking. Before Zodgrob could scream and ruin the surprise, the Spirit of Durthuu was crushed beneath a giant green foot. It still lived, but Zodgrob and his Brutes finished it off  before it could recover. Enraged, the smaller tree things counterattacked in large numbers. When the battle was over, Zodgrob was the last one standing.  Despite multiple branches impaled through his body, the brute seemed oblivious to his injuries.


Before Da Bloodbreaka Clan could finish off the remnants of the sylvaneth, the last Tree Lord made a bargain. According to what it told Azkrug, the tree people were being hunted by the thunda gits of Sigmar, who burned swaths of forests down and slew them without mercy, because they claimed they were tainted by death magic. In exchange for their loot, the Sylvaneth offered the orruks another fight if they helped fight off the stormcasts hunting them. It was Megaboss Orgukh and his boyz who volunteered to fight, arguing the bulk of the FangFist could continue following the visions Geeb (or Keeb) was talking about. Azkrug concurred, but told Zodgrob to assist the Megaboss and his lads. They would meet up later near the big shiny rock north of the Willowing Woods. 

While the signs of treachery were apparent to most of the orruks who stayed behind, Zodgrob was unsurprisingly oblivious to Orgukh's true motives. So it was that the megaboss attempted to send Zodgrob to his death when the Stormcasts in white armour arrived. Rather than following the Sylvaneth's plan of stretching the stormcasts' lines before attacking, Orgukh riled up Zodgrob into charging straight into the heart of the enemy lines. He obliged and directed the orruks to abandon their position and charge forward. To Orgukh's surprise, Zodgrob punched a hole in the Stormcasts' shield-wall and the orruks piled in to commence the scrap. The megaboss piled in moments later, but was knocked out of action when he was impaled by a liberator's sword.



The orruks were almost ruined by the arrival of a magmadroth ridden by a bedazzled wizard, but Zodgrob fought it off highhandedly. In one instance, Zodgrob wounded the beast, spilling its life-blood onto the nearby Lord-Celestant who perished in the lava. When the Sylvaneth finally committed and secured their victory, the Ironjawz had sent the majority of the thunda gits back into the heavens. The boyz celebrated and soon left the Woods to find the rest of the Bloodbreaka Clan. Unfortunately, Zodgrob forgot to take the rest of the orruk's loot as they left, leaving Orgrukh furious when he recovered and realized they had left empty-handed. 


A few days later, Orgukh's force reunited with the rest of the FangFist. While they were battling Stormcasts, Azkrug's WAAAGH! encountered a WAAAGH! led by another Fungoid-Shaman who reverberated Keeb's (or Geeb's) visions. However, when the opposing Megaboss refused to join the clan, Azkrug respected his decision and killed him swiftly for the rest of his boyz to see. After stomping out the few holdouts, the opposing boyz wizened up and joined Da Bloodbreakas.


After a few victorious battles against living humies and dead humies, the FangFist encountered a large Nurgle army. The fighting was fierce and rambunctious, but after two decisive fights, the Ironjawz were forced to retreat. That was when Orgukh and Zodgrob rejoined the clan, and it was the time that Orgukh chose to strike at Azkrug. 


Orruk fought orruk in brutal combat, just the way they liked it. Zodgrob himself was having a wonderful time smashing boyz skulls in, but Ugly Bogg had to remind him not to crump too many boyz. Otherwise they wouldn't have a WAAAGH! left to stomp on everyone else. While Orgrukh's lads had the early advantage, Azkrug's boyz eventually swung the battle in their favor. It soon became clear this would be determined in a battle of bosses. Orgukh was a strong fighter, but he wasn't particularly cunnin'. It wasn't surprising to Zodgrob that the battle of the megabosses ended in favor of Azkrug. The rebellious megaboss, so eager to claim supre left himself vulnerable for Azkrug to deliver the killing blow. 


Now standing and shouting atop Orgrukh's remains, the bosses of Da Bloodbreaka Clan had to restart the WAAAGH! or else they would fall once again to animosity.

"What don't you get ya ugly git? There's plenty ov good scraps that way iffen we don't go looking for da godz to fight!" stated Azkrug.

"An' I finks we can be real cunnin' and sneak up on them while theyze busy smashing each other up!" retorted Bogg.

"Well I'm da biggest, so I'm da boss, and weze do as I say."

"Yeah? Well look where that got us. Most of da boyz here be lookin' for da big fight. What better way than going right to the heart of da realm?"

Now they were getting annoying. Tension was rising among the boyz, yet all Zodgrob could hear was complaining. He loved the commotion of battle, the constant loud banging of choppas, the roar of emotion, the lust for battle. This was just getting irritating. 

"You wants that, doesn't you Bogg? Go fight da godz and then youze kicks me when I ain't lookin' and becoming da new boss. Youze always been jealous you ain't da big boss. Probably more jealous Orgrukh beat you to it. Huh?"

Ugly Bogg scowled at the accusation and drew his choppa. "Come on den! I ain't afraid of you Azkrug. You don't even want to be da boss. Youze more than happy to follow Gorfang all the time than to seize da big boss title yourself. I likes you for yer cunnin', but I hates you fer your un-orkiness to fightin'."

"Who you callin' un-orky you grot lovin' snot runna?"

"Oi, will you two just zog off it already!?" shouted Zodgrob as he jumped onto the deceased Maw Krusha. 

Both megaboss and ugly brute boss spun around, weapons still drawn, as their doltish companion approached them.

"I don't care who weze fights next. Same goes for da rest of da ladz 'ere. Who we following? Gork or Mork?"

"Gork," replied Azkrug

"Mork," replied Bogg

"Yer both stoofid. It's Gorkamorka! That's who our shroomie's been chattin' wif. I rather hear what he has to say than listen to you two pansies bicker about whose way be right? It's about fightin' an' winning weze cares about!"

After a few moments of silence, the brute boss turned to Geeb (or Keeb), who had snuck onto the rear of the Maw Krusha during the confrontation and began to carve out some flesh to eat. 

"Alright little shroomie. Tell us where Gorkamorak wants us to go next."

Keeb (or Geeb) gave Zodgrob a nervous look, then ripped a chunk of Maw Krusha meat out of his mouth and swallowed it quickly. He sat straight up, leaning on his mushroom-stalk staff, his shooms bulging from his head oddly lighting up with power. The shaman replied, in a deep squeaky voice,"Oi, the godz sure have somefin to say about you lot. They not impressed by what they been seeing."

Geeb (or Keeb) coughed, then reached inside his robes for something. He pulled out an alien mushroom, deep violet in color, with grey spots all around: the fabled deffcap mushroom. A food so rare and so daedly that only the brave and loonie grots would devour the poisonous mushroom. They hoard as much as they can and never trade them to anyone else. Keeb (or Geeb) had been hesitant to trust Zodgrob at first because he tried to steal some deffcaps from the moonclan grots. Zodgrob had also tried to eat the mushrooms growing out of the shaman's skull merely out of curiosity and hunger.

Addressing the bosses and the gathered crowd around the dead Maw Krusha, the Fungoid-Shaman threw the deffcap into his mouth and chewed. Moments later, he began to spasm. He jerked left and right, but remained in control of his motions. Geeb (or Keeb) said, "There's still plenty of fighting left in the realm of death, but death is spreading all across the realms," the shaman said, as he began to glow an eerily sickly green. "Da Godz do battle here, but enemies march to war across Zarcosia. Them gits are being drawn to da big fight, and yer big boss got the right idea in gettin' them before they get 'ere. Go back to da Red Rock, fight wif Da Immortal, and remind those snobs that green is best!"

After Keeb (or Geeb) had finished his spasms, Zodgrob finished the debate. "You 'eard little shroomie 'ere. We going back to fight everyone! Cmon lads! Da boss needs us! Lets get movin' before Da Godz need to remind us wif a good thumpin'!" 

Perplexed by the sudden leadership shown by Zodgrob, Azkrug regained the upper hand over Ugly Bogg and assumed control once more. "That's right lads. We got business back at Mount Kraktoof. Nobody better than us. Weze got stunties to crump, humies to smash, spikey boyz to stomp on, and anyone else we see, well beat. Why? Because weze Ironjawz. And weze always da best!"

As the FangFist began the long trek back to Zarcosia, the thickheaded Zodgrob thought long and hard about his next dilemma. 

"I wonder if little shroomie tastes just as good as humie-stuffed squig. Oi, grot. Where you run off to?"

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Hey lads

haven't used the Ironjawz too much recently. I played some Malign Portents and friendly pick up games with the boyz, but they won't be hitting the competitive battlefield again for another month until I start preparing for the Triumph GT in June. Going to be trying my second favorite army, stunties! My dispossessed will be playing in a tournament this weekend. If you're curious how it goes, check out the Dispossessed chat in a week or so. 

Speaking of Dwarfs, I am preparing to start my first diorama for Armies on Parade later this year. It will be be a last stand of some dwarfs surrounded by Ironjawz on a hill top, similar to Custer's Last Stand. To help me visualize my work, and to aid the readers of my army lore with locations of my clan, I present a map of my territories for my Ironjawz and Dispossessed:

The lost northern realm of the Ankor Volghar, currently in the hand of Da Bloodbreaka Clan


Notable Places:

Mount Kraktoof- capital of Da Bloodbreaka Clan and gathering point for Gorfang's amassing WAAAGH! The Destruction City has become a thriving, ramshackle metropolis. Brutes maintain animosity within the walls, but fights break out daily. Every-so-often, the city will be sacked by an enemy or its own inhabitants, before it is rebuilt. It has survived Beastclaw Raids, Tzeentch plots, a civil war, and  a Stormcast assault. Within the sacked dwarf hold lies the Screamin' Sword of Khorne, an ancient artifact that rips holes in reality for daemons to enter. Currently locked away due to the screaming daemons that gave the orruk shamans headaches, but sometimes Gorfang will use it to test his boyz against Khorne's best when they grow bored and need a fight

Skullthumpa Mountain- Home to the Skullthumpa Greenskins who boss around the rest of the lesser orruk, grot and ogor races who couldn't fit inside Mount Kraktoof. Once a prosperous dwarf hold, the abandoned mines have become infested by Skaven, providing ample fighting and training for the weedier members of the Bloodbreaka Clan 

Kazad Karin - site of the famous last stand by the dawi of the Ankor Volghar that broke the Khorne Lord Siguld's marauding army. After they breached the gate, King Baragor Frostbeard collapsed his keep from within, killing everyone inside and destroying the only bridge across the great fissure. To this day, ground access between the north and south is impossible except for a handful of rune-sealed tunnels. The underway is still in service, but the dawi must use tunnels to surface around the ruined hold. 

Bar Drog- Dwarf legend says Bar Drog remains haunted to this day by the ghosts of its fallen defenders. The desecrated halls and tunnels are said to be guarded by ghostly dawi who patrol them like they were still living their daily routine. Sounds of battle can be heard by adventurers from outside the keep. Not even the orruks have dared to make Bar Drog their home, for their superstitions are accurate of the horrors that lie within those walls

Stuntie Hill- Warden King Hjuldahr Agridsson marched his entire clan the Amber Hands north to reclaim the lands defiled by the orruk scum. So arrogant and stubborn was Hjuldahr when he declared his oath that he failed to see the trap Da Bloodbreaka Clan laid before him. Marching onto Mount Kraktoof, the dwarfs overextended themselves and were quickly surrounded by the Ironjawz. Forced to retreat up the highest of the foothills, Hjuldahr and his kin made their last stand against Gorfang's boyz. When word reached the Ankor Volghar of the Slaughter at Stuntie Hill, Hjuldahr the Mad was entered into the book for the senseless destruction of his clan. Gorfang, meanwhile. received another entry into his own section that continued to grow 

And below is the rest of The Ankor Volghar:


Notable Places:

Karak Volghar- Karak Volghar was the first hold established, named after a great beast said to have made its home in the mountains. The Dwarfs came in search of a new home as well as a special ore only found in the Realm of Beasts: Ghur Ore. Its characteristics are similar to gromril, but the ore veins it comes from are living parts of the mountains the dwarfs dwell in. Mining too much has caused numerous earthquakes, some that have shattered Karaks,  including the Great Quake that split the kingdom in two. Karak Volghar still retains her scars around the mountainside, but she has remained a beacon for her dwarfkin. Here, master craftsmen and blacksmiths create invaluable weapons and tools for the realm, as well as the surrounding human nations. Within her walls is a special realmgate system that connects the remaining holds with one another. It is also said they can connect to other Karaks in other realms. King Oldor Frostbeard resides here, preparing to strike out to reclaim the entire realm once more

Kazad Wyr- constant mining has isolated the fortress city from the rest of the realm save for a land entrance and a realmgate. Mining is henceforth banned and the underway sealed due to extensive damage and thwarted skaven assaults. Some of the finest warriors for the Throng come from Kazad Wyr's training grounds, including he 8th Ironbreaker Legion. South is the Great Lake of Stone, where several brewing clans pride their work. The Amber Hands hailed from this region

Karaki Karak- "Ranger Mountain." Here the famed rangers of the throng train and operate. They maintain the passes throughout the realm, acting as King Oldor's eyes and ears for any possible threat. They scour the Yhetti Valley to drive out any grot infestations or take down the Yhetti's when they become active in the winter. Famous among all the Rangers are the Budricksson Clan. While they are skilled weaponsmiths, like their leader Thorr, many more take the pact to become rangers. Thorr's brother Logan leads the Rangers.

Barak Urbaz- one of the glimmering lights within the realm, the port city has never been conquered. Boats from across the continent, as well as strange outsiders, make sail to this harbor, hoping to trade goods in exchange for their work with an anvil

Durrazzan- the oldest allies the Ankor Volghar, the humans consider themselves closer to their dwarven allies rather than their human kin in the lowlands. They worship Grungni along with Sigmar. Hardworking miners who share some territory with the dawi, the humans have fought in every major war when asked by the Karak Volghar. The Blades of Durrazzan are famed for their skill with the Zweilander 

That's all for now everyone. I hope to have my battle report/lore story I had recently against a high elf player. With me well

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Oi lads 

over the weekend, I attended a 1500 AOS Tournament in my neck of the woods on Long Island and decided to bring the Ironjawz out for a run.

We had a good turnout of 14 players. Good balance of armies across the board and it seemed everyone enjoyed their time. Our community has grown over the past few months, and it seems we might start having bi-monthly tournaments 

As for Da Bloodbreaka Clan, I'm happy to report the Ironjawz took first place! I finished 3-0 with wins over a heavy handgunners Free People list, a Gnarlroot Household Sylvaneth force, and a Daughters of Khaine army with the Temple Nest Battalion.

The List I used:
Allegiance: Ironjawz
Megaboss Gorfang Da Immortal (140) - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Metalrippa's Klaw
Jazood Warchanter (80)
Jazood Warchanter (80)
Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120)
5 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180)
10 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360)
5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (180)
3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140)
3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140)
4 x Ozdrog’s Rowdy Raiderz (Ironskull's Boyz) (80)
Total: 1500 /1500
Leaders: 4/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Wounds: 123

Here's a quick recap of each match:





My opponent had 2x30 Handgunners, a unit of 40 Swordsmen, 10 Greatswords, Luminark, General on foot and general on horse

The amount of fire was intimidating. His Luminark wiped out my shaman on his first turn. It could have been a bad day, but I used his large blocks to my advantage. Because of the Freeguild Detachment Allegiance ability, he had to keep his units close together to receive the benefits. Fortunately, I outmaneuvered him, grabbed the middle objectives first, then  charged everything at him to tie his army up. I wisely charged my Gruntas on the bottom first into his Handgunner's flank, allowing my Brutes to avoid crossfire. Needless to say, those 40 swordsmen were gone after a turn and a half, even with their buffs and defense. The far-side Gruntas could not weaken the Luminark and it eventually took off my Megaboss, but the damage had been done. By turn 4, I was too far ahead for him to catch up. Funny footnote: his general on horseback heroically tried to charge my lines to remove one of my warchanters. He survived, then he pulverized the humie with some assistance from the Brutes. His Luminark also did work in close combat and killed a Gore Grunta outright. Angry old wizards know how to weaponize their sticks




My opponent had the Gnarlroot Household Battalions. His list featured Durthuu, Treelord Ancient, Branchwych, Loremaster, 20 Dryads, 2x5 Tree Revenants. He also had teleport items or command abilities to help him move around.

What was a potentially difficult game became a nail-biter that came down to the final two dice rolls.  First turn, he teleported half his army onto my left flank and Durthuu wiped out my 5-Brutes on the left objective. When he is paired with Lay of Hands, he is near unstoppable. I had to sacrifice my Warchanter to score the left. Thankfully he failed his charges. Meanwhile, my Gore Gruntas units charged his weakened corner objectives. Then my surviving 5-Brutes zoom up the middle with some help from Rampaging Destroyers. I won the double for Turn two, charged in, killed tree things and claimed all three of my opponent's objectives. Then I made a mistake that almost cost me the match: I burned them! It did give me a 9 point boost that turn, but now he had no reason to split his remaining forces and  left half of mine across the board. In two turns, he claimed my left with his 20 Dryads while Durthuu and the Treelord wallop my 10-Brutes to take the center. He kills my Megaboss with his shooting but somehow leaves my Shaman on one wound. Fortunately, I retreat my surviving Brutes back along with my two Gore Gruntas. My opponent decides to charge Durthuu at the Brutes and takes them out, but he exposes his weakened Treelord holding the center objective. I charge with the left Grutnas and kill the Treelord to steal it back. The other Gruntas form a line to block any teleporting woods shenanigans from taking the right side. His next turn he throws everything at the center to kill the Gruntas and retake the objective. We enter Turn 5 with me ahead 14-10. He goes first and moves Durthuu 9' away from my right objective. He shoots off the Shadespire Orruks and then wipes out my wall of Gore Gruntas, but because of my positioning, he cannot contest the objective. He rolls two dice to burn his two objectives and scores only four points. My Warchanter boogies for turn five to score me one point and lets me escape with the major.



My opponent used the Temple Nest Battalion with a Medusa, 3x10 Blood Stalkers and 2x5 Blood Sisters, a Slaughter Queen and a Hag Queen. His genreal had a once-per-turn ability to teleport any unit close to her 9' away from me. The snakes also had this evil ability where any hit roll of one turned into a mortal wound against me. 

This was the first time I played DoK, but also the first time my opponent played Ironjawz. After we explained all the combat shenanigans each of our armies could do, we were hesitant to make the first move. His high movement and charge range made me advance my entire line up slowly, while he chose to keep his Medusai back, expecting me to make the first move.  He did make a mistake by teleporting 10 Stalkers to the right side, essentially forfeiting the left for me to take. By the end of Turn two, one of my Warchanters was sitting on the right objective, while my other warchanter was close to the left objective. I won the turn three roll and solidified my position. I blocked off my Warchanter on the right side with the three Gore Gruntas while my other Warchanter took the left one . I also held the center structure with my Shadespire Orruks, Megaboss and Brutes, then charged my Gore Gruntas and 5-Brutes at his exposed Blood Sisters. I killed four of them, but all the ones I rolled for both units cost me two Brutes and a Gore Grunta. By bottom of turn 3, I was ahead 4-0. Then he struck. 10 Stalkers charged the right objective and killed the Gruntas. His next 10 Stalkers were about to charge my 10-Brutes, but I rolled Brutal Cunning and sent my surviving Shadespire Orruks into them to lock them for a turn. He also teleported the other 10 Stalkers to the left to kill my Warchanter, but they failed the charge. Turn Four comes and he wins the roll. He finally gets one of his priests onto the right objective and takes it when my Warchatner dies. He teleports his Medusa to the left as well, but he cannot make the charge and fails to capture the left. The Stalkers annihilate my 10-Brutes and locks down the right side. However, the best he can do is tie now. The game is decided after I double turn him from bottom of four to top of five and send everything at the left objective. The snakes die and my Megaboss and Wierdnob both land on the objective to take the vital fifth point. 

Those snakes hit like a ton of bricks. With all their buffs and rerolls, as well as the mortal wounds on 1's to hit, they can be devastatingly effective. Fortunately in the key combats in Turn 4, my Megaboss on Foot saved some Brutes with the reroll 1's to hit. Glad to see not taking the Maw Krusha this time turned out to be the wise move. 

Now I am going to start using the Shadespire Orruks in my lists more. For 80 points, they are great objective holders. By including them, I don't have to leave behind a caster or a Warchanter to hold an objective. Plus, they count towards the Megaboss Mighty WAAAGH ability. 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the reports and learned some tips (like not burning SE objectives so early). I will try to get my lore stories up asap. Next time my Ironjawz will hit the tabletop should be the Triumph GT in New Jersey in June. 

Until next time


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Oi lads

I haven't done too much hobbying since my last tournament in April, but I've done some odds and ends. I will be attending the Triumph GT in New Jersey this weekend. We're expected to have over 40 AOS players from across the Northeast US attending.

Since the scoring system will use a painting score, I tidied up my Ironjawz army, repainted some wear and tear on the models, added tuft to their bases and applied some minor highlights


Because my last list was quite successful at 1.5k, I kept it the same,with the only addition being the Maw Krusha. This is the list I am taking:


Allegiance: Ironjawz


Megaboss Gorfang Da Immortal (140)
-Artefact: The Boss Skewer

Megaboss Azkrug Fangfist on Maw-Krusha Chewy (460)
-Command Trait: Ironclad

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120)


5 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180)

10 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360)

5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (180)

3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140)

3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140)

4 x Ozdrog’s Rowdy Raiderz (Ironskull's Boyz) (80)

Total: 1960/2000 Wounds: 137

Leaders: 5/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4

I went back and forth on using metalrippa or boss skewer, but since I have so many -2 attacks from the Brute Bosses, I figured it was more important to give my Brutes a bravery boost since they will be the bulk of my army. Plus, that -1 to my enemy will hopefully help in taking down hordes when da boyz get stuck in. 

Also, I have not skimped on the lore. Before each tournament game, I hand my opponent an army booklet that contains my army's lore, its story, character info, and a copy of my army list in the back. For Triumph, I may have gone a bit overboard and made the booklet 18 pages?! Hopefully some people will enjoy the effort and the judges perhaps slide me a few extra points for flavor ? 

The army booklet is attached below for your reading pleasure

Wish me luck. I hope to make you fellow Megabosses proud this weekend 




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Greetings lads

this past weekend I took part at the Triumph GT hosted by Mythicos Studios in New Jersey. 

There was a great turnout of 38 AOS players with a decent mix of armies, including three Ironjawz players. Unfortunately, I had myself a poor weekend on the tabletop, but a great weekend connecting with many players from the community. Several players from Upstate New York, Long Island, New Jersey, even Minnesota attended the event. While there was competition to be had, the comradery shared among the AOS players from the top, middle and bottom tables was something no prize could represent. Great work as always by Martin Orlando and the rest of the event organizers. Next year's Triumph can't get here soon enough

As for the tournament itself, this wasn't my proudest performance as a combination of  list-building, match-ups, poor decision-making and dice-rolling really hurt the boyz. I'm most upset with myself for forgetting WAAAGH! in most of my games, which hurt me in several combat phases. 

Here's a  recap of my games

Last time I played Chaos Dwarfs was with my Dispossessed and they did not fair well. This time, I had an idea of what to expect with the Siege Machines and Bull Centaurs. I gave him the first turn and, as expected, his shooting took out almost half my 10-man Brute unit and dealt some damage to my MK. He also took the middle objectives to jump out to an early lead. I retaliated by charging and contesting the left objective that  the Bull Centaurs and the Skull Cracker War Engine were sitting on. Meanwhile, I forgot to move my other Gore Gruntas on the right and left my Maw Krusha to destroy one of his Fireglaives by himself, leaving him exposed. Banking too hard on the double turn, I lost the priority roll and suffered a hard counter attack across the board. Things seemed bleek because I was never going to crack his center core where his war machines were shielded by more Fireglaives, but I made a bit of a comeback in Turns 3 and 4. Sadly, a few key rolls did not go my way and my boyz could not finish off some units fast enough to seize and score objectives. One highlight was seeing two Brutes effectively butcher 30 Ironsworn before they were blown to pieces. Fair play to my opponent, Rob. He did a good job and am happy that he finished Top 10


First official match against Kharadron and I did pretty well all things considered. He used clown car list with 12 Endrinriggers and 10 Arkanauts in an Ironclad, with 10 more Arkanauts in cover, a Gunhauler, and 10 Liberators with castellant guarding his objectives. For the first two turns, I effectively played board control and spaced out my deployment so he could not deep strike me from behind. My six Gore Gruntas destroyed his Gunhauler with no problem while my 10 Brutes advanced up the center. On Turn 3, he deployed in the center of the board on his side and unleashed hell. Many brutes died in the shooting phase, but he missed many of his skyhook shots. This would be a theme throughout the game as he failed many shooting attacks with his Ironclad and skyhooks. Meanwhile, his 12 Endrinriggers charged, but he spread them out too thin, resulting in my brutes and gore gruntas to dispatch them. His Ironclad attempted a last-ditch run at my objective with 10 Arkanauts, but I stopped it from happening on Turn 4. After withering more fire, the rest of my forces advanced on  his objective where I was unable to displace his Liberators from cover by the end of turn 5. 


Very difficult game. Only the second time I played a Changehost and now I am familiar with all their shennanigans. My opponent used multiple blues and horrors to set up quadrants in his zone. He daisy-chained up and down, swapped units left and right, and summoned more than I could chew through. I wish my shaman was more effective, but I knew the moment I took him out of cover he was fried. Perhaps I should have been aggressive on turn one and throw everything at his heroes, but I played the objectives instead. Simply put, I could not kill my way through his lines and my Maw Krusha had no space to advance through his 120+ Pinks/Blues/Brimstones. All the while his casters are doing their thing and blasting me off the table while sitting on his  objectives and eventually taking mine. A silver lining I took away was my Megaboss on Foot slapping his Changeling silly to check off my secret objective. 

On a side note: Brian Cortese's Ironjawz smashed aside a similar Changehost in Round 3. His strategy is to push everything up the board at their lines, deny them space, and have fun chopping things to pieces


A frustrating affair in my first game against Deepkin. Not only did the game not go as I expected, but my opponent was very slow and we eventually finished the game in Turn 3 (he is a very friendly guy, but was unintentionally not moving fast enough). It was mostly a Namarti list with 30 thralls, two Reaver units, three Morrsarr Eels, Celestant Prime, Two Soulcryers, a Tidecaster, and EoM of the Sea. My opponent did his best to explain everything his army could do to me before the match, but there were definitely things I wasn't expecting. Most of his army was deepstrike, so I decided to take the first turn and seize the left and right objectives. Because he placed his two ships in the middle, I did not want to deal with those mortal wounds so I split my force up and hunkered down. On my left, the Maw Krusha claimed the objective with 10 Brutes surrounding him, with a warchanter and 3 Gruntas nearby. In the middle, the shaman had 5 Brutes pressed his EoM in the middle, while on the right, my other warchanter was backed up by my megaboss, Gruntas and more brutes. Then he deployed in a long line across the board and charged all three locations. He took out my shaman, megaboss, several brutes, and broke up my formation. I killed all his thralls on the counterattack, but the damage was already done. I couldn't make saves with anyone. He won turn two and deployed Celestant Prime to wipe out my right side. Cleverly, he tied up my Brutes with his Eels so they couldn't save the Warchanter. On the left, my Maw Krusha was forced to stay on the objective if I had any chance of winning the game, so the remaining brutes made a last-ditch effort to kill his EoM in the middle, but failed. It hurt me that an item he used made his EoM immune to attacks for a full combat round, added along with my Brutes failing some critical wound rolls that could have killed him


One of the funnest games I've played that came down to the final dice roll to determine the winner. My opponent, Russ from NJ, used a shooty Stormcast list with Raptors and Judicators, a few Liberators, five Khinerai Heartrenders, Two fullminators, Celestant on Dracoth, Castellant, Knight Azyros and Knight Heraldor. My strategy for Scorched Earth lately is to punch through my opponents side, burn one or two objectives early, and defend the rest of the game. Despite the withering fire, the plan worked, and by Turn 3, I had burned his right objective with my Maw Krusha and Brutes, but only earned one point. The Maw Krusha soon died at the bottom of Turn 3, but my surviving 3 Brutes were then engaged by his Fulminators and were killed. Had I made just one of three saves on the charge, one Brute would have survived and tied the unit up. Instead, he blitzed forward in turns four and five to reach my side. I made two critical mistakes I made that would have stopped his advance. On turn 4, I retreated my Megaboss from the center of the battlefield back to my centeral objective. The left was going to fall to the heartrenders, so I reinforced the center and right objectives to hold on. With his cavalry approaching, I also used my Gore Gruntas on the right to buffer any attack on that side. Had i realized I had plenty of room to move up and close the distance, I could have charged his fulminators and general and tied them down for the last two turns, depriving him of those crucial attacks to break my line. As such, I did not do that, and on the final round of the game, he charged 5 liberators, his celestant, and two fulminators at my central objective with 6 brutes, megaboss, and shaman. After the dust settled, he had one more model within six inches than I did. I failed to kill one liberator and one Brute died from the liberators attacks. He burned the left and center objectives to gain five points, and won the game 17-16. 

I finished 1-4 on the weekend and placed 30th out of 35th of those who finished. One of the other Ironjawz players, Brian Cortese, carried the torch for us and placed third using a 30-Ardboyz mob with three units of Brutes, GG, two weirdnobs/warchanters and MK. He showed that Ironjawz can be competitive and conducted himself and his boyz very well.

Hpefully AOS 2.0 will give Ironjawz a bit of a boost, as well as the rest of Destruction, though I fear we will have to wait until 2019 when GW will hopefully turn their full attention to us. We shall see. 

Until next time lads


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Oi lads

hope everyone is enjoying the start of AOS 2.0. Happy to see the buzz that the new edition has created for Destruction.

I played in a casual tournament this weekend that was aimed to get us familiar with the new system. We played 2k points with each army declaring which realm they were from and were allowed to take an item. The three games saw realm rules and realm magic used based on where you fought. We had nine players compete, and surprisingly, there were no stormcast or death players. Instead, we had 3 Ironjawz, 2 Seraphon, Freeguild, Daughters of Khaine, and Khorne

My list included:

LEADERS Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (440) - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm
Orruk Warchanter (80) - Artefact : The Golden Toof Orruk
Weirdnob Shaman (120)
Orruk Warboss (140) - Boss Choppas - Allies
Moonclan Grot Shaman (80) - Allies

20 x Orruk Ardboys (320)
5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - 1 x Gore Choppas
5 x Orruk Brutes (180) - 1 x Gore Choppas
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)

BATTALIONS Ironfist (180)
TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA

With no endless spells, I brought a balanced list aimed at punching my opponent early. I was eager to try the double WAAAGH! combo when I could, as well as the Orruk Warboss with banner. I can attest that he came in handy quite often. Also forgive me, but I forgot the names of two of the three scenarios.

Round 1 vs Ironjawz 

This scenario was the diagonal setup where only heroes with items or wizard can claim one of three objectives. Our game took place in the realm of Ghyran and we rolled the rule that gives a hero an extra wound, so we put it on our generals. My opponent, Joe, took Gordrakk, 2xWarchatners, Megaboss on foot, Wierdnob, 2x5 Brutes, 2x10 Ardboyz, 3xGoreGruntas and Ironfist. We knew our generals were destined to combat each other to prove who was the better boss, but I planned to focus my attention on the left and center objectives. Meanwhile, I was going to send one of my Gore Grutnas to the weak side on the right and focus on killing his heroes who could score. Right away, I realized how awesome the new Rampaging Destroyers is. My MBMK got his roll and I recognized I could have charged him straight at Gordrakk on turn one. However, the thought of whiffing or failing to kill him would have left my general isolated and likely dead, so I chose the more cunning route and prepared my troops in case my opponent received the double turn. On Joe's first turn, he got some good rolls for his Brutes and wasted no time getting them into combat. On the left, the Brutes charged my Gore Gruntas along with his Megaboss who made an 11 inch charge. However, my Brutes were close enough and I piled in my Brute Boss and Gore Choppa Brute, who took down the Megabos. In the center, Gordrakk and the other Brutes charged my 20 Ardboyz, killing half the unit. The pesky boyz did work though and took down two Brutes. In the battleshock phase, I burned a command point to give them inspiring presence (this may have been played wrong but no one could answer that for us so we moved on). I won initiative for Turn 2 and immediately charged Gordrakk with my MBMK. Azkrug Fangfist proved he could best the Fist of Gork and send Gordrakk licking his wounds off the table. I used only Mighty Waaagh! because the Banner Boss was out of range, but his buff was not. Against Gordrakk, I rerolled two ones  To Wound and got four of my five attacks through to deal 12 wounds to Gordrakk to finish him off. On the right, my Gore Gruntas got behind his line and killed his Warchanter who had an item. Interesting to note, I used one of the Ghyran spells for my Moonclan Grot, the teleportation pool, which I sent the grot to the right objective to claim. The Ardboyz rallied and finished off the rest of the Brutes in the center. With his hard hitting units gone and his Wierdnob about to die on Turn 3, we called the match and I received full kill points. Fun game though from both our sides as we realized Ironjawz have their speed back and can threaten the enemy from afar once more. 
Result: Major Victory

Round 2 vs Daughters of Khaine

My second match ever against DoK and it was against the snake battalion once more. I played against Anthony's army in the final match of the 1.5k a few months ago and I barely won that last encounter. This time, I sort of knew what to expect, but now he was rocking Morathi, 3x10 Blood Sisters, 2x5 Blood Stalkers, 2xHag Queens (who were brilliantly converted onto snake bodies), a Medusa, and the Snake Battalion that deals out mortal wounds if you roll a one to hit against a snake. This scenario was a horizontal deployment with three vertical objectives. Each turn, the main objective that scored 3 points would change from either the top, center, or bottom. This game was played in the Realm of Ghur. We rolled on the chart, but no realm rules were in effect this game. The magic of Ghur, however, was more beneficial to  Anthony because DoK have solid spells and abilities that work with low bravery armies, and one or two spells on the Ghur list affect bravery. Magic-wise, Morathi and his army did not accomplish too much, some of it due to my two casters dispelling, or because it did not have a big impact on the game. Like my first match, this one came down to who could get the turn 2 charge off. Wisely, he went first and secured all the objectives to jump ahead 5-0. Unfortunately, I did not get good enough rolls to make many potential first turn charges. However, I was able to get MBMK into his 10 Blood Sisters on the left with some aid from my Gore Gruntas. What was looking like a powerful blow against my enemy turned into a sour moment. Anthony buffed his Blood Sisters with prayers so they could reroll their 6+ ward saves and made them immune to battleshock. After Destructive Bulk and the Megaboss killed three snakes, my Maw Krusha dealt 9 wounds, which would have taken 5 off. However, on his first ward save roll, Anthony got four 6's!! Then on the second, he got three more!, so he only lost one after making 7 of 9 saves. Almost as bad, I made a lot of one rolls with my Gore Gruntas and lost two of them along with the counterattack he made. Then turn 2 came and he won the roll off. The game was practically over as his two other 10-Blood Sisters ran over my Brutes and took out half my Ardboyz. I did manage to stage a minor comeback as the double Waaagh! kicked in and I erased one of the other Blood Sisters Units and scored some points to catch up, but by then, much of my force was diminished bc of the mortal wounds from rolling ones. Morathi then entered the game on turn 3 and he proceeded to table me. This is a pesky list that Anthony has learned how to use well. Next time my boyz owe his snakes some retribution!
Result: Major Loss

Round 3 vs Ironjawz

Final round saw another mirror match, this time against my pal Jason from the store. Like me, he used an Ironfist, but took no MBMK. Instead, he had a Megaboss on Foot as general with Golden Tooth, Wierdnob and Moonclan Grot, Warchanter, 2x20 Ardboyz, 2x5 Brutes and 3xGore Gruntas.  The final scenario was Total Commitment with objectives in the four corners of the map. We played in Chamon and used the realm rule, Metal Rain, which, on a 6+ at the start of your hero phase, could trigger mortal wounds on every model in the unit on a 6+. That was used only once by me, but I cast it from the lore of Chamon. As for the match, I lost it in my deployment. I should had finished setting up first, but I didn't realize I set up my Gore Gruntas instead of the whole battalion. I also placed my Grot on the front lines in harms way. My plan was to lock down the left and sweep to the right to claim it. Instead, my plan got flipped on me. Jason went first, got some good rolls with Rampaging Destroyer and Ironfist, and sent practically his entire army at me on his first turn. It was a crippling attack because his Brutes attacked first, buffed by his Megaboss' WAAAGH!, and he proceeded to kill my Ironfist's Brute Boss' Unit. Then he killed my Moonclan Grot and took the right objective from me with his Ardboyz and Gore Gruntas. Now my left objective held the entire game with my 20xArdboyz grinding down his 20xArdboyz, but the right was lost to me. Worse, with my Ironfist gone, I never got my boyz across the table fast enough to claim his. However, my Maw Krusha did have a field day and ran over everything it came across. Early on I tried to combo Destructive Bulk charges to steal one of his objectives, but I failed to wound anything all game with my shout, so I proceeded to run him at everything for fun. By turn 2 I knew it was unlikely I would win, but we played it out and I killed most of his army to snag some more kill points.We laughed throughout the match and Waaagh! a lot realizing our boyz might be looking pretty good in AOS 2.0.
Result: Major Loss

Overall I finished 1-2, but had the second highest amount of kill points behind Anthony's DoK. He finished first, followed by Jason's Ironjawz and in third, my mate Jessie who plays Seraphon at my club. It was a good learning experience and reinvigorated my interest in Ironjawz. We now have many options going forward with magic, battalions, and items that can boost our army. I'm already looking to give my Megaboss on Foot the Gryph-Feather and Ironclad or Brutish Cunning and Boss Skewer to really mess with my enemies. I love  10-Brute squads but I feel 5 Brutes are the way to go. Also, 20 Ardboyz is the optimal number now imo. Small enough to stay wholly within our bubbles, but tough enough to grind down our foes. I cannot stress enough how useful the Orruk Warboss with Banner is. Re-Rolling 1's to wound and granting flat +1 attack to all weapons is amazing. I will likely bounce between him and Megaboss depending on how I construct my lists. We have our speed back and Ironfist, despite the price rise, is worth taking. I may even give the Bloodtoof a run at some point, but I need to get a realmgate. Can't wait to try all the new magic lores as well. Plenty of options to choose from.


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Oi Lads

hope all you megabosses are having a smashing time with AOS 2.0. It appears our Ironjawz are doing pretty well. With the rules changes and updates, they are fun to play right now.

I have a tournament this weekend in Southern New Jersey. This is what I plan to bring:


Orruk Megaboss (140) - General - Command Trait : Brutish Cunning - Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm
Orruk Warchanter (80)
Orruk Warchanter (80) - Artefact : The Boss Skewer
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)
Orruk Warboss (140) - Great Waaagh Banner - Allies
Moonclan Grot Shaman (80) - Allies

10 x Orruk Brutes (360)
5 x Orruk Brutes (180)
5 x Orruk Brutes (180)
20 x Orruk Ardboys (320)
3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)

BATTALIONS Ironfist (180)

TOTAL: 2000/2000

I experimented with this list yesterday against Legions of Nagash. We played only three turns due to time, but my Brutes did work with double Waaagh! for two straight turns. While I don't have the massive threat of the Maw Krusha, my army appears well-balanced and can contend for objectives. Plus, with 20 Ardboyz, I can tie down most things or bait the enemy before swarming them with Brutes. An issue I have is keeping all my support heroes with my boyz across the battlefield while still holding objectives. I hate to leave Brutes babysitting, but I may have to consider one of the 5-man units to guard my backfield. 

I will have a report next week when I return.

In the  meantime, with AoS 2.0 expanding the lore, I have been working on redeveloping and building my army's personal lore.

I recently recreated my story map which is the premise for my Ironjawz and Dispossessed lore. Any other armies I may play, as well as those of my friends and gaming group, I have also tried to include here.


This is the Northern Kingdoms of Zarcosia, a land of tundra and hardship with few habitable lands that the free people have colonized since the Age of Myth. When the Age of Chaos struck, the Khorne Bloodbound broke the armies of Order in the Battle of the Scarred Steppes in the east. However, their westward march across Zarcosia was stopped by the stubborn Dispossessed, unrelenting Greenskins, mysterious Wanderers and Sylvaneth of the Frostwoods, and Ulzor,  offspring of the Godbeast, Selvagrack.

Right before the Age of Sigmar, the Ironjawz appeared unexpectedly and wrestled Khorne's grip over Zarcosia, confining the Blood God's warriors to Slaughter Keep at Lake Vorcaa. Now the civilizations of man, duardin and aelf are on the rise. Lands once lost are being reconquered. Cities and commerce have returned and the realmgates closed long ago are now reopened. Chaos, while weakened, still has a presence, while the rampaging forces of Destruction have grown bolder and see the rise of civilizations as the perfect chance to find someone else to battle besides the "spikey-boyz"

Here are some of the kingdoms and their stories:

The Ankor Volghar- realm of the duardin who mine valuable but unstable Ghur Ore, which sometimes causes earthquakes if mined too much. Their kingdom might be shattered, but the Dispossessed endure like their mountain strongholds. After centuries of suffering from Greenskin raids, the Blood Storm of Khorne, and the Blackbeard Wars against the Legion of Azgorh, the Throngs of the Ankor Volghar stand vigilant and march forth to strike grudges from the Dammaz Kron and reclaim their lost homes. Their attacks can be savage, their tactics aggressive, even by dawi standards, but such is the fury of their vengeance and thirst to reclaim their realm.

Karak Volghar- the seat of power for the dawi of the Frattura Mountains. The city has survived some of the worst earthquakes that have struck the kingdom, but the scars on the surrounding peaks have also left their mark on the hearts and minds of its people. High King Oldor Frostbeard resides here along with the Dammaz Kron. Some of the finest weaponsmiths and armoursmiths forge their craft here, including the fabled runelords, though their workshops and secrets are only known by a select few.

Kazad Wyr- the Ice Fortress overlooking the Great Fissure. Elevated higher than most of the other holds in the Ankor Volghar, the fortress city has been left susceptible due to the various quakes. Smaller fissures have opened to its north and east, isolating the hold above and below ground. Stone Lake Pass to the south is the only path that will lead to the hold. Some of the finest warriors are born here, including Sven Stoutbeard and the famed 8th Ironbeaker Legion

Grung Angoz- in the valley south of Kazad Wyr lies Stone Lake, a large body of water that produces large quantities of stone and marble. Many villages and mines call the lake home, but Grung Angoz is the main settlement in the area. The dawi here work tirelessly at their industry, cranking out engineering marvels to defend the Ankor Volghar. A small detatchment from the Ironweld Arsenal also have a small workshop nearby. It was here where Engineer Finn Barggroth created the steam engine “Barag Grimazuln” or “Barggroth's Wrath”

Karaki Karag- the Ankor Volghar places high values on its rangers, for if not for them, the realm would have fallen ages ago. So it is that ranger recruits are trained at one of the harshest peaks south of Karak Volghar. Much of the settlement is above ground and neighbors the Yeti Valley. The mighty wutroth trees provide sturdy lumber for just about everything in the kingdom, and it is here that recruits and longbeards alike must harness their skills by clearing the valley of yetis or grobi that pop out of the caves.

Barak Urbaz- the port city on the east coast of the Baitello peninsula along the Scryfish Stait. Trade is vital through the waterway after the duardin collapsed the mountainside along the eastern trade route of Balitello. While it warded off the invading Khorne armies during the Age of Chaos, Balitello and Jaskviny suffered. Now the Dispossessed try to atone for their actions as their ironclad warships patrol the strait vigorously against any threat that could threaten this vital trade route.

Khazid Thardin- following the assassination of King Ulther by the Black Grot, the Dispossessed fought a bitter war against the Moonclan Grots in the western reaches of the Frattura Mountains. While the Black Grot escaped, the duardin eradicated the grots and began to re-colonize the west. Several mining settlements and watchtowers were established, greatest of all was Khazid Thardin. The city became a vital crossroads for trade and reconnected the duardin with their human allies in the north and west. It is also home to the Gyrocopter Tradefleet established by High King Oldor Frostbeard.


Bar Drog- the first major hold lost during the Blood War against Khorne, the demise of Bar Drog is shrouded in mystery. The duardin claim the surface-level city was razed by the Blood God’s maddened warriors, but no specific grudge has ever been written in the Dammaz Kron. In truth, it was not the Bloodbound who destroyed the hold, but death magic that razed the city. The duardin do not speak of it, but whispers abound about a dark presence that swept through the city that claimed any mortal soul during the Khorne siege. The ruins of Bar Drog remain, but rangers report the dead have claimed the city. Many have tried to enter, but only a handful have ever returned, maddened and muted by fear of what they’ve experienced within.

Kazad Knol- one of the last strongholds to stand against the Khorne incursion of the northern realm of the kingdom. The forces of Chaos and Destruction besieged the mountain seven times, but on the eighth, the Blood God’s warriors finally broke through and sacked the hold. However, thanks to the sacrifice of Lord Bragnus Bouldergut and his runelords, they trapped a significant amount of daemons inside the mountain. When Bragnus and his warriors made their last stand inside the Great Hall, their deaths triggered several powerful runes of warding to activate, preventing the daemons from leaving. Eventually, the Ironjawz of Da Bloodbreaka Clan would eradicate the daemons and claim Kazad Knol as their new home, Mount Kraktoof.

Kazad Karin- the final battle of the Blood Wars, or “Baragor’s Triumph," saw the armies of Order, Khorne and Greenskins converge on the Bridge Citadel. After four days of fighting, the walls of Kazad Karin were finally breached, forcing High King Baragor Frostbeard to enact his final solution. After evacuating as many citizens and warriors as could escape south across the bridge, the king ordered the mountain to be collapsed. The only path across the Great Fissure to the southern realm was destroyed, and many warriors were lost, but the Greenskins and Khorne armies were routed, saving what was left of the Ankor Volghar.

Karak Byrn- famous for its deep gold veins, any duardin who laid eyes on the Sun Mountain during sunset would claim the rock came alive like living gold. Alas, a gold sickness overcame its people. Not long after the fall of the Northern Empire did Karak Byrn cut off communication with their kin, fearful that a similar calamity would deprive them of their wealth. Blinded by their greed, they failed to recognize the impending threats from above and below ground. Moonclan and Spiderfang Grots staged a two-pronged assault upon the Dispossessed and eventually breached the hold. Unwilling to let the grobi take their home and gold, the duardin desperately over-mined a Ghur Ore vein and brought the mountain down upon itself. The last images the dawi defenders in the highest peak saw was the sun setting upon Karak Byrn one last time.

Undback Hirf- the fortress stood for centuries as a welcome station for travelers and adventurers journeying from the eastern reaches of the Frattura Mountains. Its warriors were also lauded for defeating Mugnog the Ever-Hungry and his Gutbusters. Sadly, Undback Hirf would fall to treachery from inside its walls. Derdrick Darblisson, son of Thane Gidrick, was defeated and captured by the Dawi Zharr during a failed expedition to Aqshy. They eventually broke the steadfast duardin, and ordered him to open the way for them into the Ankor Volghar. Days after his return to Undback Hirf, he entered the main gatehouse in the cover of night, slew the guards, opened the gate, and signaled to the awaiting Dawi Zharr army nearby. Derdrick finished his betrayal by killing his father, submitting the fortress to its fate, and commencing the Blackbeard Wars.

Balitello- with the mortal races ascending once more across Zarcosia, there is hope that the fractured kingdom of Balitello may one day become whole once more. Ages ago, it had been one of the strongest lands on the continent, boasting vast wealth from sea trade, great libraries of knowledge in its free cities, and a strong relationship with the duardin of the Ankor Volghar. But when the Imperator and his family were assassinated during a skaven raid on Foridotta, the kingdom began to splinter. It was not long after when the Khorne Bloodbound invaded from the Scarred Steppes. Among the armies of Order that fought together, few belonged to the people of Balitello. Pettiness, greed, and fear gripped the people and its states. They would not answer their allies’ calls for help until the Blood Storm had reached Balitello. The invaders crashed into the southeast and burned everything in its path. Recognizing the dire circumstances, nearly all of Balitello united to fight to defend their homeland. In that climactic battle, the nearby mountain of Monte Furia erupted and the creature Ulzor emerged. It scorched the open plains to the south and burned the chaos forces to ashes. Balitello was saved, but with no common enemy to keep them united, the free cities returned to their bickering once more. To this day, the broken kingdom remains fractured, but hope has returned with Sigmar’s champions descending across the land. Whispers spread of a great congregation to determine the next leader of Balitello, but old habits die hard, and there are some that would rather rule their trivial estates than answer to a superior, even if it was the rightful heir.

Durazzon- built in the southwest Frattura Mountains, these humans worship the duardin god Grungni and have become an honorary city within the Ankor Volghar. It is the only major settlement of Balitello that the Duardin Empire has allowed to be built within their realm, but overtime, they would prove to be loyal allies, even when the rest of their kin was not. In the final days of the Blood Wars, only the soldiers of Durrazon fought and died alongside their duardin comrades during Baragor’s Triumph at Kazad Karin. The other free cities of Balitello were entered into the Book of Grudges, but Durrazon was regarded with the highest honor. The Dispossessed allowed its people to share the Varn Bolgrinn Valley and rewarded them with exclusive mining privileges. Their military isn’t broad, but they boast some of the finest swordsmen across Zarcosia in the Blades of Durazzon. Their leaders were one of the first to reach out to the Stormcast Eternals when they arrived, and support the reunification of the peninsula.

The Borato Triplets- renamed from Heldensport, The Borato Triplets are the richest cities in Zarcosia and the least pleasant to be in. Trade is what fuels the city, but its complicated competition is what fuels its success. Mortimer Borato was a well-regarded tradesman whose family has ruled Heldensport for generations. It is rumored he was one of the first to negotiate Azyr trade with Sigmar himself and even bargained a fair deal with the Khazalid Empire of Chamon. However, in all his success, he never established a clear line of succession. Thus, his three children, Zufina, Almo, and Renzo began to bicker just as their father’s corpse was cold and buried. The city suffered and was close to strife, when their mother Rufina stepped in. Before her death, she made her children settle on operating one of the three massive ports across the peninsula city, hoping to end the squabbling. That would make things worse, for their families have continued their sibling rivalry generations onward. Heldensport is but a line in a history book now. Its new name, The Borato Triplets, refers to the three cities that have grown around the ports. Each one is operated and governed by one of the three families. Their rivalry is spoken across the Northern Kingdoms. Coin and blood feuds erupt on a whim, yet none will be satisfied until one has browbeaten the others into submission, no matter the cost

The Grandfastness of Corello- when Balitello fractured, the Grandfastness of Corello was the first city state to declare independence. The city sits on a floating island hovering the Shimmering Lake. Members of the Collegiate Arcanum search the lake for the magical source that allows that allows the island’s flotation and experiments to see if it can be altered. Other than the forests that surround the lake, the Grandfastness of Corello has no other resources and must rely on trade and conquest. Being the former military bastion of the kingdom, it holds a great armoury and disciplined freeguild armies. In the aftermath of the Khorne Bloodbound’s defeat, its forces seized land across southwestern Balitello, including trade routes between The Borato Triplets and Foridotta. It is Durazzon, however, that Corello despises the most. Border skirmishes have occurred between both free cities, and their leaders have never cared for one another. While reunification is discussed, Corello stands firm with its independence.

The High Court of Foridotta- surrounded by marshes, bled by skirmishes with rival cities and the underhanded skaven, the former capital has seen better days. At its peak, Foridotta was one of the strongest influences and powers in Zarcosia. Its armies were stout and disciplined, her surrounding lands fertile, capable of producing high volumes of crops and produce. Yet people flocked to Foridotta in search of knowledge and teaching. The grand libraries were stocked with tomes from each of the mortal realms, relics were discovered and presented by the Excavator’s Guild across the land and brought to High Azyr itself. While it was left unfazed by Khorne, the Skaven were responsible for Foridotta's withering. Several assaults above and below ground left terrible damage across the city, including the theft and destruction of artifacts and colleges. When the fields eventually became a mire and food supplies were low, the populace began to flee. Because of its background, the run-down High Court has remained neutral grounds for the other city states. Yet the city has undergone a renaissance along with the other free cities with the arrival of the Stormcats and the return of Azyr. The dream of reunification is spoken loudly in the streets and bars, and the citizens believe the glory days of Foridotta will soon return once again.

Azzoretto- the former breadbasket of Balitello sits as a lain fallow since the Blood Storm, and centuries of neglect and resentment has not improved the situation. In a desperate attempt to stop the Khorne Bloodbound’s march, the duardin of Barak Urbaz collapsed the only eastern pass along the coast. While it diverted the Chaos incursion, it crippled Azzoretto. It is a region of rolling pastures and farms that were once beautiful and filled with opportunity, but now has become barren, its population poor and suffering malnutrition. The other nations of Balitello turned their back on them, but it is the duardin who its people despise the most. It will be centuries before the pass is clear once more, but no matter how much aid the duardin try to give, the Azzoretti will never forgive.

Jaskviny- despite its size, it had once been a wealthy kingdom. The majority of its people lived in the foothills of the lowlands, mining away and operating ports to deliver coal and other minerals to nearby kingdoms. Looking down at their simple lives were the citizens of Strakoten, a city-bastion constructed by the might of Azyr. It wielded incredible influence over the other kingdoms, for who could match their decadence and might? That came crashing down when the Khorne Bloodbound came to Jaskviny. While Strakoten survived thanks to its impossibly high walls, the foothill villages were all but purged from the mortal realms. Thousands who tried to flee to Strakoten discovered no friendly tidings at any of her gates. The city-bastion would accept no refugees nor deliver aid. Fear had gripped the former-Azyr resident, for what would happen if just one outsider was an agent of the Dark Gods? Yet the real driving force was greed. For too long did Strakoten abuse its wealth. With war sweeping the lands, the money flow had dried up. Now any and all who came would seek to steal that wealth in the name of aid. The greedy hearts of a couple thousands led to the unspeakable butchery of the bulk of its people at the hands of Khorne’s followers. The rest who were able to flee escaped and established a new city for themselves at Bluugord Canyon. With their absence, Greenskins, Grots and  Ogors have moved into the foothills, threatening the shipping lanes of the Scryfish Stait and the reclaimed kingdom of Astakos. 

Strakoten- named after a large drake that used to roam the nearby peaks, Strakoten became a junction of prosperity between Ghur and Azyr. In the city square is a realmgate that opens into the market district that never closed nor found shortage for ingots and gold. Sadly, trade dried out when Azyr closed its gate during the Age of Chaos. Feeling abandoned and self-preserving, Strakoten shunned the outside world. Its outrageously large walls alone defeated any enemy besiegers, but they also turned away several former allies looking for aid. It’s unknown if the realmgate still functions, nor the well-being of its residents. No living mortal has has entered the city in centuries. 

Astakos- before Sigmar and Gorkamorka's dual reshaped the lands of Ghur, legend says the Godbeast Kotos emerged from the sea and devoured a large swath of coastline, creating a natural bay for future civilizations to settle in. The inhabitants of Astakos refer to the bay as the Bite of Kotos, and live mostly along its shoreline or upon one of the dozens of islands. The mainland of Astakos is covered in steep mountains and unimpressive dry hills with little game to be had. Instead, its human and aelf inhabitants rely on the sea to make a living. Living in the Bite is challenging due to the unimaginable horrors beneath the waves that will occasionally sink ships and harass the island settlements, including the unpredictable Idoneth Deepkin. The Astaki people value wealth, wit and honoring their ancestors. It's no surprise that they share cordial  relations with the duardin of Zhufkhragg Agrul who provide precious amounts of jewels and marbles for their monuments.  Astakos was devastated during the Age of Chaos when the Khorne Bloodbound swept across the mainland and destroyed almost everything. The island settlements were able to defend themselves due to their navy. Afterwards, Nurgle's forces emerged and tried to contaminate the Bite for their own diseased goals. Control over some of the islands and coastline along the Bite changed hands several times, but not long after Sigmar's storm broke across the mortal realms did the Astaki claim victory. While much of her land lie in ruins, her people have not forgotten the horrors unleashed by Chaos and rebuild so they can deliver their retribution. 

Zhufkhragg Agrul- hidden inside the Jaugertoof Peaks in the east, the duardin built a great city within the stone overlooking the Bite of Khotos. On the south side of the peaks, the keen duardin use the numerous waterfalls that feed into the Bite to power their contraptions within the hold. Behind one of these waterfalls is the entrance to Zhufkhragg Agrul, but it can only be seen by those dawi who live within its halls. When Chaos began rampaging Astakos, Warden Queen Zargona Yurdassil reluctantly sealed the keep, preserving her citizens for centuries until it was rediscovered by adventuring duardin who traced their lineage back to Zufkhragg Agrul. They mine gemstones and hard stone that their human and aelf allies in Astakos value highly for their monuments.

Grastiger Highlands- while much of the Northern Kingdoms is harsh tundra, the Grastiger Highlands are the exception. Whether by sorcery or great fortune when Ghur was formed, the region is blessed with rolling hills and fertile soil. Its first inhabitants came by sea, fleeing whatever catastrophe that had ruined their past civilization. From the Exodus Expanse in the west, they spread out and settled across the Highlands. One of its greatest features is the Phalka, the massive river system that flows through much of the Highlands and into Grakken Bay. However, ships and travelers can traverse its waters to and fro without the dangers of it flooding, receding, capsizing vessels, or destroying nearby villages. The Highland people enjoyed peace for centuries until the Age of Chaos arrived. While they avoided the calamity that befell their allies to the east and southeast, a similar incursion occurred in the north. Brayherd Warbands ploughed through the northern passes of the High Mountains, driven by desire to despoil the lands of the free people. The Brayherds would eventually be defeated, but their taint still stains the northern reaches. Meanwhile, Nurgle sorcerers launched a surprise attack on The Lightning Arcanum in the southern foothills, desperate to kill its magic users and harness whatever power was inside. Somehow, the Highlanders achieved victory, but the diseased-host continues to crave the rewards of the tower. Compounding issues are the constant orruk raids. While the Freeguild Companies defend key locations of the Grastiger Highlands, the brutes have entrenched themselves in the Trogeon Hills and threaten the outskirts of Dawnsgarde and Ozile.

Karak Varf- the fierce regiments of Warden King Thygrim Kragsson guard the High Mountains north of the Grastiger Highlands. Only three mountain passes connect the highlands to the Glacier Kingdom of FjordFire, and the duardin control two: the central and western passes. Here, they collect a toll for anyone passing through: from merchants, travelers and adventurers, to mercenaries, armies, and even their duardin cousins to the south. The High Mountains are not known for precious minerals, but fur from the dyre wolves that prowl its crags is quite lucrative. The duardin also hunt the remnants of Slaaneshi followers who are holding out in the sharpest crags and darkest caves of the mountains.

Loch Sorgrim- Loch Sorgrim is in the southern Grastiger Highlands, nestled along the Frattura Mountains, and was one of the few paradises across the tundra lands of Zarcosia. Surrounded the Loch are several human and duardin villages, as well as the town of Gildenberg. Because of the fresh water from the mountains, large amounts of agriculture can be produced on the fertile ground, stout lumber can be gathered, and fresh drinking water can be gathered and bartered. Sailors have always been weary of traversing the Loch because the beast known as Sorzek prowls the waters. The Loch settlements were left unfazed during the Age of Chaos, but recent events have threatened the safety of the Free People. Following the effects of the Necroquake, Loch Sorgrim turned black. Her clean, transparent waters became tainted in a matter of days, and a curse soon followed. In the south, the pine forests have begun to die, an eerie blight overwhelming the lands, forcing villagers to flee. Khazid Mrak is now isolated from the north, with only the Ralsten Pass providing commerce and escape should the situation degenerate. Mages, priests and runelords battle the foul magic daily to prevent The Hungry Blight from spreading further downstream. Within the Loch, the wyrm Sorzek was changed into a ravaging undead beast. Driven by its mindless hatred for the living, Sorzek now attacks any mortals and ships who trespass upon its domain. Even the fleets docked at Gildenberg are no longer safe, which has forced admirals and merchants to halt all river trade until the beast is dealt with. Worse still, Ironjawz from Da Bloodbreaka Clan emerged from the east after earthquakes in the Frattura Mountains opened new passes into Loch Sorgrim. The orruks sacked the village of Lakedorf, then established an encampment, Rockfang Gulch, south of Hagadorf. Skirmishes have grown on the eastern shores as the Freeguilds have made hasty defenses to try to stop the Ironjawz advance. With river trade shuttered, the farming village has become critical to Gildenberg's survival.

The Barren Tundra- similar to a desert, the Barren Tundra offers little respite for any who wish to traverse it. Very little vegetation grows here aside from low grass and the handful of shrubs and thunderbrush. While water does pool on the surface, it creates frozen marshes that can trap explorers and slowly kill them. Salt is the biggest trade commodity here, but hunting the beasts and exchanging meat is also a well-appreciated product. While some will risk the trip across land, sky-transportation is the preferred method of travel. Several villages, including Mystspire, line the eastern shore. In the northwest, the city-fortress of Thunder Mesa stands as a beacon of hope against the harsh environment. It is here where the Stormcasts of the Primal Sons constructed their Stormkeep, protecting the tundra people from the land itself, along with the Thunderscorn and other beasts that descend from the Zenthil Mountains. Across the tundra, there are a handful of bluffs where civilizations fight to survive every day. The largest of them are the duardin of Grimaz Vlag. They excavate the largest salt mine across the land. Their skyport is vital for trade across the Tundra. The northern bluff, which hosts the city of Frostbutte, was built over mysterious ruins of a civilization who used the bluff for safety long ago. In the south is the lost bluff city of Boarglade, where rumors swell that its people were magically turned into pig people. 

Grimaz Vlag- The duardin of Grimaz Vlag stubbornly endure against the harsh environment of the Barren Tundra in the west. Built into one of handfuls of bluffs across the desolate land, the city survives off subterranean wells that absorb water from the surface through special filters. Underground farms also provide the bulk of the food for its inhabitants thanks to shafts built throughout the bluff to allow sunlight to travel inside. Warden King Athranbor Bronzeforge protects the bluff from encroaching beasts and the Grot Wolf Hordes of Noktra PointyFang. Grimaz Vlag also survives thanks to its fortified skyport that welcomes the gyrocopter fleets of the Ankor Volghar and the skyfleets of the Kharadron Overlords. Salt is the prominent resource mined across the Tundra, and Grimaz Vlag happens to hold some of the richest deposits. Hunters and traders usually stop here to acquire the salt to preserve their cadres of meat.

Bluugord Canyon- most of the refugees of Jaskviny fled as far west as they could to escape the coming Blood Storm. Eventually, they reached The Exodus Expanse, a channel of sea where the civilizations along the eastern shore had previously come to find salvation and escape their own tragedy long ago. This time, the Jaskvin survivors crossed the sea seeking their own deliverance and reached the harsh landscape of the Bluugord Canyon. Along its shores, they founded a new life for themselves and became close trade partners with their allies across the Expanse. While the coast belongs to mortals, traversing and living within the canyon is nigh impossible. Monsters of all kinds dwell in the bottom searching for food, either from a stonehorn, a dustwyrm, or even a caravan of trades, while scale-crusted beasts prowl from above. Their sharp claws dig into the rock itself to give them a better vantage point to pounce on prey below. The only safe travel across are the peak bridges. Constructed by the duardin, these roads travel the tops of the bluffs, with watchtowers scanning the skies and grounds for any dangers to travelers. However, not even the best defense can deny the savagery of a beast’s appetite.

Hope’s Harbor- the first settlement founded by the Jaskvin survivors, Hope’s Harbor has grown into a bustling port city. While it imports great loads of agriculture to feed the scant communities of the canyon, it does offer great wares in return. Furs and hides from the great beasts of the canyon snare excellent value, their exotic meat drawing the food connoisseur from  Azyr itself, while the rare weeds and plant life give alchemists, healers and priests the final ingredient in their latest concoctions. With the roaming threat of the canyon’s beasts, the Jaskvins have a noticeable populace of ogors within its walls. These Maneaters, some from the famed group Mork’s Mandibles, protect the port from all threats within and without. The ogors also hunt the beasts, trade their goods among the crowds, and also serve as bodyguard for those wishing to travel the peak bridges. The ogor district of Hope’s Harbor may be unruly, but the Jaskvins are appreciative for their service. They will not allow the actions of Strakoten to repeat again, and are open to most races who intend to trade and be civil, at least while they are docked.

Port Lilacroth- abandoned by the Jaskvins ages ago, Port Lilacroth has been under command by the Scourge Privateers as far as most elders can remember. It was a secondary port for the Jaskvin settlers as they established new towns and villages along the coast. While Hope’s Harbor absorbed the bulk of commerce, Port Lilacroth became the preferred destination for those hoping to avoid the heavy tolls and less restrictions for guidelines. In time, Scourge Privateers began harassing the port, seizing cargo from smaller ships and causing trouble for authorities within the town. Outraged after the Council of Merchants banned them, the aelf corsairs returned and seized control of the port. Fleetmaster Shibith Dreadflag now rules the town and has opened her docks to anyone. Disturbed by her charge, the Jaskvins left their homes for other settlements around Hope’s Harbor. What has become of Port Lilacroth is a piratical town where mayhem reigns supreme, and sometimes the best business deal comes with the edge of a cutlass rather than flattering words.

Aymonrath- settled long ago by the Swifthawk Agents, this simple outpost has turned into a bastion that helps the mortals traverse the Bluugord Canyon. While they assist guarding the Peak Bridges, the Swifthawks roam the tops of the canyon, delivering with haste word from other outposts or settlements. The high peaks are also nesting grounds for hawk and eagle mounts. Below the bastion is a monstrous graveyard where their birds can wrestle the meat from dying or deceased beasts that would normally overpower the avian creatures. Aymonrath has also endured several attacks from a Court of Flesh-Eaters who make their home in one of the caves inside the canyon. With the threat of beasts lurking on the surface, it has proven difficult for the aelfs to displace the undead abominations.

Farport- rebuilt after the Realmgate Wars, Farport had flourished in the eastern fringes of Zarcosia. Ships from the famed Bite of Kotos and across the Savage Sea sailed to her calm docks, bringing life to the once decayed lands. The town was well fortified by its human, duardin and aelf citizens, and held a temple of Sigmar where Stormcasts would sometimes seek pilgrimage. Decades past after reconstruction when a Slaves to Darkness army besieged its walls. While the civilians were able to escape by sea, the city was sacked, but not by the Warriors of Chaos. Lured by the sounds of battle, Ironjawz from Da Bloodbreaka Clan destroyed the chaos besiegers, then defeated the city’s defenders. Not satisfied with the fight, the Ironjawz propped up the dead bodies to imitate Farport still under siege. When the Stormcasts of the Stalwart Shields arrived, believing they were relieving the city, they were met by the laughter and insults of the orruks. The Ironjawz then smashed the Stormcasts and left a giant poo monument to mark their victory. Farport was eventually rebuilt, but part of the city remains in ruins. To ensure safety for the people and the off-shore realmgate, the Stalwart Shields established a garrison in Farport. The region itself is still rebuilding after the Chaos and Orruk raids, but remnants of both forces persist. In the western hills of Silverpoint, the Ironweld Arsenal train their new recruits and test the latest inventions of the Engineers Guild. Amulith Junction is a hotspot for trade and art, but its defenders are on high-alert with the lurking Greenskins and Darkoath Marauders nearby. The peninsula is enclosed by the Farspite Grove, which contains the extraordinary Sylvaneth and the creeping dead that lurk in the forests.

The Scarred Steppes- several tribes and beasts called the steppes home in the Age of Myth. These people hunted the great beats of the tundra and even traded with at times with the spontaneous Bonesplittaz in the far east. Whatever the steppes name was originally was lost in the Age of Chaos, along with its people. By means of a lost realmgate did the Khorne Bloodbound use to reach Zarcosia. The people of the steppes were either butchered by the Blood Gods warriors or swelled their ranks. After centuries of strife, the Scarred Steppes have become a wasteland devoid of most life. Several Darkoath warbands and greenskins fight across its ruined flatland. However, the coming of the Necroquake has awakened the dead. Now zombies, skeletons and Nighthaunts are mindlessly roaming the steppes killing orruks, marauder and any living mortal they find.


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Oi lads

the boyz have returned from their recent venture to South Jersey at Top Deck Games. We had a good diversity of armies from all four Grand Alliances. 12 players total. Here were the top three:

1) Legion of Azgorh- pure Chaos Dwarfs
2) Legions of Nagash with Nagash as general
3) Nighthaunt- a mix of old and new, including mortarch of grief

As for my Ironjawz, I finished 2-1 with the list I used above, placing somewhere between 4th-6th on the day.

Here's how my matches went:

Heading into this one, I was at a disadvantage because my opponents list featured two Chaos War Mammoths, a Great Unclean One, a Harbinger and Chaos War Shrine, along with three units of 5xBlight Kings and Festus. The scenario allows for heroes and behemoths to both score the objectives. My opponent deployed most of her army in her center deployment zone and set up a tree in the center left near the objective. I was going to try to go hard in one half with my Brutes while my Ardboyz and a warchanter locked down the right. I decided to give my opponent the first turn because I felt if I got the double I could kill the mammoths with double waaagh! She actually should have made a first turn charge with one mammoth but she made a mistake positioning the behemoth and left it just out of range of the tree and 4 inches from my hungry brutes. However, it secured her the first turn point. She pretty much repositioned everything in a train behind the mammoth. In my turn, I send 15 brutes with one WAAAGH! in and they kill the mammoth. I lost five-six Brutes but the damage was dome. Unfortunately, I did not get the double turn, and as a result, my opponent consolidated the rest of her army around the left objective. To make matters worse, the other mammoth got some space, ran to the tree, and charged the remaining Brutes on the left, while my remaining five Brutes whiffed against the Blight Kings they fought. After I secured the right objective, I sent my megaboss and ardboyz into combat, but with the other Blight Kings engaged, and the mammoth charging my Ardboyz in turn three, there was no change I could deal kill the Harbinger to steal the objective. We called it after turn 3 and called the game at 9-8 since it would have finished like that. With the harbinger, GUO and Nurgle allegiance abilities, I was rerolling a lot of 6's while her mortal units (including the mammoth) were receiving an additonal 5+ and 6+ ward save. Nurgle is a hard fight for us, but I thought I gave it a good go despite the scenario.

I faced a newcomer to AOS. Him and his son were playing in the tournament together and it was only his second match ever. He brought a pure Freeguild gunline of handgunners, crossbowmen, but only one block of 40 Swordsmen with 5 outriders, a wizard and general. He had several lines set up, but with only one melee unit that was practically immovable due to his command ability, Hold the Line, there was little to stop me from coming up the board. To sum up the game quickly, I got most of my army up to his line by turn one with Ironfist and good Rampaging Destroyer rolls, took his left objective by turn two, ignored his detachment deathtrap in the middle, and eventually seized his right by turn three. I also achieved my secret objective by having one unit near his board edge. The game was over by then, but he did do a bit of damage to the boys. I tried to keep it light despite the outcome. Hopefully he will come back stronger and more battle-ready.

Another Freeguild and another new player. However, my opponent, John, had a few more games under his belt and understanding of the game despite this being his first AOS tournament. His army was more balanced and looked great. His halbred units were Brettonian peasants, and he ran three blocks of them, as well as a unit of swordsmen, two 20xarchers, demigryph knights, a Hellblaster Volley Gun, two battlemages, and three generals, one with the state banner. I recall the escalation scenario from GH1, but they've vastly improved and simplified it for GH3. I really liked it, especially bc you cannot start scoring until turn two. He had a balanced deployment across the board, with his gun directly facing the objective on my left side. I went strong on the left with Ardboyz, the 20 Brutes in the middle, and just the Gore Gruntas on the right. In the first turn, he moved up, put his 30 halbreds into cover in the trees, then inched up his army slowly. At the bottom of turn one, I rolled pretty well again for Ironfist and Rampaging Destroyers. I sent both 5xBrutes to tie up his archers and swordsmen, which they did very well and killed many things. My magic was shutdown, so I just moved everyone into position in case I lost the turn and had to fight for the objectives. Turn two comes and I won the roll. First, I used Foot of Gork and stomped one of his battlemages to death. Next, I declared the Double Waaagh! and sent everything forward in my charge phase. The Gore Gruntas charged his Halbreds on the right while seizing it with their back legs. In the middle, all 20 Brutes did work, as well as the Megaboss. The Demigryphs were wiped out, the 30 Halbreds in cover were reduced to 8, and the archers and swordsmen in the center-left were nearly gone when combat ended. The Ardboyz were too far away to receive a buff, but they took the left objective and tied his forces down so they couldn't advance. John put up a decent counter-push at the bottom of turn two, contesting the left and right objectives, but with so many loses, and the Brutes about to be freed, there was not much he could do. By then, I had also claimed my  secondary objective by wiping out over half of his battleline units. When I won the roll off again for the start of the third turn, we decided to call it. John had his son with him, so we all had a nice chat during the match about AOS, some things he likes about the game thus far, some old Fantasy stories, and what he hopes to improve upon with his Freeguild army before NOVA. Despite his army being the underdog, he had a great time playing and we both made it an enjoyable two hours of rolling dice. I wish him luck and hope to play him again next time.

Some observations I noticed with the list I ran:
-Brutes with Double Waaagh! will destroy almost anything they face. While sending Gore Gruntas and Maw Krushas up the field fast is preferable, getting our heavy hitters to the enemy quickly can be a turning point. 
-Ardboyz at 20 I feel is the perfect number. Cheap at 320, small enough to receive all our "wholly within" synergies, and still tough enough to bog down foes
-Gore Gruntas have a place for their speed. Next time, I will try to hold them back, them send them to an exposed hole in my enemy's line to capture a weak or unprotected objective. Since we no longer have to babysit objectives, I expect to see more of this
-My Weirdnob Shaman and Moonclan Grot Shaman were fine, but could have done more. Our TO did not allow us to use the malign realm lores, so it was just their basic spells. The Weirdnob hit on Foot of Gork a few times on the day, but his best contribution was the new +2 to dispel rule for having 20+ boyz. The Moonclan Grot never failed a shroom test and got off Curse of the Bad Moon most of the time. In this new magic-heavy meta, having two casters might be the way to go now. 
-Megaboss and Warboss w/war banner worked great. The Brutes especially benefited from both buffs so most of their attacks went through. There were several times where my special weapons failed their wound rolls on ones, only to see them re-rolled and then eventually become several wounds against the enemy. The Megaboss was also good because with the Gryph Feather, he kept up with all the boyz and lent his hand in combat when he could.

Overall, another great time with the New Jersey Wargamers. Long Island will be hosting another AOS tournament next weekend at the LI Gaming Expo. I was thinking of using my Dispossessed for that one, but I think I will be bringing this same list again to see how it fairs.

I'll try to have another lore story up before then. 

Until next time 


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Oi lads

I have an upcoming 1k tournament this Sunday at the LI Tabletop Gaming Expo. I have prepared a new booklet for the event with some extra lore that I wish to share. Hope you all enjoy it. 

The Razing of Hagadorf


Loch Sorgrim- Loch Sorgrim is in the southern Grastiger Highlands, nestled along the Frattura Mountains, and was one of the few paradises across the tundra lands of Zarcosia. Surrounded the Loch are several human and duardin villages, as well as the town of Gildenberg. Because of the fresh water from the mountains, large amounts of agriculture can be produced on the fertile ground, stout lumber can be gathered, and fresh drinking water can be gathered and bartered. Sailors have always been weary of traversing the Loch because the beast known as Sorzek prowls the waters. The Loch settlements were left unfazed during the Age of Chaos, but recent events have threatened the safety of the Free People.

Following the effects of the Necroquake, Loch Sorgrim turned black. Her clean, transparent waters became tainted in a matter of days, and a curse soon followed. In the south, the pine forests have begun to die, an eerie blight overwhelming the lands, forcing villagers to flee. Khazid Mrak is now isolated from the north, with only the Ralsten Pass providing commerce and escape should the situation degenerate. Mages, priests and runelords battle the foul magic daily to prevent The Hungry Blight from spreading further downstream. Within the Loch, the wyrm Sorzek was changed into a ravaging undead beast. Driven by its mindless hatred for the living, Sorzek now attacks any mortals and ships who trespass upon its domain. Even the fleets docked at Gildenberg are no longer safe, which has forced admirals and merchants to halt all river trade until the beast is dealt with.

Worse still, Ironjawz from Da Bloodbreaka Clan emerged from the east after earthquakes in the Frattura Mountains opened new passes into Loch Sorgrim. The orruks sacked the village of Lakedorf, then established an encampment, Rockfang Gulch, south of Hagadorf. Skirmishes erupted on the eastern shores as two Freeguild armies established hasty defenses to try to stop the Ironjawz advance. Eventually, the orruks breached the outer defenses of Hagadorf and engaged the humans outside the town.

The battle was hard, but the result was assured.

Megaboss Gorfang and his Brutes krumped the humie general and his personal guard, while Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog laughed manically as his Foot of Gork stomped a sorceress into the ground over and over. Behind them, the Jazood Warchanters danced and roused the boyz into a frenzy to the beat of Da Godz.

While a valiant defense was made near the outer church against the bulk of the Ironjawz, Korkrok’s and Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas began to tear apart the rear of the Freeguild armies. Those attempting to flee the front line were run down by the hulking pigs or slain by the choppas of the orruk riders.

As Hagadorf burned and the Freeguild faltered, all that was left to decide was a wager made by two bickering bosses.

“How’s it coming Korkrok? Iz gots 54 ears!” shouted Ruglid da Black over the rumble of his charging Gore Grunta.

“Bah, that’s nuffin! I haz 61!” cried Korkrok Steelspitta as he chopped through a fleeing defender, adding to his tally. “I hopes yer ready for dung duty when weze gets back.”

“Only orruk who’ll be cleanin’ da Grunta pens is you when the gits back at Mount Kraktoof gives me more teef,” laughed the dark-skinned orruk as he finished off another Freeguild trooper.

As Korkok’s mount ‘Ary pierced a swordsman armour with its blade-like teeth, the boss replied, “Doubt it. I’ll makes sure dat ‘Ary leaves you an extra treat after dis. He’s eaten some specially spicy humies.”

“We’ll sees abouts that!” said Ruglid, kicking his mount furiously. “Cmon you dumb beast! Get me to da fightin’! Iffen Iz lose and has to shovel yer dung, I’ll makes sure to cooks you good an’ feed ya to da boyz!”

When the fighting was over, Korkrok and Ruglid began harvesting ears from their tallies. Both bosses nearly came to blows when they argued over the remains of one Freeguild Sergeant who had choppa marks from both orruks. A compromise was met when they realized the humie still had two ears attached and decided to split them one for each other.  It’s unsure who won the wager that day, but both orruks celebrated that night, sharing several rounds of Squig-Shroom Brews back at Rockfang Gulch, courtesy of their new-found wealth.



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Morning lads

my Ironjawz took part in a local 2k tournament on Long Island on Saturday. We used realm rules and full realm lores in this one. I came in third out of 10 participants, including three other Ironjawz players. Destruction is well represented in my area. Here's the list I brought: 

Allegiance: Ironjawz - Mortal Realm: Ghur


Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal (140)
- General    Command Trait : Brutish Cunning   Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm

Jazood Warchanter (80)
- Artefact : The Boss Skewer

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120)

Orruk Warboss Zofka Redfang (140) (Allies)
- Great Waaagh Banner

Moonclan Grot Shaman Keeb/Geeb (80) (Allies)


5 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180)

10 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360)

5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (180)

3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140)

3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140)

20 x Da Boyz (Ardboyz) (320)


Ironfist (180)

TOTAL: 2000

Game One vs Seraphon (Kroaknado) Duality of Death - Major Victory
Realm: Shyish

Tough matchup to start the tourny. My opponent Tom deployed Kroak on his table edge of the deployment zone, preventing me from dispelling most of his spells early on. He also used the Thunderbeast Warhost with two bastiladons, an Engine of the Gods, Sarus with Astrolith banner, skink priest,  3x10 skinks, and two salamanders with skink handlers.


I planned early on that I would hold the right objective at all costs and try to deny my opponent the left. In the first turn, he did his magic and stored some points, then moved his skink wall up to shield his monsters and heroes. On my turn, I buffed some units and then sent the Ardboyz storming into the chokehold at the building along with the Brutes on the outside to support the middle, while my other Brutes went to the left objective. All 30 skinks died and I had board control. 


Tom wins turn two roll off and begins to summon skinks and saurus to rebuild his forces.He summons a skink wall around Kroak, does some damage with shooting and magic, then sends his Bastiladons into combat. With the Thunderbeast Warhost, these monsters are difficult to kill without mortal wounds because they can reroll failed armour saves (3+)  which is immune to rend. However, Tom forgot that monsters can score the objectives, so he sends one into my Ardboyz and the other at the Gore Gruntas  on the left rather than the Brutes holding the objective. He attempts to teleport his skink priest from harm, along with some skinks to ambush my heroes on the right, but both rolls fail. My mega Brutes take a beating from the shooting and magic, but they kill 10 saurus who charged them. My other Brutes got stuck in with the Salamanders and both units exchange casualties. 


At the bottom of two, I retreat the mega Brutes and Gore Gruntas on the right and send them towards the line, hoping to get a double turn so I can kill his Stegadon and Skink Priest. The Brutes finish off the Salamanders while the Ardboyz continue to grind against the Bastiladon.


Turn three and I win the roll off. Shaman does foot of gork and takes off a decent amount of wounds from the bastiladon. I later charge the Stegadon with my Megaboss and Megabrutes, while my lone Gore Grunta hits the Skink Priest. Both suffer damage but don't die. Bottom of turn three comes and more damage is dealt to my army, but I still hold my objective while he has failed to get the other for himself. The Bastiladon on the left moves up, but the two Brutes hanging around on the objective have been killed, leaving him no way to advance or charge onto it. More Brutes die, but my third unit retreats in case he tries to teleport again. In combat, the Bastiladon is brought to one wound, while the Stegadon dies, but is reborn with two wounds left.

At this point, Tom realized he must win the roll-off for Turn Four or else its game. We roll and I win the turn. We just play it out for kill points and call it after both of his wounded monsters finally go down. There wasn't much I could do about Kroak (except dispel his tornado), but the boyz kept the pressure on my enemy and didn't allow him to summon more big baddies or spread out to contest the objectives. Board control was big, and this list really worked for that style.


Game Two vs Ironjawz - Focal Point - Major Victory
Realm: Ghyran

I've played against Jason before. He's a good Ironjawz player on Long Island. At the last tournament I attended here, he gave me my first defeat in a mirror match, so I was looking to return the favor.  Like my list, he did not run a  Maw Krusha, but had 2.x20 Ardboyz 2x3 Gore Gruntas 10xBrutes, along with a moonclan shaman, boy boss with banner, megaboss and two warchanters.  He also ran an ironfist.



Like our last game, he finished deploying first and took the first turn. We were playing on the same board as the first match I had against Seraphon, so I was more adversed with the terrain. So when he ordered 2/3rd's of his army to charge my line, I had Brutish Cunning ready to go and sent a unit of five Brutes to hold his Ardboyz at the top of the choke point on the right. Interestingly, this also locked his Gore Gruntas from charging because they were within 3 inches. His other 20 Ardboyz had horrid rolls for Ironfist so they didn't advance far. He did charge his other Gore Gruntas into my 10-Brutes and GG's but they killed them all in combat. His 10 Brutes, however, did a number on me with all his buffs. They killed a unit of five Brutes while the others succumbed to battleshock after losing three orcs. However, he was now vulnerable, and me, with two command points, with enemies right in front of me, went WAAAGH!. 

The Ardboyz charged the choke point and stretched across into the woods to hit the Gore Gruntas and his boyz. Meanwhile, my Gore Gruntas on the right swung around to try to charge his Warchanter on the rear objective, while my other GG's stayed behind to protect the bottom. In the center, my Megaboss and surviving mega Brutes attacked his Brutes. With the help of the double turn, I pretty much erased those units and then pressed into his rear to claim that objective. At this point, we knew the match was over, but we played it out for fun. His Ardboyz and Warboss with banner did put a beating on my remaining Brutes, while my Megaboss stayed behind on one wound to "tactically" secure the center.  



Mirror matches are dangerously fun, especially for Ironjawz, but the games tend to be decided in the first turn or two because it depends on who gets the charge and how much you can cripple your opponent. This game, Josh got the charge, but left too many of my orruks alive (partly thanks to Brutish Cunning), allowing me to make a strong counterattack and push out to claim the win. Can't wait to play Josh for round three next time. 

Game Three vs Daughters of Kane (Snake List) Scorched Earth - Major Loss
Realm: Hysh


This was the most frustrating match I have played of Age of Sigmar. Sadly, part of it had to do with my opponent. His list, the Temple Nest Battalion, featured 2x10 Blood Sisters, a unit of 5xBlood Sisters, 2x5 Blood Stalkers, Two Hag Queens, a Medusa,  Morathi, Cogs, and Gemenids which he never used. This was also the first game I played where the realm rules played a major factor. The special rule we rolled allowed us to teleport a unit at the start of the movement phase on a roll of a 6+. 

On the first turn, he moved his units up and buffed his Blood Sisters, preparing to receive or deliver a charge. Morathi teleported out of range to dispel her, she summons the Cogs and unleashes magic that kills my Grot Shaman.  After some shots from the Blood Sisters, it's my turn. I buff my units, roll a 6 to teleport my Gore Gruntas on the right and send them to his lightly defended right objective. I hesitate to charge his Sisters, however, waiting to see if I can get the double turn to ensure my units can all make it into combat. The GG's charge, claim the right, and combat a Hag Queen.


Turn Two roll and I get the double. My opponent feels defeat coming, but its a long game ahead. My magic doesn't accomplish much but I get some decent movement rolls to shift my troops forward. I declare a double WAAAGH! and charge my Brutes up the center to claim his back objective and my Ardboyz go straight into both units of Blood Sisters. I'm thinking I can tie them down so he doesn't challenge my back field. At this time, I am also spacing out the back so he cannot teleport anything to sneak up on me. 

This is where Hysh's command ability kicks in. My opponent spends his two points at the start of combat to use Strike Quickly. 


Before my Ardboyz know what'****** them, the 20-man unit is now one. Poor on my part for not picking up on this, but it gets worse later. For now, the Brutes do their work, and erase a Hag Queen and seven Sisters. He nitpicks me on a rule discrepancy regarding combat range, but I abide by it and we continue. I kill his other Hag Queen and now control two objectives. I burn both and take a 12-3 lead entering bottom of turn 2.



Realizing he needs to do something desperate to win, he unleashes snake-form Morathi and sends everyone up. More magic rips into my units, then he charges Morathi into my Brutes, while the sisters charge my depleted back line. My Brutes kill five of the 10 sisters on the right, but they kill them all in the counter attack. The surviving three from the unit charge attack my heroes but cannot bring them down. Morathi meanwhile kills six of seven Brutes.  

Turn three comes and he gets the double turn. Morathi banishes my Ironfist Brute Boss, which I move  to my back line in the center, and she makes her way to the left flank with the 5xSisters and stalkers. Meanwhile, the sisters on the right teleport closer to the center thanks to the Medusa and prepare to charge. After softening up the Brutes and Gore Gruntas on the left, they charge and erase the Brutes and Warchanter. He also used Strike Quickly again at the start of combat, allowing his Sisters on the left to go first, followed by the others in the middle. Those  five sisters cannot kill the central warchanter, but the Shaman finally falls. Bottom of turn three comes and I am in trouble. I send my Megaboss and Brute Boss to the center to rescue it, while I send my Gore Gruntas on the right back and the Gruntas on the left to try to steal his left objective. I charge my megaboss at the five sisters while my brute boss attacks the surviving sister from the other unit.


We enter combat, and we both use our command points on Strike Quickly. Since it's my turn, I attack first, and my Brute Boss removes the unit, kicking off Smashing and Bashing. However, he argues vehemently that the realm command ability overrules the allegiance ability and he should attack next. After bickering for a bit and getting a TO to make a ruling, I am allowed to attack twice, and my opponent receives a warning. He moans that he will now lose the objective, which he does, by my megaboss only kills two models. The score is now 13-9 entering Turn Four.


Unfortunately, the dice doesn't go my way and he wins the roll off. My middle resistance is finally quashed and the Gruntas on the left are tied down and later destroyed. He burns my right objective so I cannot get my other Gore Gruntas there. I make one last bid as I run the GG's to his back left objective. If I can burn it, there's a chance to sneak out with a win. Sadly, he wins the roll again for turn five and secures the victory. 

I made mistakes, he made some good choices and used the realm rules to his full advantage to take the win. Props to him, but I would not want anyone to deal with the type of obnoxiousness and unprofessionalism that he displayed. The whole day was pretty fun, but this soured my attitude as the event came to an end. He may be facing disciplinary actions from the store for arguing with the TO. 

Regardless, I felt my list performed fairly well without the Maw Krusha and did a good job with board control. I think we still need the cabbage for most matchups, but even without him, our boyz can get the job done. 

Until next time










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Morning lads

following several battles on the tabletop from the past few months, I have updated my army's lore timeline. Here are some of the latest entries.

Da Big Booma- the clan liberates orruks and grots imprisoned in the Luminark’s Vault and steals an experimental weapon from the taskmasters of the Collegiate Arcanum. With it, they destroy half the city of Wengerheim, desecrate a nearby grove of Sylvaneth and carve out effigies of Gorkamorka into the mountains of western Zarcosia. This inadvertently attracts the Daughters of Khaine who force the Ironjawz to abandon their prize. However, the orruks get the last laugh as Nogoog overloads Da Big Booma with WAAAGH! energy and detonates as the Blood Sisters attempt to siphon its magic. Da Bloodbreaka Clan returns to Mount Kraktoof with plenty of serpent meat to cook for days.

Slaughter at Stuntie Hill- a clan of duarding from the Amber Hands of the Ankor Volghar march north to reclaim Kazad Knol. Led by Warden King Hjuldahr Agridsson, the duardin defeat the weaker greenskins south of Mount Kraktoof. Sensing his adversary’s overzealousness, Gorfang springs a trap on Hjuldahr’s forces in the Crystal Foothills. Caught off-guard, The Amber Hands retreat to a hilltop to make their final stand. The Ironjawz butcher all but one survivor. The lone duardin is sent back to Karak Volghar to deliver the beard of Hjuldahr to the king to serve as a warning that the northern kingdom belongs to Da Bloodbreaka Clan. Horns erupt across the Frattura Mountains as the Ankor Volghar prepares for war.

A Profitable Catastrophe- the ramifications from Nagash’s Necroquake unleash earthquakes across the Frattura Mountains. Every orruk base suffers extensive damage and countless greenskins die. However, the shifting mountains open new passes into the human lands of the southern Grastiger Highlands. It’s not long before the Ironjawz begin pouring west into Loch Sorgrim. From their camp at Rockfang Gulch, they raze the towns of Lakedorf and Hagadorf with ease. The fighting soon creates a market for human ears, which the greenskins use as food and trinkets. The Gore Grunta mobs, led by Korkrok and Ruglid, make a fortune because they can fight and take the humie ears before their slower-footed kin can catch up.

The Drazh Pass- the Black Grot informs Da Bloodbreaka Clan of the stunties of Karak Koldrazh in Chamon who are fueling the Ankor Volghar’s war effort. With the promise of loot and lots of stunties to bash, Gorfang sends three Brawls to assault The Drazh Pass. Emerging from a lost realmgate near the valley, the Ironjawz ravage several settlements and push the duardin back to The Ruthenium Canal. Led by Orgus Scraptoof, the orruks steal countless supplies of blackstone, costing Karak Koldrazh unimaginable wealth. Calling upon their allies for aid, several throngs from the Ankor Volghar arrive to drive the orruks back to their base at Scraptoof Peak. The fighting rages on as neither side can gain the upper hand.

Beasts of Brazier Peak- while hunting for monsters skulls in Aqshy, Gorfang and his boyz are ambushed by Brayherd. During the skirmish, one of The beastmen steals a trophy off Gorfang’s armour. Outraged, the megaboss orders his Immortalfist to chase them to their lair, which leads them to the volcano of Brazier Peak. Inside, the orruks struggle to find the trophy as beastmen assail them from hidden paths and passages. Gorfang destroys a chariot in one swing as it tries to gore Nogoog. Eventually, the Ironjawz reach the main chamber and locate the trophy among other trickets atop the beast’s Herdstone. They use the confined tunnels to take away the beastmen’s numerical advantage and soon route the herd. Gorfang reclaims his trophy and the orruks take everything from the chamber before destroying the herdstone and escaping the volcano’s wrath.

The Color Quandary- after joining forces with the Crimson Skulls to defeat a large Seraphon host in Ghyran, members of each clan begin to bicker over whose red armour is the best. The arguing escalates into a battle as the Ironjawz begin to fight among themselves. Mobs from both clans hack and bash each other in a cacophony of violence. The battle lasts three days, which sees Megaboss Gorfang take on and survive a large mob of Brutes singlehandedly. Only when the Crimson Skull’s Megaboss Tugdugg Barbsnappa is slain does the battle finally end. The Ironjawz all laugh and pat themselves on the back before continuing their raiding the Realm of Life.

Next month, my FLGS is hosting a narrative event: The Battle for Ulgu. You can expect more adventures from Da Bloodbreaka Clan as they enter the Realm of Shadows. 

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Oi lads

I'm back with tales from the battlefield as my Ironjawz marched onto Philadelphia to compete in PAX Unplugged 2018! I haven't had a lot of practice over the past two months, but I was eager to defend my title from last year's competition.  I brought my no-Maw Krusha list to the event, as seen below:

DA IMMORTALFIST                                                                                     
Megaboss Gorfang da Immortal (140)
- General    Command Trait : Brutish Cunning   Artefact : Gryph-feather Charm

Jazood Warchanter (80)
- Artefact : The Boss Skewer

Jazood Warchanter (80)

Weirdnob Shaman Nogoog (120)

Orruk Warboss Zofka Redfang (140) (Allies)
- Great Waaagh Banner

Moonclan Grot Shaman Keeb/Geeb (80) (Allies)

10 x Zodgrob’s Bashin’ Brutes (180)
5 x Ugly Bogg’s Kunnin’ Brutes (360)

5 x Dradruzak’s Fightin’ Brutes (18)
3 x Korkrok’s Gore Gruntas (140)
3 x Ruglid’s Gore Gruntas (140)
20 x Da Boyz (Ardboyz) (320)

Ironfist (180)

This year's tournament was a three-game event that featured realm rules from Chamon, which didn't have a major effect on the outcome of my matches, but the spell lore was not allowed


Playing Starstrike is always tricky. It's a luck-based scenario, so starting conservative was my plan. Considering Grimgasts can outmaneuver my orruks, I didn't want to rush into combat with the threat of being double-turned. So both of us just inched up and positioned out forces for the upcoming central comet. 


With Nagash bubble-wrapped, it was going to be difficult to break through my opponent's chaff without Nagash reaching over and smashing my boyz.


On Turn 2, the comet falls on the right side and she wins the roll-off. Her green reapers charge my ardboyz and Nagash gets dance-makob off to let them attack twice. I ended up burning a command point to keep them in the fight, but it wasn't good. When it was my turn, I threw everything forward. I used double waaagh! to smash aside the dire wolves and deal a good number of wounds to her blue reapers. Meanwhile, my Brutes on the right got too close to nagash and were smashed off the table. Also, only one Ardboy survivs combat, but holds up the Reapers. However, my Gore Gruntas seized the right-center objective and gives me the lead. 


Turn 3 came and I won the roll. My objective fell on my left side, but my opponents fell on the right side, giving her a significant advantage with positioning. I decide to try to send my left Gruntas and Brutes into her backfield to try to reach her comet. Meanwhile, my 10-Brutes and megaboss start whittling down more Reapers and my Gruntas finish off the wolves on the right. I make a tactical error, however, in not sacrificing my Warchanter to keep the Reapers locked for one more turn. 


On her turn, Nagash the spell portal is re-summoned and placed next to my megaboss, which he then succeeds in Hand-of-Dusting. She then moves Nagash onto the right objective where the soon-to-be-dead Gore Gruntas are just chilling.  The Reapers move back, while her last Dire Wolves claim her rear objective. My Brutes then finish off the blue reapers 


In Turn 4, she resummons the blue reapers and places them behind the building to block me. My Bruts and Gore Gruntas are quite far from her rear objective, but somehow, my 5-Brutes make an 11 inch charge and destroy the wolves, claiming that objective to give me 8 points total for the turn. I then engage my remaining troops to fight and destroy the Blue Reapers just for movement sake. When she goes again, her Green reapers destroy the rest of my Brutes and she scores the same to tie me entering Turn 5.

That's how the game ended due to time. We drew 16-16, but she easily won on kill points. Considering the player and list I faced, I think I did quite well against the 5th best list at NOVA. 



An interesting match-up against the speedy, shooting Wanderers in my favorite AOS scenario. Usually the player who goes first has a huge advantage if they score first on three objectives, but Ironjawz can simply kill the enemy off the objectives and outscore them the rest of the game. I gave my opponent the first turn to mitigate his shooting. All he did was claim the left objective with his Kurnoth Hunters to act as a buffer. IMG_7253.jpg.9604a3eba247df946961d0158c57bafe.jpg

On my turn, I charged my 20 Ardboyz and 5 Brutes into his line to secure the objective and killed 2/3 of the Hunters, while pulling in his Wildwood Rangers. I decided to move my megaboss and 10 Brutes up the middle to threaten his rear objective, while my Gore Gruntas charged down the right to secure those points and destroy his 10 archers. Strategically, I decided to leave 5 Brutes to babysit my rear objective so my opponent wouldn't get the idea of shifting 20 Glade/Eternal Guard into my board edge. 

Unlike my first match, my opponents magic was non-existent due to poor dice rolling. He failed to cast most of his spells, even with the boost from the Vortex. Mine, however, was not much better. My Moonclan Grot Shaman drugged out for two consecutive turns, while my Weirdnob didn't do much better. 


From turn two on, I felt I had the game in hand since my boyz were already in his line and handling his speedy units. By turn 3, much of his army was depleted, but 10 Wild Riders did teleport onto my table edge to threaten my objective. However, he put them on the left near my Gore Gruntas, rather than the right where just my Moonclan shaman was guarding. I then engaged them, and while my Gore Gruntas eventually died (WW are not bad in combat), they held the WW for two turns. My rear Brutes eventually came over and bashed them good. 

Funny part about the game were the insane rolls he made for his heroes. Both his Nomad Prince and Waystrider shrugged off kill shots from my GG's and Brutes on 6+armour saves, then proceeded to kill said units single-handily. 

He did nab one or two of the central objectives with his Waystrider and Sisters of the Watch around turns 3 or 4, but it was too late by then. Once my Ardboyz slayed his Nomad Prince and Megaboss smashed his Waystrider, the match was over. Gorfang now gets to add another skull to his pointy-stick!

I also managed to score my secondary object by killing 2/3 of his army, which put me in decent position in the standings




For my final match, I was paired against a skilled player in our community named Travis. He's a good general and was using a Nighthaunt list he's testing out for Adepticon. He had 30 Reapers, 40 Chianrasps, Mortarch of Grief, Guardian of Souls, Mounted KoS, Reikenor, Kurdos, along with 3 Spirit Hosts, 8 Banshees and a Spirit Torment waiting to deepstrike. 

I played this one conservatively like my first match, but tried to overload my left so I could overwhelm his Reapers. I gave him first turn and he shifted left towards the uncontested side. I moved up enough in my turn to pose a threat but present a long charge if he moved up. 


On Turn 2, I won the double turn, got some good rolls on my movement, and realized I could charge his entire line thanks to my positioning. With my orruk warboss tailing behind, I popped off a Triple WAAAGH! and erased his Reapers from the board with my 10 Brutes, GG's, and Ardboyz. However, the Brutes and Gruntas on the right did not receive the bonus and were left to deal with Kurnoss and Chainrasps by themselves. I scored the middle and bottom objectives and was in good shape. 


With a chunk of his army gone, Travis regrouped towards the top objective and would eventually finish off the Gruntas and Brutes that were isolated. This is where he deployed his deepstrike units to threaten my characters. While the Spirit Hosts managed to hit my Grot Shaman and kill him on the bottom, I was fortuitous that his Banshees and Spirit Torment failed their charges, even with rerolls. (Quick note: either the command trait or Kurdoss' ability to regain Command Points and steal your opponents is a great ability. He stole mine on Turn Three and he constantly had a supply of them to get him back in the match) 

Recognizing the threat, I immediately sent my Gore Gruntas to tie down his Banshees and Torment, while my Megaboss and Brutes scored the bottom and took care of the spirit hosts. Meanwhile, my 10 Brutes weren't afraid of no ghost and took care of the Mortarch of Grief


In a final attempt to steal a result, he charged his KoS and Reikenor at my support heroes in the center, hoping to pick-off my Warchanter and Shaman so he could steal the objective. Unfortunately for him, both heroes whiffed and failed to kill either character, only giving him one point on Turn 4 and trailing 4-2. When I won the roll for Turn 5, we called the game. I also scored my secondary here where one of my heroes with an item survived. Credit to Travis for never giving up and almost snatching the game away.


Overall, my boyz performed very well and earned themselves a 4th place finish. Very respectable considering the Top 3 were Chaos Nurgle, the LoN army I faced in the first match, and a DoK army. Thanks again to Martin Orlando for organizing the event. His tournaments are well run and he shows great knowledge of the game and respect for everyone participating. 

After speaking to a few players, we agree that Ironjawz have a hard time right now competing in the current meta, especially with armies like DoK, Death, and certain Chaos lists that outclass us. I believe we are competitive, but Ironjawz are in need of an update in order to contend for top spots at GTs. 

Da Bloodbreaka Clan moves on to the AoS Civil War 2: East Coast Brawl next weekend at Mythicos Studios in NJ. I am competing with Team New York (NYC/Long Island) as we face the best from Northern NY, North NJ, Central NJ and Southern NJ. The event will be streamed if anyone wants to follow. 

Until next time lads


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Oi lads

haven't had much time for AOS games lately, but I have been working on my army lore for both my Ironjawz and Duardin. I recently updated my maps using the Inkarnate software. The maps below detail the broken duardin empire which both sides fight over. 



Thryng Morga- the former temple city of the duardin has been vandalized and tarnished by indescribable indecencies by the Greenskins. A handful of shaman reside here to try to harness the lost duardin magic, sealed away for ages and hidden by their runes. Right before Mount Kraktoof was completed, Da Bloodbreaka Clan engaged a joint-strike force of Stormcast Eternals and Kharadron Overlords in a battle known as Da Smashing Party. The fighting was so grand that a great idol dedicated to Gorkamorka was built atop the battlefield. When Mount Kraktoof was finished, the guns of the Kharadron’s Ironclad were mounted atop Bloodbreaka Hold as a trophy. Whenever the orruks figure out how to work the guns, they may provide a potent defense against a siege or to stop another sacking.

Spite Pass- once a fledging duardin hold, it was converted into a highway for travelers of the Underway to use while journeying from the south. Long abandoned during the dark days of the Ankor Volghar, the duardin have secretly refurbished its roads and bridges in recent years, allaying it with new runes to seal the passes for only but duardin and runelords to traverse. The Ankor Volghar now utilizes Spite Pass to track the Greenskins in the north and collect resources from nearby camps in the foothills.

The Crystal Fields- following The Great Calamity that split the Ankor Volghar in two, the snow-covered lands north of Kazad Karin began to rise, forming a series of foothills that reshaped the landscape. Within the foothills, crystals of various sizes have emerged. Many of these are frozen ice or rocks, but some are valuable crystals harnessed by the duardin for gemstones, trinkets, runes, and other goods. Dozens of duardin villages sprung up within the foothills to mine these minerals, filling the coffers of many families and clans. Long abandoned after the Blood Wars, these crystals have grown five times their normal height. In some places, the hills are covered in forests or mazes of these sparkling minerals. The Greenskins have no use for the crystals, but adventurous duardin will take their chances to retrieve what they can before returning to the safety of Spite Pass.

The Slaughter at Stuntie Hill- angered by High King Oldor Frostbeard’s hesitation to reclaim the Ankor Volghar’s lands, Warden King Hjuldahr Agridsson of the Amber Hands marched his entire clan north to recover their ancestrial homesdefiled by the orruk scum. So arrogant and stubborn was Hjuldahr when he declared his oath that he overestimated the strength of his foe and failed to see the trap Da Bloodbreaka Clan laid before him. Marching on to Mount Kraktoof, the dwarfs overextended themselves in the Crystal Foothills and were quickly surrounded by the Ironjawz. Forced to retreat up the highest hill, Hjuldahr and his kin made their last stand against Gorfang's boyz. One duardin was spared, but he was sent back south to retell the tale of the massacre, but not before he was clean shaven and humiliated. When word reached the Ankor Volghar of the Slaughter at Stuntie Hill, Hjuldahr the Mad was entered into the Dammaz Kron for the senseless destruction of his clan, along with Gorfang, who received another entry into the Great Book. Angered, King Oldor ordered the throngs be assembled and war preparations be made.

Da Green Gate- when the Ironjawz discovered the realmgate, it was a ruinous mess, sabotaged by the duardin to prevent Khorne’s forces from utilizing it during the Blood Wars. It would take months and a handful of exploding shamans before the orruks rebuilt and reactivated the realmgate. With the capability to visit any of the mortal realms, Da Bloodbreaka Clan don’t have wait long before they find their next fight. However, the orruks don’t know how to control the gate, and sometimes end up in random places, for better or for worse. Outside forces have also used the gate for their own means, but the Ironjawz don’t mind this. It just brings the fight right to them.

Ruglid’s Raidin’ Camp- when the Necroquake hit the Frattura Mountains, countless Greenskins perished in earthquakes and landslides that wreaked havoc across their lands. However, an unintended blessing was the opening of a western pass into the humie lands of Loch Sorgrim. Gorfang dispatched Ruglid da Black and his Gore Gruntas to check if there were any good scraps to be had. Once the Gore Grunta Boss returned with several humie ears, thousands of orruks cheered and descended on the lower lake valley. To reward his boss, Gorfang told Ruglid to establish a raidin’ camp in the western pass. From this prime location, Ruglid’s boyz can hit Loch Sorgrim, or travel north to pillage the fruitful lands of the Grastigor Highlands. The camp also has banners and symbols to help guide drunken gargants towards a destination. Whether that’s the humie lands or back towards Mount Kraktoof is the garagant’s intoxicated prerogative to decide.

Hellchoppa Keep- named after the legendary warboss Drukud HellChoppa, who slew Khrone Champion Sigor at the climactic battle of Kazad Karin, the outpost serves as a waystation for hordes of greenskins and ogors who travel north to fight the spikey boyz in the Bloodlands. A market has burgeoned here with orruks returning from the northern battlefields with odd trinkets and weapons they wish to auction or trade. Chaos weapons and armour fetch several teeth, while aelf trinkets and potions draw much attention from Moonclan traders who wish to add to their experimentin’ kits. The keep is also responsible for alerting Mount Kraktoof of any pressing threats that dare traverse through the Kronz Gap.

Red Ruin- when Khorne’s forces were defeated at Kazad Karin, the bulk of the army retreated north into the waiting choppas of the Greenskins. Hounded and hunted for days on end, the survivors were eventually cornered along the mountain wall. With death all but assured, the blood warriors beseeched their patron for his blessings. Enraged by their cowardly actions and disgusted by their desperation, Khorne threw his fist at his followers and punched the earth they stood on. The impact of Khorne’s fist shook Zarcosia to its roots and destroyed everything within its radius. To this day, the area is still scarred red with the ruin of Khorne’s fist imprinted into the earth. 

The Bombing of Scrapfort Oggha- the arrival of Sky-Fleet Ingvarsson has boosted the duardin war effort across the Frattura Mountains. Da Bloodbreaka Clan attempted to counter this threat by constructing their own armada of flying ships. However, during construction, animosity broke out amongst the grot and orruk workers, with a ship tested out by the Ironjawz in squashing the uprising. This was spotted by the Gryocopters of the Ankor Volghar, and two days later, the entire fleet of Admiral Arbek Ingvarsson arrived to strike Scrapfort Oggha. The bombing was relentless and unmerciful, destroying every building and any chance of air superiority for the Greenskins.


Karak Volghar- the seat of power for the dawi of the Frattura Mountains. The city has survived some of the worst earthquakes that have struck the kingdom, but the scars on the surrounding peaks have also left their mark on the hearts and minds of its people. High King Oldor Frostbeard resides here along with the Dammaz Kron. Some of the finest weaponsmiths and armoursmiths forge their craft here, including the fabled runelords, though their workshops and secrets are only known by a select few. The main realmgame within the kingdom lies deep within its halls, allowing the duardin to travel great distances or across realms to trade or aid their kin.

Kazad Wyr- the Ice Fortress overlooking the Great Fissure. Elevated higher than most of the other holds in the Ankor Volghar, the fortress city has been left susceptible due to the various quakes. Smaller fissures have opened to its north and east, isolating the hold above and below ground. The Skaven and Gloomspite Gits have launched renewed assaults from the weakened defenses in the deep, but the stout warriors, some of the finest in the kingdom, keep them at bay. The reknowned Sven Stoutbeard and the famed 8th Ironbeaker Legion reside here. Grung Angoz

Grung Angoz- Grung Angoz a wealthy settlement just south of Kazad Wyr. Settled on the northern shores of Stone Lake, the area provides large quantities of stone and marble that the guilds compete to acquire. The dawi here work tirelessly at their industry, cranking out engineering marvels to defend the Ankor Volghar. A small detachment from the Ironweld Arsenal also have a workshop nearby. It was here where Engineer Finn Barggroth created the steam engine “Barag Grimazuln” or “Barggroth's Wrath”

Karaki Karag- the Ankor Volghar places high values on its rangers, for if not for them, the realm would have fallen ages ago. So it is that ranger recruits are trained at one of the harshest peaks south of Karak Volghar. Much of the settlement is above ground and neighbors the Yeti Valley. The mighty wutroth trees provide sturdy lumber for just about everything in the kingdom, and it is here that recruits and longbeards alike must harness their skills by clearing the valley of yetis or grobi that emerge from undetected caves. The trade route through from Barak Urbaz through Kaldarth is vital and thoroughly patrolled by the Rangers.

Barak Urbaz- the port city on the east coast of the Baitello peninsula along the Scryfish Stait. Trade is vital through the waterway after the duardin collapsed the mountainside along the eastern trade route of Balitello. While it warded off the invading Khorne armies during the Age of Chaos, Balitello and Jaskviny suffered. Now the dawi try to atone for their actions as their ironclad warships patrol the strait vigorously against any threat that could threaten this vital trade route. The hold also serves as a skyport for Kharadron and other skyvessels.


Kazad Karin- the final battle of the Blood Wars, or “Baragor’s Triumph," saw the armies of Order, Khorne and Greenskins converge on the Bridge Citadel. After four days of fighting, the walls of Kazad Karin were finally breached, forcing High King Baragor Frostbeard to enact his final solution. After evacuating as many citizens and warriors as could escape south across the bridge, the king ordered the mountain to be collapsed. The only path across the Great Fissure to the southern realm was destroyed, and many warriors were lost, but the Greenskins and Khorne armies were routed, saving what was left of the Ankor Volghar.

Undback Hirf- the fortress stood for centuries as a welcome station for travelers and adventurers journeying from the eastern reaches of the Frattura Mountains. Its warriors were also lauded for defeating Mugnog the Ever-Hungry and his Gutbusters. Sadly, Undback Hirf would fall to treachery from inside its walls. Derdrick Darblisson, son of Thane Gidrick, was defeated and captured by the Dawi Zharr during a failed expedition to Aqshy. They eventually broke the steadfast duardin, and ordered him to open the way for them into the Ankor Volghar. Days after his return to Undback Hirf, he entered the main gatehouse in the cover of night, slew the guards, opened the gate, and signaled to the awaiting Dawi Zharr army nearby. Derdrick finished his betrayal by killing his father, submitting the fortress to its fate, and commencing the Blackbeard Wars. When the fighting was done, the Vengryn Waystation was established. Vaneera, Derdrick's sister, leads reconstruction efforts to refortify and reopen the Northeast Passage.

The Desolation of Karag Drakk- long ago, clans from the Ankor Volghar saved the Wrothfyrd Lodge from certain destruction by a host of ogors. Indebted and grateful, the surviving Fyreslayers established a new lodge in Mount Furia. They would fight, drink and live among their kin for centuries until the Age of Chaos. When a Khorne army invaded southern Balitello, the ensuing fighting awakened a terrible beast from within the dormant volcano. It's explosive arrival detonated the volcano and devastated everything in close proximity. Karag Drakk was no more, and its nearby colony was buried under a sea of molten lava. After extinguishing all combatants in Southern Balitello, the beast returned to the volcano to slumber. Few adventurers have explored the ruins of the volcano, only a handful have ever returned. Whatever treasure or lost knowledge is buried inside, the duardin consider it a wazzok's quest to disturb that horror which lies beneath.

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